Chapter 0175

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Chapter 0175: Ning Cheng’s Approach

After the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army entered and assumed control of the Hua Continent, they immediately turned it into a state of disunity as their forces scattered around wantonly, as such the Hua Continent’s cultivators, even if they wanted to, they could not organize an effective counter-attack against them. But now that Ning Cheng and Man Rang started organising the counter-attack, it immediately snowballed.

Moreover, since the start he had allowed Yang Honghuo to blast away wantonly with only the Spirit Stone Canon they had, while Ning Cheng completely remained virtually untouched standing behind the Spirit Stone Cannon. Although they had this kind of advantage, there was basically no need to actually use the Spirit Stone Canon in such a wanton manner, as the cultivators and monstrous beasts from the Yi Xing Ocean were all easily killed off by the others as they took advantage of their superior numbers.

As the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators continued to decrease as they were being completely and thoroughly exterminated, but onto the Hua Continent’s side the quantity of cultivators were continuously increasing. Because the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators were all in a state of disunity, as such after Man Rang and the others exterminated the scattered cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean, he immediately moved forward to organise the Hua Continent’s cultivators to establish a base of sorts, before strategically dispersing the gathered people in all directions on Ning Cheng’s command.

In just a short four days, Ning Cheng and Man Rang managed to take back nearly 1/5th of the land that was lost. On the fifth day, Ning Cheng and Man Rang had gathered nearly 100,000 cultivators from the Hua Continent, before they finally decided to clash with the biggest resistance till now.


Mo Ze City, the home of the Falling Star 5 Star Academy, and also the former territory of the Shui Clan. At the same time, it was also the largest city of the Hua Continent. However, it had already become the den of the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army, as several thousands of Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators gathered here. Although this place was occupied by the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators but it was not immediately destroyed, as they estimated that they would at least be living here for the time being till the orders to retreat arrive.

But when Ning Cheng sensed 7 Profound Core Cultivators, along with dozens of Profound Congealing Cultivators, and as well as countless Essence Building Cultivators, along with the 50 to 60,000 strong Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army, he knew that the Hua Continent’s cultivator army would not be able to completely kill off the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators by fighting it out in the Mo Ze City. Moreover, looking at such a strength he realized that this was a war that they could not fight directly. Even if they gathered together all of the Hua Continent’s scattered cultivators, the entire army would simply be wiped out by their opponent’s strength.

Compared to them, of the Hua Continent’s cultivator army that Ning Cheng and Man Rang managed to gather, there were only 3 Profound Core Cultivators. Other than Man Rang, the other two Profound Core Cultivators they had were a rogue cultivator by the name of Qi Xiuya, and the Clear Sky Academy’s Jing Ji. As for Profound Congealing Cultivators, all of them added up would not be more than a dozen people. In addition, even though they had a higher number of cultivators soldiers in comparison to the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army, but their overall strength was not as high as the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean.

“Junior Commander Ning, do you think that we can take back the Mo Ze City?” Jing Ji spoke in a very polite way towards Ning Cheng, it was not because of his status as a 4 Star Junior Commander, but because he had witnessed Ning Cheng’s strength along the way, which had earned his respect from the bottom of his heart.

Man Rang along with the rogue Profound Core Cultivator, Qi Xiuya, were also looking forward to Ning Cheng’s display and answer. With the addition to Ning Cheng in their team, they had an easy way till this point. The main reason being, other than Ning Cheng’s Spirit Stone Cannon, Ning Cheng also possessed an extremely powerful Axe Type Killing Intent that could easily wipe out a considerable sized group all by himself.

However, although there were many Profound Core Cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean on the Hua Continent right now, they did not possess this kind of Top Tier Black-Silver Warship or even the Spirit Stone Canon like Ning Cheng. Therefore, Ning Cheng’s Black-Silver Warship, along with the Spirit Stone Canon on board the warship, immediately became the sharpest and the deadliest long ranged weapon on the battlefield.

Ning Cheng did not think that the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army in the Mo Ze City would have such a great strength, with this kind of strength, if they wanted to destroy the entire Hua Continent, it would indeed be effortless for them.

Ning Cheng was silent for a while before he finally spoke, “The Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army residing in the Mo Ze City has a strength that is absolutely stronger than what we have right now, but the reason they have not yet made a move on us is because they still do not know about our gathered strength. Moreover, they are also in a state of disunity, and are operating independently from each other, so much so that they have not even set up the most basic means of gathering intelligence.”

