Chapter 0201

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0201: So Formidable

After 12 clear and crisp sounds, 12 ivory white pills rose from the pill furnace and fell neatly into the jade box that Ning Cheng had prepared beforehand. Ning Cheng took out a pill and carefully inspected it, this pill was pure ivory white in colour, and did not have even half a speck of impurity in it, it had the exact appearance of a top grade Profound Secondary Rainbow Pill.

Ning Cheng heaved a sigh of relief, the difficulty of refining the Profound Secondary Rainbow Pill was not at all below that of the Profound Clear Pill, moreover he now did not need any kind of Pill Art to refine such a top quality Profound Secondary Rainbow Pill. It also showed that he could now start refining the Profound Clarity Pill.

At the moment, looking at the materials that he was left with to refine the Profound Clarity Pill, all of it combined was only enough to refine just a single batch of pills, as such he could not dare to refine it casually. In case there was a problem while refining, then it would be terrible for him. Who knows for how long could one stay inside the Law’s Way? Who knows if the inside of the Law’s Way contained the materials required to refine the Profound Clarity Pill?

Silver Frost Silk, Flowerless Fruit and the Extreme Essence Grass along with ten other types of medicinal ingredients were put in sequentially into the pill furnace by Ning Cheng in a particular order, as he immediately started to refine the herbs, while simultaneously separating the residue.

Ning Cheng now was not a novice in the field of Alchemy, his technique was already matchless and his skill almost masterly, moreover before this he had been continuously refining Level 4 True Pills for more than a month. Moreover, under the support from his formidable Spiritual Consciousness and True Essence, performing these kinds of actions felt even more relaxed from the time he initially started refining Level 3 True Pills.

Purifying the herbs, amassing the liquids, spiritual invigoration, congealing the form, condensing it into a pill…….

These all actions and movements were just like the passing of clouds and flowing of water, even those people who did not understand Alchemy would surely marvel at this sight, and would think that Alchemy for Ning Cheng was simply a form of enjoyment. Even if it was a person well versed in the arts of Alchemy, if they were to see Ning Cheng’s casual looking movements, they would surely be most likely to rain curses on Ning Cheng’s act.

This was because Ning Cheng’s process of Alchemy did not employ even a single Pill Art, whether it was a Pill Art for melting, a Pill Art for separation, a Pill Art for congealing, or a Pill Art for collecting……… It was a necessity to have a suitable Pill Art to concoct pills at each and every stage, which simply did not exist in Ning Cheng’s Alchemy process, it was completely and totally invisible and free flowing.

With the residue carried away by Ning Cheng, the spiritual liquid rapidly condensed and started fusing together. Once the general shape of the pill was formed, it then automatically divided into 12 identical copies.

“Ding Ding Dang Dang……” It was just like pearls falling onto a jade plate, as 12 clear distinct sounds resounded throughout the room. These 12 blue coloured pills were all taken out by Ning Cheng, as he put them into an already prepared jade box.

These 12 pills were none other than Profound Clarity Pills, moreover each and every single one of it was not only top grade in quality, they even had the same exact colour, size, and were even giving off the original fragrance of the respective spiritual grasses that were used to refine them.

“Yi Ya……” Grey Toottoot immediately called out, he also obviously knew that the pills in Ning Cheng’s hand were quite good.

Ning Cheng picked up one Profound Clarity Pill from the box and passed it to Grey Toottoot as he spoke, “Do you dare to eat it? You should dare to eat it. I do not want these 12 Profound Clarity Pills; you can swallow all of them completely. Don’t think that when I was in the middle of my cultivation practice, you soundlessly came over to try to steal my pills, don’t think that I don’t know of it.”

“Yi Yi……” Grey Toottoot hurriedly turned his head, then clamping his tail, he carefully walked back to the inside of the secondary cultivation practice room.

A Level 4 True Pill was something that he certainly did not dare to eat, at least for now he did not dare to eat them. He only thought that they were very beautiful. For his boss to refine Level 4 Profound Clarity Pills, he was really happy in his heart, if it was possible to carry off even a few of those treasures for his personal supply, then he would have secretly brought them over here and placed them in his own jade box to hide. It wouldn’t be too late to eat and enjoy them later.

Ning Cheng knew that Grey Toottoot was unable to eat a Level 4 True Pill, even if it was Level 3 True Pill, it did not dare to eat it, but this fellow would still steal them just to hide them for later.

After Grey Toottoot walked away, Ning Cheng once again spilled out all the rest of the High Grade Spirit Stones he was left with, these Spirit Stones completely filled all the branches inside his Spiritual Gathering Array Formation.

After taking out the Spirit Stones, Ning Cheng then swallowed a Profound Clarity Pill, as he immediately started to attack the boundary to the Profound Congealing Realm.

