Chapter 0167

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0167: Golden Angry Axe Line

“Peng……” Soon a violent shaking spread throughout the rocky temple, Ning Cheng could even feel the ground beneath his feet tremble a bit. It seemed as if the Natural Array Formation had been destroyed. He immediately swept out his Spiritual Consciousness from inside the rocky temple but when he saw the scene outside, he was completely stunned and for a moment even forgot how to speak.

War, this was the real war, as many monstrous beasts and cultivators were fighting together. When he saw that, Ning Cheng knew that the Yi Xing Ocean’s war had broken out again, and at this time it had already reached to the point that even the inland seas were caught up in it.

The two sides that were fighting were a combination of monstrous beasts and cultivators on one side against similarly robed cultivators on the other side, but the robes of these cultivators fighting along with the monstrous beasts and the robes worn by the cultivators from the Jia Continent’s mainland were different, he concluded that the cultivators wearing different robes were cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean, while the other side, wearing similarly styled military uniforms were the unified Jia Continent’s Military cultivators.

As both the sides fought with each other, numerous cultivators were killed every minute. Those with high cultivation levels were controlling the flight type magical artefacts and were fighting against the others with similar cultivation levels by themselves, while the ones with low cultivation were fighting in close quarters mostly on the war ships while some on the ground.

“Bang……” A powerful sound of a cannon blast rang throughout the surroundings, after a which a hot fireball fell onto the middle of a battalion of the cultivator army from the Jia Continent, immediately killing a large amount of cultivators.

Several of these fireballs also landed on the island on which Ning Cheng was staying, immediately loosening some of the hanging stalagmites which came crashing down. Ning Cheng immediately was reminded of the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves, and quickly focussed his attention towards the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves.

When Ning Cheng saw that the two golden lights from the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves had converged together with a slightly more golden sheen at the edges and tips, he was immediately overjoyed in his heart, he knew that at this time the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves had fully matured. With this Ning Cheng was in no mood to watch the battle raging outside, he immediately first went ahead and carefully collected the two leaves of the pair of Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves. Then using a large jade box, he carefully put the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves into the jade box before storing it away. Only then did he finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Sounds of hasty footsteps resounded through the rocky temple, Ning Cheng knew that the war had finally reached his part of the island as the two sides fought each other. Moreover, the Natural Killing Array around this place was now completely destroyed. Although this kind of Natural Killing Array was of a high level, however under the powerful bombardment of the Spirit Stone Cannons and the attacks from the superior cultivators above, it could hardly pose any resistance.

The one rushing towards him was a military soldier wearing the cultivator robes of Jia Continent. But at the moment he was covered in blood, and was seriously injured, while behind him were two cultivators from Yi Xing Ocean ganging up on him.

Ning Cheng immediately stepped forward to help that cultivator soldier from the Jia Continent, but one of the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean suddenly shot out a red light from his hand. It collided with the Jia Continent’s cultivator who was still a few meters away from the rocky temple immediately killing him.

After killing him, the two Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators then saw Ning Cheng, without any hesitation both of them immediately rushed towards Ning Cheng in order to kill him.

These two were simply two Early Stage True Condensation Cultivators, Ning Cheng simply raised his hand and threw out two Axe Fists, when these two Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators were stuck by Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist, they did not even have the slightest ability to fight back, before they were killed by Ning Cheng’s one punch each.

Ning Cheng saw that there were now more soldiers from both sides on the island and their numbers were also growing by the moment. There were even a lot of Essence Building Cultivators fighting up in the air, there were even some Profound Congealing Cultivators fighting higher above the Essence Building Cultivators. At this moment he knew that he had to join one of them, otherwise even he wouldn’t know how he would end up dead.

Ning Cheng with his fastest speed took off the uniform of the Jia Continent’s cultivator, and put it on over his body. Then turning to the two corpses of the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators, he immediately burned them turning them into ash. As to the cultivator soldier from the Jia Continent, he dug a hole and buried him in it.

On the waist of the cultivator soldier from the Jia Continent, he saw a dagger. The dagger was engraved with five words, ‘Yi Cheng Battalion’s Zhuo Yi’. Ning Cheng did not take the dagger, and buried the cultivator soldier along with his dagger.

