Chapter 0197

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0197: Forming a team with Yan Ji

Blue Cloud Academy’s Yan Ji? Ning Cheng was a bit confused, he had never even heard about this Academy, not to even talk about a friendship with one of their disciples, so why in the world would this Yan Ji help him? Moreover, this Yan Ji was just like that purple robed woman, with a veil covering her face, looking at her clear and bright eyes, Ning Cheng could tell that this woman was definitely not worse than the purple robed woman. He could easily guess that her face was also as beautiful as that purple robed woman, because of which she had to cover her face with a veil.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Ji, this person spoke in such a rude way towards a woman, I just could not listen to it, this……” This purple robed woman obviously knew Yan Ji, hearing Yan Ji defend against such an injustice, she quickly tried to explain it from the side.

But this Yan Ji directly interrupted the words of that purple robed woman, and spoke in a light voice, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue, I also was here a moment ago, and I also saw it very clearly, I do not need you to tell me or even explain it to me. Everyone’s eyes will only see what their hearts want to show, although all of us has seen the same thing, it’s just that we all see things in a different perspective.”

Once Nalan Ruxue’s words were interrupted by Yan Ji, although she felt slightly uncomfortable in her heart, but she did not speak up again. Que Penghai seeing that it was difficult to cause trouble for Ning Cheng at the moment, could only smile awkwardly, before returning to his team.

“Haha, Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue and Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji are known as the Le Continent’s ‘Twin Lotus Flowers On One Stock’, and are excellent boudoir friends, there is no need for them to fight over such a disagreeable person.” A loud laughing voice broke the pregnant silence, but it made Nalan Ruxue even more embarrassed. It was true that she and Yan Ji were outstandingly beautiful and simply unparalleled in appearance, and were definitely known as ‘Twin Lotus Flowers On One Stock’, but Yan Ji and her behavioural standards and conducts were entirely different, in fact it could even be said to be polar opposites. Although these two people have some understandings of each other, but they had never become friends, let alone boudoir friends.

Ning Cheng noted that the person who had spoken with the laughing voice was a young and handsome man, moreover he was not only handsome, he even had the cultivation of Profound Core 8th Level. It can even be said that he was one of the few people with the highest cultivation in this place. However, as to the words spoken by this person, Ning Cheng had already seen through it. Although this person had spoken clearly in a good humoured voice, but in fact he was actually sowing dissension. By deliberately speaking in such a manner, he was trying to wedge a gap between Yan Ji and the purple robed woman.

Originally these two people were just having some different opinions about something, but because of this person’s words, perhaps it would bring out even more unpleasantness in the hearts of these two people. Even if these two people were aware that this man was intentionally inciting them, it would still tear a gap in the hearts of both parties.

But Yan Ji and that purple robed woman simply did not pay any heed to the words spoken by this handsome male cultivator, the purple robed woman simply kept silent, but Yan Ji headed to the place where Ning Cheng was at.

“Speaking to Senior Apprentice Brother. I am Le Continent’s Blue Cloud 8 Star Academy’s Yan Ji.” Yan Ji arrived in front of Ning Cheng, and in a very polite manner cupped her fists and gave a polite and respectful greeting.

At this point of time, all the cultivators present there were looking at Yan Ji with confusion and wonder in their eyes, Yan Ji and Nalan Ruxue were called the ‘Twin Lotus Flowers On One Stock’, and as such their personality and mannerisms should have been extremely arrogant. For such an arrogant person, how could they possibly take the initiative to even politely greet Ning Cheng who was in all respects a plain looking cultivator?

Ning Cheng at present had the appearance of a 30-year-old thin uncle, even his face had the colour of fatigue, just a single look could tell that he was definitely not from some big Academy.

“Your cultivation is higher than me, it should be me who should be calling you Senior Apprentice Sister.” Ning Cheng hastily replied. He could not understand why Yan Ji would take the initiative to help him, moreover even greet him in such a polite manner.

Yan Ji showed a faint smile, “In my opinion, cultivation is only something temporary, maybe one day you might have ascended to the Crucible Transformation Realm, while I would still be lingering in the Profound Congealing Realm. Using your cultivation to pressure others, it would only lead to one day being pressured by others’ cultivation. To me, you are older than I am, as such you are my Senior Apprentice Brother.”

