Chapter 0170

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0170: Joining The Cultivator Army

“Run……” Ning Cheng had only had the time to call out just a single word to Yang Honghuo, before he frantically poured all of his True Essence into the chop from his Golden Great Axe.

The other person, because of the distance between them, could only send out a Sword Shadow, if it truly was a substantial Sword Light then Ning Cheng would not even try to resist it, because he knew that even if he employed his full power he would not be able to stop it on his own. Moreover, this Sword Shadow was made from that person’s Spiritual Consciousness, as such Ning Cheng felt that if he could give it his best shot, then he should be able to block it.

As long as Yang Honghuo understood in time what he had meant, and promptly maneuvered the warship, then he still had a glimmer of hope of escaping. Even if Ning Cheng was able to come up with a better plan, once Yang Honghuo could not control the warship, or if his Axe had no way to hold up against that Sword Shadow, then the only option left for him was to jump into the Yi Xing Ocean, and then try to escape into the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

At this time Ning Cheng was regretting that he could not use the Blood Escaping Talisman, he did not know how many times he had reprimanded himself in his heart for it, but even if he cursed himself innumerable times, him using the Blood Escaping Talisman could not be turned back.

But at this moment Yang Honghuo’s experience on the battlefield was even richer that Ning Cheng. When he looked at his posture, he immediately knew that he had absolutely no way of helping him, the only way to help him was to control the warship to escape far away. As such, he did not need any hints from Ning Cheng, Yang Honghuo once again burst into the control room of the warship, and promptly started the warship.


The Sword Shadow that fell down towards them from a distance and finally collided with Ning Cheng’s golden coloured Axe Trace, immediately letting out an intense explosion of True Essence and Imposing Manner, causing Yang Honghuo and the warship to directly fly out. Because of the sharp and berserk True Essence fluctuations, a huge whirlpool with a radius of several feet formed in the raging waters of the sea below them.

Some of the still struggling cultivators in the sea were directly swept away by this powerful whirlpool, before completely disappearing.

At this moment, Ning Cheng felt as if a terrifyingly huge million-pound hammer had stuck his chest, the horrendous powerful force was not something that he could fully bear.

The next moment, Ning Cheng was just like a cannon shell that had been shot out of a cannon, as he was thrown off from the warship. His hopes of using the warship to escape was completely and thoroughly finished.

Ning Cheng who was still in the air, sprayed out several mouthfuls of blood, while the meridians in his entire body were undergoing a searing pain. However, although he was blown off, at least he was able to escape from the range of the Imposing Manner of this Sword Shadow, moreover because of the toughness and resilience of his meridians, although they were violently shaken, but at least they did not break apart. But even if that was the case, Ning Cheng in his mind was not that happy, the other party had just casually sent out a Sword Shadow from a faraway distance, which rendered Ning Cheng in such a state, once the other party came face to face with him, then would he still have a chance of survival?

At this moment Yang Honghuo was able to finally take control of the warship, because Ning Cheng had blocked most of the power and Imposing Manner of the Sword Shadow. Which only resulted in them flying out because of the powerful True Essence shockwave, as for the warship, and he himself, they did not suffer any injury.

Once Yang Honghuo stabilised the warship, he did not control the warship to escape, but rather controlled the warship to rush towards the side of Ning Cheng. It was apparent that he wanted to be by Ning Cheng’s side at any cost.

“Yi! a mere Essence Building Cultivator. But still able to block my Sword Shadow formed from my Spiritual Consciousness? It seems that I will have to pick up my sword once again……” As the words fell down, a tall and thin man suddenly appeared in the eyes of the people, in the air and above the waters of the still churning sea.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, the other side had casually sent out a Sword Shadow from a faraway distance, it was already enough to almost kill him, but now that the person himself has come in front of him, just where in the world could he even hide? Moreover, on seeing the man he knew that he was not mistaken. This definitely was a Soul Essence Cultivator, what was even more depressing was that he was actually a Late Stage Soul Essence Cultivator.

“Haha, Wa Lu, you already are a Late Stage Soul Essence Cultivator, and you still want to bully an Essence Building Cultivator, do you really have no sense of shame, let this father accompany you to play……” Another voice spread throughout the battlefield, moreover this voice was like a common knife passing through a bolt of white silk.

“Kong Peng Peng. Today I will kill you, then exterminate all these ants, as revenge for Tuyun……” That tall looking man had a knife scouring mark on his face, and had a fierce light in his eyes. At the moment he had already given up the idea of killing Ning Cheng, as he turned around and immediately starting fighting with the other person.