“But even then, if we made a move on them at this moment, it would be similar to a carpet being rolled out to them, inviting them to simply slaughter us all once they receive the news that we have arrived here. At the moment, although we are outside the Mo Ze City, but more importantly, they do not know that we have a Spirit Stone Cannon. If they knew that we have a Spirit Stone Cannon, they would absolutely try to flee with all their might, but even so they do not have the advantage of fully utilizing the lands of the Mo Ze City.”

The three Profound Core Cultivators and some of the Profound Congealing Cultivators were deep in thoughts, as they thought that although the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators had already occupied the Mo Ze City, but they still haven’t figured out the strength of their side. But they were also very clear on the actual situation of the cultivators from the Hua Continent’s side. Moreover, they were especially clear of the power of Ning Cheng’s Spirit Stone Cannon, which would definitely help them out in rushing out to meet them with a thunderous imposing manner. But they knew that although the side of the Hua Continent had a larger number, but the number of Profound Core Cultivators on their side were far from being equal to their opponents.

In the war between the cultivator armies, the number of people was not a strong major factor, it was how high the cultivation levels of the soldiers that was the major factor that determined their real strength

“My idea is, as long as we are able to kill the other party’s Profound Core Cultivators, we can then surround the Mo Ze City, and with the help of the Spirit Stone Cannon, we can take care of the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators in one fell swoop.”

Although Ning Cheng spoke all that, he was not bluffing. He had arranged several Defensive Array Formations on the Black-Silver Warship, as long as it was not attacked by a Profound Core Cultivator, the Profound Congealing Cultivators would still need some time to break through the Level 3 Array Formations that he set up on it. At that time, his Spirit Stone Cannon would definitely be able to assume an awe-inspiring pose.

Man Rang spoke up, “We are only three Profound Core cultivators, while our opponent had 7 people. In other words, more than twice our numbers, how do we even beat them? Although at the moment they do not know about our strength, but once they realise this point, they would immediately rush out, moreover they would definitely kill all of us, if we do not kill them.”

Ning Cheng suddenly spoke up, “I also think so, but if me and Dean Man can collaborate with each other, we can definitely be able to take care of a Profound Core Cultivator. Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya, the two of you will have to stall three of them each, after we kill a Profound Core Cultivator, we will immediately come to help.”

Listening to the end of Ning Cheng’s words, Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya looked at each other, for each of them to deal with three Profound Core cultivators, even if they did not die, they would only be able to hold out for not more than 10 breaths.

Man Rang immediately spoke up, “This is absolutely impossible……”

Ning Cheng waved his hands, immediately interrupting Man Rang’s words, “I think the three of you misunderstood me, I intend to arrange a Hidden Serial Killing Array. The four of us will be inside the Array Formation cooperating with each other, moreover Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya will work together to contain the remaining 6 people inside the Array Formation, while me and Man Rang will use that opportunity to slay them one by one. Of course, this will only work if the other party does not have an Array Formation Master within their ranks, if they do have a Top Tier Array Formation Master among them, then my approach will not necessarily work.”

“You are also an Array Formation Master?” Man Rang asked in surprise.

“I can only arrange Level 3 Array Formations at the moment.” Ning Cheng honestly answered.

When Man Rang heard Ning Cheng say that he could only arrange Level 3 Array Formations, he spoke up with some disappointment, “Level 3 Array Formation can indeed help block a Profound Core Cultivator who does not understand Array Formations for a few breaths, but if you want to use this level of Array Formation to kill 7 Profound Core Cultivators, them it is simply not realistic.”

Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya also shook their head, indicating that they also thought that Ning Cheng’s idea was impractical.

Ning Cheng just smiled and spoke, “My Array Formations are different from others, my Array Formations are such that ordinary Array Formation Masters would definitely not be able to understand, of course there is also the possibility that if they had a Top Tier Array Formation Master among them, then given enough time they would be able to find the heart, but that is only based on the condition of if it was an ordinary Array Formation. But my Array Formations are different from others, that is my Array Formation’s heart can easily be moved around, this is why I said that I was going to set up a Hidden Serial Killing Array.”

Although Ning Cheng had only obtained the basics of Array Formations from An Yi, but because of having obtained the acknowledgement of the Mysterious Yellow Origin, and also because of comprehending the Mysterious Yellow Formless, his Array Formations Inheritance had already surpassed the other inheritances of Array Formations and was also radically different. It was also because of this, the Killing Intent Restriction placed on the entrance of the Ancient Immortal Mansion in the Angry Axe Valley did not pose any hindrances to him.

