Chapter 0172

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0172: 5 Star Junior Commander

After Kong Peng Peng praised Ning Cheng, his tone suddenly changed, becoming more serious, he once again spoke, “Ning Cheng, do you want to go further down the path of cultivation, such as advancing to the Profound Core Realm or even going higher than the Profound Core Realm.”

Ning Cheng spoke in an affirmative way, “Of course I want to go further, but with my qualification……”

Kong Peng Peng stood up, and looked in a distance towards the Yi Xing Ocean, before he once again spoke with the same serious tone, “However far your heart wants to go is however far you can go. Although you may see the Yi Xing Ocean as being boundless, but the fact is, there are still some people who can cross the Yi Xing Ocean. But throughout the ancient times till the modern times, even if there were many powerful people who could accomplish this, do you think that all of them had heaven defying qualifications? No, at least for some of them it is not true. Do you know about the Wu Nian Academy’s Academy Head, Cheng Yishui? He has a Three Line Hybrid Spiritual Root, but at the same time he also has the cultivation of the mighty 9th Level of Crucible Transformation Realm today.”

Speaking till here Kong Peng Peng finally took back his vision, as he once again stared at Ning Cheng and said, “Don’t ask me how a person with a Three Line Hybrid Spiritual Root could cultivate till the 9th Level of the Crucible Transformation Realm, as even I do not have a definite answer. But I can tell you this, even if one had a Hybrid Type Spiritual Root, as long as one had the appropriate opportunities, then they can definitely have the chance to make it to the top. But in this world, there would not be any opportunity without any reason o the appropriate risk, for a person to have the chance of acquiring an opportunity they should first have the ambition for it, otherwise they should not even dare to even think about such a thing. It’s is up to you, if you want to dare and think about it.”

Ning Cheng certainly did not think that he would not be able to tread farther, but his words deliberately pointed towards the fact that his Spiritual Root was not good. After hearing Kong Peng Peng’s words, he immediately thought about that purple robed woman from the Wu Nian Academy, and could not help by ask, “General Kong, I heard people say that the Wu Nian Academy only recruit disciples with the best qualifications, even if one had slightly poor qualifications, they would not take them. Since Cheng Yishui’s qualifications are not good at all, then why would he try to select his disciples in such a manner?”

At this moment Ning Cheng did not have any good will towards the Wu Nian Academy, as such he directly called out Cheng Yishui by his name, without showing even half a shred of respect towards him.

When Kong Peng Peng heard Ning Cheng call out about the Wu Nian Academy without even half a shred of respect, he simply laughed out loud and said, “Your qualifications are poor, no wonder you do not like the Wu Nian Academy. Although the qualifications of the Academy Head are poor, it is precisely because he has poor qualification that he knows how hard it is to be able to advance. Moreover, the cultivation resources required to advance further and further down the road of cultivation would simply become more and more alarming. Not every person with poor qualifications has a strong perseverance, moreover not everyone can have incredible opportunities. As the Master of such an Academy, he is definitely qualified to select good people to join the Wu Nian Academy, that much is indisputable.”

At this time Ning Cheng finally deeply agreed with the words of Kong Peng Peng, if all of the Academies and Sects accepted people like him, then just with the cultivation resources required for those people to cultivate, that Sect or Academy would not exist anymore or at least exist for a long time. Even if the consumption was light, it would still lead to the collapse of the Academy or Sect within a short time.

“General Kong, do you have a way to obtain the quota to enter the Law’s Way?” Ning Cheng speculated that for Kong Peng Peng to speak to him about the Heaven’s Way, it would certainly not be without any reason.

Kong Peng Peng spoke in a very satisfied manner, “When wise men speak it indeed is simple, it is because there is a restriction on the quota for the number of people that can enter the Law’s Way, that had led to the current war between Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators and the cultivator army of the 9 Continents. A person can only enter the Law’s Way just a single time in a decade, moreover the number of people that can enter at a time is only a thousand. For a rogue cultivator, it is simply impossible to go in. To enter the Law’s Way, for them there is a way to enter it in order to cultivate, that is it is necessary for them to join an Academy or Sect. Either that or join the cultivator army. Moreover, some of the Essence Building Cultivators also join the cultivator army for the sole aim of entering Law’s Way. Since I am a 6 Star General, I can recommend a person to enter.”

