Chapter 0173

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
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Chapter 0173: Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings

“Yang Honghuo, I am going to the Hua Continent, what do you want to do?” As Ning Cheng and Kong Peng Peng’s conversation ended, he was already raring to go. But since he also had a good impression of Yang Honghuo, so if Yang Honghuo was willing to come to the Hua Continent, then he would not mind it.

Yang Honghuo gave a respectful military salute to Ning Cheng and spoke out loud, “I wish to join the Yi Zheng Battalion, and become a soldier under Junior Commander Ning, requesting Junior Commander Ning to grant this permission.”

Kong Peng Peng spoke from the side, “Ning Cheng, you are already a 5 Star Junior Commander, you can make the decision for this kind of thing.”

Seeing Yang Honghuo’s ability in handling the warship, he had ended up appreciating him even more, now that he also heard from Kong Peng Peng, he immediately replied, “I agree with Yang Honghuo being a soldier under me, but I want to help Yang Honghuo to be promoted to a 2 Star Second Lieutenant, but I do not know how to arrange for it.”

Kong Peng Peng simply laughed and said, “You already have this power, but it seems you still can’t do it, so be it, let me help you with this favour, so that at least when the time comes you could at least work a bit with all your heart.”

As Kong Peng Peng spoke, he casually helped Yang Honghuo replace his shoulder badge, now his shoulder badge had changed from the red 1 Star one to an orange 2 Star one.

Yang Honghuo was simply overjoyed, as he hastened to pay his thanks to Ning Cheng and Kong Peng Peng, while in his heart he felt that his decision was the best one that he had taken till now. He had been stuck at the rank of 1 Star for several years till today, but now in just half a day he had advanced from the rank of 1 Star to the rank of 2 Star.

Moreover, he also had a good impression of Ning Cheng and the 6 Star General Kong Peng Peng, at least the way they talked and acted were very decisive, and did not beat around the bush or minced their words.


Saying their goodbyes to Kong Peng Peng, Yang Honghuo controlled the warship and chose a particular direction, as they rapidly flew towards the Hua Continent. Kong Peng Peng had given Ning Cheng a Wind Talisman which he attached to the back of the Black-Silver Warship, which immediately increased the speed of the warship to more than double its previous speed.

Yang Honghuo was amazed at the richness displayed by Ning Cheng who was now a 5 Star Junior Commander, to be able to use so many Spirit Stones to drive this Black-Silver Warship, plus even adding such a precious Wind Talisman on to it.

Ning Cheng handed over the control of the warship to Yang Honghuo, as he returned to his cabin and took out the Storage Ring of that Yi Xing Ocean’s Profound Congealing Cultivator that he had killed. It seemed that the background of that Profound Congealing Cultivator was not small. As such he did not know whether this ring in his hands was worth looking forward to or not.

Ning Cheng soon refined the Profound Congealing Cultivator’s ring. But when Ning Cheng saw the mountains of various materials inside, he almost could not believe that this ring belonged to a Profound Congealing Cultivator. Not to mention mountains of Spiritual Grasses, but there were also mountains of materials that can be used for crafting Artefacts. Relatively speaking, those hundreds of thousands of High Grade Spirit Stones inside could not even be compared in value to these other things.

In the end who exactly was that man? How could he collect so many materials? Or likewise, how did he come by so many materials? Going by his appearance, it seems that he did not pursue Alchemy, or Crafting or creating Talismans, as such how could he deal with so many of these materials?

Taking the time to appreciate those things, Ning Cheng was full of happiness as he finally put the ring away, but he did not check each and everything inside. Currently the most important thing to him was the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves. He must, within the shortest possible time, refine the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves. This kind of stuff, the sooner he could refine it, the better it would be.

Yang Honghuo was fully concentrated on controlling the warship, as such he rarely had the opportunity to come to the back of the Black-Silver Warship, but for him to be able to operate this warship, he was actually even more excited than Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng first arranged an Isolation Array Formation, before putting the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves in the centre of it to start the refining process. The Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves was a natural treasure, as such it was definitely a great thing. But once it was leaked, then the disclosure would cause countless people to fight over it.

As the time flashed by, Yang Honghuo’s warship met several of Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators on its way, but because the warship was too fast, and combined with the fact that they were close to the Lower Levelled Continents, as such the cultivation of the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators they encountered were simply too low. It was not that there was nothing to stop them, but rather they were simply too late to stop them.