Regardless of if these cultivator soldiers joined the army to obtain cultivation resources or not. Without them, the monstrous beasts and the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators would have long since occupied the entire mainland. This was an indisputable fact, as such Ning Cheng really admired these cultivator soldiers from the bottom of his heart.

Moreover, he had even seen much fiercer battles before, so this kind of situation of war, as such it would not be easy for him to fall here.

Seeing more and more people swarming towards his direction, Ning Cheng finally rushed out of the rocky temple, and once again threw out several Axe Fists behind his back. With the passage to the rocky temple completely buried, he cautiously emerged from the entrance at the beach. Then throwing another punch, he immediately disintegrated the entrance to the rocky temple.

Once he came outside, the sounds and lights of countless magical weapons and spells bursting all around him was very clear, which was accompanied with intermittent bombings from the Spirit Stones Cannons, making Ning Cheng finally aware of how bloody a cultivator’s war could be. Although he had seen a lot of war movies in his life, but war movies when compared to the awful bloody scene in front of him, the two of them simply weren’t even on the same level.

Ning Cheng did not immediately go out, at the moment he did not belong to any side, although he was wearing the uniform from the dead Jia Continent’s cultivator, but at the moment no one could recognise who he was.

Ning Cheng then ducked into the concave side of a large stone boulder, and took a look at his cultivator uniform, looking at his left shoulder, there was an orange shoulder card, which showed his military record, there were two stars engraved on it, with the words ‘Second Lieutenant Zhuo Yi’.

“Boom Boom……” more intense explosions hit near to where Ning Cheng was, as Ning Cheng immediately found that the cultivator armies on the island had become even more dense.

He swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, and saw that the everywhere in the sea as well as the land was filled with all kinds of combat, moreover it still continued on for several hundreds of miles. Ning Cheng was badly startled in his heart, he reckoned that this was a genuine war battlefield.

He could not stay in this place, he had to leave this place immediately.

Ning Cheng stood up, and was preparing to break through the tight encirclement, and find a relatively safe spot, when he found that two of the cultivator soldiers were rushing towards him while fighting. Both of them were only Qi Gathering Cultivators, Ning Cheng simply took out a Flying Sword, before flicking his hand slightly, immediately cutting the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator in two halves.

The Jia Continent’s cultivator soldier was grateful as he saluted to Ning Cheng saying, “Yi Fei Battalion’s Yang Honghuo thanks Second Lieutenant Zhuo for extending his helping hand.”

Ning Cheng did not understand the etiquettes of the cultivators inside the barracks, he simply waved his hand and spoke out a dialogue that he recalled, “On the battlefield it would be better if one did not hesitate, after all we are all comrades.”

The man he had saved, who was called Yang Honghuo, had a red card on his shoulder, but it only had a single star, he estimated that he was a rank lower than him. He really wanted to ask about this Yang Honghuo as to what exactly was going on, but he did not know how to ask him without exposing himself.

“Almost the entire Yi Fei Battalion has been annihilated, this Yang Honghuo will obey the commands of Second Lieutenant Zhuo……” Seeing Ning Cheng did not speak for a long while, this One Star Ranked cultivator soldier once again spoke.

Ning Cheng gave an En sound and said, “Our Yi Cheng Battalion was also almost wiped out, this time we really were too passive……”

Ning Cheng made a speculation, he estimated that if the Jia Continent’s cultivator army was not passive, then they would not have allowed the people from the Yi Xing Ocean to casually hit this inland sea.

Yang Honghuo also very much agreed to this as he nodded and spoke, “Second Lieutenant Zhuo is right, when the Pu Bu Island was sneak attacked, the casualties on our side were very heavy, it was even more than that war that happened a century ago.”

So it turned out to be a sneak attack, Ning Cheng then looked at the battlefield and could clearly tell that the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators and the monstrous beasts fully had an upper hand in this war. Pondering a question for a moment, he spoke, “I believe that the Fu Continent and the Zhong Continent will be sending military support, at the moment our top priority is to retreat.”

Yang Honghuo once again shook his head and spoke, “Second Lieutenant Zhuo, it is my guess that we will not receive any support. This sneak attack was not only against the Jia Continent, but even the rest of the continents should have been attacked as well simultaneously.”

