Chapter 0199

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Chapter 0199: To Take Different Roads and Urge the Horses On

When Yan Ji heard Xi Ang’s words, and then looked at the way he was staring at them, she immediately reacted. With her face slightly red, she hastily peeled herself away from his body.

“Thanks……” Yan Ji wanted to say her thanks to Ning Cheng who had assumed such an awe-inspiring pose, and displayed such a powerful Ice Type Magical Technique, which had ultimately led to the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves to retreat in fear. Moreover, she was sure that this Ice Type Magical Technique was definitely a Profound Grade one, otherwise it was simply impossible for it to have such a heavy lethality.

“Thanks to Senior Apprentice Brother Xi to show such an incredible Spiritual Might, that sent the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves to retreat in fear.” Ji Tingting hurriedly assumed a connection and spoke up, as she thought that Yan Ji wanted to thank Xi Ang. After all, prior to this Xi Ang had spoken that as long as these Silver Patterned Demon Wolves were frightened by them, they would immediately decide to withdraw on their own violation.

Moreover, if the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves did not retreat, then the first one to be killed would have definitely been her. For her, Cheng Xiaoning was just lucky to happen to be around Senior Apprentice Sister Ji. While the only other Essence Building 9th Level Cultivator, Wu Zhemao, his defensive capability was unexpectedly astonishing. Relatively speaking, although she was at Profound Congealing 1st Level, she was the one in the most dangerous position.

Yan Ji’s words immediately stopped, she at the moment could not reveal that a moment ago it was not as what Xi Ang had indicated, if she had done it, then wouldn’t it be similar to slapping Xi Ang in his face?

Xi Ang had felt that his look from a while ago was definitely not polite, after all, in dealing with these Demon Wolves, it was he himself who had proposed the idea of fighting back to back, so he quickly took the initiative and spoke, “This is not my personal merit, the piles of corpses of Class 3 Demon Wolves in front of Junior Apprentice Sister Ji is way much more than my own, this time Junior Apprentice Sister Ji had expended a great deal of effort. The Silver Patterned Demon Wolves are actually very clever, as long as they are made to feel pain, they will naturally retreat.”

Yan Ji had Ice Type Magical Techniques at her disposal, and Xi Ang had already glanced at the corpses of the Demon Wolves in front of Yan Ji which seemed to have died under Ice Type Magical Techniques. Moreover, there were simply innumerable corpses of Class 3 Silver Patterned Demon Wolves all around her, and even a handful of Class 4 Demon Wolves. But he did not pay attention to them.

After Xi Ang had spoken like that, Yan Ji found it even more difficult to say her thanks to Ning Cheng. But she still had to say it, “This time Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng has offered a huge support. If not for Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, then I could not have killed these many Silver Patterned Demon Wolves.”

Although it was the truth that all the Class 4 Demon Wolves in front of her were definitely killed by her, however what she had spoken was also not wrong. If Ning Cheng had not used his Ice Type Magic Techniques, then she absolutely could not have killed these many Class 4 Silver Patterned Demon Wolves.

What made Yan Ji even more embarrassed, was that after she had spoken those words, the rest of the members in the team just gave an En, En, Ah, Ah sounds. While not a single one of them came forward to thank Ning Cheng.

For Yan Ji to change her mind, the people in the team after thinking for a bit, came to the conclusion that she deliberately spoke up about Ning Cheng’s help. In other words, her words could be even taken as wanting to keep Ning Cheng in the team. In the eyes of others, Ning Cheng was just a cultivator at the Essence Building 4th Level, and wanted to stay in the team. As such other than dragging everyone back, there was simply no other use of him.

Yan Ji thought that she had to speak out more clearly, previously everyone was concentrated on dealing with the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves. As such for them to have not taken notice of the strong support provided by Ning Cheng was quite normal.

Thinking till here she knew that she had to speak with an unflinching and firm manner, “Just now Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng really had used a one of a kind Ice Type Magical Technique. Moreover, this Magical Technique’s group kill might is something extremely formidable. For the Silver Patterned Wolf Pack to retreat, it is certainly because of the efforts of Senior Apprentice Brother Xi Ang, but Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng has also expended a lot of efforts. As such I would like to ask Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng to…….”