Ning Cheng finally felt a bit relief, as he fell onto Yang Honghuo in the open space of the warship, as he spoke to Yang Honghuo, “Thank you, but you could have escaped from this place.”

Yang Honghuo immediately stood up and said, “Please do not say that, my life was saved by Second Lieutenant Zhuo. Moreover, I have also become a soldier under Second Lieutenant, how could I try and escape first.”

Ning Cheng just nodded his head and did not speak anymore, as he sat up on the deck of the warship and began to heal himself. He had just advanced to the Essence Building 4th Level, and had also managed to kill an Early Stage Profound Congealing Cultivator. Although he was a bit self-satisfied with it, but he was not proud. Compared to the person who had almost ended up killing him from extremely far away with just a Sword Shadow, his strength was still too low.

Fortunately, the injury that Ning Cheng had sustained was not heavy, because the Soul Essence Cultivator was extremely far away that Sword Shadow was able to be blocked by Ning Cheng’s Golden Axe Trace.

After the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng finally stood up. At this time, he was shocked to find out that the fight between these two Soul Essence Cultivators was not something that ordinary cultivator could even interfere. Because all around the two people fighting, for almost in a range of hundred feet, their True Essence was violently surging.

Within that range, there was neither a cultivator nor a single warship present, moreover everyone near them already knew that they had to withdraw, otherwise they all would have ended up dying from just the residual shocks from the two people fighting.

Even the seawater below them was churning violently to the point of creating massive waves, as such even the nearest spectators, had already withdrawn thousands of meters away.

Ning Cheng came to understand, no wonder that before when the cultivators were fighting against each other, the highest cultivation among them was only at Profound Congealing Realm, as long as an advanced level cultivator entered the battlefield, the entire battle field would belong to that advanced level cultivator.

The two people fighting were clearly cultivators in the Late Stages of Soul Essence Realm, Ning Cheng saw that the tall man with thin eyes had a long sword type magic weapon that was as long as his body, while his opponent was a short man, that had an extremely wide edged knife type magic weapon.

But looking at both of them, there magic weapons were completely out of tune, but even then one could still tell that the two of them were fighting extremely fiercely with just a glance.

As the thick Knife Light that looked like a bolt of silk and the Sword Light collided at the same place, Ning Cheng could only see a formidable True Essence whirlpool even with using his Spiritual Consciousness.

After the time it took for another half an incense stick to burn passed by, that tall man angrily stormed out of the Knife Light and Sword Light’s range, as he coldly stared at Ning Cheng and said, “Little bastard, you killed Shen Tuyun, sooner or later your head will be sent to the Yi Xing Ocean.”

Saying that he looked at the short person he was battling against and spoke with a grunt, “Kong Peng Peng, be proud that I am giving you some more time, once I advanced to the Soul Sculpting Realm, let’s see if you could still compete with me?”

After that remark, his stature flickered a few times, before he disappeared in a twinkling of an eye.

“To defeat me as your opponent, you want to advance to the Soul Sculpting Realm, do you think that your grandpa will just sit still? Bah.” The short man did not go catch up to him, but rather landed at the front of Ning Cheng’s warship.

Yang Honghuo’s action was even faster than Ning Cheng’s, as he hurriedly came forward and offered a military salute, “Yi Fei Battalion’s Yang Honghuo greets General Kong.”

As Ning Cheng saw this, he quickly learnt from Yang Honghuo’s action and spoke, “Yi Cheng Battalion’s Zhuo Yi greets General Kong.”

Meanwhile Ning Cheng already had taken a glance at the man’s shoulder, it had a blue card with 6 Stars, with the name Kong Peng Peng written on it.

“Are you really a 2 Star Lieutenant? Before when I fought with that small eyes, I saw you killing a Profound Congealing Cultivator through my Spiritual Sense. Moreover, the warship beneath your feet should also have been snatched from that Profound Congealing Cultivator, right? Based on your skill, you should at least be a 3 Star Senior Captain. How can you still be only a Second Lieutenant?” Kong Peng Peng looked at Ning Cheng and asked in a puzzling manner.

Ning Cheng felt a chill run down his spine, as he thought that his movements of when he had killed the enemy were already seen through, it was no wonder that that Wa Lu had come to kill him, it seemed that originally he had specifically come here to kill him. But even with his Spiritual Sense, he could not detect even half a scent.

