Chapter 0178

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Chapter 0178: Not Expecting Such a Result

Jing Ji simply did not have enough time to dwell on it, as he directly brought out his own Dual Elephant Pagoda, and with all his strength immediately sent it towards the red faced Profound Core Cultivator. He really did not plan on blocking the attack from the red faced cultivator’s 6 Bladed Door.

Before making his move, he had already understood that he might actually die in this war, but after receiving commands from Ning Cheng, he finally thought that he was definitely on the winning side, moreover this Array Formation was something that Ning Cheng had personally laid out. He wholeheartedly believed that Ning Cheng would definitely not let Man Rang and him to perish together with the red faced cultivator. Even if Ning Cheng wanted to do it like this, he would still follow his command to the last letter.

Man Rang hesitated but only for a moment’s time, after which he got ready to sacrifice himself regardless of anything. This kind of opportunity, if they missed it due to a blunder, then they might not necessarily have another chance. He immediately stirred up his Scarlet Rainbow Wheel crazily, and brought out nearly a hundred of light wheels, which he sent hurtling towards his opponent.

At the same time, Ning Cheng also began.

Ning Cheng pushed his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness to his limits, as he immediately brought out a mouldy copper coin. This was the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin that Ning Cheng had obtained before, but had never used it till now, because he was constantly refining it. Even if it was now, he had only refining it to the 3rd Level of Restriction on it, and was far from refining all of the copper coins.

Trying to use the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin was very difficult, if it was not absolutely necessary to use it during this time, Ning Cheng was definitely not willing to bring it out for this kind of thing. At this time, the situation was extremely urgent, Ning Cheng simply could not think of anything else, as he crazily stimulated his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness to activate this Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin in his hand.

The red faced Profound Core Cultivator’s 6 Bladed Door had transformed into countless Three-Dimensional Blades of Light, almost trapping Ning Cheng and the three, as long as it was allowed even a short amount of time, these Three-Dimensional Blades of Light would immediately turn the three people into minced meat.

At this time, a bucket sized huge square hole appeared as the coin expanded. Those inexhaustible Three Dimensional Blades of Light immediately stagnated, even the murderous aura that formed in the space around the blades of light also slightly stagnated.

Seeing the Three Dimensional Blade of Light and its murderous aura stagnated, Man Rang and Jing Ji suddenly felt their body loosen up. Immediately the killing power of the magic weapons in their hands became even more abundant as it reached their maximum possible limits.

The square shaped hole in the copper coin was emitting a faint and fuzzy Spiritual Consciousness, which was curling around the 6 Bladed Door which the red faced Cultivator was able to sense. The innumerable Three Dimensional Blades of Light, after a slight delay, suddenly declined in power drastically.

The red faced Profound Core Cultivator was aware that his 6 Bladed Door would soon break away from his control, not to mention the Six Sided Three Dimensional Blade of Light that he had stirred up.

This was definitely a top tier capturing magic weapon, this red faced cultivator immediately understood this as he crazily agitated his Spiritual Consciousness to take back the control of the 6 Bladed Door. If he did not take back the control of the 6 Bladed Door, then facing the full powered attacks of the two Profound Core Cultivators, even if he was not dead, it would be more than enough for the Axe Light formed from the Killing Intent that were connected to this low levelled Hidden Serial Killing Array to kill him off.

Although Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness was formidable, but in actuality, it still could not be compared to that of a Profound Core Cultivator. As such even if his Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin was strong, he could still not bring out its full power.

When the formidable Spiritual Sense counter attack arrived, Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness began to hurt, the next moment he was directly thrown back.

The red faced Profound Core Cultivator felt that the 6 Bladed Door once again was restored to being his magic weapon, but his heart sunk. Man Rang and Jing Ji’s attack had completely surrounded him, at this time this red faced Profound Core Cultivator could only agitate his True Essence to create a Guard Shield around him. Although he had recaptured the 6 Bladed Door, he simply did not have the means to counter attack.

Although his True Essence and his Spiritual Consciousness was formidable. But after driving out Ning Cheng and his Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coin, and after having injured Ning Cheng, he was unable to fully block the attacks from the two Profound Core Cultivators.

Peng Peng, blood was sent flying, as this Profound Core Cultivator was directly killed off by Man Rang and Jing Ji.

Ning Cheng wiped off the blood from his mouth, as he first took back the Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coin. Then he spoke to Man Rang and Jing Ji, “The two of you will have to kill another Profound Core Cultivator, while the other person is kept in check by Qi Xiuya.”

Saying that, Ning Cheng immediately sat down and started healing himself, the Hidden Serial Array Formation was going to break soon, but the most dangerous time has already passed.

Man Rang and Qi Xiuya were incomparably shocked in their hearts. They had never thought that Ning Cheng also had a magic weapon that could fully contain the attack of a Late Stage Profound Core Cultivator, what kind of magic weapon was that? It was simply too fearful.

But the two people also knew that Ning Cheng was injured. This was the most critical time, as long as they could kill the remaining two people, the overall situation would then be set in stone.

The two Profound Core Cultivators left from the Yi Xing Ocean were like a badly frightened chickens, to the point that they could not even muster up half a shred of fighting spirit. They only wanted to run away at this time, as soon as possible. They had decided to escape from this fearful Killing Array as soon as it was broken.

The overall situation was truly set, as Ning Cheng stood up once again. Jing Ji cooperated with Man Rang and killed the fourth Profound Core Cultivator trapped in the middle of the Killing Array. There were only three Profound Core Cultivators from the Hua Continent, who were now working together to kill the only remaining fifth Profound Core Cultivator. Moreover, the Killing Array had still not yet broken completely.

Three Profound Core Cultivators besieging a single Profound Core Cultivator, moreover in the middle of Ning Cheng’s Killing Array, it basically did not take much effort, before they managed to kill that Profound Core Cultivator.

