Chapter 0200

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Proofread By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0200: This is what is called as practicing cultivation

After speaking those words, Ning Cheng did not pay any more attention to Grey Toottoot. He then took out several Array Flags and started to arrange Array Formations. Previously this place that he was in, a long time ago, was of some use to someone. It also indicated the possibility that this place might be found by another person, as such one could not blame him for thinking that that person might not be one who would have kind intentions towards him.

Moreover, the Array Formations that he set up were not just a single one, first he set up numerous Concealment Array Formations, then Shielding Array Formations……… then there were the Spiritual Gathering Array Formations, Defensive Array Formations, Entrapment Arrays, Killing Arrays…….

As long as it was an Array Formation that Ning Cheng could think of, he would, practically in an instant, spread it all around the place.


After finishing all the arrangements of the Array Formations, Ning Cheng finally felt relieved in his heart as he prepared himself to go into seclusion. The inside of his ring contained millions of Spirit Stones, he intended to use them all up in his cultivation practice, and then go to someplace else.

The speed with which Ning Cheng absorbed the Spirit Stones was already originally extremely horrifying and unbridled, as such arranging a Spiritual Gathering Array to aid in his cultivation practice was somewhat reckless on his part. Compared to his cultivation practice back in the Angry Axe Valley, this kind of thing was something much more crazy. But at least in his cultivation practice here, he basically did not need to worry about the situation of insufficient Spirit Stones occurring.

Innumerable Spirit Stones under the operation of his Formless Cultivation Method, had completely turned into Spiritual Qi. After being completely gathering up around him, it was directly absorbed by Ning Cheng. If one compared his cultivation practice now to the time back in the Angry Axe Valley, where the Spirit Stones in the room had turned into a Spiritual Mist. The Spiritual Qi at present, under the stimulation of Ning Cheng’s cultivation method had transformed into a Spiritual Rain. This Spiritual Qi Rain was completely absorbed by Ning Cheng without even leaving a single drop behind, but Ning Cheng was completely immersed in transmuting this Spiritual Qi into his True Essence and using it to advance his cultivation to even notice this phenomenon. He had completely forgotten about his surroundings and even about the few Level 3 True Pills that he had prepared beforehand to consume.

Time peacefully flowed on, while Grey Toottoot had, sometime in between, noticed the Level 3 True Pills on Ning Cheng. It carefully closed his own jade box, and gently approached Ning Cheng. It was prepared that under no circumstances that he would disturb Ning Cheng, and only arrived there personally to take away the all Level 3 True Pills from Ning Cheng without disturbing him. However, when it approached this Spiritual Qi Mist leftover from the rain, it immediately discovered that this Spiritual Qi Mist was not worse than the pills that it was eyeing. Immediately noticing the state Ning Cheng was in, it started absorbing a part of the Spiritual Qi Mist from one side.

Ning Cheng’s cultivation practice was a lot different from other people, where they had to take it one step at a time. Sometimes he would suddenly rise through many levels, while at times he would remain at a level for a long time.

At this time, he had remained stagnant at the Essence Building 4th Level for a long time, it was not because of his cultivation practice, but because he did not have the opportunity to practice cultivation. As such at this time, after fully absorbing the Spiritual Qi with his cultivation method, he very quickly hurtled past the Essence Building 4th Level, and advanced in rank to Essence Building 5th Level. Then he once again broke through the Essence Building 5th Level, without any hindrance, to the Essence Building 6th Level.

Innumerable Spirit Stones transformed into powder before him, but Ning Cheng did not even feel pain in his heart for even half a moment for it. The True Essence flowing in his body was already making frightful ‘gu gu’ like sounds. So much so that it was starting to sound like loud ‘kong kong’ like sounds. It could be clearly seen that his True Essence had grown considerably powerful and even more formidable.

If it was any other cultivator, they would not be able to absorb such a fearful quantity of Spiritual Qi during their cultivation practice like Ning Cheng, but Ning Cheng was vastly different from others. Before when his Meridians were not remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Origin, he would have definitely not been able to endlessly absorb ceaselessly, as such he was still unaware of the bottom line of his cultivation practice. But now, the boundless Spiritual Qi was not only completely and endlessly absorbed by him, he was even able to completely transform it into endlessly surging True Essence without wasting anything.

“Ka Ka…….” Fine sounds rang out and continuously spread throughout Ning Cheng’s body. As each of those ‘Ka’ sounds emerged, it represented Ning Cheng’s Acupuncture Points expanding, as he broke through the barriers between the levels.

Essence Building 7th Level……. Essence Building 8th Level…….

It was only until he reached the Essence Building 8th Level, did Ning Cheng finally react. He had not yet taken a single pill till now. He hurriedly opened a small jade box at his side and took out a handful of pills with his hand and immediately threw all of it into his mouth. Although he did not need to use pills to advance so quickly, but using a pill would definitely be helpful in quickly advancing, this was a thought that Ning Cheng had previously come up with.

