Chapter 0179

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0179: Success

Ten days later, Ning Cheng and Yang Honghuo finally returned to the Jia Continent through the Yi Xing Ocean’s inland sea. Here the calmness and tranquillity had already been restored, to the point that it felt that war had never broken out in the first place, moreover one could also see many merchant ships plying on the waters again.

Ning Cheng gave out a dark sigh towards the vitality of a businessman, in just a short period of time, the traces of war between countless cultivators had simply became completely invisible as if it had never happened in the first place.

The Pu Bu Island was not far away from here, and with Yang Honghuo controlling the Black-Silver Warship, they soon arrived at the outer perimeter of the Pu Bu Island.

The Black-Silver Warship had not even arrived close to the Pu Bu Island in the sea, before they were surrounded by a number of cultivators from the Jia Continent’s cultivator army. Before Ning Cheng even had the chance to show his identity, Kong Pengpeng’s voice, along with his hearty laughter, immediately sounded out, “Quite good, quite good, the work you did in the Hua Continent was really splendid.”

The several of the cultivator soldiers from the Jia Continent quickly gave a respectful salute to Kong Pengpeng. Kong Pengpeng simply waved his hands and all the cultivator soldiers immediately retired back to their stations, before he landed on Ning Cheng’s Black-Silver Warship. He clapped onto Ning Cheng’s shoulder and said, “Those Yi Xing Ocean’s monkeys wanted to slaughter the Hua Continent’s cultivators while they retreated with their army, but in the end they were all simply killed by you. Ning Cheng, you really did very well, the risk that I took to make you into a 5 Star Junior Commander was definitely worth it.”

“Many thanks to General Kong.” Ning Cheng hurriedly thanked him.

“First we’ll have to make a few changes, I have already helped you change your name.” Kong Pengpeng took out a badge as he passed it on to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng accepted the badge and asked, “What was the final result between the clash of the armies from the Yi Xing Ocean and the 9 Continents?”

Kong Pengpeng gave a heavy smile as he spoke, “The results were exactly the same that I spoke to you about, those monkeys from the Yi Xing Ocean wanted a quota for the Law’s Way. Although the 9 Continents had to eat a few losses, but the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army was unable to score anything in the Advanced Level Continents. The outcome of the negotiations between both sides ended up with us giving 400 quotas to the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean.”

“So many?” Although Ning Cheng had also thought that they would end up in a compromise after hearing his words at that time, but even if they ended up in a compromise, at most they would only surrender about a 100 quotas, give and take a few. But he had never expected that the Yi Xing Ocean’s side would manage to take 400 of the quotas for themselves.

Kong Pengpeng gave a restrained sort of smile as he once again spoke, “The Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators had gone all out, sparing nothing, to the point that even the Crucible Transformation Cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean had also stepped in. If they had not given in, the war would have still continued, fighting to the point till the Yi Xing Mainland’s 9 Continents were turned to ashes. The fights between the Crucible Transformation Cultivators, simply cannot be compared to the fights between other ordinary cultivators.”

“In the past, the Crucible Transformation Cultivators from both sides never came out?” Ning Cheng asked.

“That’s right, under normal circumstances, the Crucible Transformation Cultivators would never participate in battles involving the ordinary cultivator army. This was only because of the opening of the Heaven’s Way. Whether it were the Crucible Transformation Cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean or the Crucible Transformation Cultivators from the Yi Xing Mainland’s 9 Continents, as long as one is within a certain age group and cultivated to a certain extent, they can then be eligible to go to the Tian Continent to give it a try. Because of this reason, this war was different from anything that happened in the past.”

As the two people talked, Kong Pengpeng led Ning Cheng into the place where his Yi Zheng Battalion was stationed, while at the same time introducing Ning Cheng to the other three Junior Commanders of his Yi Zheng Battalion. Needless to say all the people felt strange to have such a youthful Ning Cheng, moreover even the cultivation of Ning Cheng was not as high as it was required. But even then, he actually managed to became a 5 Star Junior Commander.

Moreover, even Kong Pengpeng held him in high prestige, because of this all the people present felt even more strange, but no one asked about it.

“Ning Cheng, you have just come back from the Hua Continent, surely it must have been hard for you. So are you going to pick your own soldiers now, or do you want to take a break?” Kong Pengpeng saw that there was something going on in Ning Cheng’s mind, as he looked a bit distracted, and took the initiative to ask.

