Chapter 0193

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0193: Just An Idea

This was Nong Zhen’s blue flame, if there was even half a change in it, he could easily sense it crystal clear. Ning Cheng felt the Star River throb a moment ago, which ended up causing the blue flame to flicker a bit, as such he immediately frowned as he shot a glance at Ning Cheng. But after a moment, he once again focussed on the blue flames.

Although the Star River at the moment was residing at the edge of Ning Cheng’s Zifu, but to Ning Cheng, other than the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it was his next biggest secret. He could feel that this seed was definitely not simple at all, when Nong Zheng saw him, it was to warn him that the changes caused because of the Star River was not permitted.

With the large chunk of True Cosmic Devil Metal under his control, it fell into the blue flame, and gradually started to melt, deconstructing piece by piece. Flakes of ash were separated by the flames, and the block of True Cosmic Devil Metal gradually narrowed. Nong Zheng also began to focus on this narrowing True Cosmic Devil Metal, and constantly changed the Array Formations and Restrictions to forge it.

Looking at how Nong Zheng was changing the Restrictions unceasingly, Ning Cheng found that his insights into Array Formations and Restrictions were far above his own.

As the impurities present in the True Cosmic Devil Metal was constantly removed by Nong Zheng, its shape was also unceasingly changing under the blue flame.

Ning Cheng had intentionally not mentioned the shape of the axe, he knew that if he did not mention the shape of the axe, it would be easier to forge. As for the shape of this axe, since it was just an embryonic form, in the future it would even help in re-forging it into a better one.

With the passage of time, even if it was Ning Cheng, he could feel a kind of ruthlessly oppressive aura emanating from the True Cosmic Devil Metal, that was growing stronger and stronger by each passing moment.

At this moment, Ning Cheng heard Lan Shu’s sound transmission, “Ning Cheng, this True Cosmic Devil Metal’s Devilish Nature is too strong, moreover this embryonic magic weapon has still not tasted blood. Once this unfinished child tastes blood. The Devilish Nature inside it would become even stronger, are you sure you would be able to control it?”

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile. As he also spoke with a sound transmission, “Elder Sister Shu can rest assured, in my hometown there is a saying that to be affected by a calm heart keeps you cool, whether or not I become a Devil it will only depend on my heart’s intention. I am confident that I will not have to be afraid of this devilish magic weapon, if I cannot even control a magic weapon, then how could I even dare to think of going back from where I came.”

“Is your hometown very far?” Lan Shu asked a question, however, after she asked the question, she did not wait for Ning Cheng to give an answer, and spoke, “Wait till we come out, I have another important thing to say to you.”

“As Elder Sister Shu says.” Ning Cheng also did not plan on revealing anything about his past in this kind of place.

Lan Shu also gave an En sound, “Ning Cheng, this True Cosmic Devil Metal that is being forged into a magical weapon, even if it is just a High Grade Spiritual Artefact in embryonic form, the power contained in it is no small matter. Once you go into the Law’s Way, it would provide you with a major power boost. But it will also have an enormous flaw, you have to be mentally prepared for it.”

“What kind of flaw?

“The True Cosmic Devil Metal crafted into a magic weapon, since it is still in an embryonic form, as such when you use it to fight with others, it will leak its Devilish Nature’s aura, which will make others regard you as a Devil Cultivator. In the Yi Xing Mainland, just the existence of a single Devil Cultivator would immediately invite everyone to come kill you. You must be extremely careful about it. Therefore, I suggest that besides forging this True Cosmic Devil Axe, it would be better if you also forged or procure an ordinary axe.” Lan Shu condensed her voice to a string and spoke.

Ning Cheng this time actually hesitated, if his cultivation was very high, then he would not be afraid of being misunderstood. But at this moment he only had the cultivation of a mere Essence Building Realm. In the Yi Xing Mainland, there existed many people who could easily crush him with a single finger. Once he became their object of hatred, then everyone would immediately cry out to kill him. And that for him definitely wouldn’t be good.

“You do not have to worry too much, just use this True Cosmic Devil Axe only in extreme circumstances so as to protect your life, but once you bring out this axe, if possible, then thoroughly kill of the entirety of the other party. If you think that there are many people around, then you should use the Appearance Changing Technique all the time, moreover you can even use the mask that I gave you, no one would be able to recognize you.” Lan Shu spoke up with a smile after she saw Ning Cheng silent.