[TL Note – For any confusion regarding the Mysterious Yellow Formless please visit Chapter 26]

Because of this dissimilarity in the viewpoint between them and the others, Ning Cheng thought that as long as those 7 Profound Core Cultivators entered his Hidden Serial Killing Array, then his plan would already be half successful. Although the Array Formations that he would be going to set up were only Level 3 Array Formations, but it can be said that it was made by fusing the Killing Intent Restriction placed on the Ancient Immortal Cave’s entrance into it. Even if it was Profound Core Cultivator, even if they took more than a dozen breathes of time, it would still be very difficult for them to break it.

But for his approach to be successful, they had to trap them in it for more than a dozen breathes of time, so that he and Man Rang could slay a few of those Profound Core Cultivators. If they could not slay even one of them, then it would only end up in failure. Even though his Array Formation’s heart could be moved around, but it was still just a Level 3 Array Formation in the end. Once the 7 Profound Core Cultivators started working together, then this kind of cyclic Level 3 Array Formation would be broken soon.

If they could slay at least one of them, then they could once again trap another one inside, as such the time required to break the Array Formation would be extended even more. For Ning Cheng, the more number of Profound Core Cultivators that he and Man Rang could slay in a dozen breaths of time, the greater would be their success rate.

His only worry was that among those Profound Core Cultivators, there would be a Top Tier Array Formation Master among them, and would not enter his Hidden Serial Killing Array, as such it would make his entire approach completely useless.

Hearing Ning Cheng’s explanation, the three people including Man Rang remained silent. Even if what Ning Cheng said was true, it was still just a Level 3 Array Formation. A Level 3 Array Formation in front of a Profound Core Cultivator simply had too insignificant of a deterrence, to the point that it could even be said that it was simply non-existent.

When Ning Cheng saw the three people silent, he once again spoke, “After this war, I will leave the Hua Continent. The only reason why I am taking such actions is because of my anger towards the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators, if the three of you do not agree with my approach, I can understand. Then I don’t think that we need to continue to be here, as there would be no sense to this siege as you would only be throwing your lives away.”

Qi Xiuya was the first to respond, “I agree to it, I was born and brought up in the Hua Continent, but now that the Hua Continent is overrun, since this life was given to me in the Hua Continent, how can I retreat? Innumerable Hua Continent’s cultivator soldiers may fear falling from the sky, but I, Qi Xiuya, am not one of them.”

Hearing Qi Xiuya agreeing to Ning Cheng’s opinion, Man Rang also spoke up in solemn voice, “Junior Commander Ning, Mo Ze City are my roots, I have been living in this Mo Ze City since I was born, but now that those animals from the Yi Xing Ocean have occupied the Mo Ze City, for me, Man Rang, to continue to drag out my life as an ignoble existence has no meaning. Since we are going to die anyway, then it is meaningless to cherish this small life of mine.”

Jing Ji laughed, “Even though I, Jing Ji, fear death, but Junior Commander Ning, if in the future you manage to escape this place, then please remember to burn some paper in the name of I, Jing Ji.”

[TL Note – In China there is a tradition to burn paper, especially paper money, as a remembrance and offering to one’s departed family and friends.]

Ning Cheng smiled and spoke, “I cherish my life, how can we casually speak of dying. You can rest assured; my plan has two main points. First, it is necessary for us to trick the Yi Xing Ocean’s Profound Core Cultivators into my Hidden Serial Killing Array. If they do not come in, then my plan will fail without a doubt. But the second point is the most important point, we must in the first ten breaths kill a Profound Core Cultivator, otherwise the possibility of failure for this plan will increase by a large margin.”

“Killing a Profound Core Cultivator within ten breaths of time, I am afraid that it would be somewhat difficult….” Although Man Rang with the help of Ning Cheng was able to kill a Profound Core Cultivator before, but that Profound Core Cultivator was battling against him for a long period of time. Moreover, it was also because that man had also underestimated Ning Cheng, that they could exploit such a two-pronged approach.

Jing Ji also spoke up, “Junior Commander Ning, regardless of if your plan succeeds or not, wouldn’t stirring up all the Profound Core Cultivators inside be very difficult? If after they all came out, but in the end only a few entered, wouldn’t our plan fail?”

Ning Cheng was pretty confident in this area, as he spoke, “This thing, you do not need to worry about, once I am able to set up the Hidden Serial Killing Array, then with the help of Dean Man, killing a Profound Core Cultivator within the space of ten breaths is not difficult. As for luring those Profound Core Cultivators out, it is much more simple. But one of the important factor is that there is a need for all of us to go into the array together, as a result of which we will lose some of our cultivator army, but we will at least not fail.”


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