Ning Cheng in his mind was surprised, the mainland was simultaneously sneak attacked? If it was as terrible as it sounded, then he had all the more reason to rush back to the Hua Continent. In case the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators and the monstrous beasts wave hit the Hua Continent, what should he do?

The cultivator soldiers from the Jia Continent were forced to come onto the island that Ning Cheng was on. As the numbers of the monstrous beasts and the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean increased more and more, the troops from the Jia Continent were getting fewer and fewer.

Yang Honghuo did not know what Ning Cheng was thinking, his eyes were already red with anxiousness. Although when he had joined the cultivator army, it was for the sake of cultivation. However, after experiencing all those years, his viewpoint had already changed and became one with that of the cultivator army. This time, when he saw his companions getting killed one after another, how could he still continue to endure it.

But since he was a cultivator of the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, he was instilled with a strict military discipline, since he had stated that he would listen to him, as such he was now completely at Ning Cheng’s disposal, but at the moment since Ning Cheng was not speaking, he also did not dare to rush ahead without permission.

“You follow behind me.” Ning Cheng spoke, as he rushed out, while immediately bringing out his Golden Great Axe. It was a pity that he could not take out his spear at the moment, otherwise at this time he would have displayed the 36 Profound Ice Spear Technique, and would have certainly swept away a large area.

Seeing Ning Cheng go out, Yang Honghuo once again clenched his hands onto his long knife as he also rushed out behind him.

When Ning Cheng came out, he was immediately surrounded by many Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators and monstrous beasts, Ning Cheng immediately chopped down with his Golden Great Axe, immediately bringing out a golden coloured Axe Shadow that seemed to have covered the sky.

As the Axe Shadow appeared, the air all around appeared to be tearing apart, making this Axe Trace increasingly clear, moreover as this distortion created by the Axe Trace became increasing clear, one could see small cracks in the air all around it also becoming clearer by every moment, these fine cracks instantly split apart the air, it was as if these fine lines were something coming out of the rift that was formed by this golden Axe Shadow.

This was Ning Cheng’s Third Form of Angry Axe that he had comprehended, the [Axe Line]. After Ning Cheng had comprehended this [Axe Line] form of Killing Intent, this was the first time for him to cast it out in a true sense. Moreover, it was against these cultivators with lower cultivation levels and lower level monstrous beast that had completely surrounded him.

This time of all the cultivators and monstrous beast that had rushed onto this island, they only had the cultivations at lower levels, moreover the highest cultivation among them did not even reach Essence Building. As to those people with cultivation of Essence Building and above, they were fighting in the air alone, moreover none of them would fight together with these lower level cultivator soldiers.

But when that pale golden Axe Line split the air, a deluge of killing intent swept down, hundreds of Yi Xing Ocean cultivator soldiers, under this terrible Axe Line, could not even move and were locked in place.

These lower level cultivators under this Axe Line’s Killing Intent, did not even have a shred of power to resist. As it went past them, the Axe Line immediately split them apart, covering the sky with a shower of blood, as countless lower levelled cultivators and monstrous beasts died in succession.

It looked as if Ning Cheng was just mowing grass, as whenever the Great Axe came down countless Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators ended up dead. Yang Honghuo blankly looked at Ning Cheng and his terrible great axe, and for a long time could not even think, just what kind of Second Lieutenant was this? He also had spent several years in the cultivator army. How come he had never heard of such a powerful Second Lieutenant?

At this time, he was still in a daze, when he finally heard Ning Cheng’s voice, “Yang Honghuo, you quickly go ahead and collect the spoils of war, and then gather our scattered soldiers.”

“Yes, Second Lieutenant.” Yang Honghuo replied loudly, and quickly started working according to what Ning Cheng told him. Since Ning Cheng was the Second Lieutenant in front of him, there was simply no need for him to fight.

Looking at the destruction caused by his own Axe, Ning Cheng was secretly shocked in his heart, wasn’t his Axe Line a little too fierce. With the example that Ning Cheng had just seen in front of him, he immediately rushed towards the places where the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators were present in bulk, while simultaneously continued to throw out more of those Golden Axe Lines.

As Ning Cheng used his Golden Axe Line to kill all those in his way, very quickly pale golden traces could be seen forming behind him.

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