Chapter 0203

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0203: The man with the little puppy

“Haha, the two of you wanted to come back here so soon this badly? I thought that you would come to this place after some more time.” That Profound Core 4th Level cultivator had immediately recognized Jia Lingwei and Zhangsun Yan, as he spoke while laughing. His position was near the side of the first blue stone door.

Hearing his words, the heart of Jia Lingwei completely sank, she finally understood why initially these people had only taken away their cultivation practice resources, and then ‘let’ them leave. These people originally already knew that they had no other choice than to come here again.

“Haha, good, good……” The Profound Core 4th Level cultivator continued to laugh, and even spoke the word ‘good’ many times in succession, and then spoke, “You can come to my side, I promise that I will let you pass, I don’t even need your Spirit Stones, rather I guess that you don’t even have any Spirit Stones left.”

“Hei Zhijiang, since you want the big one, then give the small one to us.” Another person from the side of the blue stone door spoke up.

Jia Lingwei’s complexion immediately changed, she immediately realized the meaning behind the words spoken by those people. She did not have any connection to the people here, other than the ten people in their team, but at this moment around 20-30 people had already surrounded them. If in the end if they truly were incapable of being benevolent, then she had no other choice to sever her Meridians and kill herself.

“Everyone, I am Wu Nian Academy’s Cheng Yixiao. Since everybody here are expert cultivators from the Yi Xing Mainland, please permit us to pass through here, please accept these insignificant gifts as a sign of respect.” In their team he was the cultivator with the highest cultivation of Profound Core 5th Level, and had already taken out a Storage Bag and was ready to deliver it to them.

“Wu Nian Academy? Is this Wu Nian Academy really that great? This father was also from the Wu Nian Academy several hundred years ago, but it doesn’t mean a damn thing to me anymore.” The one called Hei Zhijiang with the cultivation of Profound Core 4th Level spoke with disdain, he did not even look at the Storage Bag offered by Cheng Yixiao, as his eyes were staring scorchingly at Jia Lingwei.

“Is senior here also from the Wu Nian Academy?” Cheng Yixiao spoke in surprise.

Hei Zhijiang spit out a mouthful of spit as he spoke, “This father had said that he was from there several hundred years ago. Whether or not you are from the Wu Nian Academy, is simply none of my business? Since your family name is Cheng, then you surely would have some relation with that Cheng Yishui.”

Cheng Yixiao on hearing those words, his heart had already sunk, he took back his respectful and smiling face, and with an expression that was neither arrogant nor servile, he then spoke up, “He is my father.”

After Hei Zhijiang heard those words, he once again spoke with disdain, “It seems he really turned out to be nothing more than a dirty old man, although he has such a great age but he could only come up with this kind of puny kid. It is clear that he has been on top of many young woman, aah.”

“You are courting death……” Cheng Yixiao was unable to endure these kinds of words, while he simultaneously brought out his own magical weapon. However, after he brought out his magical weapon, he finally calmed down, although he may be able to win against this Profound Core 4th Level, but just how many people did his side even have? Moreover, there were even 7-8 people here with a cultivation higher than his own. Although he might truly be able to get rid of a Profound Core Cultivator by himself but he was only a single person. On his side although there were a few Profound Core Cultivators, but he knew that they certainly cannot make a move here carelessly.

“What’s the matter, why don’t you begin?” Hei Zhijiang spoke out a phase sarcastically towards Cheng Yixiao, but then spoke out in a cold voice, “The ten of you come over here, and take off all of your Storage Rings. Let us inspect them again.”

“Senior, did you not leave everyone with at least 200,000 Spirit Stones before?” This was the second time that Jia Lingwei had come here, as such she was more familiar with the customs here. 200,000 Spirit Stones for an ordinary Profound Congealing Cultivator, was still not a small sum of money.

“That matter was a few months ago, the rules have already changed now, moreover this kid here has pissed me off.” Hei Zhijiang pointed his nose at Cheng Yixiao and spoke out a single sentence.

After finishing those words, he then pointed at Nalan Ruxue and spoke, “That woman, the one with the veil on her face, come up.”

“Hei Zhijiang, this woman I want her.” A light voice that was neither slow nor fast arrived. These words belonged to a brown robed cultivator at the entrance of the eighth blue stone door, and already had the cultivation of Profound Core 8th Level.

When Hei Zhijiang heard this voice, he quickly gave a bow and spoke, “Yes, since Elder Brother Rong wants this woman, then it really is her good fortune.”

