Chapter 0195

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread by – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0195: Almost Getting Killed

Ning Cheng turned his head to look at the person who wanted to snatch this thing from him, but when he clearly saw who that person was, his scalp immediately started tingling.

With a figure that was very tall, and very pale looking, wasn’t this the same exact person that Lan Shu had labelled as a ‘Demon’? Why would this person who was such a beast in her eyes come here and compete for a trifling Heaven and Earth Cauldron?

That’s not right, Ning Cheng immediately reacted. When he had come in here just now, he had absolutely not seen this man anywhere in the hall. This man must have definitely come behind him, that is to say this man had especially come for him.

Thinking back to the fact that the opposite party was a very formidable master, why would he even come here to snatch a trifling High Grade Spiritual Artefact? Ning Cheng at once came to realize something, this person must have come here looking for Lan Shu.

Lan Shu had recognised this person in a single glance, at that time because of fear clouding her eyes, they had immediately taken a detour back to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy. Because of this unusual action from Lan Shu, it should have had made him suspect her, but even so it seems that he was unable to find Lan Shu at that time, rather after a few days he ended up unexpectedly finding him.

For a very powerful guy like him, for a complete stranger like Lan Shu to be alarmed and then immediately depart from there as if mortally afraid of him, moreover even managing to throw him off while chasing them, it would not be possible if the other people had not recognized him for what he truly was. One must know, that at that time it only took a single glance for her to recognize him, moreover it was also from a person that he had never even met.

Although these thoughts rapidly flashed by in Ning Cheng’s mind, but Ning Cheng was able to quickly recover. He did not want to let the Heaven and Earth Cauldron to fall into the hands of the pale faced person, if he did, then it would have indicated that he and Lan Shu feared him, which might even lead him to search for Lan Shu with even more intensity.

Since he was not able to find Lan Shu, it indicated that he had not reacted to them at that time and had not followed him and Lan Shu on the spot. Since he had not tracked them at that time, it also meant that he most likely did not know that Lan Shu lived in the Dragon and Phoenix Academy. As long as Lan Shu did not come out, or if she came out and did not use her original appearance, this person may not necessarily recognize Lan Shu.

Thinking that this person should have come after him because of something, Ning Cheng settled his mind and heart, and spoke with a deliberate frown on his face, “My friend, when I had said that I wanted it, you had not even opened your mouth. You have also been hovering here for a long time, but had never even mentioned to buy this Heaven and Earth Cauldron, rather you only mentioned about it when I had already mentioned that I wanted to buy it. Since you want to buy it now, I can’t help but think if you are a person from this store? Maybe you made a deliberate partnership with the people here to intentionally raise the prices?”

What Ning Cheng had spoken about was definitely not nonsense, the Spiritual Treasure House held a Magic Weapons Exhibition, as such there would definitely be a lot of people who would bid on the same item. Finding a person who intentionally contended against the buyers to increase the prices was certainly a possibility in such a situation.

Hearing the words from Ning Cheng, the salesperson responsible for the sale of this piece of magic weapon quickly spoke out in complain, “This friend, please do not speak words irresponsibly, the guest who spoke about wanting to purchase the Heaven and Earth Cauldron a moment ago is not someone from my Spiritual Treasure House. My Spiritual Treasure House is completely fair, and will never try to find loopholes in our rules.”

The pale face man spoke with a sneer, “I had announced that I wanted to purchase the Heaven and Earth Cauldron in a just and honourable manner, but instead you dared to not conduct this purchase in open.”

Ning Cheng listening to this sentence, immediately understood that the opposite party had seen through his transformed appearance, and a bit of fear crept into his mind. He did not know whether this person had also seen though Lan Shu’s transformed appearance at that time.

However, it should not be the case since at that time they were still separated by some distance, moreover this fellow had also not cared about Lan Shu at that time. It seems like what he had thought of might be wrong, as he guessed that he could not look through Lan Shu’s transformed appearance.

“Since this thing is in the Exhibition Hall, then you can bid. Since you say that you came first, then why don’t you name your price.” Ning Cheng spoke in an agitated way displaying his imposing manner.

“Yes, Yes, now that everybody has already taken a fancy to it, then let’s start the bidding.” The salesperson’s reaction was very quick at this time, and immediately started to agitate Ning Cheng and this pale faced man in a dark green robe.

