Chapter 0202

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0202: Rushing Again Towards the Blue Stone Door

Ning Cheng brought out an airship that was a Spiritual Artefact, with his cultivation level now, ordinary flight type monstrous beasts were not a big threat to him. The Heaven and Earth Laws inside this place were truly more complete than the outside, so much so that someone like Ning Cheng could also feel it clearly. However, he also simultaneously felt that when compared to others, the benefits he received from the more complete Laws in this place was not as good as the other people.

Moreover, he also had another kind of ambiguous feeling, that in this Law’s Way, the Laws seemed to be becoming even more complete in a particular direction, this kind of feeling was getting more and more stronger as he moved forward in that particular direction.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate, as he directly controlled the airship to fly in that particular direction. To him who was inside the Law’s Way, if he could not practice cultivation, and was unable to have a clearer understanding of his magic techniques and cultivation method, then for him to come here already did not have any significance. However, he also could not exit from this place temporarily, since Kong Pengpeng had helped him, he thought that it was only appropriate for him to help Kong Pengpeng and find the True Spirit Nectar Wash.

Moreover, even if he wanted to exit this place, he simply did not know how to get out.


“Elder Sister Lingwei, that Senior Apprentice Brother Bei Xingjin really went too far, he is only a Profound Core Cultivator with a slight bit of name and yet a large number of Profound Congealing Cultivators went over to him, they had simply ignored us, no matter what we cannot let them go unpunished. How could he even say that he is also from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, how could it be like this?” In a bamboo grove of to the side which had a shortage of Spiritual Qi, the only young girl, Zhangsun Yan, was sitting on a barren rock, as she spoke with some indignation in her speech.

As for the woman called ‘Elder Sister Lingwei’, she was the Dragon and Phoenix Academy’s Jia Lingwei, her expression always seemed to have a touch of rational maturity in her. But at this time her hair was somewhat disorderly, and even her complexion was also quite messy to look at. At this time, there was no longer that rational and mature look on her face.

Hearing the complaints from Zhangsun Yan, she sighed and spoke, “Everyone who had formed a team had done so for just a temporary basis, once they really meet danger, then the only one who they can depend on inside the Law’s Way is only they themselves. Although Senior Apprentice Brother Bei Xingjin could not lead us to the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, but at least he was able to protect us in our retreat. Otherwise even with both of our abilities combined, even if we took out all our things, we wouldn’t be able to escape with our bodies intact, those people are simply devils. Did you see the end of that female cultivator that was together with Qui Yuanqing? Ai….”

Zhangsun Yan immediately conjured up the image of the naked body of the female cultivator as her clothes were completely stripped off in public, and she subconsciously shivered with fright. She still had lingering fear in her voice as she spoke, “Elder Sister Lingwei, aren’t they people who entered the Law’s Way before? They were also disciples of the big Academies before, why would they chose to become such common devils? Have they never met a woman before?”

The corners of Jia Lingwei’s mouth revealed a forced smile, as she slowly spoke, “Since there are some people blocking the entrance to the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, then there is a good reason to believe that there would also be someone blocking the entrance to the Third Segment. Moreover, the ones blocking the entrance to the Second Segment are just Profound Core Cultivators and Profound Congealing Cultivators. It should be because the cultivation of their leader is stuck, as such they are unable to improve, otherwise they would have already left this place a long time ago.”

“Any cultivator that enters the interior of the Law’s Way, if they cannot advance then they must not go forward, if they cannot retreat then they must not come back. Without resources to practice cultivation, or a city to live in. They cannot do anything else, other than slowly wait for their deaths. Even a sow would be a delicious feast in their eyes. Much less the female cultivators that have just come in? Therefore, to say that Senior Apprentice Brother Bei to even help us retreat with our bodies intact, is already a huge kindness.”

“Although that Senior Apprentice Bei is big and handsome, but I don’t like him. You also saw him instigating the two people, Nalan Ruxue and Yan Ji, on the ship. One can right away see that his mind is filled with the intention of scheming.” Zhangsun Yan pursed her mouth as she spoke. If not for Bei Xingjin also being from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, she would have perhaps spoken even more harsher words.

Jia Lingwei gave a tiny smile as she spoke, “Although Yan Ji comes from an 8 Star Academy, but the strength of that Academy when compared with a 9 Star Academy is actually only a slight bit poor, perhaps it would quickly become Le Continent’s 4th largest 9 Star Academy. Dragon and Phoenix Academy is one of the three largest Academies of the Le Continent, and Senior Apprentice Brother Bei is also from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, moreover Ruxue is also from the Wu Nian Academy which is also one of the three largest Academies, so for him to instigate trouble between Yan Ji and Ruxue is also somewhat normal. The competition between big Academies is very ubiquitous, it is just that you are not aware of it.”

“That Nalan Ruxue, I don’t really like her, although I had met that Senior Apprentice Brother called Ning Cheng for the first time, but I could feel that he was much better than all the other people. For that Nalan Ruxue to murder him with a borrowed knife is quite conscientious, I would even rather prefer to be with Elder Sister Yan Ji.” Although Zhangsun Yan is young, she really was candid and outspoken, without any hint of scheming in her.

