Chapter 0204

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0204: Public Enemy No. 1

When Ning Cheng arrived, he did not know what had transpired, but he was aware that that woman was just about to be humiliated and raped in front of everyone. That woman should be from the team formed by that purple robed woman, moreover from what little he knew about her, she was a person who seldom spoke, and inside the cabin hall, she looked very calm and peaceful.

But as to this Lu Ming, who was just about to ravage this woman, Ning Cheng had never seen him, as such Ning Cheng came to the conclusion that this person originally was a cultivator from the inside of the Law’s Way. This cultivator under the watch of so many people, moreover in broad daylight, ripped off the clothes of that female cultivator and wanted to ravage her, it obviously would not be for a good thing. Even if it was for a good thing, this kind of filth of a person, Ning Cheng would never hesitate to kill him.

Therefore, when he arrived, he was even more so disinclined to inquire about the reason, as he immediately moved to directly nail this Lu Ming dead.

Nalan Ruxue silently put away the escaping talisman that she was grasping in her hand, as she breathed a sigh of relief. If not for a last resort, she really did not want to use the Escaping Talisman unless it was absolutely essential. Although she would be able to escape with it, but what about the others? Once she escapes, she knew that in her entire life she would no longer be able to cross over the mountain tops. Moreover, Jia Lingwei and Zhangsun Yan had arrived here because of her, as to the end these two people would receive, she simply could not even imagine it, rather she did not dare to imagine it. Her lifetime of cultivation, would inadvertently stop here.

[TL Note – ‘No longer be able to cross over the mountain tops’ here refers to never be able to advance any further.]

Moreover, even if she escaped from this place, where could she even go? One HAD to enter the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, once she escaped from this place, the only thing that she could do was to find a remote place to hide herself for the rest of her life.

“Haha……Cough Cough……” Cheng Yixiao roared with laughter, but then coughed several times as he stood up in a trembling manner, then swallowed a few pills with shanking hands as he slowly came over towards them.

“Killing them is good, killing them is wonderful, killing them is happiness……” After Cheng Yixiao spoke a few words in succession, one could see that his vital energy was slowly getting restored, it was clear that the pills that he took were not ordinary at all.

That Elder Brother Rong did not even speak a single word, but his complexion immediately turned solemn. He flicked his hands once behind him, and 20 Profound Core Cultivators immediately came forward and quickly encircled them. Even if this was the case, there still was a corner section that could not completely block the eight cultivators.

Cheng Yixiao took a look at their formation, then once again held up his Mythical Light Gold Flame Knife as he once again came forward, “Elder Brother Cheng, I thought you were just an Essence Building Cultivator back on the airship, but I had never thought that I would unexpectedly be mistaken. These beastly bastards are definitely not a good thing, please allow me to give you a hand.”

Ning Cheng, with his Spiritual Consciousness, could perceive that this Cheng Yixiao’s injuries were very serious, even though he was in the middle of a rapid recovery, he still waved his hand and spoke, “It would be inappropriate for you to fight right now, just start by telling me what this is all about? Why are these cultivators blocking this path?”

Cheng Yixiao was just going to speak up, when at this time Jia Lingwei quickly took the initiative and spoke up, “Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, I will talk.”

She may not have a similar Escaping Talisman as that on Nalan Ruxue, but she did have an Attack Talisman, but even if she used her Attack Talisman to kill off a Profound Core 8th Level cultivator, her final fate would still remain the same. Moreover, the fact was that her Attack Talisman only had the power to severely injure a Late Stage Profound Core Cultivator but not kill them.

“Don’t bullshit with him, all of us should attack him together.” When that Elder Brother Rong saw that the 20 Profound Core Cultivators had encircled Ning Cheng, he immediately waved his hands and spoke. He attached great importance to Ning Cheng and regarded him very seriously. Ning Cheng had skewered Lu Ming with just a single spear thrust, this was something even he could not achieve even with his full power.

Jia Lingwei hurriedly withdrew. While simultaneously describing the reason and the nefarious conduct of these people who were blocking their way.

Hearing the things spoken out by Jia Lingwei, especially the fact that they had done such a thing more than once, coupled with what he saw in front of him, a towering killing intent towards them immediately blossomed in Ning Cheng’s heart. He realized that although these cultivators surrounding them were completely stranded inside the Law’s Way and were unable to advance or retreat, but even then they did not even have the basic sense of morals or even humanity. But he was also very clear that this is kind of ugliness was the foundation of human nature, and would only come out when one was pushed to the extreme madness before their deaths.

However, although he himself was also a human but he had a bottom-line for his morals, when that bottom line was crossed, then even if had the ability to restrain himself, he would not continue to endure for even a single breath. Moreover, now with his current cultivation accomplishments, combined with this True Devil Axe, why would he even fear this crowd of cultivators? Ning Cheng motioned for Jia Lingwei and Cheng Yixiao to retreat, since he had already made up his mind to begin, then he definitely would not be able to simultaneously fight and attend to the people near him.

