Chapter 0194

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0194: The Terrible Demon

“That’s right, it is at a very distant place, for the moment I won’t be able to speak about it.” Ning Cheng really did not know as to how to explain this to Lan Shu.

Lan Shu also did not take it seriously and spoke, “Then let’s talk about this later, we……”

Lan Shu immediately stopped, then simultaneously gripped Ning Cheng tightly. Ning Cheng also stopped and doubtfully looked at Lan Shu, but then he actually discovered that Lan Shu’s eyes were unexpectedly filled with alarm and fear.

He subconsciously looked in the direction Lan Shu was looking a moment ago, it was a spot in front of him in the middle of the bustling street, but there did not seem to be anything special around there.

“Elder Sister Shu, what’s wrong?” Ning Cheng carefully asked with a low voice.

Lan Shu once again looked at the spot in front of them, then quickly spoke, “Ning Cheng, we are going back first, we will not be going to the auction, when the time comes you can go to any Pavilions to buy an axe by yourself.”

Ning Cheng knew that Lan Shu had definitely seen something, but hastily nodded, and followed Lan Shu quickly back to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy.

Once the two people returned back to the inside of Lan Shu’s house, Lan Shu once more completely activated the all the Array Formations around it to their full capacity, before finally heaving a sigh of relief.

Ning Cheng had just wanted to ask what was happening, when both of them heard a voice from the outside, “Dragon and Phoenix Academy’s Qu Yingguang comes to see Junior Apprentice Sister Shu, while simultaneously comes to ask Junior Apprentice Sister Shu about a matter. A few days ago, a cultivator was killed and nailed to the Main Plaza of my Dragon and Phoenix Academy, dare I ask if it is something related to Junior Apprentice Sister Shu?”

“In the future, do not come to this place to find me for anything.” Lan Shu’s tone was completely devoid of any emotion, it did not even have a hint of gentleness like she had when she spoke to Ning Cheng, moreover there was not even half an answer to what was even asked in that reply.

“Yes, this Qu Yingguang will now take her leave.” After this sentence, there was no sound from the outside. It was as if the person who had asked the question had already received the answer.

Lan Shu simply did not care about the matter regarding that Qu Yingguang’s visit, but still spoke with some lingering fear in her voice, “A moment ago, I had seen that demon on the street, but I do not what he is called by. But what I am sure is that he is one of the worst demon spawn that I have ever seen in my life.”

Ning Cheng had not inquired about it, but Lan Shu suddenly looked at Ning Cheng and asked, “Ning Cheng, before when we were on that street, there was a very tall pale man, did you notice him?”

Hearing Lan Shu speak about such a distinguishing characteristic, Ning Cheng immediately thought of something and quickly spoke up, “Yes, Elder Sister Shu, I have seen such a person, moreover his cultivation also seemed to be very high.”

At that time, when Lan Shu had immediately stopped taking, he had especially paid attention to the take a look across the street. People came and went by, but that pale faced man, he had successfully made an impression on him.

“In the future, when you see this man, you have to get as far away from him as possible, the farther away the better. Nobody knows about how terrible he is, but I had personally witnessed it that time……” Lan Shu’s voice eased up a bit, but Ning Cheng could still feel the fear in her voice.

“On the Le Continent, there was originally an Academy called the Homeless Academy, this Homeless Academy was an Academy for abandoned female cultivators, rather the entire Academy was created solely for those abandoned female cultivators. Although this Homeless Academy was located on the Le Continent but it was not at all big, it was just a 6 Star Academy. Just a 6 Star Academy. But it was completely eradicated from the roots by that one person……” As Lan Shu spoke of this, it was as if she was transported back to the original scene, as her eyes still held a bit of fear in them.

Ning Cheng was somewhat perplexed in his heart, any male cultivator that offended Lan Shu ended up being killed by her and hung at the entrance of the Dragon and Phoenix academy, it showed that she absolutely was not a timid person. So what kind of thing could make her bring out such an expression?

“He is not a person, rather he is a complete demon. Besides leaving behind a single little girl outside. He completely eradicated all the female cultivators in the Homeless Academy. He not only collected the blood from these female cultivators, but also returned to humiliate the corpses, even saying that he is a beast is an insult to the beasts……” It was as if Lan Shu had finally remembered the original awful bloody scene.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke out, “Elder Sister Shu……”

Lan Shu recovered a bit, her complexion also seemed to be a bit better, she nodded towards Ning Cheng and continued, “I was the one who happened to be hiding outside of the Homeless Academy, I had wanted to go to the Homeless Academy for a few small matters, but then I actually stumbled upon such a bloody scene. But when I found the reason why that that demon had completely destroyed the entire Homeless Academy, I simply couldn’t even believe it myself.”

“He had killed all the people from the Homeless Academy, save for only a ten-year-old little girl. At the time of leaving, he lifted up the little girl and spoke, ‘Little runt, do you know that I am the fate of all those who are ugly?’ Saying that he took out a sharp pointed knife, then directly stabbed it into the little girl’s heart, then threw the little girl directly in the depths of the mountain stream……”

“That motherfucker.” Ning Cheng clenched his fists, if he could get rid of this guy, then he would personally go out to kill him immediately.

[TLC Note – Ok, the raws actually did not contain the exact words ‘motherfucker’ but something very close to it. It’s a slang very popular on the streets of China, roughly translated, the word means ‘someone who would pimp out their own birth mother for a few yuan’. Since I couldn’t find the appropriate English equivalent to it, I ended up using that word.]

