Chapter 0169

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Chapter 0169: Terrifyingly Huge Sword Shadow

When all the people saw that the Profound Congealing Cultivator was killed by Ning Cheng, after a moment of silence, the battlefield instantly erupted in chaos. Because of the chaos among the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean, the two Essence Building Cultivators who were previously worried about Ning Cheng, immediately realised that this was the perfect opportunity for them to go ahead and gather their scattered men, and take advantage of this situation to kill their opponents.

At the moment there was no one on the entire battlefield whose cultivation could contend against Ning Cheng. Although this battlefield was just the tip of the iceberg, as such a Profound Congealing Cultivator was already the person with the highest cultivation here. As such none of them had ever thought that a Profound Congealing Cultivator would fall on this small island.

Ning Cheng similarly did not have to attend to anything else, he wanted some time to refine this black warship, he felt that this ship could definitely help him to go back to the Hua Continent.

But Ning Cheng was soon disappointed, he found that this warship was not a magic treasure, and as such had no means to refine it.

This warship was 34 meters’ long, and was also seven or eight meters wide. If such a big guy could not be refined, then how could anyone even drive it? Although he had obtained many things in the Angry Axe Valley that were even more precious than this big guy, but none of them posed such an inconvenience to him in such a way.

Ning Cheng frowned, as he looked up and saw Yang Honghuo still standing to the side, and immediately asked him. “How come you did not go charge together with them?”

Yang Honghuo quickly replied, “Second Lieutenant Zhuo, I am a soldier from the Jia Continent and have always been in the open on warships. Moreover, the warship that you have just obtained from the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator is a top quality Black Silver Warship, whose speed is extremely fast, and has a toughness that is simply matchless. If Second Lieutenant Zhuo wants to embark on this warship to attack the enemy’s camp, then I am more than willing to pilot the ship for the Second Lieutenant.”

Ning Cheng felt his heart move, “You know how to operate the warships of the cultivator army?”

Yang Honghuo firmly nodded his head, “Yes, I have always been in the open on the warships, moreover the Yi Fei Battalion is famous for its aerial combats in our cultivator army. Later, because of the Yi Xing Ocean’s Spirit Stone Cannons outfitted on the warships had completely surrounded us, we were all forced to retreat to this island, where we ended up fighting on the ground.”

“Very good, I do not know much about warships. So can you tell me what you know about these?” At this moment Ning Cheng did not pay any mind to his words that could have exposed him, as he was very much eager to get back to the Hua Continent.

Yang Honghuo, although had some doubts, but still spoke in a detailed manner, “In the cultivator army, whether it is the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army or the cultivator army of the Nine Continents, warships are indispensable. Flying warships and flight type magic weapons are different, as a flying warship is much more strong and tough. But it cannot be refined, and can only be used in combat. Moreover, Spirit Stones are needed to drive these warships, and as such one cannot use one’s Spiritual Consciousness or True Essence to power it.”

Ning Cheng nodded and said, “What you said is right, but there is one thing that you spoke wrong. A flying warship cannot only be used in war, but rather the same could also be used for travel.”

Yang Honghuo quickly spoke, “Yes.”

Although in his heart he did not agree, the quantity of Spirit Stones required to drive these flying warships was very scary, why would anyone use it for their personal travel, unless they had brain problems. Either that or they had an inexhaustible supply of Spirit Stones.

“You are pretty good, so be it, you help me control this warship, we have to go ahead and kill those bastards.” Ning Cheng saw that although the two cultivators’ Si Yongchun and Xuan Feihong were prevailing as they led the cultivator army, but because there were only a small number of people with them, they may end up collapsing if time dragged on, as such he decided to help them a bit before leaving. It would also do him a bit of favour.

“Yes, Second Lieutenant.” Yang Honghuo delightedly called out as he jumped onto the warship.

After he saw that Ning Cheng had come aboard, he once again spoke up, “Second Lieutenant, I will have to use the sail to rush over. Unfortunately, there are no Spirit Stones, if there were Spirit Stones, we could have then used the Spirit Stone Cannon on this warship, and give those bastards a few refreshing cannon shots….”

“There is a Spirit Stone Cannon here?” Ning Cheng immediately asked.

Yang Honghuo quickly replied, “Yes, there is a Spirit Stone Cannon here but it requires 1000 High Grade Spirit Stones to operate. It is simply too expensive.”

