Chapter 0174

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Translated By – CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth and DemonKiller

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Chapter 0174: Counterattacking The Hua Continent

Ning Cheng, at the moment, was in a good mood, since the Falling Star Academy was here, that meant that the rest of the Academies were also still safe. He smiled and spoke, “I seemed to have heard about you from Meng Yujing from the Falling Star Academy, you should be the Dean Man of the Falling Star Academy, right?”

Ning Cheng had originally heard of the name Dean Man when he had tracked Meng Yujing, as such he presumed that the man in front of him was the same Man Rang.

“You know Meng Yujing, aah that’s great. I am the Vice Dean of the Falling Star Academy, have you come to the Hua Continent before?” When Man Rang heard Ning Cheng that he knew him, moreover he knew him through Meng Yujing, he immediately became a lot more cordial and warm towards him.

“I was one of the people to go to the Angry Axe Valley from the Hua Continent, my real name is not Zhuo Yi, but Ning Cheng.” Ning Cheng laughed and spoke. Although he knew Meng Yujing, but they did not have any kind of friendliness between them. At this time, the only reason he deliberately mentioned Meng Yujing’s name, was just to draw close to Man Rang, and then inquire about the news that he wanted to ask.

When Man Rang heard the name Ning Cheng, he was immediately shocked and asked, “You are the Ning Cheng who took the first place in the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies? God Wind Academy’s Ning Cheng? Moreover, you are also impersonating a Military Officer?”

Although Man Rang had not seen Ning Cheng’s face, but he was no stranger to the name Ning Cheng, but when he again thought that Ning Cheng was impersonating a Military Officer, a high ranking officer at that, his face immediately changed. Since he was also a cultivator from the 9 Continent’s cultivator army, so he was well aware that if a person was caught impersonating a Military Officer, it was deemed to be grave offence and could even be executed on the spot.

Yang Honghuo quickly spoke up, “It was because Junior Commander Ning was directly appointed by General Kong on the spot, moreover because of the emergency situation created by the Yi Xing Ocean’s War, General Kong temporarily allowed him to use the identity of Second Lieutenant Zhuo, moreover he also helped him raise his rank to that of Junior Commander, Dean Man you do not need to worry about this.”

“So it was that way.”  Man Rang spoke in a relieved tone.

Ning Cheng took the opportunity and spoke, “Dean Man, you know that I am from the God Wind Academy and as such I have come back to pay a visit to the God Wind Academy. Thanks to Dean Man and the Hua Continent’s cultivator army for blocking the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army here. Otherwise if these Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army entered the Hua Continent, then……”

Speaking till here Ning Cheng suddenly stopped himself from speaking anymore, he felt that something was not right after seeing Man Rang’s expression, moreover there was even a look of anger on him. Ning Cheng quickly asked, “Dean Man, did something happen on the Hua Continent?”

“Alas, the Hua Continent, a few days ago, had already been occupied by the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators. Moreover, several of the countries could not escape the onslaught brought along by those beasts from the Yi Xing Ocean, who were all the while burning and looting to their hearts content. There are also monstrous beasts roaming around in all four directions swallowing up ordinary people ……”

“WHAT?” Ning Cheng did not even wait for Man Rang to finish, before his face immediately became livid, if Hua Continent was currently being occupied by the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators, then what would happen to Luofei, where would she even go? Moreover, what about An Yi from the Falling Star Academy?

Ning Cheng could no longer maintain the peaceful calm in his voice, and asked in a freezingly cold voice, “Since the Hua Continent is occupied by the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators, then why is Dean Man still here and not leading the cultivator army to entangle with the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army?”

“The Hua Continent’s 5 Star Academies, as well as some of the 4 Star Academies have a lot of disciples, these are the future of the Hua Continent. I lead the troops to bring up the rear, as we prepared to send the outstanding disciples to the Intermediate Level Continents. Right, in my Academy there was someone called An Yi that you knew, don’t worry she has already been escorted away.” Man Rang spoke with a sigh.

However, after he finished, he stared with a fervent gaze at Ning Cheng’s Black-Silver Warship and said, “Junior Commander Ning, I can see that your Axe Intent is very strong, when combined with this Black-Silver Warship, coupled with the cultivators on our side, we would be able to drive out those Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators out into the ocean again.”