After Lan Shu spoke about this matter, her heart seemed to have been alleviated a bit, “Ning Cheng, I could not completely see through that man’s cultivation, so I estimate that he already is above me and in the Sea Opening Realm. I had quite a close relationship with the Homeless Academy, but in the face of this demon, I could not do anything at that time, but in order to avoid letting this demon find something wrong, I had deliberately brought you back. If you have the opportunity to kill this man in the future, remember to help avenge those girls from the Homeless Academy, and kill that bastard……”

Lan Shu did not say what kind of relationship she had with the Homeless Academy, but Ning Cheng had already vaguely guessed the Lan Shu and the Homeless Academy had some form of a close relationship. This kind of non-human beast, even if Lan Shu had not spoken about it, once Ning Cheng obtained the necessary strength, he would definitely go kill that bastard.

“Elder Sister Shu, you can rest assured that once I have sufficient strength in the future, I will definitely go kill this person.” Ning Cheng spoke with certainty.

Lan Shu also nodded her head and spoke, “Ning Cheng you now have the True Cosmic Devil Axe, now you can follow me to learn the Appearance Changing Technique. Remember, once inside the Law’s Way do not be impatient, some people will stay inside to advance to the Soul Essence Realm and only then come out, but you don’t have to worry about that. The inside of the Law’s Way has more complete Laws regarding the Heaven and Earth, as such it is the most suitable place to cultivate and comprehend all kinds of Dao Charms of the Law Arts. Once you are able to understand the true meaning of the Laws of Heaven and Earth, then in the future, the length of time for your cultivation will also be cut in half along with the effort required to accompany it, moreover your Law Arts would be even more formidable and more powerful than the others.”


The Law’s Way was going to open day after tomorrow, as such once Ning Cheng pacified and said his goodbyes to Lan Shu, he immediately headed out to purchase an Attack Type Spiritual Artefact, if he could also obtain a Defensive Type Magic Weapon, then he also similarly planned to buy one.

Lan Shu did not see Ning Cheng off, she knew the leader of the group responsible for leading them to the Law’s Way, her cultivation was also the highest among everyone here. Because of that even though she had the cultivation of Early Stage Soul Sculpting Realm, and even possessed the Appearance Changing Technique, she would be discovered by that person very easily.

Although the Spiritual Treasure House was not famous in the Dragon and Phoenix City, but it was not small either. Even then many of the cultivators in the Dragon and Phoenix City still went to the Spiritual Treasure House. Mostly because the Spiritual Treasure House had all kinds of Magic Weapons, and the price of them were also relatively cheap.

Ning Cheng, at present, was inside the Spiritual Treasure House, he wanted to purchase an axe, but at this moment was actually attracted by a Spear. This Spear was merely a Middle Grade Spiritual Artefact, but it had a completely jet black body, moreover it also looked extremely comfortable to wield, it was certainly much more attractive than his True Cosmic Devil Axe, and also carved at the end of the spear were two words, ‘Profound Break’. As for its price, for Ning Cheng it was no pressure at all, it was just 300,000 High Grade Spirit Stones.

Ning Cheng took out the 300,000 Spirit Stones and purchased this spear, the salesman from the Spiritual Treasure House seeing Ning Cheng directly go ahead and purchase something, immediately became cheerful, and realized that Ning Cheng was a wealthy lord. As such he was extremely attentive as he packed the spear for Ning Cheng, while he enthusiastically gave a warm introduction of it, “My Spiritual Treasure House is conducting an exhibition of Defensive Type Magic Weapons, this friend, if you are interested, you can also come have a look at it.”

“Where is it?” Ning Cheng was just about to ask for a Defensive Magic Weapon, and now that this sales person took the initiative to explain, he also immediately asked.

“Just the next floor.” The salesman pointed to the staircase where there were many cultivators coming and going.

Ning Cheng also quickly thanked him, and hastened his pace up the stairs.

After arriving at the upper floor, Ning Cheng then saw a spacious hall decorated with a variety of Defensive Type Magic Weapons, which immediately led him to understand that he had arrived at the right place.

The first thing his eyes rested on was a precious cauldron, this cauldron’s exterior was engraved with three words ‘Heaven and Earth Cauldron’. Ning Cheng instantly liked this Heaven and Earth Cauldron, apart from the external appearance that he was very much fond of, and owing to the fact that in the ancient times of Hua Xia (old name of China) there was a legend, that the Heaven and Earth Cauldron was one of the things that Hongjun Laozu used, moreover it was a treasure that came into existence from the primal chaos.

Ning Cheng knew that it was only a fable back on Earth, he knew this Heaven and Earth Cauldron before him was definitely not the same, but he simply did not think of it and still wanted to purchase this Heaven and Earth Cauldron.

There were a lot of Defensive Type Magic Weapons here, moreover there were also many cultivators from the outside who had come to view them, but nonetheless, Ning Cheng managed to squeeze to the front of the Heaven and Earth Cauldron, then pointing to this Heaven and Earth Cauldron he cried out loud, “Boss, this cauldron, I want it.”

This Heaven and Earth Cauldron was a High Grade Defensive Spiritual Artefact, with a price of 800,000 High Grade Spirit Stones, but this price was still within the range of Ning Cheng.

“This Heaven and Earth Cauldron is something that I have already settled on, it is something necessary for me.” Another voice sounded out beside Ning Cheng, moreover this voice clearly indicated that he fancied the same things that Ning Cheng had taken a liking to.

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