Chapter 0168

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0168: Fighting Against Profound Congealing

At the end those golden axe traces finally became a thing with substance, moreover Ning Cheng was completely surrounded by those densely packed yet continuously twisting Axe Lines. These Axe Lines were extremely thin, but were formed with a horrifying killing intent. Those lower levelled cultivators, as long as they even touched it, or even came within the range of the killing intent, they would immediately be shredded into a bloody mist.

Ning Cheng who had already immersed himself among these densely packed and continuously distorting Axe Line traces around him. He seemed as if he was moving around with a thick brush filled with ink in his hands ready to paint something, but was constantly spilling ink all around him. Originally the consumption of this third form of Angry Axe was the largest, but as Ning Cheng started casting it out continuously, he became more and more accustomed to it while constantly gaining more insights on the go, making it so that the consumption of True Essence and the Spiritual Consciousness became the lowest of all the three forms.

The island was not large, seeing Ning Cheng killing everything in his path, it soon attracted the attention of everyone, some of the soldiers from the Jia Continent immediately retreated to his side, immediately coming to the conclusion to follow Ning Cheng. By now Yang Honghuo had already gathered together a significant group of the cultivator army of around thousands of people, moreover this number was still continuously rising.

Initially, the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator soldiers along with the monstrous beasts had charged to surround Ning Cheng, but in the end, they realised that they could not even touch Ning Cheng before innumerable numbers of them died by his hands, and as such immediately decided to retreat for now.

Regardless of if it was a single cultivator or a group of cultivators, they were all ruthlessly killed, the meaning of this kind of scene for any army would always remain the same. As the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator soldiers retreated, the soldiers from the Jia Continent immediately stabilised their positions, and under the influence and help from Ning Cheng, had already started to counter-kill.

At this time those warships that belonged to the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators swarmed the island, immediately creating a huge chaos as cultivators from in there started to join the fight against Ning Cheng and the army he was supporting. But under the leadership of Ning Cheng, the cultivators from the Jia Continent took advantage of the island that they had occupied, and still began to counter-kill. And in just a short time, the entire island was surrounded by a bloody mist.

This island was the only nearby land, as such whoever occupied it, would of course, have the most favourable situation. Now that the Jia Continent cultivator’s were occupying the island, moreover had even absolutely crushed the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators with their imposing manner, it immediately attracted the attention of some of the enemy Essence Building Cultivators.

Two of the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators abandoned their opponents, as they directly shot towards Ning Cheng, while simultaneously using their full strength with their magic weapons to attack Ning Cheng.

If it was a Profound Congealing Cultivator, then Ning Cheng would have chosen to dodge or even escape. But they were only two Essence Building Cultivators. Even if they were Intermediate Stage Essence Building Cultivators, Ning Cheng would not hesitate for even half a moment. Once more grabbing tightly the Golden Great Axe in his hands, he immediately raised it, and drew a semicircle in the air, which immediately shot towards the two Essence Building Cultivators.

This Axe Trace was different from the Axe Traces that he had used before, the ones that were formed from the amalgamation of numerous twisting and distorting cracks coming into existence when Ning Cheng swung with his axe. This axe trace formed a neat Golden Axe Line. This Golden Axe Shadow was just like a straight line, moreover it felt as if it could easily split open the blue sky in front of it, while the wind around it felt as desolate as the autumn wind that swept away the leaves that were shed.

When the two Essence Building Cultivators saw from a distance that Ning Cheng’s Axe Trace seemed to be capable of distorting the space itself and looked extremely frightening, they in addition to using attacking type magic weapons, also resorted to shield type magic weapons. As such they immediately resorted to use their shields to block those terrible distorting Axe Traces. But they never would have thought that Ning Cheng had changed his move, this chop that he had sent out was the First Form of his Angry Axe, [Angry Axe, the 1st Trace].

“Boom……Ka Ka……”

The powerful golden edged Axe Line directly broke through their steel fork and the copper mallet magic weapons and immediately collided with the two shields with a loud boom. The two Intermediate Stage Essence Building Cultivators wildly sprayed out several mouthfuls of blood, and immediately flew out like a cannonball. These two Essence Building Cultivators were completely scared out of their wits, if they had not prepared their shields in advance, then both of them would have immediately died after being spilt.

But just as the two Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators had fallen half the distance down, behind them immediately appeared two Essence Building Cultivators from the Jia Continent, who attacked them without any hesitation. The two of them did not even have the capacity to exhibit even a shred of resistance before both of them were directly split into two halves.