Facing these many insane cultivators, he did not plan on using his Profound Break Spear. After all these 20 people encircling him were all Profound Core Cultivators, as such he had no choice but to bring out his True Cosmic Devil Axe.

Just as he brought out his True Cosmic Devil Axe, a formidable and ruthlessly bloodthirsty aura leaked out and filled the surroundings around Ning Cheng, even though Ning Cheng had not yet stimulated the True Cosmic Devil Axe, but this kind of malignant and ferocious aura automatically leaked out from his axe.

“You are a Devil Cultivator……”

“Devil Cultivator……”

A shocked voice immediately resounded throughout the area, that cultivator addressed as Elder Brother Rong was even more shocked that Ning Cheng unexpectedly turned out to be a Devil Cultivator, and even though he was a Profound Core Cultivator himself, he still subconsciously retreated half a step. Devil Cultivators were taboo existences, their existence in the Yi Xing Mainland was synonymous to the phrase ‘killing on the spot’. Moreover, Devil Cultivators did not have any rationality, and would commit indiscriminate murder. None of them had ever thought that there would be a Devil Cultivator that had managed to enter the Law’s Way.

As to those people who entered the Law’s Way together with Ning Cheng, they were also as similarly as shocked as the cultivators encircling them, even Jia Lingwei who was the one who came forward to explain the situation to Ning Cheng subconsciously took Zhangsun Yan and retreated. Even the rest of the people were retreating one by one, whether consciously or unconsciously, while Cheng Yixiao had an unbelievable look in his eyes as he stared at Ning Cheng, while he mumbled to himself, “How can it be like this? How can he be a Devil Cultivator?”

Ning Cheng gave a slight frown, he could not think that the might of these two characters “Devil Cultivator 魔修” would be so astonishing. Regardless of whatever side they were; it seems that none of them wanted to even come in contact with him. Initially even Nong Zhen and Elder Sister Shu were also worried about this matter, but even still how could he have thought that it would turn out to be so frightful?

“I really did not expect that you would turn out to be a Devil Cultivator, seeing that you are a Devil Cultivator, then it is irrelevant for us to hate each other, we will also let you pass through here. We just ask you to not interfere in our matters.” That Elder Brother Rong’s expression also loosened up a bit finally, since Lu Ming was killed then he was killed, it was actually not a huge matter to them.

However, if they end up in angering a crazy Devil Cultivator then it would really not be good for them. A Devil Cultivator was someone who is crazy about slaughtering, they had various taboo magical techniques and arts, moreover some of these magical techniques were only for harming other without benefiting oneself, moreover their scale of slaughtering was simply extremely huge, it was something that made even him feel a bit of fear.

“A pack of beasts, yet still want to discuss things with me……” Since Ning Cheng had already brought out his True Cosmic Devil Axe, the horrifying killing intent that could tear anything to pieces rose up in just a short moment.

That Elder Brother Rong cursed out in a low voice, “Idiot, you think that you are helping these people out, do you think that they would appreciate your help? You are a Devil Cultivator, if you were to be severely wounded, some of these people would immediately come forward to eradicate you for the sake of gaining honour……”

But regardless of how this Elder Brother Rong called out, the Ning Cheng’s True Cosmic Devil Axe was completely charged up, a pale golden Axe Trace formed from Killing Intent immediately burst out from the aroused True Devil Axe. This axe trace formed from killing intent immediately gave rise to a ruthless looking hurricane that seemed to be incapable of being controlled. Moreover, tiny twisted and distorting Axe Lines began to form in the sky all around it, one after another.

This was Ning Cheng’s Angry Axe’s Third Form, the [Axe Line]

Ning Cheng’s original plan was to kill that Elder Brother Rong and the other Profound Core 5th Level cultivator first with Axe Line. But after he stimulated his True Devil Axe, a kind of frenzied bloodthirsty aura started to seep into and fill up his consciousness. At this moment he only wanted to completely massacre the people surrounding him, without leaving even a single person alive.

“His Devilish Nature is too great for him to handle. Since he brought out his magical weapon, we have to kill him.” A Profound Core 5th Level cultivator called out a sentence, while he simultaneously brought out a drum shaped magical weapon in his hand.

In almost an instant, countless lights from 20 magical weapons filled with True Essence surged towards Ning Cheng. But at the moment Ning Cheng’s True Cosmic Devil Axe had not gone completely out of control, moreover Ning Cheng also did not completely lose control of himself or his rationality. The endless and seemingly inexhaustible True Essence in his Core Lake flowed out without reserve, as he stirred up his True Devil Axe. Chopping out with a single [Axe Line] formed from killing intent, giving rise to another whirlpool of Axe Lines.