This kind of ambush type warfare, had only lasted for a dozen breathes of time. Moreover, Jing Ji, Qi Xiuya and Ning Cheng were also hurt, moreover even Man Rang was hurt a bit severely, but all of them had completed their intended objectives given to them by Ning Cheng.

They simply did not wait for Ning Cheng to speak, when Man Rang, Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya, the three people immediately moved to intercept the other two Profound Core Cultivators.

When the Killing Array finally opened, the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator discovered that their five Profound Core Cultivators inside had already disappeared, they immediately knew that they had already lost. Since five of their most powerful Profound Core Cultivators were already killed, then how could the remaining two of them fight?

The two Profound Core Cultivators were crazily killing cultivators from the Hua Continent’s cultivator army and had killed about a dozen Profound Congealing Cultivators. In just a short period of time they had already killed tens of thousands of people, while at the same time, they had also lost 7 or 8 of their Profound Congealing Cultivators. But now at this time, the Hua Continent’s Profound Core Cultivators arrived and started with their counter attack.

Two of the Profound Core Cultivators from the Hua Continent immediately moved to contain the two remaining Profound Core Cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean, while the remaining Profound Core Cultivator started to massacre the Profound Congealing Cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean.

The situation of the war gradually tilted to one side. Along with the constant roars from the Spirit Stone Cannon, the Yi Xing Ocean’s Profound Congealing and Essence Building Cultivators fell quickly, this battle now absolutely did not have even half a moment of suspense anymore.

Ning Cheng did not enter the fray again, this fight did not need him to join. Even if the bombardment from the Spirit Stone Cannon stopped, with three Profound Core Cultivators fighting against two Profound Core Cultivators, victory or defeat would soon reveal itself.


After an hour, the injured Man Rang along with Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya finally arrived in front of Ning Cheng, the rest of the war, was something that had no need for them.

After killing the two remaining Profound Core Cultivators and all the Profound Congealing Cultivators, as long as there were Profound Congealing Cultivators from the Hua Continent, the rest of the war can be taken care off by them.

At the moment, Man Rang and Jing Ji were somewhat seriously injured by the Profound Core Cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean. Jing Ji had a fractured arm, while Man Rang was hit with a severe internal blow, but even then they managed to kill the two Profound Core Cultivators. But these few people’s moods were actually very joyous, although their injuries were very serious, but if they slowly recuperated, they could easily recover from their injuries. Although the Hua Continent was invaded by the army from the Yi Xing Ocean, but in the end, they were completely wiped out in the Hua Continent.

When the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army had taken over the Hua Continent, no one would have thought of such a result, but this result actually took shape in front of everyone. Moreover, it could be said that the credits of accomplishing such an achievement completely went to Ning Cheng, as the Spirit Stone Cannon was also Ning Cheng’s. The arrangement of the Array Formation that trapped the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators was also Ning Cheng idea, even the Array Formation was also personally laid out by Ning Cheng himself.

“Junior Commander Ning, if it weren’t for you, in the future, even if the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators withdrew from the Hua Continent, it would have been very difficult to restore the vitality of the Hua Continent. I, Man Rang, seldom talk like this, but this time I wholeheartedly want to thank you for your help.” Man Rang actually bowed to Ning Cheng as he spoke.

Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya also bowed, they heavily respected Ning Cheng by now and treated him as their equal, no more accurately speaking, they held a kind of reverence towards him. Although Ning Cheng’s cultivation was not as high as them, they affirmed that in the future Ning Cheng’s achievements would be much more than anything that they could achieve.

Ning Cheng also gave them a respectful salute and said, “I am going to take a trip to the God Wind Academy, as for the rest of the war in the Hua Continent, I will not participate in it, I’ll leave it behind for you three.”

The fighting that were going on at present, the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators against the Hua Continent’s cultivators, the former only had a single choice and that was to escape as soon as possible. It did not matter whether Ning Cheng joined the later part of the war or not, as it would simply be unimportant.

“Junior Commander Ning, I will spread your name to all the cultivators from the Hua Continent’s cultivator army, who would in turn pass it down to the rest of the people from the Hua Continent, to let them all know who was the one who had taken back the Hua Continent.” When Man Rang saw that it was time for Ning Cheng to go, he still spoke in a loud voice.

But Ning Cheng simply did not bother with these things, he wanted to go to the God Wind Academy to have a look.


Ning Cheng had never been to the God Wind Academy, but he had the map given to him by Man Rang. The map provided to him by Man Rang was very detailed, and it could be seen that the God Wind Academy was not in close proximity to the Mo Ze City. But because of the speed of the Black-Silver Warship, he arrived at the location in just an hour.

But the fact was, the God Wind Academy was dead, even the buildings left standing were not a lot. Destruction was simply everywhere. It looked like after the God Wind Academy was destroyed by some unknown forces, the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators had not come here to take a look.

Ning Cheng used his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep through bit by bit, but he found that anything that even had a little value was already taken away. Even in neighbourhood of the ruined Academy, he could not find any traces of Cultivators.

As to the location of Ji Luofei’s Immortal Cave, Ning Cheng had also not found it. Half an hour later, Ning Cheng was somewhat disappointed as he left the ruins of the God Wind Academy. Since Ji Luofei was taken away by that white haired old woman, she should be all right.

With the cultivation of the white haired old woman, Ning Cheng estimated it to be at least at Soul Essence Realm or above. Faced with a person with such a cultivation level, even if he wanted to look for her with all his strength, if the white haired old woman did not look for him on her own initiative, he definitely would not be able to find the opposite party.

[Author Note – Volume 3 ends here. Start of Volume 4 – See how Ning Cheng proudly smiles in the Law’s Way.]

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