But these two Essence Building Cultivators were stunned for a moment. Before they had killed the two Yi Xing Ocean’s Essence Building Cultivators, they had fought with them for a long time, so they knew that those two men were definitely strong, but they could see that Ning Cheng could have easily killed the two people as long as he made another move. Just what sort of cultivation did he have?

“Are you really a Two Star Second Lieutenant?” One of the Essence Building Cultivators could not believe it as he looked as the insignia on Ning Cheng’s shoulder and immediately asked.

Ning Cheng glanced at the badges of the two men, the man who just spoke was named Si Yongchun and was already a 3 Star Senior Captain, while the other’s name was Xuan Feihong and was a 4 Star Junior Marquis.

Although the two people’s ranks were higher than his but he did not pay much attention to it, but still spoke with a sinking expression on his face, “What kind of time is it now, for you to take note of such unimportant things? Si Yongchun, you and Xuan Feihong immediately go and gather the soldiers scattered throughout the island. Once you have gathered all of them, look for the best opportunity, and immediately start the counter-attack against them.”

“Yes.” The two of them quickly agreed in unison, as they turned and quickly gathered the remaining soldiers along with Yang Honghuo.

Although they were from the cultivator army of the Jia Continent, but they were also cultivators. Moreover, they were first cultivators, and only then were they soldiers of the cultivator army. Ning Cheng’s cultivation was clearly much higher than them, even if they had questions in their hearts, at this point of time they could only obey the strong.

Just as Ning Cheng saw those two Essence Building Cultivators listen to his words, and were on their way to gather the scattered soldiers, he was just about to breathe a sigh of relief, when he saw a black line rush towards him.

“Profound Congealing Cultivator……” Seeing the imposing manner of this cultivator, Ning Cheng immediately realised that this was a Profound Congealing Cultivator.

“Die for me.” This Profound Congealing Cultivator was standing atop a black warship, which was extremely fast and flexible. He had not yet arrived in front of Ning Cheng, when he immediately waved a red flag, this red flag seemed to be made out of clouds and had a fiery glow to it, as it wrapped Ning Cheng in it completely.

Only Ning Cheng was the one to know that he was not completely bound by this red flag. This red flag was definitely a fire attributed Spiritual Artefact, it was precisely why he had let himself to be captured by it and let it burn him. Unfortunately, the other party did not know that he had the seed of the Star River, any kind of hot flame or thermal energy that touched Ning Cheng’s body surface would be completely swallowed up by this seed of Star River.

Thus Ning Cheng did not feel much fear in his heart. Originally Ning Cheng had some fear against fighting a Profound Congealing Cultivator, but now that fear had completely disappeared. Although his opponent was a Profound Congealing Cultivator, but he was only so so, as he could easily open this Red Cloud Flag with just a single Axe Chop. At the moment he was glad that he had advanced to the Essence Building 4th Level, if he was still in the Essence Building 1st Level, then when he was suddenly wrapped up and swept away by this Red Cloud Flag, then even if he had the help of the Star River, he could only try to retreat.

Although Ning Cheng could break through this Red Cloud Fag, but he did not choose to do so. It was not that he could not do it, but on the contrary he wanted to use this opportunity to rush towards this Profound Congealing Cultivator.

This Red Cloud Flag was made up of heavy and fiery hot red clouds that were surrounding Ning Cheng, but these were all continuously being sucked up inside of Ning Cheng. At this time this Profound Congealing Cultivator was sneering as he thought, a mere Intermediate Stage Essence Building Cultivator, but still dare to wildly kill the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators?

But soon this Profound Congealing Cultivator felt that something was not right, although there were innumerable red hot fiery clouds making up the Red Cloud Flag, but after sweeping upon Ning Cheng, they were quickly dissipating without a trace.

But before this Profound Congealing Cultivator thought clearly about what was going on, Ning Cheng’s Golden Great Axe immediately struck out. Immediately a tornado formed with swirls of golden coloured killing intent exploded out from Ning Cheng’s Axe. This Axe immediately broke open all the Red Clouds from the Profound Congealing Cultivator’s Red Cloud Flag, sucking them into it, as it immediately formed a Killing Intent Tornado sweeping towards this Profound Congealing Cultivator.