Ning Cheng only then understood the meaning behind Lan Shu giving him the mask, as he quickly gave his thanks, “Thank you, Elder Sister Shu, I know.”

“On the path of cultivating the Dao, whether or not you want to pursue the Heaven’s Path, you should not care about other people’s gazes. Initially I had prepared this chunk of True Cosmic Devil Metal for Yuchen’s use, thinking about the rough way ahead of Yuchen. However even if the entire Yi Xing Mainland’s population in its entirety failed to understand him, I will always make sure to follow closely at his side. I feel that you are also the same, you must not renounce one’s own power because of the gazes from other people. Even if in the end you are the only person left, even if there is no other person to accompany at your side, when you leave the Yi Xing Mainland behind, you will discover that whether it is an Immortal or even a Devil, they are merely just an idea, only a single word difference between them, that’s all.” Lan Shu spoke softly.

She knew this even better than Ning Cheng, that if one did not have formidable strength, then everything they had was false.

“Elder Sister Shu, even if no one believes me, Luofei will always follow by my side. I will not abandon becoming powerful because of such a trifling thing.” Ning Cheng spoke in an affirmative manner, Ning Cheng was well aware of the fact that the trust Luofei placed in him was something that no one could ever replace.

Even if this True Cosmic Devil Axe had a Devilish Nature, that would lead to some misunderstandings, Ning Cheng would still use it. He had enough of pain and sufferings and had been pushed around for far too long. In this world, one did not have dignity without having strength to back it up. At the time when he had to use the True Cosmic Devil Axe, it would be to sweep across everything at that time, he would not let anyone be long winded in front of him. Otherwise even if he was not branded with the label of a Devil Cultivator to be killed, there would still be someone who would use a sword to split him into two.

Lan Shu nodded her head, and did not speak again.

On the fifth day, the embryonic form of the True Cosmic Devil Axe under Nong Zhen’s control suddenly gave a slight shiver, moreover it still continued trembling so much so that it began to give out a vague dragon like cry. Then after a moment, an extremely formidable and ruthlessly oppressive aura, with even more trembling, spilled out along with an actual dragon cry.

Nong Zhen suddenly exclaimed, “Whoever is going to use this axe, quickly resort to your Blood Essence to refine it, the Devilish Nature of this axe is too heavy, I am unable to forge it anymore, and can only give it this appearance.”

Ning Cheng immediately stood up, it was necessary to use his Blood Essence to refine it, Lan Shu suddenly grabbed Ning Cheng’s arm, moreover even her hand was trembling slightly, “Ning Cheng, do not refine it, I have truly underestimated this True Cosmic Devil Metal’s Devilish Nature, this Devilish Nature is too powerful, with your cultivation, you would not be able to control it. Because of a long period of time, it is possible that the Devilish Nature inside this True Cosmic Devil Axe ended up gaining a Spiritual Nature which has further transformed it to give birth to a Devil Spirit. Once you are not able to control it, in light cases you would immediately become a puppet under the control of the Devil Spirit, or…. It would be better if we first seal it, and then take it to an auction.”

But at this moment Ning Cheng did not back down, but it was also true that Lan Shu was really afraid of for him. In her eyes, the scene of Ning Cheng turning into a Devil appeared. Once Ning Cheng went ahead and grabbed the handle of the Axe indiscriminately, he would be left without any reason……

Although formidable strength is good, but to become formidably powerful one could not take such insane risks.

Ning Cheng lightly patted Lan Shu’s hand and spoke, “Elder Sister Shu, you can rest assured, I have a feeling that this True Cosmic Devil Axe is something that was made for me, others simply wouldn’t be able to use it. Moreover, I have my own beliefs and norms, as Elder Sister Shu previously said ‘It’s just an idea’, Elder Sister Shu please believe in me.”

Lan Shu released Ning Cheng, but did not speak, she just nodded towards Ning Cheng and spoke to herself, “Ok, I believe in you.”

Ning Cheng went up, and sprayed out a bit of his Blood Essence, letting it fall on the embryonic form of the True Cosmic Devil Metal Axe, and began refining the not yet fully forged Great Axe.

He was confident that he would be able to suppress the True Cosmic Devil Axe, not because he was really confident that his will power was stronger than others. But rather in addition to his will power, he still had the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Even if this Devilish Nature wanted to invade his Zifu and into his consciousness, he could count on the Mysterious Yellow Bead which resided in his Zifu to completely destroy this Devilish Nature.

