Chapter 0166

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Edited By – MissLucifer
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Chapter 0166: Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves

The rocky temple was full of potholes, and the surrounding stone walls did not even have the slightest trace of a straight line, moreover there were many sharp stalagmites hanging down from the ceiling above, which would make any person doubt that these stalagmites might fall and hit their head any time.

In the middle of the temple, there was a circular pond. Compared to the shapeless and irregular rocky temple, and the irregular but sharp stalagmites hanging upside down from the ceiling above, this perfectly circular pond was really a stark contrast. The perfect roundness and smoothness of the pool made it look like it was drawn and carved out by the most standard compass that was used to draw circles.

In the middle of this empty pool there was a pair of creamy white leaves suspended, these leaves braved the mist coming from the pond, and made it looked like it was growing from inside the pond, moreover the leaves were also emitting a faint golden colour.

The stalagmites right above the pond were dripping a creamy white liquid drop by drop, and all this creamy liquid fell into the pond inside.

Is it the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves? Ning Cheng almost called it out loud, he knew about this thing. It can be said that although he had obtained many things in the Angry Axe Valley, but it was not necessary that all of them were as precious as the two leaves in front of him.

These Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves was not a Spiritual Grass, strictly speaking it can be considered as materials for crafting artefacts, but then again it cannot be completely regarded as only materials for crafting artefacts. That is because each of the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves can be crafted into a flight type magic weapon. A flight type magic weapon crafted from one of the leaves of the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves was an absolutely priceless treasure.

But no one was stupid enough to individually craft these Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves into a flight type magic weapon, since the more important characteristic of the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves was that both of them together could be refined to wings.

After a cultivator obtains a pair of mature Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves, then after refining it, he can easily hide it behind there back. In that case, they could always stimulate the Heavenly Cloud Wings behind them for flight, just like a pair of wings in general.

Stepping onto flying swords or using other general flying type artefacts, when compared to the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves, they simply provided only a weak burst of speed.

But then with his peripheral vision, Ning Cheng immediately woke up from his joy, as he sensed that there were other people here.

Ning Cheng directed his glance towards the sides of the rock temple, just now he could see five individuals that had just come in, but two of them had immediately fallen. Ning Cheng used his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep past them and immediately recognized these two people, but at the moment their bodies did not contain any aura. At the same time, looking at the wounds on the two men, Ning Cheng could judge that these two men should have been killed by a sneak attack from their companions.

The three remaining people standing were the long haired cultivator, that woman named Zhuang Ya, and the pudgy cultivator who was very unhappy with Ning Cheng before. At this point the three of them were standing separately aside in each corner. They were wary of each other, as such none of them went ahead to snatch the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves. Ning Cheng at this moment chose to come in, and suddenly broke the deadlock situation, immediately letting the three people focus on Ning Cheng.

“How can you come here?” The long haired cultivator stared at Ning Cheng and asked in a cold voice, while simultaneously sweeping Ning Cheng with his Spiritual Sense.

The pudgy cultivator laughed and said, “This guy is very clever. He should have seen the entrance, and then came inside……”

Speaking till here, this pudgy cultivator’s smile slowly faded away, as he felt that something was wrong. If Ning Cheng was an ordinary person, then after seeing so many corpses on the way here, how could he still dare to come in?

Although Zhuang Ya did not speak, but she was fixedly staring at Ning Cheng. Moreover, the three of them were continuously sweeping Ning Cheng with their Spiritual Sense, but still none of them were able to see or even sense Ning Cheng’s cultivation.

“Come here and take down those two leaves for us……” The pudgy cultivator spoke after a long time, before making himself believe that at most Ning Cheng was just an ordinary cultivator, as he frowned and spoke out that sentence in a doubt.

The long haired cultivator who was intently staring at Ning Cheng finally relaxed his gaze, he was confident that he had seen through the cultivation of Ning Cheng. He thought that although Ning Cheng concealed his cultivation, at most he would only be a Late Stage Qi Gathering Cultivator.