This whirlpool formed from innumerable tiny Axe Lines induced from the Axe Line formed from the killing intent using the True Devil Axe, immediately clashed with the lights from the 20 magical weapon and exploded with such an intensity that it completely ruptured through the True Essence contained within them.

All the magical weapons continuously flew away one after the other because of the explosion, as blood unceasingly poured out scattering in the air. Once this scattered blood was sensed by the True Cosmic Devil Axe, it immediately became even more crazy. Ning Cheng also completely lost his cool. As his True Essence crazily surged out without his control, pouring unceasingly into his True Cosmic Devil Axe, as he continuously shot out all three forms of his Angry Axe.

“Boom Boom Boom Boom……”

Explosions of surging True Essences could be heard everywhere in the place as Ning Cheng’s True Cosmic Devil Axe’s Axe Light formed from his Killing Intent making it seem to have transformed into genuine mass slaughtering moves, as cultivators constantly were being cut down by these killing lines. This field of battle, in just a short moment turned into a scene that could only be described as a picture from hell.

However, in this place there really were many Profound Core Cultivators, as such although Ning Cheng was fierce, he was just a single person, moreover he only had the cultivation of a ‘mere’ Profound Congealing 4th Level.

Even though his mouth was stained with blood, Ning Cheng’s face was utterly savage to the extreme, even when there was a sword that had directly penetrated through Ning Cheng’s chest. But then at this moment there was surge of pain in his head, and his body suddenly burst out in cold sweat. He had almost turned into a Devil. This True Cosmic Devil Axe was indeed strange, but his cultivation was still too low to be able to completely control it. But even though he was only at Profound Congealing 4th Level, he was still able to display the crazy power of the True Cosmic Devil Axe.

But what he had experienced had also immensely scared him, if not for the Mysterious Yellow Origin, then perhaps he might have even ended up dead. Ning Cheng immediately became furious in his heart, his True Cosmic Devil Axe wanted to again crazily sweep him up. But at this time, his mind was much clearer, at least he was not giving off the kind of crazy slaughtering aura from a moment ago

Sending out numerous golden Axe Line whirlpools, he immediately blocked the numerous attacks from the magical weapon one after another. But the biggest whirlpool formed from the Axe Line, which was actually being controlled by Ning Cheng, bombed towards that Elder Brother Rong. Since he cannot indiscriminately beat them in one go, then he had to take the option of defeating them one by one.

Just a moment ago he had almost descended to become a Devil, although he managed to kill several Profound Core Cultivators, but if he continued on like this then he would have soon ended up dead.

Clearly feeling that the whirlpool formed by the Axe Line was becoming even more powerful as it sucked in the surrounding killing intent and was directly heading towards himself, that Elder Brother Rong was immediately startled in his heart. He quickly realized that Ning Cheng wanted to kill them one by one, quickly calling out loudly, “All the people guarding the doors immediately come together, this person can’t hold out much longer……”

Hearing the loud cry of that Elder Brother Rong, all the cultivators guarding the blue stone doors immediately rushed out to encircle them completely, even many of the Profound Congealing Cultivators also rushed up.

All the people immediately brought out their magical weapons as the attacked Ning Cheng.

“Boom……” Just at the same time, he used his True Cosmic Devil Axe to bring out his [Tornado] as it exploded on top of Elder Brother Rong’s Scorpion King Shears, the Scorpion King Shears was immediately sent flying by the exceedingly powerful Axe Intent sent out from the True Devil Axe, but the killing force behind it once again gathered together into a single point without even a single moment’s delay as it rumbled towards Elder Brother Rong’s chest.

“Peng……” That Elder Brother Rong immediately exploded in a haze of blood and gore, as he was directly killed off by Ning Cheng’s [Tornado] that had condensed to a point.

“Ka Ka Ka Ka……” it was followed by innumerable ‘Ka Ka’ sounds as myriads of explosions sounded out, as dozens of magical weapons exploded to dust by the dense and countless Axe Lines from the whirlpools brought out by Ning Cheng, while simultaneously the whirlpools formed by the [Axe Line] also collapsed. Ning Cheng was also sent flying out tumbling because of the tremendous force from the explosions, only stopping as his back smashed into a giant rock nearby. However, he once again managed to bring out another whirlpool formed from the [Axe Line] from his True Cosmic Devil Axe, which allowed him to preserve his small life.

“You have to hurry up and help him aaah, why is he the only one fighting….” That girl Sha Sha had already changed into the clothes given to her, at this moment she had completely forgotten that just a few moments ago she was going to be humiliated by Lu Ming in front of everyone. Tears welled up in her eyes as she cried out to the people observing for help.

These cultivators were originally still frightened and were feeling immense fear as they saw Ning Cheng fight these many Profound Core Cultivators in such a bloody scene, now that they were reminded by Sha Sha, they immediately awakened. Seeing that there was nobody standing guard at the entrance to the valley, almost all the people rushed towards the mouth of the valley, but none of them rushed towards Ning Cheng to help him.

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