Ning Cheng immediately threw a Storage Bag towards Yang Honghuo and said, “You just fire, don’t worry about Spirit Stones.”

Yang Honghuo caught the Storage Bag, and swept it with his Spiritual Sense, before suddenly speaking out in a shocked voice, “This, this…. there are 100,000 High Grade Spirit Stones …….”

Wasn’t this Second Lieutenant simply too rich? 100,000 High Grade Spirit Stones, just how many artillery shells could it fire? Even if he combined the wealth of the entire Yi Fei Battalion, it wouldn’t be as rich as this.

“Hurry up. Our time is limited.” Ning Cheng landed at the front of this black warship, as he called out to Yang Honghuo.

“Yes.” Yang Honghuo was pleasantly surprised as he emptied the Spirit Stones into the tank, while simultaneously taking the helm of this Black Silver Warship. Ning Cheng, at this moment, was using his Spiritual consciousness to watch Yang Honghuo’s actions, but when he saw how skilfully Yang Honghuo operated the controls, he immediately realized that Yang Honghuo really was not bragging, as they soon set sail.

However, seeing his actions Ning Cheng quickly learned all those things. Ning Cheng then finally proceeded to the warship’s control room and saw the detailed maritime map.

As their Black Silver Warship rushed out in a black line, almost at the same the Black Silver Warship also started attacking. Ning Cheng immediately felt a shock transmitting towards his foot from the Warship.

A bright light from the aft side of the warship immediately erupted, Ning Cheng knew that it was Yang Honghuo shooting.

“Bang Bang Bang….” Several rounds were shot out continuously, moreover they exploded out with a fierce and powerful fluctuations. These powerful fluctuations were not as mild as that of Spiritual Qi, but rather the burst was full of energy from the explosions of the Spirit Stones.

Those Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army who had momentarily met up, under the constant bombardment of the Spirit Stone Cannon were all ripped to pieces. It was just like before when the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators had used those Spirit Stone Cannons to shred apart the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, but at this time it was the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army that could not even offer a shred of resistance against this terrible Spirit Stone Cannon.

Ning Cheng could constantly feel the shocks reverberating through his foot, and was secretly worried that under the constant bombardment from Yang Honghuo, the warship wouldn’t finally end up falling apart, right? As for the Spirit Stones, he was not much depressed about it, but in the case that the warship blew apart, then how could he get back to the Hua Continent?

However, after several more cannon shots, Ning Cheng felt that this worry of his was simply unnecessary. Although this Black Silver Warship was constantly vibrating, but it did not show any signs of falling apart.

Ning Cheng finally calmed down. When he saw those Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators in heavy confusion, he directly spoke up, “Yang Honghuo, use the warship to rush over there, I want to swing out a few times with my axe.”

“Yes, Second Lieutenant Zhuo.” Yang Honghuo happily controlled the warship to rush in the direction pointed, although he was still a bit upset in his heart because he was thoroughly enjoying this sensation, but since the Second Lieutenant has asked for it, how could he not oblige. As to the power of the Second Lieutenant Zhuo’s golden coloured Axe Line, he was very clear on it.

As their warship rushed towards into the middle of the Yi Xing Ocean’s flying warships, Ning Cheng did not hesitate even in the slightest as he threw out a golden coloured twisted and distorting Axe Line. Many of the Yi Xing Ocean’s lower levelled cultivators and their flying warships, under Ning Cheng’s Axe Line’s Killing Intent, behaved as if they were dumplings, as they started to fall into the sea dead.

When Xuan Feihong saw both Ning Cheng and Yang Honghuo rush past him, moreover instantly taking control of the scene, his heart was overjoyed, as he also started to organise the Jia Continent’s cultivators on the island to loot the warships, and then use them to encircle back to kill the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators.

From the point of view numbers, the Jia Continent’s cultivator army was by no means a match to the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army. But because Ning Cheng killed a Profound Congealing Realm Cultivator and also helped in killing their two Essence Building Cultivators, the scene instantly fell into the control of the cultivators from the Jia Continent.

