Chapter 0198

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0198: Silver Patterned Demon Wolf Pack

The Law’s Way would soon open. As such all the cultivators participating in the Law’s Way had to first arrive at this place, but at this time no one spoke. The blue stone platform in front of them was completely silent, so much so that one could even hear the breathing of others.

After a long time, suddenly a huge indistinct ripple appeared in the middle of the blue stone platform. This ripple was originally very faint, but as time passed by, the ripple was getting more and more clear, and soon formed a rippling entrance that was squarish in shape. Ning Cheng swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness towards this entrance, but found that it was actually blocked by the ripples coming from it, as such he completely had no idea of what was on the other side of it.

“The Law’s Way is now open; all the qualified people can now enter the Law’s Way.” An old man stood by the side in front of the ripple like opening and spoke out. Immediately all 1,000 of the people that came to participate in the Law’s Way started rushing into this rippling opening and disappeared rapidly one after another.

Ning Cheng could feel that several people’s Spiritual Consciousness had already locked onto his body, but even so he did not worry about it nor was he in a hurry, rather he leisurely followed behind Yan Ji’s team and entered the Law’s Way.

Ning Cheng had believed that the Law’s Way and the other mystical places that he had heard of before were somewhat similar, as such he had thought that it was just a small and independent heaven and earth in itself. But when he saw that underneath his feet were actually a long grassy path, at his heart he really started thinking that this place might really turn out to just be a long pathway, just like its name implied.

When the people inside felt the heaven and earth inside, a majority of the people gave out surprised cries. Some of the people even felt that the Laws in this kind of place were a bit more complete than the outside and could definitely help them in their cultivation practice, they could even feel that their comprehension was also imperceptibly improving. Many of them even immediately sat down and started meditating on their own Magical Arts and Cultivation Methods.

Ning Cheng also sensed that there seemed to be something different here, it was as if he was gaining a deeper understanding of the Cultivation Method he was practicing cultivation with without even realizing it, moreover even his understanding of the Magical Techniques and Axe Intent was also becoming even more clear. However, he was not much surprised of this like the others, although he had felt this type of clarity and thoroughness, but he knew that if he could sit down and try to comprehend these things with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Origins, then even if he was on the outside, he could easily achieve this effect, rather the effect would be a lot stronger than in here.

Yan Ji and the others also had a happy expression on their face, as they immediately accelerated their pace as they advanced further onto the grassy path.

Ning Cheng followed behind at the end of the team, while simultaneously spread out his Spiritual Consciousness. Using his Spiritual Consciousness inside, he realized that it was not affected in anyway. Unlike when he used his Spiritual Consciousness at the beginning, where he could only see grass fir just a few dozens of meters around him. But as he advanced further into the depths, he found that his Spiritual Consciousness could extend to an even larger area. He discovered that this path spread outward endlessly in a fan-shaped pattern, and was getting wider and wider as they progressed, in the end, his Spiritual Consciousness was just like mud falling into the sea and disappearing without a trace. He could not even sense the edges of the Law’s Way anymore, moreover for some inexplicable reason he also could not determine the orientation of the path in the Law’s Way.

Moreover, Ning Cheng had already noted the several Spiritual Consciousness that had locked onto him, they were from the Red Heaven Academy’s Que Penghai and that Hang Jiaojiao, moreover surprisingly one of them even turned out to be from that Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator who had tried to incite the purple robed woman and Yan Ji. However, when that Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator saw Ning Cheng continue to follow behind Yan Ji’s team, he did not continue to lock onto Ning Cheng, but rather with a change in direction, he quickly brought his own team far away.

After Yan Ji and that Profound Core 3rd Level cultivator called Xi Ang discussed something for a bit, they also selected a direction and quickly departed.

At this time Ning Cheng discovered that regardless of whichever direction one choose, the path in front of them was simply too wide and endless. It was absolutely not like when he saw it at first, where there was only a 10-meter-wide grassy path around him, this really was a strange place.

The nine people walked quickly. After just the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng knew that the Spiritual Consciousness’ locked onto him had disappeared without a trace.

Yan Ji’s speed also slowed down, Ning Cheng understood that it was time for him to leave. If he continued to follow behind the team, it would only be tiresome for him. Yan Ji slowing down was also to give him the opportunity to leave.

Just as Ning Cheng was about to leave, a burst of loud roars immediately resounded all around them, which was immediately followed by innumerable and densely packed wolves appearing in front of the eyes of everyone present there.