“Drive them out? No, I will not let them get away that easily.” Ning Cheng spoke with a powerful but deadly calm voice that was infused with an extremely terrifying amount of Killing Intent, so much so that even Man Rang felt his soul and body shiver uncontrollably as an incomparably cold chill ran down his spine, although he could see that Ning Cheng’s cultivation was not as high as his, but he realised that when it came to Killing Intent, even he was far off from him.

“Junior Commander Ning, as long as you are willing to get involved, I am more than willing to cooperate with you to fight against them. Moreover, all the cultivators from the Hua Continent are completely unified, but the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators and the monstrous beasts that they brought along to fight, they are not as united as us at the moment. But once they join up and unify, then they definitely would become a powerful force in the Hua Continent. Moreover, at present they would also be thinking that we would not have enough power or guts to return and counter-kill them.” Man Rang’s blood also boiled as he was affected by Ning Cheng’s powerful Killing Intent, as he thought of the beastly and evil acts committed by those Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators.

Ning Cheng clenched his fists in rage and anger, anyone who saw it would have felt as if he could simply pinch out the water from the air, “Dean Man, I want to know if God Wind Academy’s disciples were also evacuated?”

“God Wind Academy?” Man Rang immediately came to understand, Ning Cheng was from God Wind Academy, moreover he also seemed to have a fiancée named Ji Luofei who was also from God Wind Academy. The reason why Ning Cheng was so angry was because he thought that the God Wind Academy was exterminated by the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator forces, and was worried about his fiancée.

Man Rang spoke, “Although the God Wind Academy was exterminated six months ago but not done by the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators, even to this day we do not know what happened to its head. As to this matter of the God Wind Academy, I had especially gone out to find some sort of clue but was not able to find anything.”

The God Wind Academy was not exterminated by the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators? Moreover, it was destroyed 6 months ago? Ning Cheng stared at Man Rang with wide eyes, who could exterminate the God Wind Academy six months ago?

“Did you have a fiancée named Ji Luofei in the God Wind Academy?” Man Rang asked.

Ning Cheng forcibly quelled his anger, as he nodded and spoke, “Yes, my fiancée Ji Luofei is from the God Wind Academy, the reason I came back here was to pick up Luofei. Dean Man, when you went to the God Wind Academy at that time, did you find any clue?”

Man Ran thought for a moment and spoke, “Although there was no clue that I could find, but that does not mean that there are not any leads. But if you are worried about your fiancée Ji Luofei, then you worry is simply needless. Since a friend of yours had already taken your fiancée away. Two Profound Core Cultivators collaborated together to deal with your friend, but your friend easily cut away the arms of the two Profound Core Cultivators before going away in a leisurely fashion.”

“But your friend did not seem too happy to kill them, as such did not proceed to kill them. So although the God Wind Academy was exterminated, but if you go to the Hua Continent, you might still be able to find a few disciples of the God Wind Academy.”

When he heard that Ji Luofei was fine, Ning Cheng already felt immensely relieved, but he could not remember when did he have such a powerful friend.

Seeing that Ning Cheng was still puzzling over it, Man Rang once again spoke up, “It was a white haired old woman, she said that she was your friend, and that she could not bear to let other people attack the God Wind Academy. During the time that we had come under attack, she had already left the God Wind Academy, moreover also since the Head of the God Wind Academy had already passed away, most of the people dispersed on their own soon after its destruction, as for your fiancée she was also taken away by your friend.”

So it turned out to be that white haired old woman. Ning Cheng was really surprised that the white haired woman had helped him. He and that white haired old woman were not really friends, they had only helped each other out in some minor matters, it was most likely that the other party had helped him out in the light of their minor relationship.

“Many thanks to Dean Man.” Ning Cheng really felt relieved and gave a respectful bow full of gratitude to Man Rang.

To Ning Cheng, as long as Ji Luofei was all right it was enough, as for the matter related to who destroyed the God Wind Academy, he believed that sooner or later he would find out. Even if could not find out anything, Cang Shuo was sure to come back and look for clues.


Even if he knew that Ji Luofei was carried away safely by that white haired old woman, Ning Cheng had still made up his mind to go and have a look at the ruins of the God Wind Academy. Man Rang also quickly tidied up the cultivators from the Hua Continent as he also followed Ning Cheng back to the Hua Continent.