Ning Cheng finally came to understand in his heart, as he once again asked, “General Kong, do you want to recommend me to enter the Law’s Way?”

“That’s right, I saw you with the cultivation of just Essence Building Realm slay a Profound Congealing Cultivator. I will not ask you what kind of things you encountered to reach this level, but I also know that you are not as simple as you look. Just from our conversation, I can see that your ability to comprehend things is really good. If you like it, then I really want to recommend your name to enter the Law’s Way. Moreover, even your ability is worthy of me doing such a thing, however…….”

Kong Peng Peng paused for a moment before continuing, “After you enter the Law’s Way, although the probability is extremely low, it is something even less than 30% for a cultivator to survive there, as once a cultivator entered the Law’s Way, they may not be able to come out from there even after several hundreds of years, but then again some of them simply stay inside forever. Although I hope that you represent me in the Law’s Way, but it is only if you are willing, I will not force you into it in anyway. It is as I said before, however far your heart goes is however far you can go. If you do not want to adopt this kind of approach, then just treat it as if I did not say anything.”

Ning Cheng bowed and gave a salute before saying, “I would like to enter the Law’s Way, even if there is less than 30% chance of survival, I will definitely be within those people alive. There are just three things that I want to ask of General Kong.”

When he heard that Ning Cheng was willing to enter the Law’s Way, Kong Peng Peng smiled and spoke, “Even if you had said no to it, I had already decided to give you the title of a 5 Star Junior Commander of the army. Under me, there are only four people that are 5 Star Junior Commanders. As long as you can come out of the Law’s Way, you will understand about how correct your decision that you took right now would be.”

“Thank you, General for showing such a deep affection.” Ning Cheng quickly thanked him, he also would not just politely say that he did not want such a position. For his exploits, for him to advance from the rank of 2-Star Second Lieutenant to 5-Star Junior Commander would also not be considered too odd. However, he was not too clingy to this 5-Star Junior Commander title, as he did not intend to stay long in the cultivator army.

After finishing saying his thanks, Ning Cheng then went on to say, “The first thing is for me to listen to General’s request for entering the Law’s Way. There must be something that I can do, please General you can just command me, as long as it is possible for me, then this Ning Cheng would definitely do his best and go all out.”

Kong Peng Peng could see that Ning Cheng was even more intelligent than he had thought him out to be and as such he felt increasingly appreciative of him as he spoke, “That’s right, if you can come out of the Law’s Way, then as your referrer, I can be awarded with a Void Soul Pill. I have been stuck at the Late Stages of the Soul Essence Realm for many years now, as such without the Void Soul Pill, wanting to breakthrough to the Soul Sculpting Realm would simply not be possible. But that’s another matter, the most important thing, is that I hope you can find the True Spirit Nectar Wash on the inside of the Law’s Way. Moreover, I do not want too much of it, as long as you can give me just three drops of it, it would be all right.”

“What is this thing? I have never heard of this kind of Spiritual Medicine?” Ning Cheng asked with some doubts.

He had read the basics of Alchemy from that jade piece, that jade piece contained innumerable amounts of information on the various Spiritual Grasses, as such it could be said that there was not many Spiritual Grasses and Spiritual Medicines that he did not know about, but he had never heard about the True Spirit Nectar Wash.

“The True Spirit Nectar Wash, strictly speaking, is not a Spiritual Medicine, but then again it belongs to the category of Spiritual Medicine. This is simply because this thing does not have any rank or grade, it’s only effect is to allow a cultivator to gain some enlightenment regarding the Laws, and allows them to cultivate more smoothly, with a much bigger potential. Moreover, the reason for a cultivator to enter the Law’s Way is also something similar, moreover this True Spirit Nectar Wash is not only suitable for cultivators under the Soul Essence Realm, but rather is useful for all cultivators.”