Xi Ang was aware that Yan Ji wanted to leave behind Ning Cheng, but he was unaware at what point of time Yan Ji had finally taken a bit of liking towards this Ning Cheng. However, he did not want to let Ning Cheng continue to follow in his team. So, he simply did not wait for Yan Ji to finish her words, before he opened his mouth and immediately spoke, “I think that that Que Penghai would not be able to find this place and come here, as such we have to put away the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves which we killed by ourselves, and make the best use of this time to go the deeper areas of the Law’s Way.”

Actually, when Yan Ji spoke those words she was still feeling somewhat embarrassed. Before she had somewhat believed that Ning Cheng’s goal was to intentionally slow them down. Now seeing other people being so difficult to deal with, and yet still asking the others to let him remain. It was truly somewhat snobbish on her part. However, the reality was that Ning Cheng was really fierce, moreover it was something that she had even personally seen. For such a superior expert to stay among the team, it would absolutely be advantageous to them.

For Xi Ang to interrupt her words, Yan Ji certainly knew the meaning behind it, he did not want Ning Cheng to continue to follow them and hold back the team. In fact, looking back to the battle from a moment ago, it was not that Ning Cheng who had dragged everybody down, but rather it was Ning Cheng who had saved everybody.

Yan Ji was just about to continue to speak, when Ning Cheng actually showed a faint smile while he cupped his fists towards Yan Ji and spoke, “Many thanks to Junior Apprentice Sister Ji’s help. That Que Penghai really should not be able to find us here. In light of this, it is time for me to say my goodbyes, if there is another chance in the future then we will definitely meet again.”

Just as Ning Cheng finished, he simply changed his direction and rapidly left the area, and very soon completely disappeared from everyone’s view.

Ji Tingting looking at the disappearing back of Ning Cheng, sighed and spoke, “He really is quite pitiful, just a rogue cultivator, moreover his relations with people are also not good. For him to take the initiative to leave by himself, I reckon that it is everything that points to his disaster.”

Since Xi Ang spoke his words in such a manner, Yan Ji also did not continue to speak out about Ning Cheng staying behind. Moreover, it was only she who had invited this Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng into her team and let him continue to stay behind, although no one had asked him to leave, but it was apparent that no one wanted him to remain in their team either. If he still stayed in the team, then it would imply that his face was too thick. Moreover, taking the powerful cultivation of this Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng into consideration, she realized that he completely had the capability to act alone.

At the same time Yan Ji also understood why Ning Cheng had dared to say “Fuck off” to Hang Jiaojiao back on the airship. It was originally because he was someone who was not afraid of Hang Jiaojiao. Although he was an Intermediate Stage Essence Building cultivator, his real strength was absolutely not worse than that Hang Jiaojiao. It was only after that Profound Core Cultivator came to the fore after Nalan Ruxue’s instigation that he seemed to have gotten a bit nervous.

“Everyone tidy up and put your things in order, we will be leaving quickly.” Seeing Ning Cheng had already left, Xi Ang quickly spoke up.

Yan Ji was also not polite, as she directly put away all the Silver Patterned Demon Wolf corpses in front of her, although all of them had formed a team, however each of them only picked up their own spoils of war.

After all the spoils of the battle were tidied up, Yan Ji was suddenly reminded of something. When she had leaned on Cheng Xiaoning, except for that single moment that she had leaned on him, only at that moment did Cheng Xiaoning’s heart rate had somewhat sped up. As for the other times, unexpectedly his heart rate had not even sped up even once, just what kind of concept was this?

That was to say that in the face of so many Silver Patterned Demon Wolves, this Cheng Xiaoning basically had no fear at all. Comparing this thing to the rest of the people in the team, the calm and steady composure of that Cheng Xiaoning was something that even she could not compare with.

If this Cheng Xiaoning did not meet such kinds of dangerous situations on a usual basis, then with that kind of fearsome strength and power, these Silver Patterned Demon Wolves, were basically unworthy for him to be afraid or even worry about. He certainly comes across such kinds of dangerous situations frequently, and is still safe and sound at present, it was something that illustrated his real strength which was much powerful than other people.

On the contrary she had to even depend on him by leaning against his body, making his response to be seen by the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves, immediately increasing the pressure on him greatly. Thinking till this Yan Ji perceived her own face to be burning, she felt that she was too casual, and should not have leaned onto Cheng Xiaoning’s body, but then again in that situation she absolutely did not have the means to retreat.

No that’s not right, why did she ended leaning on Cheng Xiaoning’s body? That was because she herself was retreating, while Cheng Xiaoning had not moved at all, it was because of this that allowed her to be in that place.