But when he discovered that Zhuang Ya and that pudgy cultivator were still observing Ning Cheng. He suddenly sound transmitted to both of them and said, “This man should not be an ordinary person, so we will have to jointly attack him.”

“Good….” Zhuang Ya only spoke a single word ‘good’ before shooting out a black light, this black light was directed towards Ning Cheng.

The long haired cultivator also threw out something with his hands at the same time, but this object from his hands was aimed at Zhuang Ya.


A burst of True Essence resounded throughout the rock temple, as the weapon of the long haired cultivator collided with Zhuang Ya’s magic weapon. The long haired cultivator had not expected that Zhuang Ya not only attacked Ning Cheng with one hand, but would also attack him with her other hand.

But because Zhuang Ya was simultaneously attacking Ning Cheng and the long haired cultivator, her True Essence was not sufficient. But still, facing the attack from the long haired cultivator she only took a few steps back, but before she recovered, that pudgy cultivator shot out innumerable quantities of lights that bombed onto Zhuang Ya’s body.

Zhuang Ya could not believe it, as she turned and looked at the pudgy cultivator, “Guang Yuchong why do you want to fight with me?”

The pudgy cultivator spoke with a deadpan expression, “You want to kill my elder brother. How can I allow you to do it?”

“Pang Yuze, he is your brother?” Zhuang Ya stared at the long haired cultivator and did not seem to believe such a result.

But she did not need the answer from the long haired cultivator, she already knew that the pudgy cultivator was telling the truth, Pang Yuze, Guang Yuchong, does it even needed to be explained?

[TL Note – Pang Yuze 庞玉泽 and Guang Yuchong 广玉充 has almost identical first two characters in their name, hence the reference.]

Guang Yuchong simply took no notice that he had attacked Zhuang Ya just now, and gave a sideways glance at Ning Cheng and spoke, “Boy, did you not here what I said just now? Hurry up and come here.”

He vaguely could perceive that Ning Cheng only seemed to have the cultivation of Qi Gathering Realm, as such, how could the captain of the ship give him a separate room, especially since he was brought over as a crew member for rowing?

Ning Cheng spoke in a light voice, “This pair of Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves is not yet fully mature, it would simply be a waste if you collected it now, you will have to wait for some time, before it could be taken down and refined.”

As Ning Cheng finished speaking, the three people immediately stared at Ning Cheng, even the seriously injured Zhuang Ya was looking at Ning Cheng as if she did not dare to believe it.

“How do you know that this is the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves? Who are you? Did you intentionally follow us here?” That pudgy cultivator spoke out one question after another.

“He should be a Qi Gathering Cultivator, for him to know about the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves is also not unusual.” The long haired cultivator finally calmed down as he spoke.

When the pudgy cultivator heard these words, he could not hold out any longer, as he immediately punched out towards Ning Cheng, as he spoke the words, “Then let me send you to hell.”

Ning Cheng stood there without moving, he simply raised his hand and casually threw out a punch, the powerful Axe Intent directly disintegrated the pudgy cultivator’s Imposing Manner in a neat and clean way, moreover this Axe Intent that formed into a Fist Shadow did not even stop for half a moment because of it. Before it exploded onto the pudgy cultivator’s body, immediately blasting him into a bloody mist. This pudgy cultivator could not even utter a single sound before he was directly killed by a single punch from Ning Cheng!!

This kind of scene immediately made the long haired cultivator feel sluggish, how was this the strength of a Qi Gathering Cultivator? Even if it was an Essence Building Cultivator, he would still not be able to blast a True Condensation 9th Level cultivator into a bloody mist with just a single punch.

“Senior, spare……”

This long haired cultivator could not even finish begging for mercy, before he was killed similarly by a single punch from Ning Cheng.

Zhuang Ya absentmindedly stared at Ning Cheng. At this time, she finally came to understand how Ning Cheng had such a strong presence, this kind of cultivation was absolutely above even the pinnacle of Essence Building Realm.