“This is the Silver Patterned Demon Wolf Pack. Everyone form a back to back circular formation, we have to stop these Demon Wolves outside. Do not attempt to bring out your Flight Type Magical Weapons to escape, these Silver Patterned Demon Wolves can glide in the air, even before the Flight Type Magical Weapons are charged up, you will immediately fall in their mouths.” Xi Ang was the first to realize this and immediately called out in a loud voice.

Almost at the same time that Xi Ang called out, all the people simultaneously brought out their magical weapons. Ning Cheng also brought out a flying sword. For him to bring out his True Cosmic Devil Axe was something impossible at the moment, as for the Profound Break Spear that he had purchased, he had yet to refine it. In addition to it, he also had the Ancient Long Halberd that he had obtained from that extremely ferocious Wei Peng, but this Long Halberd, Ning Cheng had planned to give it to Meng Jingxiu, as such he had similarly not refined it. At this time for him, besides taking out the Flying Sword, he did not have any other Magical Weapon.

When Yan Ji saw Ning Cheng bring out a Flying Sword, she immediately frowned, and spoke to Ning Cheng in a low voice, “You come near to my side.”

Ning Cheng looked at those Demon Wolves, who were dense and numerous, moreover each of those Demon Wolves had very attractive and beautiful Silver Pattern on their bodies in the form of rings. Moreover, these Demon Wolves were mostly Class 3, while a few dozens of them were Class 4 Demon Wolves. Although this pack did not a Class 5 Demon Wolf, but including Ning Cheng there were only nine people here, as such wanting to breakthrough from the mouths of these Demon Wolves would be somewhat difficult.

However, Ning Cheng was not worried much as he had the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, as such for these Demon Wolves who could only glide, his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings was the best choice. If he was only a single person here, then he would have already brought out the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings and left this place.

At this point his cultivation was at the lowest, as such Yan Ji ordering him to be close to her was in order to protect him. Just as Ning Cheng neared Yan Ji, these Demon Wolves had already started to rush up towards them.

Yan Ji’s magical weapon was a Blue Green Damask Silk with a Meteor Pattern on it, just as the damask silk with the meteor pattern was brought out, it brought out countless Meteor Lights, these Meteor Lights could also be used to kill the enemy while at the same time form a circular defensive shield around them.

Ning Cheng quickly realized that although this weapon was powerful, it was not something appropriate for this type of group battle. Yan Ji’s Meteor Print Damask Silk could easily deal with those Class 3 Demon Wolf in a very simple way. An ordinary Silver Patterned Demon Wolf, as long as it met the Meteor Print Damask Silk and was hit by its Meteor Lights, a bloody hole would be directly opened up. But some of the Late Stage Class 4 Silver Patterned Demon Wolves had thick skins and flesh, as such even though these Meteor Lights swept towards them, at most they only dropped some hair, in some serious cases it would only lead to some splashes of blood, it was not something that could cause fatal injuries to them.

Ning Cheng guessed that Yan Ji’s Meteor Lights could definitely be fiercer, but the fiercer the Meteor Light were, the consumption would also be bigger, even if Yan Ji went all out to stimulate even more fiercer Meteor Lights, it was not enough to massacre several of the Class 4 Demon Wolves. Waiting for her True Essence to dry up as soon as possible, these Silver Patterned Demon Wolves still did not go all out.

Ning Cheng looked at the rest of the people with them, apart from Xi Ang whose each attack would be accompanied with a few Demon Wolf corpses, the other people were far below Yan Ji.

But even with such a killing speed with the help of the people on the team, compared to the Demon Wolves increasing numbers, there was absolutely no way to avoid a disaster.

Yan Ji was not able to engage them for a long time, as such she could only take back her blue green meteor patterned damask silk as she retreated. Ning Chang was already close to Yan Ji, so when Yan Ji took a step back, her back was completely stuck to Ning Cheng’s back.

A kind of soft feeling permeated throughout the extremes of his entire body, in the instant that Ning Cheng felt Yan Ji touched him, her body immediately became stiff, however very quickly it became soft again. He knew that this was certainly very awkward for Yan Ji, and similarly Yan Ji also knew that she could only insist on it, she knew that if she did not lean onto his body then it would be impossible to fall back.

“Aaaah……” A loud cry of pain echoed out, only then did Ning Cheng saw that Ji Tingting, who was at Profound Congealing 1st Level, was struck on her chest by a blade light from a Silver Patterned Demon Wolf, while it brought up a blood stained mouth.

If this continued, then all nine people here would be devoured by these Silver Patterned Demon Wolves. Ning Cheng no longer held any reservations, and immediately stabbed out with his Flying Sword, bringing out an ice cold Sword Light out of thin air one after another.