Eliminating one person after another, the Jia Continent’s cultivator army soon took over the scene. As for the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators, under the leadership of the remaining Profound Congealing Cultivator, reluctantly began to retreat. It was not that the Profound Congealing Cultivator did not dare to fight against Ning Cheng, but he was afraid that if he did then the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army would be completely annihilated. As for those lower levelled monstrous beasts, they simply could not retreat, as a lot of those monstrous beasts were still following the commands that were given to them previously. Once the cultivators who gave them the commands were dead, then these monstrous beasts completely messed up everything.

Ning Cheng along with his warship was extremely aggressive, but the number of Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators was simply too much. As these cultivators started retreating, the Jia Continent’s cultivator army also killed a few of them, but if they wanted to completely wipe them out, they simply had no way to do it with their numbers.

“Yang Honghuo, aim the cannon of the warship at those retreating, do not be a miser with the Spirit Stones.” Ning Cheng found that the warships of the Jia Continent’s cultivators were relatively few in number, while the warships at the side of Yi Xing Ocean were more. As such those Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators who were retreating would definitely use those warships to try and get away, as such Ning Cheng did not hesitate to allow Yang Honghuo to direct the cannon fire at them.

He gave up on those cultivators trying to escape, as he exclusively targeted the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators aboard the warships.

These cultivators who were preparing to escape soon understood Ning Cheng’s plot, as those cultivators hastily threw themselves down from the warships.

The cultivators on the side of the Jia Continent also understood Ning Cheng’s attempts to control the warships. As long as they controlled the warships, the escaping Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators would not be able to escape very far.

After two hours, this piece of battlefield finally completely stabilised. As a large expanse of the warships were now under the control of the cultivators from the Jia Continent, but at the moment most of these warships were in a damaged state, and were unable to battle right away, which allowed a lot of Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators to escape.

The two Essence Building Cultivators, Si Yongchun and Xuan Feihong understood Ning Cheng’s attempts, he knew that it was impossible for the Jia Continent’s cultivator army to completely wipe out the cultivator army from the Yi Xing Ocean, but still for them to beat them to such a state, was already a good luck within a good luck.

It was already a bit too late for the two Essence Building Cultivators to come up and greet Ning Cheng, as they quickly gathered the rest of the Essence Building Cultivators, as they realigned the cultivators from the Jia Continent, and then proceed on with their cultivations aboard the warships.

“Second Lieutenant Zhuo, my Yi Fei Battalion has already been annihilated, I would like to formally request to join the Yi Cheng Battalion as a soldier under Second Lieutenant….” Yang Honghuo excitedly came out from the control room of the warship, and spoke with an excited tone.

He had never fought such a head on battle, which involved directly clashing against and tearing apart opponent’s ships. This Second Lieutenant Zhuo’s Golden Great Axe, was simply invincible, all the cultivators that wanted to come close to their warship, were all killed by his Golden Great Axe by droves.

Ning Cheng simply waved his hand and said, “Yang Honghuo, this battlefield is not even the tip of the iceberg, there was not even a single master that came here, as long as there was even a Late Stage Profound Congealing Expert or a Profound Core Expert, let alone winning as easily as this, we would not be able to even escape. I heard that in the Le Continent’s Yi Xing Ocean’s battlefield, even experts of Crucible Transformation Realm could be found, compared to them our existences are simply like that of cannon fodder.”

Ning Cheng was very calm, from what he could see, an Early Stage Profound Congealing Realm Cultivator was already a top class existence here, but in the entire battlefield of the Yi Xing Ocean, it would not only have Profound Congealing Cultivators, but would also certainly have more formidable masters. It was just that those masters were busy against others, otherwise once those masters arrived, then even with his powerful Angry Axe Killing Intent, he would only be like a floating cloud.

Yang Honghuo was just about to speak, when a tyrannically strong Spiritual Consciousness swept towards them, which was followed by an angry voice, “Little bastard, I am going to skin you……”

When Ning Cheng heard that voice he suddenly shuddered, this voice was definitely coming from extremely far away, but he could still feel his soul vibrate. This definitely was an expert at Soul Essence Realm at the very least, not to mention an expert at Soul Essence Realm, even if it was a Profound Core Realm, or even Late Stage Profound Congealing Realm, Ning Cheng knew that he was simply not their match, facing against a Soul Essence Master, would he still be able to live?

Quickly escape, Ning Cheng had just thought of this, when an extremely huge Sword Shadow descended, while Ning Cheng could not even see a shadow of the opposite party anywhere in his sight.

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