The pale faced man in the dark green robe swept a glance at Ning Cheng, and spoke, “I will pay 800,00 Spirit Stones for it.”

As long as Ning Cheng dared to add even a single Spirit Stone, he could then immediately find an excuse to find trouble for Ning Cheng, and once it was carried away by Ning Cheng, then finding an excuse would be really too simple.

But Ning Cheng suddenly politely asked to that salesperson, “Can I ask you, if you buy a Medium Grade Spiritual Artefact, the Spirit Stones that I have with me are insufficient, is it possible for you recycle it?”

The salesperson gave a false smile and spoke, “Recycling is possible, but we can only give you half its price.”

“But I have not even used it, not even refined it even once.” Ning Cheng spoke as if he felt wronged by it.

The salesperson still spoke with a smile, “There is no other way, these are the rules of my Spiritual Treasure House.”

“Is that so, then forget it, everything added up on my body is only 600,000 Spirit Stones, originally I wanted to press for the price a bit, but it seems that I will not be able to do it now.” Ning Cheng spoke with a sour tone, turned around and quickly went downstairs.

The people around immediately started laughing, apparently they were all laughing at such a lame ending from Ning Cheng.

The pale faced man did not even think that Ning Cheng would not even add a single Spirit Stone, and even gave it up for him, because of which he suddenly frowned. He threw out a Storage Bag and spoke, “These are the 800,000 Spirit Stones, hurry up and quickly give that thing to me.”

“Yes, yes……” The salesperson quickly put away the Spirit Stones, and then removing the Heaven and Earth Cauldron and carefully packing it up, he handed it to the pale faced man.

The pale faced man grabbed it in a hurry, and quickly rushed out of the Spiritual Treasure House. He had initially thought that Ning Cheng would hastily flee away, but he then saw Ning Cheng walking slowly together with an old man as if he was a family elder. Moreover, the cultivation of that old man was unexpectedly not worse than him, which immediately made him to slow down his footsteps, while he muttered to himself in doubt, “Could it be that I was mistaken?”

However, whether or not he had the wrong impression, he had decided to follow them and wait for the chance to take away Ning Cheng to question him and then kill him. He followed a single rule, you can make a mistake, but you can absolutely not give up if there was even a slightest bit of doubt.


“This senior must surely be from the 9 Continent’s cultivator army.” Ning Cheng quickly caught up with an old man and spoke in a very respectful tone, while also bringing out a trace of revere in him.

“Do you know me?” The old man gave a puzzled glance at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Essence Building Realm, and realized that he intentionally changed his appearance, but even so he was confident that he did not have any kind of impression of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke with some fear, “This junior is a Junior Commander from the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, because this junior felt the noble spirit of Senior, that fearless spirit from a Commander of the cultivator army. It immediately made this junior admire you, and immediately came up to greet you specifically, while simultaneously express the respect that this junior feels.”

The old man on hearing Ning Cheng’s words immediately became very happy, he had even forgotten about the matter of Ning Cheng having changed his appearance, and nodded and spoke,

“Good, you actually have a bit of a vision. But the people who come from my 9 Continent’s cultivator army, will always have an air of awe inspiring righteousness around them, for you to be able to recognise this is but normal. Since you are a Junior Commander from the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, then I guess that you are here to participate in the Law’s Way?”

For Ning Cheng who was an Essence Building Cultivator to come to speak with him on his own initiative, moreover with an excited trembling tone, it was definitely because he admired him without a doubt, as such this old man was not at all suspicious of him.

Moreover, Ning Cheng had also seen him before, originally Ning Cheng had just got down from the airship at that time, and had seen Kong Peng Peng and the other Generals from the Jia Continent carefully following behind him. Ning Cheng had already speculated that this old man would not have taken notice of him back then, even if he noticed him back then, with his appearance transformed at this moment, he may not be able to identify him clearly.

“Yes, Yes, this junior has come here to participate in the Law’s Way. My General had advised me that after arriving at the Dragon and Phoenix Academy I had to transform my appearance if I went out, so as to avoid being chided by those so-called disciples from the large Academies, and also told me to look for someone from the top if I wanted to come back to the Academy.” Speaking till here, Ning Cheng somewhat sheepishly scratched the back of his head, “Because of this, this junior had transformed his appearance for almost half a day, and as such did not get into conflict with any of the disciples from the big Academies.”