These ice cold Sword lights in general acted as if they were eyes at the back of his head, and in just a flash they immediately formed into a huge ice cold killing network. Under the influence of this Ice Network formed from these Sword Lights, those Rank 3 Silver Patterned Demon Wolves’ breath immediately slowed down, there were even a few who were directly frozen solid, and were killed off under these Sword Lights. Even the Class 4 Silver Patterned Demon Wolves, because of this seemingly inexhaustible Profound Ice Sword Network could not escape from being stranded.

As Ning Cheng saw this he immediately became pleasantly surprised in his heart, with the increase in his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness, he was able to bring out the 36 Profound Ice Spear Technique to such a good effect with the flying sword, he knew that it was basically not something possible before. Thus it can be seen that, before when he was unable to go against the killer weapon with his 36 Profound Ice Spears, it was not because it was a low level Profound Grade Spear Technique, but it was just that his strength was simply not good.

It was no wonder that Profound Grade Magical Techniques were so amazing, as long as one had formidable strength, then the Profound Grade Magical Techniques were truly more formidable than Ordinary Grade Magical Techniques.

Yan Ji was already someone formidable, in the face of such an opportunity, how could she possibly let it get away. The Meteor Lights sent out from the Blue Green Meteor patterned Damask Silk did not scatter wide but rather concentrated to a smaller scale, while at the same time it brought out even more Meteor Lights. These Meteor Lights without a single exception, entered through both the eyes of the trapped and slowed Rank 4 Silver Patterned Demon Wolves, and in just a short time, more than ten of the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves affected by the Profound Ice Sword Light were killed by her.

Yan Ji, in her heart, was pleasantly surprised, she could not think that Ning Cheng would bring out such a powerful and severe Magical Technique for a Flying Sword, although this Profound Ice Sword Light could not directly kill these Class 4 Silver Patterned Demon Wolves, but with her help, these Demon Wolves were simply nothing to be even concerned about as long as Ning Cheng could persist on living through this.

Ning Cheng of course would insist on continuing to live, but he was worried about how to kill those Class 4 Demon Wolves, moreover he was only capable of capturing these Class 4 Demon Wolves for a moment before they managed to escape. Just as he moved to kill a Class 4 Demon Wolf which were trapped, this Class 4 Demon Wolf had already freed itself and recovered its faculties. As such he knew that it was highly unlikely that he could kill these Class 4 Demon Wolves over a large area.

But at this time, Yan Ji made up for his shortcomings, with Yan Ji helping him in this part, it simply developed into an inborn coordination between them. His 36 Profound Ice Spear Magical Technique could delay and trap the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves for a bit, while Yan Ji with her cultivation of Profound Congealing 9th Level, would fully utilize this time in which the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves were trapped, and kill these Silver Patterned Demon Wolves.

With such a cooperation between them, a large number of these Silver Patterned Demon Wolves were rapidly killed by them, although Yan Ji was the one doing the killings. But she did not discover that Ning Cheng had already stopped, at this moment she was completely leaning over Ning Cheng’s body, continuously stirring up the Meteor Lights in a trance like state.

The reason why Ning Cheng had stopped, was because he realised that the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves had started to retreat. These Silver Patterned Demon Wolves were extremely deceitful monstrous beasts, they would always appear in large numbers, moreover their risk awareness was also especially strong. There were now already a large amount of Silver Patterned Demon Wolf copses cutting a large swath around Ning Cheng, this made the Demon Wolves realize that if they remained here, then they would die without a doubt.

Along with a roar of a wolf, the numerous Demon Wolves immediately began to retreat one after another.

“These Silver Patterned Demon Wolves are retreating……” A few people in their team immediately shouted with excitement.

Before when the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves had besieged this team, almost all the people had devoted their complete attention and focussed on the Demon Wolves, and spared no effort to slay and kill these Demon Wolves. Now as the Demon Wolves were retreating, the pressure on the people immediately reduced, while they slowly recovered their spirits.

Xi Ang was also joyful, according to him these Demon Wolves had retreated because he had killed a vast number of them, making the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves to fear him and retreat. He turned his head looking somewhat complacent and said, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, although these Silver Patterned Demon Wolves were numerous, but as long as we let them know that besieging us in meaningless, they would immediately take the initiative to retreat……”

He had not finished the words when he abruptly stopped, as he saw Yan Ji actually sticking extremely close to the back of Ning Cheng. In fact, the two of them were practically leaning over each other.

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