Chapter 0206

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0206: The Second Segment of the Law’s Way

Ning Cheng sighed, he intended to help Zhuang Xiangsha by crafting a magical artefact grade coffin. But now that Zhuang Xiangsha finally closed her eyes, the words she spoke a moment ago had now ended up becoming her dying will.

Releasing Grey Toottoot from the Spirit Beast Bag, he spoke, “Hurry up and collect all the Storage Bags and Rings, I have other things to take care off.”

Grey Toottoot on hearing that it had to collect the Storage Bags and Rings, did not need Ning Cheng to remind it for the second time, as it swiftly rushed out.

After Ning Cheng swallowed several pills, he immediately began crafting a simple coffin with some of the materials that he already had. In addition to it, he also carved out a Preserving Array Formation on the coffin, and then finally laid down Zhuang Xiangsha’s body gently into it, before storing the coffin into his ring.

By this point of time, Grey Toottoot had already collected a pile of Storage Rings and Storage Bags and came over. Ning Cheng received the Storage Rings, and also collected all the scattered magical weapons all around him. Then he went forward and pulled out his Profound Break Spear. This spear had turned one of the eight Blue Stone Doors at the mouth of the valley into dust.

“Let’s go.” Picking up Grey Toottoot, Ning Cheng brought out his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, and quickly disappeared through the entrance of the valley.

His injuries were quite heavy, as such he needed to find a place to recuperate. As for the cut apart corpses left behind by him, Ning Cheng did not have any intention to bury them.

It was only until a day later that some people finally arrived here, but after those cultivators saw torn up corpses lying everywhere on the ground, they immediately panicked and increased their speed to the maximum as they quickly sped past through the valley entrance.


In the temporary Immortal Cave that he had dug up, Ning Cheng really felt thankful towards Kong Pengpeng. Without Kong Pengpeng’s Broken Core Pearl, it would be absolutely impossible for him to leave that place with such ease. If not for that then even if he wanted escape from there, with the way those Profound Core Cultivators were blocking his path, even if he was able to kill a few of them, he would have eventually ended up dead.

Moreover, he finally understood the purpose of Elder Sister Shu for insisting on him changing his appearance. At this time Ning Cheng was made deeply aware of it. At least at present, no one here knew that he was actually Ning Cheng. If they were to consider him to be a Devil Cultivator, then once they managed to get out, it would truly be very disadvantageous for him.

Although he was severely wounded once again, but Ning Cheng was actually not depressed about it, at least this time he had raked in a considerable harvest. He had nearly 30 Storage Rings from the Profound Core Cultivators, as well as many dozens of Storage Rings and Storage Bags from the Profound Congealing Cultivators. Surely with the things inside he would be able to cultivate for some time.

However, Ning Cheng did not proceed to examine the things that he obtained, he had to hurry up and heal all his injuries first. The type of killing form of the Angry Axe stimulated by the True Cosmic Devil Axe was truly astonishing. However, the backlash was also very strong. If he did not have the Mysterious Yellow Origin, Ning Cheng would never dare to continue using it. The bloodthirsty Devilish Nature of the True Cosmic Devil Axe was just too heavy. If it was used by an ordinary person, then it would steadily and quickly corrode them from the inside out, turning them completely into a Devil.

A Devil Cultivator really had a very bad reputation, and it was not without a reason.

Ning Cheng was very confident on his Mysterious Yellow Origin, he believed that his Mysterious Yellow Origin could completely suppress the True Cosmic Devil Axe’s Devilish Nature, and even completely refine the Devilish Nature and merge it into the Axe Type Killing Intent.

Elder Sister Shu had said that this True Cosmic Devil Metal was not only a Devil Metal, but at the same time it was also comprised of True Cosmic Metal as one of its fundamental components. The True Cosmic Metal was a true noble metal. Refining it into a magical weapon would also bring out such a majestical strength.

At this time although Ning Cheng had severe injuries, he had at least not damaged his foundation. As such under the influence of his pills, he was making a speedy recovery. In only a half a month’s time, Ning Cheng could actually feel that his injuries had healed up by 70-80 percent.

At this time Ning Cheng finally was able to calm down and started to reorganise the spoils that he obtained. Out of the almost 100 Storage Rings that his obtained, he had made the harvest of about 5-6 million High Grade Spirit Stones. Although the Spiritual Grasses were only few, but there were plenty of Artefact Crafting Materials. Moreover, Ning Cheng also discovered that the majority of the Spirit Stones were in the rings from the Profound Core Cultivators, as for the things inside the rings of the Profound Congealing Cultivators, they were just a few.