On the eighth day, Ning Cheng, who had his eyes closed as he continued to refine the pair of Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves, suddenly opened his eyes. The pair of pale glowing leaves that were the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves in his hands had disappeared. But then Ning Cheng stood up with joy, with his Spiritual Consciousness he could clearly see that on his back there were two almost invisible pale golden shadow marks.

A one of a kind feeling that he could stretch out his wings anytime surged out from his heart, as he immediately realized that he had finally completed the refining process of the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves.

As a thought flashed through Ning Cheng’s mind, a pair of milky white wings appeared on his back, which was the end product of refining the pair of Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves. Moreover, there was also a touch of golden glow at the edge of the wings, which made Ning Cheng very anxious to immediately fly out to try out this refined product from the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves.

He subconsciously touched the wings on his back, as a powerful yet gentle wind swept out while simultaneously he felt an extremely soft feeling from his hand.

But Ning Cheng forcibly suppressed his surprise and delight in his heart, in this brutal Yi Xing Mainland, it was just another tool for him. With a pair of wings, it could absolutely add another layer of protection for his life.

Ning Cheng knew that after refining the mature Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves, under the nourishment of his True Essence, it could definitely advance along with him, as such he was looking forward to what extent that his Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Wings could grow.

Withdrawing the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Wings, Ning Cheng finally removed the Isolation Array Formation. As he prepared to examine the heap of materials in detail from the ring and separate it into two heaps as to what was precious and what was not.

But hearing the news from Yang Honghuo, Ning Cheng put away those things, just as he got out, he could hear Yang Honghuo who was at the head of the warship speak, “Junior Commander Ning, we are close to the Hua Continent, the warship’s Monitoring Array Formation shows that the Hua Continent’s cultivator army and the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army are in the middle of a fierce battle. Do we also participate in this fight, or do you want to go around them?”

Ning Cheng in his heart was feeling very happy, since the Hua Continent’s cultivator army and the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army were still fighting, it indicated that the Hua Continent may still be safe and sound.

“Rush through them, ready the Spirit Stone Cannon and let them have a taste of a few of our cannon rounds.” Ning Cheng said without hesitation, now that he had arrived, he would definitely seek out these people from the Yi Xing Ocean and kill them.

Yang Honghuo was just waiting for Ning Cheng to speak these same exact words, and now that Ning Cheng had agreed, he immediately controlled the warship, directly rushing into the battlefield.

This Top Tier Black-Silver Warship had an extremely fast speed, as such only when it hurtled past the outer periphery of the battlefield, it was only then that the cultivators fighting each finally became aware of them. But Yang Honghuo did not wait for these soldiers to react, as he immediately fired the Spirit Stone Cannon that he had already loaded before, spitting out an extremely bright white light that could blind one’s eye.

“Boom Boom Boom……” Yang Honghuo continued to fire the cannon, and as the white light exploded out it immediately created a violent whirlpool, which directly swallowed one or two thousands of Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators every single time.

After blasting out a few times, the Black-Silver Warship finally drew near, as Ning Cheng once again started to use his Golden Great Axe, as he chopped out with his Axe Line. The fury from the Spirit Stone Cannon had still not completely subsided, when a twisted and distorting golden coloured Axe Line burst out from thin air. Countless Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators under the Killing Intent of this golden coloured Axe Line, simply could not even resist and died within seconds.

Originally the battlefield was in a restless stalemate, moreover the warships fighting in these Lower Levelled Battlefield were also low levelled, moreover most of them were also flying around as if in great confusion. But this mess soon became just one sided, as the Hua Continent’s cultivator army finally came to understand that someone was providing them the vital support that they desperately needed, while the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army was collapsing, and were rapidly retreating.

The size of this battlefield could not even be compared to the one Ning Cheng was in before, moreover even if one added the people on both sides, it did not even come close to a million people. Ning Cheng had only thrown out a few Axe Lines, plus with the power of the Spirit Stone Cannon, the battlefield in just a short time came under the control of the Hua Continent’s cultivator army.

“With their dependency gone, these guys from the Yi Xing Ocean really cannot fight back.” Yang Honghuo spoke in an unhappy tone.