Amongst the millions of High Grade Spirit Stones, Ning Cheng once again started operating his cultivation method. His figure disappeared from view completely. There was only a layer of Spiritual Qi Mist and Spiritual Qi Rain enveloping him, moreover this Spiritual Qi Rain and Mist, without even a bit of it leaking out, was completely absorbed by Ning Cheng without even leaving the tiniest drops behind.

The spiritual medicine inside the Profound Clarity Pill was extremely powerful, combined with Ning Cheng’s crazy absorption of Spiritual Qi, it immediately attacked Ning Cheng’s Acupuncture Points as he tried to reach the next cultivation realm.

The frightful medicinal solution and the Spiritual Qi, under the operation of Ning Cheng’s new cultivation method, still felt that it was insufficient. Moreover, Ning Cheng had always felt that this kind of Spiritual Source’ strength was still falling short by a little something, so he without any hesitation swallowed the second Profound Clarity Pill.

Just at the second Profound Clarity Pill entered in his mouth, it quickly turned into a Spiritual Liquid. It was obvious that the impact strength of this pill was much more formidable than the one from before. Moreover, with the speed at which his True Essence was circulating his meridians, even the speed of the operation of his Heavenly Circuits had grown a full fold faster and stronger and was still growing without pause.

The third one, the fourth one…… the seventh one…….

When Ning Cheng swallowed eight Profound Clarity Pills, he felt his entire body shake violently, as a ‘Katcha’ sound emerged as he shattered the barrier between the realms. An embryonic form of a Core Lake started to take shape outside his Dantian. Once the Core Lake had completely wrapped up his Dantian, the True Essence inside his Dantian immediately started dissipating from the inside, as it scattered itself amongst the newly formed Care Lake. The True Essence then transformed into True Liquid, as it was compressed more and more.

His Dantian that was originally filled with his True Essence, all of a sudden became empty. But Ning Cheng could feel that his real strength had once again risen several tens of times at the same time. But even if that was the case, he felt that his own cultivation was far from being enough. He must fill up his Core Lake with the liquefied True Essence, at least he could not leave it as it is, although his True Essence had dispersed into his Core Lake, he basically was not even able to see it.

Taking in the ninth Profound Clarity Pill, then once again swallowing the tenth Profound Clarity Pill, combined with the Spiritual Qi Mist from the almost inexhaustible quantities of Spirit Stones taken out by Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng still felt that what he had absorbed was still insufficient. Although the amount of liquefied True Essence had indeed increased, but this increase was simply relative. As more and more huge quantities of it congealed, the more and more his Core Lake grew in size, simply put it was basically insignificant.

Although these two Profound Clarity Pills were completely absorbed and his cultivation had also truly considerably increased, but it was still insufficient, it could hardly satisfy the thirst of his Core Lake.

But he did not continue to swallow the final two Profound Clarity Pills, Ning Cheng then took out a small pill and popped it into his mouth. This was an Essence Accumulation Pill that he had refined as he was practicing refining Level 4 True Pills. Even so, it was only a medium grade pill. However, at this time Ning Cheng did not care about it much, his Spirit Stones were limited, once his Spirit Stones were all used up, with the level of cultivation resources that his cultivation practice consumed, he knew that if he simply relied on pills to cultivate then he absolutely would not be able to go on.

The Essence Accumulation Pill was originally a Level 4 True Pill, and was something a Profound Congealing Cultivator occasionally used for his cultivation practice, but the Essence Accumulation Pills refined by Ning Cheng were extremely strong and unique. Although it was very small in size, combined with the inexhaustible Spiritual Qi Mist, Ning Cheng’s Core Lake once again started to truly congeal and expand at the same time. The True Essence was unceasingly being compressed into liquefied True Essence, as Ning Cheng’s cultivation also directly ascended to Profound Congealing 2nd Level.

Ning Cheng once again felt his true strength increasing unceasingly, moreover he had a fuzzy impression, that if he did not attack the boundary of the Profound Congealing 2nd Level at this moment, then although his strength would still be increasing but his cultivation would stay around the Profound Congealing 2nd Level. His Core Lake was simply too formidable and monstrous, even after absorbing such unimaginable quantities of Spiritual Medicines and Spiritual Qi, he still could not feel any impact of it. With so many cultivation resources transforming into True Essence, and descending into his Core Lake, it was just like mud falling into the ocean.

He once again swallowed an Essence Accumulation Pill, as the speed with which Ning Cheng absorbed the Spiritual Qi became even more insane.

Profound Congealing 3rd Level…… ‘Katcha’, his Core Lake once again expanded, as he advanced to the Profound Congealing 4th Level.

The liquefied True Essence within the Core Lake finally formed a small layer, Ning Cheng once again wanted to pop in another pill, but then he discovered that all the Level 4 True Pills that he had refined for his cultivation practice, were all completely eaten by him as if he was eating snacks.

Ning Cheng finally sobered up, he discovered that the Spiritual Mist surrounding him was also dissipating gradually, even the several million Spirit Stones were also gone.