Although the pills that Ning Cheng refined were all True Pills but they were all refined without using any Pill Art, as such once they entered his mouth, the strong Spiritual Nature of the True Pills immediately broke into Ning Cheng’s Meridians. As it all gathered up in his Dantian, Ning Cheng’s Dantian became full to the brim in just an instant and was almost on the verge of bursting open. Feeling the inexhaustible Spiritual Nature of the Pill and the endless Spiritual Mist mixing together, he could feel that his Dantian was almost on the verge of exploding. At this point of time Ning Cheng finally started to feel some anxiousness.

If in the process of practicing cultivation, they exploded after being filled to the bursting point, then it would be the world’s biggest joke. Ning Cheng quickly utilized his cultivation method like crazy, however regardless of how crazily he urged his cultivation method, the violent Spiritual Medicine and the Spiritual Qi that were combining together in his Dantian and Meridians was also getting more and more thick, as such he was unable to quickly transmute it into the True Essence in just a short period of time as he cultivated.

“Katcha……” A fine thin sound resounded through his body, as Ning Cheng’s cultivation directly soared to the Essence Building 9th Level. Almost in an instant, the massive quantities of the still-transmuting True Essence seemed to have suddenly found a drain port, and immediately began to disperse throughout his body.

Ning Cheng did not have the time to relax yet, when the wild medicinal properties of the pills started to gather once more. Ning Cheng finally started to panic, he felt that this kind of thing was simply too crazy. Other people consume pills one at a time, but he had unexpectedly completely swallowed a handful of it. Even if the Mysterious Yellow Bead had remoulded his Meridians, they were unable to withstand such kind of violent and fearful medicinal nature.

After his Meridians were remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Bead, his practice of cultivation always felt like the Spiritual Qi in him was insufficient, but at this time it was not only not insufficient, this time he actually felt that it was too much, so much so that if it continued to increase it could even lead to his body exploding. Evidently he was extremely self-confident on his Meridians capacity to absorb such huge quantities of Spiritual Qi, it seems that he had finally gone too far and the situation was now almost beyond redemption.

The practice of cultivation was really not a matter to be worried about, but it was a process in which one had to progress sequentially, in other words it was a step-by-step process.

Ning Cheng forcibly calmed himself down, while at the same time crazily operated his cultivation method. Slowly under its guidance, the strong Medicinal Nature and the Spiritual Qi started to slowly assimilate together in his Dantian.

After Ning Cheng calmed down, his Cultivation Method that he was practicing cultivation with suddenly automatically changed. Just a moment ago the Medicinal Nature and the Spiritual Qi were almost on the verge of bursting through his Dantian and Meridians, but after this sudden change, it was now crazily being transmuted into True Essence, this was something that solely belonged to Ning Cheng to be used for his sole cultivation.

Ning Cheng immediately felt extremely delighted in his heart, hurriedly gathering his anxious and fear filled mind, he immediately started concentrating on guiding the shockingly thick True Essence through his Meridians, while simultaneously slowly consolidating his own cultivation.

The Mysterious Yellow Formless was really amazing ah, during the course of practicing cultivation, anytime and anywhere, not only could it change the cultivation method of the cultivation practice to suit the needs of the master, it could even completely reverse the directions of the Heavenly Circuits as well as even the direction and orientation of the Acupuncture Points at any time. This was similar to playing god, it was simply going against Heaven’s Will, one could even go ahead and make the assumption that there definitely was no other cultivation method that could accomplish this, right?

Not knowing for how long he was in that state, it was only when Ning Cheng heard a clear and distinct resounding cry from his body, that he opened his eyes, and even stopped his cultivation practice.

At this moment he could feel his entire body was completely relaxed, moreover the formidable strength and power coursing through his body was simply something that could not be described in mere words, but it was nevertheless real solid strength. Casually sweeping out his Spiritual Consciousness, he found that it had increased by several folds when compared to before, but his True Essence was the one that showed the most improvement as he could feel that it had increased by more than several tens of folds.

He had finally successfully and perfectly crossed into the Essence Building 9th Level, just one more step and he could then enter the Profound Congealing Realm. Ning Cheng believed that as long as he arrived at the Profound Congealing Realm, then he could kill that Hang Jiaojiao in a moment.

Ning Cheng felt extremely refreshing in his heart, at last he could finally feel such an excitement during his cultivation practice, this should be what others called as practicing cultivation.

Once he advanced to the Profound Congealing Realm, combined with his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, even if a Profound Core Cultivator wanted to kill him, he estimated that it would not be an easy affair at all. Perhaps Ning Cheng himself did not know that when he entered the Profound Congealing Realm, and formed his Core Lake, just how formidable would he become.

He must advance to the Profound Congealing Realm, Ning Cheng firmly made up his mind in secret. Of the several million Spirit Stones that he had, he had only used a half of it. There was still half left. Moreover, for him to enter the Profound Congealing Realm, he only needed a single Profound Clear Pill.

The Profound Clear Pill was a Level 4 True Pill. The main spiritual grasses required for it were Silver Frost Silk, Flowerless Fruit and the Extreme Essence Fruit. If it was any other person, this Level 4 True Pill was something that they would hardly be able to make, but Ning Cheng already had all the required spiritual grasses, what he needed now was to bring them out and refine them into the pill.