But Ning Cheng soon put aside those thoughts, it was not that his vigilance was low, but rather it was because the amount of Yi Xing Ocean’s Cultivators that he had faced till now was simply astonishingly large. As such he had basically not taken into account anything else. To put it bluntly, his cultivation was still too low. At present this Kong Peng Peng had apparently found some discrepancies in his identity, if he continued to lie, and once they found out, then it would be a dead end for him.

He hastily cupped his fist respectfully and said, “I dare not conceal anything from Senior Kong. This junior had come here through a merchant ship, and was originally going to join the army at Pu Bu Island. I did not expect that the merchant ship that was near this island would suddenly find itself in the midst of a war, as such this junior could only escape to this island. But because I did not have an identity of the Jia Continent’s cultivator soldier, I did not dare to fight, later I found Zhuo Yi dead, and as such borrowed Second Lieutenant Zhuo Yi’s uniform to wear. This one only wanted to help the Jia Continent’s cultivator army in its fight.”

Ning Cheng did not speak with the tone of an army cultivator here, but rather spoke with a tone of an ordinary cultivator. Otherwise he would not have claimed to be a junior, if this Kong Peng Peng really did want to take him down, then he was simply unable to resist.

Kong Peng Peng did not know whether to believe Ning Cheng’s words or not, but still nodded and said, “You are very good, with the power of just a single person you were able to reverse the situation of the war, moreover by the virtue of your Axe Intent you could leap over and kill a Profound Congealing Cultivator, your Golden Axe Shadow should be something that you have comprehended in the Angry Axe Valley, right?”

Ning Cheng quickly replied, “That’s right, moreover my magic weapon was just able to restrain that man’s Red Cloud Flag. Truthfully that win was completely by fluke. If the other party was not intended on running away, then I would not have necessarily won.”

Looking at this Kong Peng Peng’s expression, how could he not know what he was thinking? He was afraid that this Kong Peng Peng would try to grab him to thoroughly question him on how an Essence Building Cultivator was able to kill a Profound Congealing Cultivator, and as such quickly took the initiative to explain it to him.

“Do you still want to join the cultivator army?” Kong Peng Peng looked at Ning Cheng with a very appreciative look, as Ning Cheng displayed very clearly what he himself was thinking a moment ago. Although he did not know what to think of it, but still when he thought about how Ning Cheng’s Axe Intent could indeed kill a Profound Congealing Cultivator, he did not pursue the things that Ning Cheng was worried about.

“I still want to join the Jia Continent’s cultivator army.” Ning Cheng spoke without any hesitation, regardless of what Kong Peng Peng thought, for him to join the cultivator army would certainly be not wrong.

Kong Peng Peng nodded, “Do you want to join the cultivator army for its cultivation practice? Or do you want to obtain more resources for your cultivation practice?”

“I am a rogue cultivator, as such am without sufficient cultivation resources, trying to advance would be extremely hard for me. It was only because I had encountered a number of good fortunes before, that I was able to advance to this level in the Essence Building Realm, but then again good fortune, after all, does not come very often. Moreover, my Spiritual Root qualifications is also not good, as such to advance to a higher level, the only way for me would be to join the cultivator army.” Ning Cheng replied honestly, he knew that he could not be realistic and practical at the same time. Moreover, with this kind of reason, it would also justify his past perfectly.

Kong Peng Peng gave an ‘En’ sound, before hesitating for a moment and saying, “The Yi Cheng Battalion has been annihilated, and since you want to continue with your thoughts to join the cultivator army, so if you want do you want to join my Yi Zheng Battalion? Moreover, under my wing you will have the feeling of an executive officer, moreover you will also be able to enjoy many more things.”

Ning Cheng hurriedly replied with a bit of passion in his voice, “I am willing to join the Yi Zheng Battalion, and would definitely bring prestige to the Yi Zheng Battalion.”

Kong Peng Peng was very satisfied, and did not doubt anything that Ning Cheng spoke, moreover he had also seen Ning Cheng’s performance before which also showcased his abilities, and as such once again spoke up, “If you join the Yi Zheng Battalion with your original identity, it is not possible to establish your position during such an emergency, as such I am not able to promote you directly to a military officer. So for the moment it would be better for you to join the Yi Zheng Battalion with the identity of Zhuo Yi temporarily, after the war ends, I will help you change it back. Wait Wait, let me see what rank I should give to you……”

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