Ning Cheng guessed that those cultivators who were blocking the way should have entered the middle regions of the Law’s Way a long time ago, and had ended up using up their Spirit Stones. As for the Spirit Stones in the Storage Rings, they definitely were wrest away from the cultivators who had just entered the Law’s Way. Since those cultivators had just come in, then it was certain that they would not bring too many spiritual grasses with them.

Still it was alright, since he had helped everyone by completely exterminating this band of rogues, so him keeping these Spirit Stones was in a way perfectly justified.

After completing the reorganisation of the Spirit Stones and all the other materials, Ning Cheng then proceeded on to re-craft a jade coffin in order to repay the help Zhuang Xiangsha had provided. Previously when he had crafted the coffin, he had only used ordinary wood and had done so hastily under the condition of him being severely wounded. Not only the Array Formation that he placed on it was crude, but even the shape of the coffin was very crude and simple. Zhuang Xiangsha was the only person who had remained behind to help him, and had helped him out against that black light from that person, even if it only gave him a moment, but Ning Cheng felt that he at least had to craft a good jade coffin for her.

If Zhuang Xiangsha was not a victim, then she would have also very likely to have walked away with the other cultivators, but Ning Cheng did not care about it.

Such was the nature of humans.

He also had frequently seen a few such news before, when one saw something bad happening that was not related to them, many of the people would simply choose to stand by and watch as onlookers, there would even be a few who would actively try to avoid such things once they saw such a scene.

But nevertheless there would always be a few people with heroic spirit. They would always stand up to try and stop such misdeeds. These people were the ones that made people feel that there was still some warmth in this world and that morality and justice was still alive.

For Zhuang Xiangsha to remain back, not only it was because he had saved her, but it was because she had wanted to help her benefactor from the bottom of her heart. Towards a person that was full of gratitude, Ning Cheng always respected them very much.


After entering the Law’s Way’s Second Segment, all the cultivators finally understood how difficult it was in here. In this segment of the Law’s Way, there were monstrous beasts everywhere. Similarly, because the laws of the Heaven and Earth were more complete in this segment of the Law’s Ways, as a result the monstrous beasts in here were extremely powerful.

Even for an Early Stage Profound Congealing 4th Level Cultivator, they may not necessarily be able to beat a Class 4 Intermediate Stage monstrous beast. Even if it was a Class 4 Early Stage monstrous beast, they may not be able to beat it. Moreover, this was only for monstrous beasts roaming on the ground, if they met even a single flight type monstrous beast, even if it was a Class 3 Late Stage monstrous beast, an Early Stage Profound Congealing Cultivator would not be able to even put a scratch on it.

Besides these monstrous beasts, this segment of the Law’s Ways had all kinds of marshes, bogs and death traps, there were even a few regions containing spatial tears. Once one fell into it, they would directly turn to dust.

If it was only these, then by being careful and cautious along the way, they would be able to pass through here, albeit it would take a little more time than usual. But the most important thing here was that the distribution of Spiritual Qi here was extremely uneven.

Majority of the regions in here had extremely scarce Spiritual Qi, so much that it could even be said that those regions did not even contain any Spiritual QI. As for the regions with rich Spiritual Qi, they were all completely occupied by various monstrous beasts, or were dispersed in different extremely dangerous positions. If one did not have Spirit Stones, then wanting to cultivate in this kind of place, it would be extremely difficult.

“No wonder those people wanted to block that place and loot the people, it should be because they had run out of Spirit Stones for their cultivation practice. Moreover, they also do not dare to enter the territories of the monstrous beasts here, as such they could only hide at the entrance to the valley and intercept the cultivators trying to enter this place.” After Zhangsun Yan experienced a few dangers, she suddenly spoke out.

But not a single person replied to her words, as everyone present there had already understood this truth. Moreover, looking at this place, no one knew how much bigger would the third segment of this path be when compared to the first segment and this place here. Perhaps numerous years later, they would also have to retreat from this place, block the entrance to this place to intercept and extort resources from the newly arrived batch of cultivators, all in order to seek out more Spirit Stones to improve their cultivation.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji has also arrived.” Cheng Yixiao spoke suddenly.

A few moments later, 6-7 people rapidly arrived from a distant place, after having noticed Cheng Yixiao and his team, they immediately stopped, every person on the respective teams knew each other as such there was no need for greetings and introductions.