Regardless from which perspective it was seen, the role of Cheng Xiaoning who had just left was not something that could be filled easily. After going through these matters and clearing it all up in her mind, Yan Ji could only sigh, at this point if she had to select a person to form a team with, she would rather choose to team up with Ning Cheng and just form a two-person team with him.


At this point of time Ning Cheng was gliding through the air. It was not until today was he able to heartily enjoy the full might of the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings. This feeling was far from the one in the beginning when he used the wings to fight against that Wei Peng, this time the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings not only did not need much of his True Essence to operate, but also displayed its incomparable ease of use. It saved him the labour and energy to control a flight type magical weapon and made it much more convenient for him, at least he did not have to wait for the magical weapon to completely activate to fly, moreover its ability to accelerate was also pretty good. He could, at anytime and anywhere, swiftly speed up and change directions on the go.

With only a few fluttering of the wings, Ning Cheng had rapidly flown far away. But then a ferocious and incomparably fast shadow brushed past him, which made Ning Cheng to quickly descend from the sky.

Flying in this kind of place was very dangerous, once he met a high class flight type monstrous beast, then he would die without a doubt. Diving to the ground, Ning Cheng opened up his hands, and a pair of wings emitting a faint but multi-coloured light appeared in his hands.

“These Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves truly goes against the heaven’s will, ah.” Ning Cheng sighed deeply, as he once more put away this pair of Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves. In the Jia Continent, this pair of Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves was his biggest harvest.

Ning Cheng sized up the place he landed, it was stretch of open land but the Spiritual Qi here was not rich as the other places. There were some small hilly mounds scattered about, and wormwood grass grew between these hilly mounds, in other words this place was incomparably bleak. Because the Spiritual Qi here was not thick, as such the Spiritual Grasses that grew here were simply not even worthy to be dug out.

This kind of desolate place, there would absolutely be very few people who would even come here. Because of which Ning Cheng decided to use this place for his cultivation practice. He planned to go all out and use up all of his cultivation resources before exiting from this place.

Besides, there was no time restriction on staying inside the Law’s Way, but there definitely were many life threatening dangers inside. Not to say about the monstrous beast in here, there were even cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean as well as the old guys who had entered the Law’s Way before him, once he met any of them then it would not necessarily be a good thing for him.

One could simply not say for sure if there were many Spirit Stones inside this place, those old guys who came in earlier might have already finished up their Spirit Stones, using them in their Cultivation Practice, who knows if they would go loot the newly arrived cultivators?

Only by upgrading one’s own strength would one be able to go up against them, this was the cold hard truth to get the last word in.

As Ning Cheng entered the middle of the wormwood grass that was everywhere around this place, he tried to search for a big enough hilly mound to dig out a simple Immortal Cave for his cultivation practice.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng stopped in front of a broken Array Formation Restriction. He found that there was already an Immortal Cave from a long time ago, moreover the Level of the Array Formation arranged outside of the Immortal Cave was not low at all. It was only because it was set up a long time ago, that this Array Formation Restriction had completely broken down, and did not serve any more useful purpose.

It seems that people with similar thoughts like him were still not a few, Ning Cheng cleaned up the Array Formation at the entrance of the Immortal Cave, before walking in to discover that this place was not small at all. There were two stone chambers inside, one of them was the main cultivation practice room, while the other was an auxiliary cultivation practice room.

Ning Cheng brought out Grey Toot Toot, and took out an enormous jade box and placed it in the corner of the auxiliary cultivation practice room and spoke, “Your several years’ worth of rations is inside that room, all of it is in there. I am going into closed door cultivation for a period of time, you are absolutely not allowed to disturb me. If you do not know how to economize your food, while I am in the middle of my seclusion and finish eating all of it at once, and try to disturb me for more, then I will first stew you and then drink the soup.”

He and Grey Toot Toot have been together with each other for a long time by now, as such Ning Cheng was now already aware on what kind of fellow this Grey Toot Toot was. If he did not set a limit to this guy’s rations, then even if he made pills continuously, he would eat all of it clean. If this guy was given limited rations, this guy would start to consume the pills in an incomparably frugal manner, not only that he even knew to hide away a part of it as his personal stash.

Grey Toot Toot on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, started yipping several times with some indignation, however it quickly ran up to the jade box containing the pills, then carefully opening the jade box with its claws, it then immediately closed it. It was obvious that he was very satisfied with the quantity of rations provided to him by Ning Cheng.

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