The rest of the few Junior Commanders and Senior Captains under General Kong gave a dark sigh towards Ning Cheng but did not speak anything. So all this was really all for the sake of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was really not interested in a military battalion, and he also had no intention of staying in a barrack for a long term, hearing those words he immediately spoke up, “I really do not have much understanding about the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, and asks General to help me adjust to the rank of a Junior Commander. But at the moment, I want to go back to rest.”

The rest of the officers in the camp once again gave a dark sigh towards this Junior Commander Ning’s huge arrogance. He even asked the General to help him pick the cultivator soldiers, while he himself went to rest.

Kong Pengpeng laughed for a while before smiling and saying, “This is also good, it can all be done in a short while, Yang Honghuo come along with me.”

Kong Pengpeng understood the meaning of Ning Cheng, he could already guess that Ning Cheng was not particularly interested in the cultivator army. The main purpose for which he joined the cultivator army, while not going astray, was for cultivating.

It was indeed Ning Cheng’s intention; he simply did not want to spend more time than necessary in the cultivator army. He originally had joined and participated in the cultivator army for the sole purpose of going back to the Hua Continent. But now the main reason he had come back here, was also for a purpose, and that was to participate in the Law’s Way.

After he came out from the Law’s Way, he would then go around to find his own cultivation resources. To enhance his strength, he must go the Law’s Way to realize it, moreover to enhance his cultivation, it was necessary for him to have a large amount of cultivation resources. By just relying on the cultivation resources provided by the military, regardless of if he got more than the others, it would certainly not be enough for him.


Kong Pengpeng did not say anymore words to Ning Cheng, now that Ning Cheng had arrived at his camp as a Junior Commander under him on his own, he already felt satisfied with it and had immediately departed along with Yan Honghuo. After looking around for a while, Ning Cheng was very satisfied. Here, apart from the area dedicated to the mansion of General Kong Pengpeng, his mansion was only slightly smaller, nevertheless he was already very satisfied with his place. Here, even though many people in the battalion did not call him as Junior Commander, but this mansion was definitely for a Junior Commander. But because he did not have any troops under him at this moment, it became the private Immortal Cave of Ning Cheng.

In the cultivator army, as long as a person had the rank of at least 1 star, they could have their own personal quarters, but since Ning Cheng was now a 5 Star Junior Commander, not only did he have a separate residence, but his place of residence was also very luxurious.

Not only that, there were also two beautiful female servants that came together with his, Junior Commander Ning Cheng’s mansion.

The cultivator army were waited and served upon by the female servants, which was a pretty normal affair in all the barracks. Moreover, even Ning Cheng had seen that even Kong Pengpeng had more than 10 beautiful female servants in his mansion.

However, Ning Cheng did not like to have a servant girl waiting upon him. He had many secrets, moreover during the time he cultivated, he really did not want anyone to be around him. And with his character, there really was no way for him to take a woman to bed, especially those who have already lost themselves to the rest of the people here in the barracks.

Besides, he had not even done the deed with Luo Fei, how could he let his first time be with a female servant that he did not even know anything about?

Another maid was again sent by Kong Pengpeng, but Ning Cheng simply sent her back along with the two other maids, directly to General Kong Pengpeng’s Mansion.


Ning Cheng had already finished arranging a variety of Array Formations in his own residence, when Yang Honghuo brought a woman with the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm to Ning Cheng’s residence.

“Nan Yuefang greets Junior Commander Ning.” This woman with the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm seeing Ning Cheng, took the initiative to speak after giving a respectful salute.

Nan Yuefang looked to be in her thirties, with her facial features not very fine, but there was a kind of martial aura around her. But looking at her figure, he saw that she looked quite sexy, with the standard curves of a woman. If only her face was a little more perfect, she would have been an unrivalled beauty. Although it was a pity, but it was nothing to regret over, even so, her face was definitely good looking, even if it only had regular features. There was a 4 Star Green Card strapped to her shoulder, with the words ‘Senior Captain Nan Yuefang’ carved on it.

Yang Honghuo, seeing that Ning Cheng had noticed Nan Yuefang, quickly added from the side, “Junior Commander Ning, Senior Captain Nan Yuefang has newly joined our Junior Commander Battalion. General Kong had asked around the barracks, as to who would like to join our Junior Commander Battalion, only Senior Captain Nan Yuefang took the initiative to come forward. A Junior Commanders Battalion comprises of four Senior Captain Battalions under it, so we still need to continue to pick our soldiers.”