Finished saying that, he then glared at Nalan Ruxue and spoke, “Still not speeding towards Elder Brother Rong, do you really want this father to begin on you?”

Nalan Ruxue shivered with fright, she finally understood that her previous thoughts were extremely naive.

At this time, a Profound Core 3rd Level Cultivator standing near the fourth blue stone door, pointed towards a girl standing at the rear of Nalan Ruxue and spoke, “That woman, let her come over here, I want her.”

The one standing behind Nalan Ruxue was a female cultivator with the cultivation of Profound Congealing 3rd Level, she had not yet responded when Jia Lingwei hastily sent out a sound transmission towards her, “Junior Apprentice Sister Sha Sha, hurry up and run away……”

Although she had spoken those words, Jia Lingwei knew it in her heart, that even if Junior Apprentice Sister Sha Sha ran away immediately, she would not be able to make it very far.

The Profound Core Cultivator that wanted Sha Sha suddenly looked at Hei Zhijiang and spoke, “Elder Brother Hei, is seems that this woman really does not understand what is good or bad for her, ahh, she unexpectedly even dares to send out a sound transmission. After you have finished enjoying her, just pass her on to our fellow Apprentice Brothers to use for a bit.”

Jia Lingwei’s complexion immediately became incomparably pale, how could she not understand what was the meaning behind those words.

Hei Zhijiang smiled, although he did not have any connection to them, it was clear that it was unlikely that he wanted to send this Jia Lingwei to this Profound Core 3rd Level Cultivator. But this Profound Core 3rd Level Cultivator did not care about it, after he spoke those words, this person had already hurtled past him as he came up and stretched out his hand in order to grab that female cultivator behind Nalan Ruxue.

But Cheng Yixiao’s personality was always very direct, he had always hated the evil doers as if they were his personal enemies, so now that someone wanted to grab a female cultivator from his team right in front of him, how could he stay still any longer? He had already brought out his Mythical Light Gold Flame Knife, which suddenly turned into a thin-bladed knife curtain, as he blocked this Profound Core 3rd Level Cultivator.

“Punk, so you really dare to attack, ahh? Lu Ming you go up first, I will help you block this Cheng Yixiao.” Hei Zhijiang sneered, as he brought out his magical weapon and rushed out simultaneously.

“Many thanks Elder Brother Hei.” This Profound Core 3rd Level cultivator called Lu Ming called out to the help provided to him by Hei Zhijiang, as he very relaxedly bypassed Cheng Yixiao.

That female cultivator called Sha Sha quickly retreated, but although her speed was fast, her speed when compared to this Profound Core 3rd Level Cultivator inside the Law’s Way was simply akin to a walk. She had just retreated less than ten meters, when she was caught by Lu Ming’s hands.

“To catch sight of Uncle Hai only to want to hide? You dare to look down upon this Uncle Lu?” As Lu Ming grabbed Sha Sha in his hand, a pestilential air was revealed in his eye, as he lifted his other hand and then completely tore away the clothes of this female called Sha Sha. At this moment almost all the cultivators present there, could clearly see Sha Sha’s breasts and other private areas.

That female cultivator called Sha Sha gave out a miserable cry, if she could commit suicide, then she would have already killed herself long ago.

“You beastly bastard……” Cheng Yixiao saw Lu Ming tear off the clothes worn by Sha Sha in front of everyone on the spot, he immediately burst out violently from one side, how could he still endure the flaming anger from the innermost recess of his heart.

“Aaaah……” A pitiful yell spread out, as Hei Zhijiang’s arm was unexpectedly directly lopped off by Cheng Yixiao, as he was sent back flying.

Once Cheng Yixiao split from Hei Zhijiang, he immediately plunged directly towards Lu Ming, however he had not yet arrived at Lu Ming’s side, when he was blocked by a horse faced cultivator, “This punk and these few others have just entered the Law’ Way just a year back, and can already defeat Hei Zhijiang, it seems that you really are a genius.”

Cheng Yixiao forced himself to calm down, although Hei Zhijiang’s cultivation was at Profound Core 4th Level, however he had to expend a considerable energy to get rid of him. This showed, that if it was any other Profound Core 5th Level Cultivator, then they absolutely would not be a match against Hei Zhijiang.

But at the moment the one who had blocked him was that Elder Brother Rong who had set his sights on Nalan Ruxue, and was at Profound Core 8th Level, a few minor levels higher than his own.