This Profound Congealing Cultivator never had thought that Ning Cheng was able to remain safe and sound after being attacked by his Red Cloud Flag, moreover while the Red Cloud Flag was still in his hands, the numerous red hot clouds and the gold swirls of Axe Type Killing Intent of Ning Cheng had even fused together as it rolled together towards him.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa” Endless sounds of explosions could be heard, as these fiery red clouds could not even reach Ning Cheng, moreover they seemed as if they could not even contend against Ning Cheng’s Second Form of Angry Axe, the [Tornado] before being absorbed by it.

After the violent impact, this Profound Congealing Cultivator, to his horror, found that his True Essence had unexpectedly stagnated. Moreover, those endless red clouds had finally been sucked into Ning Cheng’s body, it was just like mud disappearing into the sea, completely disappearing without even a single trace.

When those red clouds were once again blocked by the golden axe, the Profound Congealing Cultivator felt a burst of weakness hit him. At this time as Ning Cheng’s Golden Great Axe approached him without even the slightest delay, even if he could dodge the Tornado, he knew that he would not be able to completely block the Axe Type Killing Intent in it.

Not good, this man definitely is a Profound Congealing Cultivator, and is hiding his true cultivation. This Profound Congealing Cultivator determined that Ning Cheng was hiding his cultivation, and immediately felt his courage leaving him, he did not dare to engage against Ning Cheng anymore. The Red Cloud Flag in his hand immediately burst with a wild Imposing Manner, and in just a short period of time, this Red Cloud Flag detonated with a loud ‘boom.’

He wanted to use this trick to escape, but at this time Ning Cheng’s Angry Axe Second Form, [the Tornado], had just finished fully gathering and materialising it’s Killing Force, as it immediately burst open.

“Boom Boom Boom……”

Two powerful forces comprising of True Essence and Killing Force immediately shot together, resulting in terrible explosion sounds.

Ning Cheng, because of the terrible shock wave produced by the explosion of True Essence, was pushed back a few steps, as he almost sprayed out a mouthful of blood, but then immediately saw that the Profound Congealing Cultivator was also not much better than him. At this time the other party was panicking like a lost dog, while rapidly retreating. He even fell down to the island ignoring even his black warship.

Ning Cheng knew that he could not allow the other party to escape, as he immediately rushed up, while once again raising the Golden Great Axe in his hands and once again brought out an Axe Trace that seemed to tear through the heavens.

“You cannot kill me; I am Yi Xing Ocean’s Mu……” This Profound Congealing Cultivator guessed that Ning Cheng was also a Profound Congealing Cultivator and more so did not even fear his Red Cloud Flag, because of which he was already terrified to the extreme.

Now that he wanted to run away wholeheartedly, how could he even find the courage to continue to fight with Ning Cheng?

Ning Cheng saw that this Profound Congealing Cultivator was terrified, and was afraid to fight with him, and felt a bit relieved in his heart. Although he was not afraid of this man, but if the other party fought desperately, then even if he won, he would win extremely miserably. But now that the other party was unexpectedly afraid of him, why would he stay his hand?

“If I did not kill you……” Ning Cheng spoke, but his Golden Axe Killing Intent was rising unceasingly from the Golden Great Axe in his hands.

This Profound Congealing Cultivator did not have any time to relax, before he saw the Golden Axe Trace tearing through the distance between Ning Cheng and him as it struck on his waist. Then he heard the last few words of Ning Cheng, “…… it would be strange.”

Killing this Profound Congealing Cultivator, a heroic spirit and a sense of pride seemed to have been born in Ning Cheng. This was the first time for him to fight head on against a Profound Congealing Cultivator, although his Star River had restrained the Red Cloud Flag of the other party, but it still boosted Ning Cheng’s confidence. Who can kill a Profound Congealing Cultivator with just the strength of Intermediate Stage Essence building Realm, there absolutely would not be many.

After Ning Cheng killed this Profound Congealing cultivator, he immediately rushed towards him, and took away his ring. He felt this Profound Congealing Cultivator was not simple, moreover he was also riding a warship that was definitely not ordinary. It was only now, that Ning Cheng saw that this was one of the fastest warships, this warship was exactly what he needed the most at the moment.

After putting the ring away, Ning Cheng immediately arrived next to the warship, he wanted to make this warship his own.

As Ning Cheng fought against this Profound Congealing Cultivator, moreover fighting a life and death duel with this Profound Congealing Cultivator, it had only taken a few breaths of time. But in this short period of time, the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators and the Jia Continent’s cultivators had already forgotten their own fights, and were staring intensely at the battle between the two with surprise and shock on their face. Even after the fight ended they did not respond for a long while.

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