Chapter 0196

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0196: This Young Master Did Not Do It On Purpose

At this moment, Ning Cheng saw a few of his past acquaintances, Gui Yutang and Cui Niepeng, but at this time these two already had the cultivation of Early Stages of Profound Congealing Realm. That purple robed woman called Ruxue was also there, but at this moment she was restlessly looking around, as to what she was looking for he had no idea of it. Although there was still a veil covering her face, but there were already more than a dozen women like her on the plaza, as such she was very unobtrusive.

Jia Lingwei and Zhangsun Yan were also present there, but what made Ning Cheng feel a bit strange was that these two people were unexpectedly not together with the purple robed woman, moreover not even in the same place.

In addition to then, Ning Cheng also caught sight of a person that was always accompanied by Yong Guyun, this kind of pair originally had the appearance of bound feet, but Ning Cheng basically did not even put them in his eyes. Ning Cheng’s eyes swept past them, and again saw a person who left a good impression on him, it was the Yue Yu Sect’s disciple Yang Shuhui.

However, at this time, Yang Shuhui was at Essence Building 6th Level, in these two years’ time, Yang Shuhui had advanced from True Condensation 9th Level to Essence Building 6th Level, it showed that her qualifications and talent was not worse than the Wu Nian Academy’s purple robed woman. However, Ning Cheng inherently did not have a favourable impression towards a Dual Cultivation Academy, as such he did not have a favourable impression towards the disciples of Dual Cultivation Academies in general.

Jiao Jiao? Ning Cheng almost came forward to confirm it himself, there was a woman wearing a watery blue coloured robe that appeared in his sight, it was Jiao Jiao back from inside the tomb. This woman’s heart was really cruel and ruthless, she not only had killed that green robed woman who was also her servant with her own hand, she also had a mistress like relationship with that Sikong Kai. As long as Sikong Kai captured a woman, she would kill them to keep the balance. Now that she appeared here, she certainly knows that Sikong Kai has been killed.

Ning Cheng did not know which Academy was she representing to enter the Law’s Way and what she had done to get that place, but a flash of killing intent appeared in his heart, he decided that he had to kill this woman inside the Law’s Way.

As if feeling Ning Cheng’s killing intent, this woman called Jiao Jiao unexpectedly turned her head to take a look at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng quickly lowered his head. At this moment he did not want to expose himself. There were already a lot of people that wanted to kill him in the Law’s Way, not to mention that he also knew that some of the people from the Yi Xing Ocean were also just itching to get a piece of him. Moreover, that Ni Gang would also not overlook him.

At this time, Ni Gang was also looking in all directions, it was obviously to seek out traces of Ning Cheng.

But then a silhouette of an airship along with a whistling sound arrived from far away, in a few moments, it directly arrived above the Dragon and Phoenix Plaza.

“The airship has arrived, all the disciples for the Law’s Way embark immediately, we will be immediately leaving for the Law’s Way.” A middle aged man saw the airship come to a stop on the Plaza, immediately flew out and spoke out loudly.

Immediately 500-600 disciples from various Academies and the cultivator army bound for Law’s Way started boarding the ship one after another. Ning Cheng also followed behind them onto the airship.

Ning Cheng felt that this airship compared to other ordinary airships was somewhat different, but he could not exactly point out as to what was different.

After all the people came on board, the airship’s cabin door immediately closed up, Ning Cheng also very consciously looked for a corner and sat down. Of the participants going to the Law’s Way, besides the Essence Building Cultivators, there were also Profound Congealing Cultivators and even Profound Core Cultivators. If one did not want to be meddlesome, then finding a place alone to sit down was the best option.

Ning Cheng had just sat down, when the airship gently tremored, making everyone present inside to realize that the airship had now started.

The people inside were very eager to see the scenery outside, they wanted to have a look at the positioning of the Law’s Way, but this ship was completely sealed up, even one’s Spiritual Consciousness could not be used to sweep out.

Under such circumstances no one was able to do anything. As such the cultivators familiar with each other inside the airship began gathering together and started talking about the scenes from inside the Law’s Way. As for people with no acquaintances, like Ning Cheng, they all looked for a corner to sit down alone.

The entrance to the Law’s Way seemed to be very far, moreover the airship had already been flying for half a day, and still did not show any signs of stopping.

“Ladies and gentlemen, inside the Law’s Way there will be many close calls with death. Not to say that inside the Law’s Way, there will still be a lot of seniors. Moreover, this time, cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean will also be joining the Law’s Way, which will increase the threats to us by many folds. If you want to survive inside the Law’s Way, then I think that everybody must unite together to form a team. I am Feng Continent’s Extreme Weapon Intent Sect’s Zuo Zhian, if anybody is willing to join me and form a team together with me then you can come to my side.”

A spirited voice interrupted Ning Cheng’s thoughts, Ning Cheng then saw a middle aged male cultivator who had spoken those words, he had a square face with hanging eyebrows, and was already at Profound Core 5th Level, it was a level far higher than his own.

“For Elder Brother Zuo to form a team, I will be the first to show support for it, I would like to join Elder Brother Zuo’s team.” Just as Zuo Zhian’s voice died down, someone immediately echoed out their willingness to join.