Ning Cheng was completely dumbfounded for a moment, several millions of Spirit Stones, so many Essence Accumulation Pills aah? His Core Lake was far from being filled up with the liquefied True Essence, let alone that it could not even touch the borders of his Core Lake, how could it be like this?

Didn’t this mean that if he could not get a huge amount of Spirit Stones, if he could not make any more pills, then wouldn’t he be stranded at the Profound Congealing 4th Level for his entire lifetime?

Several millions of Spirit Stones, how much of these could one even get their hands on? He had obtained most of it from the ring he acquired from the Angry Axe Valley, moreover he himself knew that it was because of luck and nothing else.

Having no resources to practice cultivation, continuing to cultivate was simply meaningless now. Ning Cheng thought of his own way of practicing cultivation, although it was one where enormous quantities of resources for cultivation practicing were used up during the process, but it was still a good thing, a silver lining if one willed, at least he could crazily advance levels unlike others. But what was not a good thing about it was that, he guessed that, he may be unable to move forward even a single step even after many years, in other words he may be unable to advance in levels for many years.

Ning Cheng finally stood up, he decided that it was time for him to leave.

Grey Toottoot, as if he already knew that Ning Cheng wanted to walk out of this place, immediately hugged the big jade box and held it close to its chest with his claws. The way it held it was really very funny.

Ning Cheng took out a ring which did not have a restriction placed on it, then tying a piece of string onto the ring, he gave it Grey Toottoot and spoke, “Use it by yourself, if you cannot use it, then I will help you put them away.”

Grey Toottoot immediately realized the meaning behind the words spoken by Ning Cheng, it unexpectedly, in a very quick manner, tied up the string on the ring into a knot and then hung the string onto his neck. Flicking his claws once again, he threw the big jade pill box into his own ring.

One could completely not come to terms with the fact that it was a small puppy that had done all this work, its two claws were incomparably flexible and unique.

“It really is difficult dealing with you, just follow closely behind me.” Although Ning Cheng had spoken to it in such a manner, but in his heart he was truly very much delighted. Even the fur of Grey Toottoot was much more eye catching than before, it obviously showed that he also had great improvements. At this time, he did not need to throw Grey Toottoot into the Spirit Beast Bag, he was now strong enough to keep up with him.

Grey Toottoot seeing that Ning Cheng did not want to put him into the Spirit Beast Bag, was so happy that he immediately called out in a cacophony of different voices, its meaning was already very clear, showing his matchless gratitude and gratefulness towards him.

Ning Cheng left the Immortal Cave, as he immediately flew up and stood above a hilly mound. He could feel that his cultivation was now countless times much more powerful than before. He could not bear it any longer and gave out a long whistle of intense satisfaction.

The next moment, he immediately brought out his True Cosmic Devil Axe, and sent out a single Axe Chop, the [Angry Axe, the 1st Trace].

A kind of terrible to the extreme Killing Intent immediately erupted that pierced through the sky, leaving behind a barely visible trace in the sky as it descended. This one trace, directly locked down the surroundings with the target right in the middle of this Axe Trace.


As the Axe Trace descended, a gully dozens of meters in length formed in front of Ning Cheng, moreover outside this traced out gully, it was still surrounded by a fearful Killing Intent, it was as if the entire gully was surrounded by restless Axe Lights.

“Such a powerful Axe.” Even Ning Cheng himself could not help but involuntarily marvel at such a power in his heart. He had felt that when he had struck out with this axe, even if it was not willingly, a feeling of bloodthirstiness emerged in his heart. It was the same with his [Angry Axe, the 1st Trace], wasn’t his single axe technique now more than a hundred times more powerful than before?

Not only this, this axe also gave rise to a violent killer instinct and an unspeakable cruel desire. It was as though there was nothing in the world that could stop this axe’s path, anything in front of it would be crushed as it rolled over it, and must turn to dust, in this world the Axe Trace was the only thing that was allowed to exist, the rest were all floating clouds in the sky.

No wonder Elder Sister Shu had said that the True Cosmic Devil Axe had a Devilish Nature inside it. It really was such a case, moreover it was already this powerful when it had not even tasted blood. Once it tasted blood, then the Devilish Nature would definitely be much more ruthless and cruel not to mention extremely violent.

However, Ning Cheng did not care about this, what he was pleasantly surprised was the power of this axe. Although he had not fought directly against a Profound Core Cultivator even once, but he could definitely affirm that his battle prowess can be regarded as equivalent to a Late Stage Profound Core Cultivator, moreover in front of this axe there would be no choice for his opponents but to back away.

It is to say that although he had the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm but he could definitely crush people with the cultivation of Profound Core Realm, this kind of formidable strength, even if it was Ning Cheng, he could not have imagined such a thing before he advanced to the Profound Congealing Realm and formed the Core Lake.

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