Jia Lingwei hastily gave a cough, then pulled Zhangsun Yan as she stood up and called out, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue……”

Then she immediately cupped her fists in the direction in front of her and spoke, “Lingwei greets Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng.”

Although Zhangsun Yan was young, but to speak behind a person’s back in the presence of that person who could hear each and everything, was also somewhat awkward, as such she also quickly realized her mistake and followed closely behind Jia Lingwei as she cupped her fists and spoke, “Zhangsun Yan greets Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng.”

Nalan Ruxue was also in their team, but the highest cultivation among them was of Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, who was at Profound Core 5th Level.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, of your team are you the only two remaining? Senior Apprentice Brother Bei Xingjin has the cultivation of Profound Core 8th Level, how could it be like this………” Seeing only the two people, Zhangsun Yan and Jia Lingwei, here Nalan Ruxue spoke in somewhat surprised manner as if she had not heard the words spoken by Zhangsun Yan a moment ago.

Because of the many dangers along the way, out of the initial team of 11 people, currently only 8 people remained in her own team.

“It is not so, it’s just because at the entrance of the valley that leads to the Second Segment of the Law’s Way was blocked by a few people, moreover those people were exceptionally evil…….” Jia Lingwei shook her head and spoke in a low-spirited voice, after going through the previous experience of the things at that place, she finally gave out a suggestion, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue, I suggest that you temporarily not go there with your two other Junior Apprentice Sisters for the time being, wait till you advance to the Late Stages of Profound Core Realm in the future, and then form another team to pass through there.”

“How could such a thing be possible in here, how can those bastards dare to run amok in here? I originally very much admired Elder Brother Bei, but looking at Elder Brother Bei’s actions this time, it really is very disappointing.” Listening to Jia Lingwei’s words, the cultivator with the highest cultivation of Profound Core 5th Level in Nalan Ruxue’s team, immediately spoke out in anger.

Jia Lingwei quickly spoke up, “There are many Profound Core Cultivators that are defending each of the valley’s entrances, moreover their magical techniques are extremely fierce. Once they are not able to defeat an enemy, the Profound Core Cultivators from all the eight blue stone doors will all join together, in other words one would have to face 20-30 Profound Core Cultivators at the same time. Even if we add up all the Profound Core Cultivators that entered the Law’s Way with us, we would not necessarily have that many. Senior Apprentice Brother Bei helped us retreat safely, that in itself is a very big favour.”

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue, you stay here with the two other Junior Apprentice Sisters, we will go have a look at the situation first.” That Profound Core Cultivator also calmed down, Bei Xingjin’s cultivation was also higher than his own, as such he could not do anything about it. He was only at Profound Core 5th Level, even if he struck at full power, he was sure that it would simply not work.

Nalan Ruxue firmly shook her head as he spoke, “I will not stay here, even if I have to die, I must make my way to the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, staying here would only end up with my cultivation stagnating. Since I have already chosen the path of cultivation, I will not give up and abandon it because of some obstruction.”

Zhangsun Yan mumbled to herself in a low voice, “That is because you did not see that kind of scene, if you saw it, then you would not think like this.”

The words spoken by Zhangsun Yan were obviously heard by Nalan Ruxue, but her expression was still firm, as if she had made it her life’s mission to reach the Second Segment of the Law’s Way.

Jia Lingwei was silent for just a short while, but then she spoke in a slow but resolute voice, “I will also go, if I cannot pass through, then I would rather I turn to dust.”

“Elder Sister Lingwei?” Zhangsun Yan could not believe it as she looked at Jia Lingwei, that place was obviously not something they could go past with their abilities, so why in the world would she even want to attempt to go there once again? Nalan Ruxue wasn’t in that place, so she absolutely did not know about the situation, but they, they had actually come to hide here from that place.

Jia Lingwei shook her head, but did not reply to the words from Zhangsun Yan. She was already thinking about this issue, although they had retreated safely from the entrance to the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, but her Spirit Stones and other resources for practicing cultivation had already nearly finished. Although the First Segment of the Law’s Way had more complete Heaven and Earth Laws when compared from the outside, but it only had very scant places that were rich in Spiritual Qi, moreover this segment contained even fewer Spiritual Grasses.

Under the circumstances that they did not have any Spirit Stones on their body, then if they continued to stay here, other than waiting to die, there was no other path for them. Maybe if they followed behind Nalan Ruxue’s team, then there might be a slim chance for them to enter. But if she waited here, then in the future the opportunity might become even more uncertain.

When she spoke those words this time, she had already made her decision, if she could not pass, then she would kill herself.

That Profound Core 5th Level Cultivator did not actually care about the decision of Jia Lingwei, but still he nodded and spoke, “Such being the case, then we will pass through together, if worse comes to worst, then at least I can also do what Bei Xingjin did, and should be able to keep you safe.”

“Since Elder Sister Lingwei is going, then I also do not dare to stay here alone, I will also come together with you.” Zhangsun Yan also spoke timidly from the side.

“Let’s go, let’s go and confirm what kind of beasts had those people finally transformed into?” This Profound Core 5th Level Cultivator spoke a sentence with heroism reaching the clouds as he took the lead.

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