When she saw that Ning Cheng’s eyes glance at her, she gave a desolate smile, “Thank you senior for avenging me……”

Before he could say anything, she forcefully used her True Essence to tear her own Meridians and Dantian, and in a very short moment died.

For these people who died just now, Ning Cheng would not show even half a shred of compassion.

After burning the corpses, Ning Cheng began to work his mind, these Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves have not yet matured, so how could he take them away?

Moreover, the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves need a specific growing environment, moreover it takes an inherently long time to grow it, once it was removed, it can’t continue to grow anymore.

Ning Cheng considered it over and over in his mind, before finally deciding to stay here and wait for the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves to mature, if he missed this opportunity, then he may not encounter such a thing in his entire lifetime. If he casually went up and took the not yet matured Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves, he could never reconcile with it in his entire life.

Moreover, he also saw how to refine the mature Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves in the book that he had read before, as such there was still room for advancement.


After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng cleaned out all the traces outside, before returning back again. He believed that once the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves here matured, then he could then go find the Pu Bu Island by himself, moreover it would even be much faster that the ship.

The Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves need a generous amount of Spiritual Qi for growth, as such Ning Cheng threw tens of High Grade Spirit Stones into the pond, and also arranged a Spiritual Gathering Array. After observing for a while, Ning Cheng found that the Spiritual Qi absorption by the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves was still not fast enough.

He was then reminded of his own cultivation scene, when he was cultivating in the Angry Axe Valley, when he had converted the Spiritual Qi in the Spirit Stones into a mist. This Spiritual Qi mist, was more suitable for the growth of the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves.

As Ning Cheng thought of this, he immediately took out 500,000-600,000 High Grade Spirit Stones, and covered the entire rocky temple with it. On the ship he did not dare to cultivate in such a big way, but here he did not have any such scruples.

With this Ning Cheng once again entered into the state of cultivation, soon the rocky temple was filled with a mist, moreover Ning Cheng and everything inside of the temple was completely surrounded by this Spiritual Mist. Ning Cheng also gradually put aside the matter of the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves, as he immersed himself in cultivation with all his heart.

The Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves under the influence of such a rich Spiritual Mist, emitted a golden glow that was getting brighter and brighter every moment, but this thing was simply not noticed by Ning Cheng.

This rich Spiritual Mist was completely being absorbed by Ning Cheng without even leaving the faintest of traces behind, before being converted into True Essence, then entering his Meridians through his Acupuncture Points. Unconsciously Ning Cheng’s cultivation also began to progressively improve.

Ning Cheng had originally intended to cultivate in here for just about two weeks before leaving this place, but at the moment he had been cultivating in this place for nearly a month, moreover he was still crazily absorbing the Spiritual Qi here while still cultivating. As such, at this time he had already advanced to the Late Stage of Essence Building 3rd Level. As his cultivation improved, his absorption of Spiritual Qi also became faster and faster.

The Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves under the influence of the Spiritual Mist had already matured, and although it was still hidden in the Spiritual Mist, it still emitted a faint glow, but still Ning Cheng did not feel it.

In these past two weeks, Ning Cheng felt that his cultivation once again reached a critical point. As he once again opened up all his Acupuncture Points to absorb the Spiritual Qi.

In order to cultivate, Ning Cheng had used up countless Spirit Stones turning them into powder, when suddenly Ning Cheng felt his Sea of Consciousness shaking, after it issued a light snapping sound, he immediately opened his eyes.

The True Essence had immediately transformed into a thick gurgling stream flowing through his already wide meridians. He once again swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, and found that his surroundings had immediately became extremely clear.

A faint roaring sound could be heard from a distance, but Ning Cheng did not mind it at all, as he immediately stood up and mumbled to himself, “Already at the Essence Building Intermediate Stage, even when compared to those geniuses at cultivation, their speed is still nothing compared to this.”

This time the roaring grew louder, but also was accompanied by a shrill voice of rage, Ning Cheng finally felt that something was not right, this kind of sound was not something that belonged to this uninhabited island.

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