Ning Cheng thought, how was this him picking soldiers? Wasn’t she the one who picked me. But this was quite obvious, since it was Kong Pengpeng who spoke on his behalf, it resulted in only Nan Yuefang coming. It was clear that the rest of them were simply not willing.

Ning Cheng did not really care about recruiting and filling up his Junior Commander Battalion, but he still spoke to Nan Yuefang, “Welcome Senior Captain Nan for joining our Junior Commander Battalion.”

Speaking till here, Ning Cheng once again turned to Yang Honghuo and said, “Our Junior Commander Battalion now has a Senior Captain Battalion under it, as for looking for the rest of the soldiers, they will have to temporarily put it on hold for the time being. I am going into closed door cultivation, regarding the matters of the battalion, I will leave it to you and Senior Captain Nan to deal with it.”

Nan Yuefang was absentmindedly watching her new Junior Commander as he turned around and left, while she was very puzzled in her heart. She thought that this Junior Commander would be very polite to her, even grateful to her that she had joined his Junior Commander Battalion. But unexpectedly, he just casually gave a word of welcome, before leaving.

However, this was also good. The reason why she joined this Junior Commander Ning Cheng’s Battalion was because she had heard that Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Intermediate Stage Essence Building Realm. She was initially afraid of the so-call harassment from a Junior Commander, but since Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Essence Building Realm, so even if he wanted to harass her, he could never touch her.


Ning Cheng, of course, was not in the mood to deal with these things. The reason why he had decided to go into closed door cultivation, was because this time he wanted to continue with his studies in Alchemy.

When he was continuously refining the Array Flags outside Mo Ze City, it had given him some inspiration. Before he used to feel that the reason why he had met repeated failures during his cultivation of Alchemy was because he was simply unfit to practice Alchemy. But at that time he finally found out that it was not because his understanding ability was poor, but because his own cultivation was too bad.

Because of his poor cultivation, during the time he was practicing Alchemy, he was actually using a Spiritual Artefact Grade Pill Furnace. His own magical weapons and artefacts were not even comparable to the Spiritual Artefact Grade Pill Furnace that he was using, because of which he had always had a lot of problems in its control. Resulting in failure for one batch after another while creating pills.

But at this time, his cultivation had directly risen up to Essence Building 4th Level, compared to his original cultivation level of Essence Building 1st Level, both his True Essence and Spiritual Energy had increased several times more than before, presumably, at this moment, he should not have any more problems when using the Spiritual Artefact Grade Pill Furnace.

Ning Cheng was still refining the Level 1 Pill ‘Returning Qi Pill’ in a carefully controlled and True Fire preheated Pill Furnace, while simultaneously putting in six to seven Rank 1 Spiritual Grasses in a particular order into the Pill Furnace. After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the Spiritual Medicines inside the Pill Furnace began to melt. Ning Cheng, according to his own understanding, used his Spiritual Consciousness to slowly separate the liquids and the residue, and then threw out the residue, before fusing the medicinal liquids.

Half an hour later, the liquid in the Pill Furnace started emitting a pleasant fragrance. Ning Cheng, in his heart, was becoming more and excited. Even if it was just a few Level 1 Pills inside the Pill Furnace, there was a medicinal aroma coming out of it, it meant that he was just a step behind before entering into the realm of Tier 1 Ordinary Pill Master. Although he had tried refining such a pill numerous times, and had even managed to fuse the separated liquid, but the result never possessed a medicinal fragrance to it.

An hour later, Ning Cheng felt that his Sea of Consciousness had almost dried up and was feeling very tired, this should have been because the consumption of his Spiritual Consciousness was simply too large. But Ning Cheng was not surprised of this, rather he was actually happy because of this. Before during the many times that he had used the furnace, he never had a case where his Spiritual Consciousness was insufficient. However, it appeared that although his Spiritual Consciousness was powerful, but it was still not enough to actually step through the door of Alchemy.

Even so, for the time it took for another half an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng completely was in control of the fused liquid in the Pill Furnace, he was just about to make use of this opportunity to fuse the liquid it into solid pills and take them out, when he suddenly had a feeling that the Pill Arts recorded in the Alchemy Foundation were not very perfect. His mind involuntarily formed a new Pill Art, moreover he knew that if he used this new Pill Art to refine the Pill, it would be much more effective this time.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate to use the new Pill Art, and the next moment twelve perfect blue pills landed in a Jade Box that he had already prepared beforehand.

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