The still unformed axe embryo was immediately taken over by Ning Cheng to refine, Nong Zhen also put away his flame, and after taking a pill, sat at one side to recover his True Essence at the same time.

A day later, Ning Cheng finally stood up, and was staring absentmindedly at the unfinished Great Axe in his hand.

“Ning Cheng, have you finished refining it?” Lan Shu could feel that the Devilish Nature inside it had been greatly weakened, and asked in surprise.

But Nong Zheng spoke up coldly from the side, “This is just an unfinished embryonic form of an axe, moreover even though I successfully forged it, but it utilised his Essence Blood to complete the refining, if such a day comes that it could not be forged further, then it would be best if you did not continue to use this Axe.”

Lan Shu ignored Nong Zhen, and once again asked Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng smiled wryly as he picked up the rough and coarse looking Embryonic Axe in his hands and spoke, “Elder Sister Shu, this thing is too crude, this kind of unsightliness cannot be even more ugly.”

This kind of Axe Type Magic Weapon, might as well say that this one incomparably crude item that was the Embryonic form of an Axe, contrary to what one might expect of this Axe’s shape, although it was in the shape of an axe, it did not even have the slightest edge to it. Moreover, even the Axe Handle was rough, and even the thickness was not uniform. It was obvious that it was crafted from a pale golden material, but after being forged it had turned grey, or rather changed into something incomparably ugly.

Nong Zheng sneered and spoke, “Do not be discontented with it, in the entire Yi Xing Mainland, the ones who could refine the True Cosmic Devil Metal to such an extent, other than me, Nong Zhen, you will not even be able to find even ten.”

Lan Shu cupped her fists and hastily thanked him, “Many thanks Master Nong.”

Ning Cheng also realized that his actions were not respectful towards Nong Zheng, and also quickly thanked him, “Many thanks Master Nong.”

“Do as you please, I have other things to do.” Nong Zheng bluntly gave out the expulsion order.

Lan Shu pulled Ning Cheng out of Nong Zhen’s room, Ning Cheng found that the two bald youths were still beating an ingot, but the guests seem to have changed several times.

As Ning Cheng and Lan Shu moved from the inside to the outside, no was surprised.

Until the two people went out of the Blacksmith’s Shop, Ning Cheng finally asked, “Elder Sister Shu, why did Nong Zhen not ask about payment?”

“Payment? That wooden plaque was in itself a plentiful reward. That wooden plaque is something very rare. I only know that it can allow a person from the Nong Family to undertake a task once. As Nong Zhen is not regarded as the most powerful Crafting Master in the Nong Family, so me using the wooden plaque on him, is so as to permit him to undertake a task, it can even be considered as to look after his rise.”

“Elder Sister Shu, I have a question to ask you, before I heard you say that Immortals and Devils were just an idea, what does it mean? What does it mean to be an Immortal? Could it be that it is similar to a Celestial Being?” Ning Cheng had already wanted to ask about this issue for a long time, were the Immortals he heard about here, same as that of the legends back on Earth.

Lan Shu shook her head slightly and spoke, “I also do not know, during the time when I obtained the True Cosmic Devil Metal I had also obtained a badly damaged Jade Piece, above this Jade Piece was mentioned “Immortals and Devils”. Law’s Way is also called as the Pseudo-Heaven’s Way, since you came here to enter the Law’s Way, then I think that you also know about the Heaven’s Way. I heard that across the Heaven’s Way was another plane, this plane has some connection or relation to Immortals, but that is also not completely true. Granted that even if it was me, I have only a vague guess about it, unless we can actually go across the Heaven’s Way in the future, only then would we know what the matter is.”

Ning Cheng had only casually asked such a matter, and truthfully he did not expect an answer, seeing Lan Shu speak in such a manner, he also did not care about it, and just asked, “Elder Sister Shu, should I go find a place to live in the Dragon and Phoenix City.”

“No, you can come live with me, I have to teach you something. These days, the Dragon and Phoenix City is filled with all kinds of auctions, we will now go to one of these auction to see if I can help you find a good suitable magic weapon to use as a replacement.”

Once Lan Shu finished, she once again remembered about having asked Ning Cheng something previously and once again spoke up, “Ning Cheng, you said that you wanted to return to your homeland, where is your home? Is it not the Yi Xing Mainland?”

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