Listening to the way Yan Ji spoke, Ning Cheng had a very favourable impression about Yan Ji. Yan Ji speaking in such a manner was similar to making Que Penghai to run idiotically on a bank, the words spoken by Que Penghai a moment ago were now like birds chirping, something not even worth paying any attention to. As such Ning Cheng was also no longer feeling unwell in his heart like the earlier time.

Que Penghai’s face turned ugly, but he could not directly refute it.

“I haven’t yet asked Senior Apprentice Brother’s name. Where do you come from?” Yan Ji saw that Ning Cheng had not taken the initiative to introduce himself, and asked a question.

Ning Cheng was also helpless, and spoke without alternative, “I am called Cheng Xiaoning, and am merely a rogue cultivator, a few years ago I was scouted out by a General from the cultivator army, and was assimilated into the army. This time, I was picked up to fill in the quota for the Law’s Way, the General appreciated my comprehending ability, and as such let me participate in the Law’s Way.”

Ning Cheng’s words immediately caused a person nearby to chuckle, a person more than 30 years old, but still only at the cultivation level of Essence Building Realm, and yet still spoke that he had a good comprehension ability.

Yan Ji did not mind it and spoke, “Because this time the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators are also allowed into the Law’s Way, the Law’s Way at this moment is certainly much more dangerous. Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, if you don’t mind, you can join our team.”

With Que Penghai trying to make trouble, Ning Cheng had already considered that after he entered the Law’s Way, he would have to at first escape from the fate of being hunted down and killed. Although he did not fear Hang Jiaojiao, but that Que Penghai was a Profound Core Cultivator. If he had to face a Profound Core Cultivator at this moment, he knew that he was absolutely not a match against him.

“Many thanks Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, I am definitely willing to join your team.” Ning Cheng quickly thanked her, considering his present cultivation, for Yan Ji to invite him to join her team was obviously to help him. As to Yan Ji and Hang Jiaojiao’s motives, they were certainly different, but as to why Yan Ji would try and help him, he was still not clear about it at the moment.

The purple robed woman hearing that Yan Ji not only stopped her from teaching Ning Cheng a lesson, but also directly invited Ning Cheng to join her team, caused her complexion to immediately turn ugly. But since at this time she was wearing a veil, as such the others could not see it.

When Yan Ji heard Ning Cheng agree, she immediately warmed up in her heart and directly started introducing Ning Cheng to her teammates, “My team is formed jointly by me and Blue Cloud Academy’s Senior Apprentice Brother Xi Ang, Senior Apprentice Brother Xi Ang has the cultivation of Profound Core 3rd Level, and has the highest cultivation in our group. Come with me, I will introduce you to the rest of the people……”

After Yan Ji completed their respective introductions, Ning Cheng found that the worst cultivation among them was of Wu Zemao with the cultivation of Essence Building 9th Level. The one with the highest cultivation was Xi Ang, at Profound Core 3rd Level. Of the remaining few people Shi Liqun was at Profound Congealing 6th Level, Yan Xin was at Profound Congealing 9th Level, and Hua Hong was at Profound Congealing 4th Level. Furthermore, there were two more female cultivators, Huo Miaojing who was at Profound Congealing 7th Level, and Ji Tingting who was at Profound Congealing 1st Level, the entire team added up, including Ning Cheng, was a total of nine people.

Besides Yan Ji, only the other Essence Building 9th Level cultivator, Wu Zemao politely greeted Ning Cheng. Everyone else just nodded.

Ning Cheng knew why these people had simply nodded to him, it was just to give face to Yan Ji, otherwise these people would not even pay any attention to an Essence Building 4th Level cultivator.

When Hang Jiaojiao saw Yan Ji take in Ning Cheng, she knew that although she was cursed at and told to ‘Fuck Off’, at the moment could only accept her fate. But even so she still took advantage of this opportunity to thank Que Penghai, and then joined Que Penghai’s team.

Ning Cheng looked at this woman and sneered in his heart, to let this woman to join their small team, he only hoped that this Que Penghai was finally left with at least a few broken bones which he could adhere to.


The twists and turns that Ning Cheng caused did not expand, rather because of the appearance of Yan Ji, it was resolved in an uneventful manner. Ning Cheng was still wondering why Yan Ji would step forward to help him, when he suddenly received Yan Ji’s sound transmission, “Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, why are you having doubts about me helping you?”