Ning Cheng just smiled and spoke, “There is a Profound Core Cultivator here, if not for the Hua Continent to also have a Profound Core Cultivator here to block him, maybe that guy would have already come over here, you just control your warship, and just help me get past to them.”

Ning Cheng with the help of his Spiritual Consciousness had already noticed the two Profound Core Cultivators fighting with all their strength at a distance, since he had already killed a large number of people, it was already noticed by those two Profound Core Cultivators. The Profound Core Cultivator from the side of the Hua Continent wanted to help Ning Cheng with his Imposing Manner, but even more so the other Profound Core Cultivator from the Yi Xing Ocean wanted to come up and take care of Ning Cheng, but in the end was blocked by the Profound Core Cultivator from the Hua Continent, moreover he was also not someone who he could afford to be careless against.

But when the Yi Xing Ocean’s Profound Core Cultivator saw that Ning Cheng standing on the top of the Black-Silver Warship come towards them, he no longer dared to fight, as he immediately wanted to escape.

But Ning Cheng did not intend to let him get away, if he was any other person, then he would never dare to stop an escaping Profound Core Cultivator. But now that there was also a Profound Core Cultivator to help him out, as such as long as he was able to blast out with an attack that would block him even for a short moment, then the other person would be able to take care of him.

Nearing this Yi Xing Ocean’s Profound Core Cultivator, Ning Cheng without even a shred of consideration towards himself, immediately rushed out from the warship, wielding the Golden Great Axe in his hands. Raising it in his hands, immediately a raging tornado formed in front of him, as powerful Killing Intent from his Axe Shadow immediately filled the surroundings with a powerful Killing Force, directly sealing up the retreat of the Profound Core Cultivator.

The Profound Core Cultivator from the Yi Xing Ocean who was still fighting instantly understood Ning Cheng’s scheme, but with his True Essence large running dry, the only way for him to retreat was to try and counter kill him. But then again dozens of wheels, the size of hands, immediately sealed the other side of this Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator.

Originally this Yi Xing Ocean’s Profound Core Cultivator was very panicked in his heart, but when he saw that Ning Cheng was a cultivator with only the cultivation of Essence Building Realm, he did not hesitate anymore and chose to rush towards the side of Ning Cheng, while bringing out his own magic weapon.

“Bang….” The Golden Axe Killing Intent Tornado immediately collided with the Profound Core Cultivator’s magic Weapon, immediately Ning Cheng was directly thrown back upside down.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng knew that he was not a match to the other side, as such when he had shot out his attack, he was already retreating. As such even though he was thrown back upside down, he only received some minor injuries.

But this Profound Core Cultivator after being encroached upon by the strong Killing Intent in the Angry Axe Tornado, was pushed back a few steps. In his heart he was secretly shocked, Ning Cheng was just an Essence Building Cultivator, but his True Essence was still this powerful, moreover he also mastered such a powerful Axe Intent, to the point that he had even forgotten that there was still a Profound Core Cultivator at his back.

Dozens of wheels directly struck to the back of the Yi Xing Ocean’s Profound Core Cultivator, tearing through him, immediately spilling huge volumes of blood, as this Profound Core Cultivator was finally killed by the combined efforts from Ning Cheng and another Profound Core Cultivator.

That Profound Core Cultivator very skilfully picked up the Storage Ring left behind, as he arrived in front of Ning Cheng on his Black-Silver Warship while simultaneously cupping his fists and spoke, “Hua Continent’s Falling Star Academy’s Man Rang greets Junior Commander Zhuo, many thanks to Junior Commander for his timely rescue.”

Man Rang was not entirely a person from the Cultivator Army, and was from the Falling Star Academy. But when the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators invaded the Hua Continent, he not only took part in the war, but also was the leader from their side. So even though he was not considered as a member of the Hua Continent’s cultivator army, he still had the rank of 4 Star Senior Marquis in the army.

But even though Man Rang’s cultivation was higher than Ning Cheng’s, he had cupped his fist towards him in gratitude from the bottom of his heart, mainly because Ning Cheng had extended a helping hand at a critical juncture. As to the difference of a rank between him and Ning Cheng, since they were not in the Army Barracks at the moment, he was simply not much attentive towards it. But he still found it strange in his heart, that Ning Cheng with such a young age was already a 5 Star Junior Commander.

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