“Greetings to Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng.” Yan Ji and the others nonetheless gave a polite greeting to Cheng Yixiao, as among them Cheng Yixiao’s cultivation was the highest. Moreover, his status among them was also the highest.

Yan Ji and Nalan Ruxue had some differences between them, as such although she had taken the initiative to greet them politely, Nalan Ruxue simply did not even return a single sound. Conversely, she was much more warmed towards Jia Lingwei.

“This is the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, although the probability of us falling here is high but at least it is not like before, which is why we must not casually intrude into the territory of an advanced levelled monstrous beast. We are simply not powerful enough.” Since the people in front of him had greeted them politely, Cheng Yixiao also replied to them in a calm and dignified manner.

If Yan Ji and the others had entered the Second Segment of the Law’s Way at an earlier time, then they might have understood Cheng Yixiao’s words, but she then she actually inquired about a completely different issue, “Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, when we entered the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, we saw over a hundred corpses at the entrance of the valley. Moreover, the scene we saw was that of a complete mess and utter confusion, Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, you seem to have come in before us, do you have any idea how it came to be?”

Nalan Ruxue who already did not have good relations with Yan Ji suddenly spoke out, “Senior Apprentice Sister Ji, are you familiar with this Cheng Xiaoning?”

“He and I are not acquainted with each other, why are you asking about him suddenly?” Yan Ji’s complexion was somewhat ugly at the moment, although she had refused to give face to Nalan Ruxue in the cabin hall on the airship, and had helped that Cheng Xiaoning, she had not thought that this Nalan Ruxue would still ask about this matter in the present situation.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji please do not misunderstand what Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue spoke. It is because it is highly likely that it was Cheng Xiaoning who had killed all those people before we came in.” Jia Lingwei saw that there was some misunderstanding cropping up between them, hurriedly explained from the side.

“Aah?” Yan Ji almost thought that she herself had misheard, although Cheng Xiaoning had a powerful Ice Type Magical Technique, but his cultivation was only at the Essence Building Realm, how could it be possible that he would have any relation to the more than hundred corpses outside? She had also carefully looked at the battlefield, and discovered that there were even many incomplete corpses of Profound Core Cultivators there.

“If I have not guessed wrongly, then those people were all definitely killed by that Cheng Xiaoning. Since Senior Apprentice Sister Ji has not been stopped, then it would also explain that that Cheng Xiaoning had either used the forbidden technique, or had perished together with them…….”

Nalan Ruxue had not yet finished speaking her words, when she was interrupted by Yan Ji, “What did you say? How can a single Cheng Xiaoning kill that many Profound Core cultivators? Also what forbidden technique? That is absolutely impossible……”

Yan Ji’s complexion was somewhat strange; she was very clear on the cultivation of Cheng Xiaoning. He had fought back to back with her against the Silver Patterned Demon Wolves, moreover he was just a single man, he would not be able to kill these many Profound Core Cultivators, even if he used an extremely powerful forbidden technique.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Ji, this is indeed the truth, it is because that Cheng Xiaoning is a Devil Cultivator, moreover he is a Devil Cultivator with the cultivation of at least Profound Core Realm……” Seeing Yan Ji question Nalan Ruxue, a male cultivator in Cheng Yixiao’s team took the initiative to speak up.

“Devil Cultivator? How is it even possible, if Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng really was so powerful, he would not have to team up with us. Moreover, before we separated, we had collaborated with each other to cope up against the Silver Patterned Demon Wolf pack, and had gotten rid of them fair and square, he absolutely is not a Devil Cultivator.” Yan Ji rebutted him without any hesitation.

The things that Zhangsun Yan had long suppressed in her heart, at this time when she saw Yan Ji speaking in such a firm manner that Ning Cheng was not a Devil Cultivator, quickly spoke up the words that she really wanted to speak out. She spoke from the time they approached the Blue Stone Doors that were blocked off by the cultivators present there, to the public humiliation of Zhuang Xiangsha, to the arrival of Ning Cheng to help them out. Until finally, Ning Cheng diverting the attention of those cultivators onto himself, while the rest of the cultivators rushed through the blue stone doors into the Second Segment of the Law’s Way.

When Yan Ji heard those words, her face greatly changed, and spoke out in a harsh and extremely severe yet ice cold tone, “Those people humiliated Junior Apprentice Sister Sha Sha, moreover in front of everyone, so how were they not different from beasts? Moreover, why didn’t you go forward to help? Even when Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng had surrounded himself with those animals just to help you out. Why don’t you just admit it that you all in the end just wanted to help yourselves……”

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