Was this woman a demon? How could she know what he was thinking, Ning Cheng subconsciously stared at Yan Ji for quite a long time.

But Yan Ji still a gave friendly nod towards Ning Cheng, and continued on with her sound transmission, “The reason I helped you is because I do not like this Hang Jiaojiao, at the moment when she came to speak to you, there was an intense seductive aura around her. When you told her to ‘Fuck Off’, it immediately blew away her aura towards me, which then helped me recognize who she actually was immediately. This woman, many years ago along with a male cultivator with a similar cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm had completely destroyed a village, at that time this woman was called Yi Guirong. At that time, I was outside trying to gain experience, my cultivation was also inferior to them, and could only bear it patiently, but afterwards no matter what I tried I was not able to find those two people.”

“Do you know why I wanted to let you join my team? It is because I could easily sense that you have a disposition that makes you somewhat hate the wicked as if they were your own personal enemies, it is probably because of that reason that there probably have been several people trying to kill you. When this Hang Jiaojiao approached you, her womanly charm was mixed in with a very faint trace of Killing Intent, but I think that you might have not felt it.”

Hang Jiaojiao had directed Killing Intent towards him? Ning Cheng immediately began to think about it, before when they had not yet boarded the airship, he had unintentionally revealed his Killing Intent towards Hang Jiaojiao. By the looks of it, this Hang Jiaojiao had already felt some vestiges of his Killing Intent. If Yan Ji had not reminded him, then he would have not yet felt that Hang Jiaojiao wanted to kill him.

“Many thanks for the help provided by Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, as long as you can take me to a place where there is no one around, you can then let me leave on my own.” Ning Cheng hastily thanked her, he knew that although Yan Ji allowed him to join her team, he knew that she did not count on him for any contributions, and had only done this purely to save his life.

As for Yan Ji’s grand introduction of her team members, it was not about trying to ask about his origins, but rather was purely in order to respect him. It would let others think that she was just gracious in her actions, even if the people who were named were not interested. It proved that this woman at least cared a bit about other people.

Yan Ji nodded her head, and did not oppose Ning Cheng’s thoughts. She indeed had such an intention, that is when they first entered the Law’s Way, she would immediately move to save Ning Cheng’s life. After waiting till he was safe and sound, Ning Cheng could then seek for an opportunity, and part ways with the others. If after they entered the Law’s Way, Ning Cheng still was with the team, the other people in the team would definitely oppose it. For her to inquire about Ning Cheng’s name, and introduce him to the team members, it was all to show her respect to Ning Cheng.

Because of this Ning Cheng had even more of a favourable impression of Yan Ji, after thinking about it for a bit, he finally spoke up, “This Hang Jiaojiao and her partner had hidden themselves in a tomb in the Jia Continent, moreover they also frequently destroyed some of the nearby innocent villages.”

Ning Cheng immediately was reminded of the things that Meng Jingxiu had originally spoke to him about, it was back then when he and Meng Jingxiu were acting like fugitives, when they encountered a village that was completely destroyed, moreover the scenes were really miserable to look at, now he finally made the connection that this was definitely done by Hang Jiaojiao and Sikong Kai who he had killed.

“So originally it was because of this.” Killing Intent flashed across the corners of her eyes, but she did not continue to speak.


A day later, the door of the cabin suddenly opened. A hoarse voice from the outside shouted, “The entrance to the Law’s Way is up ahead, all of you come out.”

The people inside the cabin were already waiting inside the cabin with stifled breaths, now that the cabin door was opened, all the people inside squeezed out.

Ning Cheng followed behind Yan Ji’s team, and was not worried at all. Although his cultivation was not considered as the worst, but in actuality his cultivation was the worst among his group of people.

After coming out of the cabin, Ning Cheng then discovered that the place they were standing on was on one of the sides atop a smooth and shiny blue stone platform. He swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, but his Spiritual Consciousness could only extend out to a range of less than two kilometres before it was obstructed.

Under the absence of new instructions, Ning Cheng could only stand with the rest of the 500-600 cultivators at the entrance of the Law’s Way and rest up on the blue stone platform. After about an hour, another airship landed on this blue stone platform. After the airship landed, 400 cultivators walked out from inside. These people had a hint of sea aura around them, Ning Cheng had participated in the Yi Xing Ocean’s War, and immediately realized that these people were cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean who had come to participate in the Law’s Way.

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