“Let me see if you really are so great……” That Profound Core 8th Level cultivator addressed as Elder Brother Rong spoke up, as he brought out a giant wrapped up seal and filled it with his thick Killing Intent as he approached Cheng Yixiao.

Cheng Yixiao suppressed his fears as he knew that he was the only person who could stand up to them. Bringing up his Mythical Light Gold Flame Knife, he immediately brought out a golden flame knife light as it clashed against this wrapped up giant seal.

But at this time, the surrounding air completely cracked open by the explosion from the True Essence. As the terrible explosion resounded out, it immediately submerged the two people in it.

“He really is worthy to be that Cheng Yishui’s son, with just a trivial cultivation of Profound Core 5th Level, he could unexpectedly block Elder Brother Rong. I also really want to see if you really are that fierce……” As these words were spoken, a cultivator with the cultivation of Profound Core 7th Level also joined the fray to fight against him.

Cheng Yixiao was only at Profound Core 5th Level. Just trying to deal with this horse faced Elder Brother Rong was already very taxing for him, now that a Profound Core 7th Level cultivator joined the fight, it immediately became very strenuous for him.

In just not more than ten breaths of time, he was immediately sent flying as this Elder Brother Rong’s giant seal collided once again with his knife, as he directly shot into a protruding hill nearby, while simultaneously smashing it to dust.

Even if he had just gone through all this, Cheng Yixiao still struggled to sit up. But because the wound that he received was too heavy, he could only manage to sit up once, before he once again fell down.

The scene immediately turned silent, nobody dared to rescue Cheng Yixiao, in addition to the tormenting sounds coming from the female cultivator grabbed by Lu Ming, the scene in front of them seemed to have come straight from hell itself.

That Profound Core 8th Level cultivator who was addressed as Elder Brother Rong looked at Nalan Ruxue with her face covered, and suddenly spoke with a smile, “You can come to me, I am not as rude or uncouth as that Lu Ming……”

Nalan Ruxue’s complexion suddenly turned incomparably pale, as she finally understood the meaning of the words spoken by Zhangsun Yan. But at this time, she could not even speak a single word, even her hands were trembling violently.

When this Elder Brother Rong saw that Nalan Ruxue not only did not move towards him, but was even standing motionless, he gave a slight frown, he was just going to speak in a light but convincing voice, when suddenly a black light flashed past his eyes, and the next moment, he heard a soft ‘Peng’ sound. This speed, even if it was him, he could not even react to it let alone block it.

It was a black spear. But at this moment this black spear was speeding towards Lu Ming who was just about to press himself onto the body of that female cultivator called Sha Sha. This black spear, in just an instant, penetrated through Lu Ming’s waist, immediately sending him flying along with it.

“Bang……” This black spear skewered Lu Ming onto a big rock at a distant place, moreover even the rock was crushed to rubble as it exploded everywhere as it once again smashed into another huge rock that was just behind it pinning his body to it, while the spear tail of this black spear was still vibrating violently.

It was only at this time, after Lu Ming was sent flying after being skewered, did his blood start to drip down.

“You’ll have to wear the clothes by yourself.” As this voice arrived, a grey gown landed on Sha Sha covering her naked body.

At this time that female cultivator already was aware that she was soon going to be humiliated and raped by that Lu Ming, as such she was already preparing to kill herself. But then at this time, a robe, completely out of the blue, finally landed on her body, immediately lifting her courage like a meteorite soaring through the sky, as she hurriedly wrapped herself in the robe while simultaneously dashing towards one side.

Nobody blocked her, as all the people’s eyes were locked onto the person that just landed from the sky. It was just an ordinary looking thin middle aged man and on the shoulder of this man, there was even a little puppy perched that was not more than two fists in size.

None of the cultivators present at the blue stone doors recognized this person, but this person was actually known by all the cultivators who had just entered this valley. This was the Essence Building Cultivator that had told Hang Jiaojiao to ‘Fuck off’, but at this time his cultivation did not seem to be at Essence Building.

Regardless of if this person was at Essence Building or not, he had just nailed a spear through a Profound Core 3rd Level cultivator killing him on the spot. This proved that this person was absolutely not a simple at all.

“Drip, Drip……” The corpse of Lu Ming that was nailed to the rock, was still dripping blood. Other than this dripping sound, there was no other sound at all. But even so, this sound of blood dripping made a stark contrast to the dead silence all around.

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