Just as the first person joined, the second one also showed his support, and soon Zuo Zhian’s team grew to a dozen strong.

With Zuo Zhian leading the team, some of the slightly weaker Profound Core Cultivators from that Academy also followed suit and joined, for a time, the entire cabin burst into ruckus as people started forming their own teams.

Although the Law’s Way allowed the Profound Core Cultivators to enter, but the fact was that there were not many Profound Core Cultivators, out of all of them they only occupied a maximum of a tenth of the total places.

This was not because these large Academies did not have many Profound Core Cultivators, rather all the Academies knew how precious the quota for the Law’s Way were. To get the chance to enter the Law’s Way, one required a certain degree of comprehensive ability along with talent and qualifications, without these, if they entered the Law’s Way, it would only be similar to letting the tortoise eat the barley only to spoil the grain.

Because of how precious these quotas were, the Academies naturally had to give these chances to the disciples with the best qualifications and comprehension ability. After these disciples entered the Law’s Way, then cultivating with a certain amount of resources, they could quickly advance to the Profound Core Realm, and could become a powerhouse inside the Law’s Way. This result, compared to entering the Law’s Way after advancing to the Profound Core Realm, was much more effective, and as such was much more valuable.

In just a short amount of time, the whole cabin that was filled with noise quickly settled down. With the exception of a very small number of people, most of them had already formed teams. Originally some of the 9 Star Academy disciples were not intending to participate in this, but they ended up internally forming half a team with the other Academy disciples.

“This Elder Brother, I am Younger Sister Hang Jiao Jiao, I see that you and the others have not yet teamed up with anyone, how about the few of us join together so as to create our own team?” A woman with a rich fragrance approached Ning Cheng at his place, there was a charming expression of dependence on her face, making anyone not to bear to refuse her.

This kind of fragrance was something one of a kind that would absolutely charm a man towards a woman. Moreover, this kind of faintly discernible flavour had extended towards then as soon as she arrived. Some of nearby Essence Building Cultivators even began to subconsciously approach to the side of this woman.

Ning Cheng had already wanted to kill this woman, but he had never dared to think that this woman would dare to come in front of him, he suddenly stood up and spoke in a cold but calm voice, “Fuck off.”

The entire cabin quieted down on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, and in just an instant turned completely silent. A beautiful looking Profound Congealing Female Cultivator had taken the initiative to find an Essence Building Cultivator to build a team. But this Essence Building man not only disagreed to that, but this Essence Building Cultivator even went to the extent to saying ‘Fuck off’ to her. This was simply too rude, it showed that he did not even pay any attention to this female cultivator.

Hang Jiao Jiao’s complexion also changed a little, she did not expect that who she had thought of as an ant would unexpectedly tell her to ‘Fuck off’. However, she immediately knew what she had to do, her eyes immediately became red, as she lowered her head and unexpectedly started sobbing.

“If you are not willing to form a team with others, you could have informed others in a single word. Why would you ask someone to ‘Fuck off’? Did your master teach you to be this rude to others?” What Ning Cheng did not think of was that the first to jump out would actually be the purple robed woman from the Wu Nian Academy named Ruxue.

This woman’s pipe really was to too wide, of all the people here who could come out to defend against such injustice, she was the one who should not have had to appear. One must know that initially she was almost split apart by the sword of Hang Jiao Jiao, ah, she really was blind, and simply did not know what was good and what was bad for her.

When Ning Cheng called off Hang Jiao Jiao no one had come forward to stand up for her, but when this purple robed woman from the Wu Nian Academy came out, it immediately caused some of the people to immediately come to the fore.

A man with the cultivation of Profound Core Realm gave a cold snort and spoke, “Just a trivial Essence Building Cultivator, and still dares to be this arrogant? I am Red Heaven Academy’s Que Penghai, I had initially wanted to add you to my team today, but it seems it would be better if you were not added.”

Even though he had barely escaped death many times in his two lives, Ning Cheng had become much more sophisticated and cool-headed to patiently bear a lot, but nevertheless he was at an age in which he was full of youthful vigour. As such after hearing such a thing, his blood was immediately aroused, with his murderous aura overflowing out, he once again spoke out in a cold manner, “Even if you were willing, this young master would be unwilling to join the likes of you, what can you possibly do?”

He had already killed four people from the Red Heaven Academy inside the Angry Axe Valley, as such on seeing such an aggressive act by the other party, it could be seen that this Academy was definitely not an Academy with a good character.

“Good, this father must teach you a lesson today, let’s see what you would do?” Que Penghai spoke as he took a step forward, and was just about to strike Ning Cheng.

“Such huge prestige and power. A Profound Core Cultivator wanting to strike down an Essence Building Cultivator, Bah!” A clear voice resounded throughout the cabin, making Que Penghai to immediately stop his footsteps.

“So it turns out to be Blue Cloud Academy’s Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji. It is just that this person is very arrogant, he cannot even see with his eyes, I was just going to teach him a lesson.” Although Que Penghai called her as Junior Apprentice Sister, but his tone was very cautious and very polite.

Ning Cheng finally calmed himself down, he knew that he had acted on impulse a moment ago, if had to fight, then facing a Profound Core Cultivator, he would definitely suffer a huge loss. He would not even have the chance to fight back, before he was immediately tied up.

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