Because Man Rang was following behind them, Ning Cheng could only tell Yang Honghuo to slow down the speed of the warship.

They were already near the edge of the Hua Continent, as such they only had to travel for about half a day before they finally set their foot on the ground of the Hua Continent. The reason why Ning Cheng still cared about the Hua Continent, was completely because of Ji Luofei. Now that Ji Luofei was taken away safely, and also came to know that the God Wind Academy was destroyed before the invasion from the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army, as such Ning Cheng now did not have that kind anger from before.

In comparison, he came from Earth, as such he also did not feel any strong sense of longing to the 9 Continents of the Yi Xing Mainland.

But this time when Ning Cheng once again stepped onto the Hua Continent, his anger flared up once again. The place that he was in had basically no intact buildings, almost all the villages and cities along the way were completely destroyed. There were bones densely covering the ground, along with torn of limbs, some of the monstrous beasts from the Yi Xing Ocean were still in the process of eating the ordinary people, who were trying to run away in order to preserve their lives.

From time to time one could even see a handful of Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators chasing down the lower levelled Hua Continent’s cultivators. As for the ordinary people, as long as even one was seen they would be immediately killed. The Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators clearly knew that they wouldn’t be staying in the Hua Continent, as such they were killing and destroying everything in sight.

When Ning Cheng used his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep towards the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators, he directly locked onto a monstrous beast which had just swallowed a child that did not look older than a year. He immediately turned the warship towards it as he spoke to Man Rang, “Dean Man, I decided to not take any of the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators and monstrous beasts as prisoners. I will be in front, followed by you along with the army, while along the way we will also gather the remaining cultivators from the Hua Continent. If you meet any Profound Core Cultivators along the way, then I request Dean Man’s help to deal with them.”

Ning Cheng decided not let the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators to escape towards the ocean, although he himself knew that once he met a Profound Core Cultivator, he would not be their opponent. As such Man Rang was the best assistant, as long as Man Rang could cooperate with him, then he would be able to kill that Profound Core Cultivator in conjunction with Man Rang.

Man Rang had since long ago wanted to fight back, but he had a limited amount strength. Moreover, because he was entangled with the others from the Yi Xing Ocean, he found it very hard to withdraw. He feared that Ning Cheng would not help them get rid of them, but now that Ning Cheng wanted to make his move and even asked for his help, how could he refuse, as such he immediately replied, “Many thanks Junior Commander Ning for your help, I would really like to educate these sea monkeys, but my strength is not enough. But now that we have Junior Commander Ning, I have a lot more confidence. Their Profound Core Cultivators in the Hua Continent are also not too many, at most they still have two. Moreover, because of this large scale war, both sides have suffered great losses, as such most of the Profound Core Cultivators were almost mutually wounded.”

Ning Cheng’s cultivation was lower than Man Rang, but he still commanded the Spirit Stone Cannon, moreover his Axe Line was also based on the Axe Type Killing Intent, as long as there were no Profound Core Cultivators that interfered with his work, he and Yang Honghuo could simply tear down their opponents easily all by themselves.

At this point, the Hua Continent had long since come under the control of the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean, as such there simply was no problem of differentiating between them. As such regarding those Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators and monstrous beasts gathered together, Ning Cheng simply did not need to use his hands, Yang Honghuo’s Spirit Stone Cannon was more than enough to directly blow them to ashes. Only for some individual cultivators who managed to escape, would Ning Cheng occasionally resort to one or two of his Axe Lines.

Before Ning Cheng arrived, the Hua Continent’s largest strength of the cultivator army was Man Rang. The Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators already knew that they would only remain in the Hua Continent for a short while, so they ended up directly entangling Man Rang, and seize the time to ransack the Hua Continent. As such they did not occupy any of the cities or even tried to guard them, but rather heartily were killing and plundering and burning things, as if they were a breath of annihilation. They never thought that once Ning Cheng arrived, it would immediately free up Man Rang.

These people were burning, killing and looting in all four directions, as such Ning Cheng’s Black-Silver Warship was very handy. To the rear, Ning Cheng gestured Man Rang, who immediately sealed off the surroundings, not allowing even a single being through, human or otherwise.

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