Although he spoke in a very bashful manner, Ning Cheng secretly despised it, if all the cultivators from the 9 Continent’s cultivator army were said to have awe-inspiring righteous spirits, it would only be pulling them down.

“Ha Ha….” the old man laughed, “Interesting, your General is really interesting. The airship for the Law’s Way will soon be arriving, you and me, let us together go to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy’s Plaza to board it.”

Ning Cheng felt delighted in his heart, although he had spoken that he had been waiting here for half a day, but now that the old man had spoken in such a way, he quickly replied in a respectful manner, “Thank you, Commander. This would be an honour for this junior.”

The pale faced man with the dark green robe finally stopped in his tracks in a far off place, seeing the two of them continuing on talking while walking in such a relaxed yet excited manner, he finally made it clear to himself that Ning Cheng and this old man had a very familiar relationship with each other. Although he did not know why, but he at least definitely must not make a move on Ning Cheng at the moment. Even if he had to make a move on Ning Cheng, he would have to wait till Ning Cheng was alone.

But it really was a pity that he did not know that Ning Cheng would not appear alone again, and the next time he would appear would only after he came out from the matters relating to the Law’s Way.

Ning Cheng followed the old man to the Dragon and Phoenix Plaza, and he immediately knew that he was now safe. That pale faced demon, even if he was more amazing, he would not dare to show his power and prestige in the Dragon and Phoenix Academy’s Plaza.

This old man definitely was a senior member among the cultivator army, so continuing to follow behind him was not inappropriate, so once he reached the plaza, Ning Cheng quickly bowed and spoke, “Many thanks Commander to allow this junior to follow you, this junior has benefited greatly, but at this moment this junior has to go regroup with the Jia Continent’s cultivator army.”

The old man also nodded his head and spoke, “En, you’ll be fine, and your personality is also straightforward. Hope you can come out of the Law’s Way, and not disappoint your General.”

Ning Cheng snickered in his heart, this Commander is also interesting, he had only painted a picture with a few words, but he felt that he was very straightforward. Evidently if one cultivates to a very high realm, they would always like others speaking in praise of them.

Ning Cheng had already seen that Kong Peng Peng was very anxious and was moving around in circles, and was aware that he was waiting for him, as such he hurried up to him and spoke in a low tone, “General Kong, I ended up offending a fierce fellow in the Dragon and Phoenix City, as such I had to change my appearance.”

Finally, when Kong Peng Peng saw Ning Cheng, and from the few words from Ning Cheng, he understood the difficulties faced by Ning Cheng. After exchanging a look with Ning Cheng, he immediately arrived at Ning Cheng’s side and placed a Jade Card in Ning Cheng’s hands, he finally spoke up, “I can only come till here, when the time comes for you to board the airship to the Law’s Way, you can use this identity token to enter the Law’s Way. Every five years, I will be coming to the Dragon and Phoenix City and wait for you. But in the Law’s Way, you have to be careful and look out for yourself.”

“Many thanks, General.” Ning Cheng thanked Kong Peng Peng from his heart, if not for Kong Peng Peng, he would not be able to come even to the Le Continent, not to mention the Law’s Way. Kong Peng Peng had a direct personality, as such he was definitely worthy of making friends.

Ning Cheng really wanted to pass a few things to Kong Peng Peng to take them to Meng Jingxiu, but thinking back to Meng Jingxiu’s mother, Ning Cheng simply decided to forget about it. He had also thought of conveying a message to Lan Shu through Kong Peng Peng, but after careful consideration Ning Cheng chose to give up on it too. Lan Shu knew the gravity of the situation, if he passed a message, then he believed that it might even expose her. Besides Kong Peng Peng was also a bit of a lecher in nature, once he caught sight of Lan Shu, it would similar to delivering his small life to her on a silver platter.

After Kong Peng gave the Jade Card to Ning Cheng, he immediately got out of the way, and with his own initiative went ahead and started chatting with the few other Generals. It was obvious that he also knew that he could not casually go ahead and offend any of the disciples from the large Academies of the Le Continent, moreover it would definitely not be a good thing. If Ning Cheng was discovered, then it would be difficult to take care of it in the same way as before.

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