Ning Cheng believed that with his current advancement in his cultivation, for him to refine a Level 4 True Pill was not too much of a difficult matter. Moreover, he also had too many spiritual grasses at hand along with a lot of time too. As long as he persisted, then he believed that he could definitely rise in rank to become a Tier 4 True Pill Master.

After experiencing the dangers of directly swallowing a pill, Ning Cheng also was able perceive that the pill he refined was different from the pills refined by others. His pill’s medicinal nature was a lot stronger than the others. He guessed that this was because his pills were created without using any Pill Arts. Without using a Pill Art, the medicinal nature would definitely be much more violent but the pill would be much closer to the original characteristics of the spiritual grasses it was made from.

Ning Cheng roughly calculated the time, although he had successfully advanced to the Essence Building 9th Level from the initial stages of Essence Building 4th Level, and although he had used up a lot of Spirit Stones in the process, but he altogether only spent less than a year in this place.

Seeing Grey Toottoot delightedly absorb the Spiritual Qi from afar, Ning Cheng did not care about it too much, and continued on to learn how to refine Level 4 True Pills. He wanted to be fully prepared in order to advance to the Profound Congealing Realm.


During this one year. The number of changes inside the Law’s Way were simply too many. Almost all the people inside here were making progress, even those cultivators who could not advance on the outside, in this kind of world with more complete Laws, their progress was even bigger than when compared to Ning Cheng.

Of course Ning Cheng certainly did not know that the place that he was at was merely at the outer part of the First Segment of the Law’s Way, rather it could even be said that it was just at the entrance of the Law’s Way.

Deep in the First Segment of the Law’s Way, there was a narrow valley. Almost all the people who entered the Law’s Way were very clear, that just across this narrow valley, was the Second Segment of the Law’s Way.

At this time in the preceding segment in front of this narrow valley, there were seven or eight doors stacked one beside the other and were crafted from blue granite stones. One had to go through these doors to pass through the narrow valley. Moreover, it was necessary to enter through these blue stone doors. But in this place in front of each of these blue stone doors, there were 2-3 Profound Core Cultivators along with a number of Profound Congealing Cultivators blocking them.

All the people outside wanted to enter through the blue stone doors. But the cultivators who wanted to go to the Second Segment of the Law’s Way had to hand over a certain amount of Spirit Stones or something of an equivalent value. Otherwise, not only would one not allowed to go past, there was even the danger of losing their life.

A Profound Core 1st Level male cultivator with the bearings of a gentleman along with a female cultivator at Profound Congealing 6th Level walked forward. Once the Profound Core Cultivator arrived before one of the blue stone door, he cupped his fists and spoke, “I am Profound Moon 7 Star Academy’s Qiu Yuanqing, owing to the time I have been in here, the Spirit Stones that I have are not many. But there still are 10,000 High Grade Spirit Stone in here, I ask this friend to stretch the rules a bit, and let me take……”

“Just 10,000 Spirit Stones, do you think we are beggars? I see that the female cultivator beside you is quite good, leave behind your Storage Ring, and also that female cultivator and I will let you pass through here.” The person who spoke was merely a Profound Congealing 6th Level cultivator standing near the blue stone door, he basically did not even put Qiu Yuanqing, who was at Profound Core 1st Level, in his eyes.

This Qiu Yuanqing’s complexion immediately changed, as he spoke with a low and deep tone, “I am also a person from the Profound Moon 7 Star Academy, for your excellency to speak like this, isn’t it a bit too impolite?”

“Impolite? A mere 7 Star Academy cannot be even counted as fart in here, even if it was a 9 Star Academy, we would still receive the same things, if you want to go then move your ass quickly, otherwise don’t blame us for being impolite.” This Profound Congealing 6th Level Cultivator hearing Qiu Yuanqing’s words became even more arrogant in his words.

Qiu Yuanqing’s expression turned ugly to the extreme, but he still stepped back several steps and spoke, “Since this is the case, then we will not be going in first……”

“Whether we want you to pass or withdraw is completely beyond your control……” This time it was not the Profound Congealing 6th Level Cultivator who spoke, but rather another cultivator at the Profound Core 4th Level.

This person had not even finished his words, when he had already started rushing towards them, and was followed by five Profound Congealing Cultivators who were also standing near the blue stone doors. The stone door in front of them was protected by this one Profound Core 4th Level cultivator and several other Profound Congealing Cultivators.

Seeing this scene, a young girl who had not yet entered the range of blue stone door spoke up in panic, “Elder Sister Lingwei, why are these people so unreasonable……”

When the female cultivator called Lingwei heard those words, she immediately pulled the girl to one side and whispered, “Yan Yan, one must by all means not make irresponsible remarks…….”

Lingwei’s words had not yet finished, when they saw a bloody light spray out, that Profound Core 1st Level Cultivator called Qiu Yuanqing was directly cleaved into two by that Profound Core 4th Level cultivator, while that Profound Congealing 6th Level female cultivator was captured alive by the several other people, and was unhurriedly dragged to the side of the blue stone door.

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