Kong Peng Peng eagerly looked at Ning Cheng and said, “I have never entered the Law’s Way, as such have never had the opportunity to practice cultivation inside. At the moment, I have a bit of hesitation towards the correct direction of my Dao. If I had the True Spirit Nectar Wash, then my path will not be limited to only the Soul Essence Realm. But the True Spirit Nectar Wash is also something priceless, and is only available inside the Law’s Way. Since the Law’s Way is about to open, I still could not find any suitable person to send in before, but now I think that you are the most suitable. If you want to, then can you please help me find just three drops of the True Spirit Nectar Wash. This for me is the most important thing, it is even more important than the Void Soul Pill.”

Ning Cheng finally understood, but on the contrary felt relieved in his heart. What he was afraid was that Kong Peng Peng would not tell him his request. If it was only to appreciate him, that he was so good to him, it would have made him somewhat worried.

“Please rest assure General, as long as I can get the True Spirit Nectar Wash, I will surely be able to bring it out to give it to General Kong.” After coming to understand the other party, Ning Cheng immediately declared.

Kong Peng Peng laughed and said, “Well, I believe you. You say, what are the other two requirements?”

This was tantamount to forming a cooperation between them, as such Ning Cheng no longer remained polite, “I and a person from the Celestial Globe Academy with the surname Kang who is a Soul Essence Cultivator have some differences between us, I am afraid that at the time I enter the Law’s Way, this guy will definitely find some kind of trouble for me. In addition to that, I and the Red Heaven 7 Star Academy also have some disagreements with each other, since in the Angry Axe Valley, I had killed a few disciples of the Red Heaven Academy.”

Kong Peng Peng scratched his head in some distress, “You can really cause trouble, aah, you’re just a single person yet you ended up provoking two 7 Star Academies. But it does not matter, my 9 Continents cultivator army does not fear any Academy, moreover you are also a 5 Star Junior Commander of the 9 Continent’s cultivator army. As long as you are not alone when intercepted by them, then no matter how many these guys send, they would not dare to take on you.”

“Thank you, General, then the last thing that I request you is that I have to make a trip to the Hua Continent, if the Law’s Way is going to open in a short time, then I may not be able to participate.” Ning Cheng spoke practically, for him to give up going to the Hua Continent, it was absolutely impossible.

Kong Peng Peng thought for a moment and said, “Do not worry yourself over it, there is still a year for the Law’s Way to open. You also have the top quality Black Silver Warship, as such you can easily arrive there within 20 days. I can also give you a wind boost, so that you would be able to arrive at Hua Continent even more quickly, at most you would arrive at the Hua Continent within 10 days.”

Ning Cheng was overjoyed, he was already anxious to fly to the Hua Continent, now that he heard that it would only take less than 10 days, it simply was the best news that he had heard recently.

Kong Peng Peng handed Ning Cheng a Talisman, then he took out a new set of uniforms, as he engraved the name Zhuo Yi on the uniform’s badge, before he handed it to Ning Cheng and said, “This is your new uniform, you can put it on. For now, you would be called Zhuo Yi, otherwise if you give your name to the Communication Pearl, it would result in a misunderstanding.”

Ning Cheng took off the original Zhou Yi’s uniform, and put it inside a wooden box before storing it into his Storage Bag, then in the presence of Kong Peng Peng he immediately donned the new set of uniforms. The badge on the new uniform had been replaced with a blue one, which also had five stars carved onto it.

Seeing Ning Cheng carefully put away the old uniform, Kong Peng Peng nodded with satisfaction, “After you take care of things at your end in the Hua Continent, you must as soon as possible come to the Pu Bu Island, I will meet you at Pu Bu Island.”

Ning Cheng asked puzzlingly, “After the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators attacked, is the Pu Bu Island still in our hands?”

Kong Peng Peng spoke with disdain, “For these monkeys from the Yi Xing Ocean, not to mention taking over Pu Bu Island, even if by some miracle they were able to take it, it would finally be returned to the cultivator army of the 9 Continents. You do not have to be worried about this, you can just come there whenever you want. I can see that you are quite rich, as such I will not give you any Spirit Stones. You can take this moment to leave, I want to tidy up this battlefield once and for all.”

Ning Cheng face turned slightly red, he did not know that Kong Peng Peng had seen him wantonly use the Spirit Stones on the warship, or the fact that he had not used a Storage Ring despite possessing one.

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