Chapter 0207

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0207: It’s not like they are rare

Hearing the reprimanding words of Yan Ji, Cheng Yixiao’s face immediately turned full of shame, this matter even if it was at this moment, he still brooded over it heavily.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, please be cautious with your words.” Xi Ang on seeing that Yan Ji did not even have a hint of discretion in her words, quickly reminded her.

“What is there to be cautious about, Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng is not a Devil Cultivator, how could I not know about it? Moreover, even if he was a Devil Cultivator, he still came forward to help you, who were complete strangers to him, in your difficulties, while you couldn’t even be bothered to even try to reach out your hand to help out your own people, let alone him?” Yan Ji ridiculed them without any hesitation.

Xi Ang hurriedly sent a sound transmission to Yan Ji, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, did you forget about the matter regarding the Kun Yun Academy from several hundred years ago? The Wu Nian Academy also participated in that besieging, especially because it was Jing Hao who had helped a Devil Cultivator. Now the Wu Nian Academy is already one of the three strongest Academies, but the Kun Yun Academy? You are the core disciple of the Blue Cloud Academy, our Blue Cloud Academy would soon become a 9 Star Academy, as such there would be many people who would be envious of us, so you really will have to be discreet in your words and speak with extreme caution, aah.”

A trace of fear jolted Yan Ji’s heart as she remembered about this matter.

A female cultivator standing by the side of Nalan Ruxue spoke with a sneer, “You speak like this because Senior Apprentice Sister Ji was not there, if Senior Apprentice Sister Ji was also there, then perhaps Senior Apprentice Sister Ji would have been the first one to step up to help him. At the beginning when we were on the airship, hasn’t Senior Apprentice Sister Ji already helped that Devil Cultivator, that she calls as Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, once already?”

“So what if I did?” Yan Ji’s eyes immediately became ice cold, as she stared at this female cultivator and asked, but was once again reminded of Xi Ang’s words. Because of which she once again lost what she wanted to speak out.

Cheng Yixiao, seeing that there were more and more people wanting to speak up about this matter, immediately waved his hand and spoke out hastily, “Before Junior Apprentice Sister Ji did not know that that Cheng Xiaoning was a Devil Cultivator, moreover it can also be said that even we also similarly were not aware of what he was. Besides, from the morality and justice point of view, we really should have helped him. It’s just, just……”

Cheng Yixiao was himself not good with words originally, because of which he was simply stuck at this point.

But another cultivator quickly spoke up to help him out, “It is just that the conduct of a Devil Cultivator is extremely unpredictable, moreover at that time the Devilish Nature of that Devil Cultivator was simply too strong and overwhelming, and was continuously and repeatedly casting out forbidden techniques. If we really came up to help him, it would have surely ended up in false counter-accusations. However, even though he was a Devil Cultivator, he still had the disposition to come to somebody’s help, thus it can be clearly seen that his mental capacities had not yet completely vanished, and his benevolent nature still existed.”

When Cheng Yixiao heard those words, his face immediately felt scorchingly hot. If that Cheng Xiaoning was here, these words would be equivalent to slapping his face repeatedly, aah.

Yan Ji sneered, but did not retort back, rather she just held up her cupped fists and spoke, “This place here is the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, and is rampant with monstrous beasts, I think that everyone already knows about this. Moreover, one can only enter the Third Segment after cutting across the Second Segment. It is the key for us to come out from the Law’s Way. I think that since our teams have already arrived here, then continuing to remain in a team at this point of time really has no significance. In this kind of place, everybody can only rely on their own ability and look for their own opportunities, as such I will be the first to take my leave from here.”

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, there is the Blood River Red Lotuses on top of the Blood River Mountains that is only found in this Second Segment in consideration, it is simply a priceless thing. Once we get our hands on the Blood River Red Lotuses, then we can think of going our separate ways, what do you say?” Hearing Yan Ji insisting on leaving, Xi Ang hurriedly tried to persuade her to stay.

“That’s right, we also have planned to go to the Blood River Mountains to try to collect the Blood River Red Lotuses, since we all are already planning to go to the Blood River Mountains then the more people we can gather the better the chances would be. As such it would be much better for both of our team to join together.” What Cheng Yixiao wanted to say in his mind, was that to acquire the Blood River Red Lotuses growing on top of the Blood River Mountains, it would be better if they had more people.

Moreover, the Blood River Mountains had a certain characteristic, that is only those who had entered the Law’s Way for less than three years can approach the mountain range, other than them no one else can even get close to the Blood River Mountains. Therefore, if they wanted to collect the Blood River Red Lotuses, then it had to be done as soon as possible.

“There are many good things inside here than just that, I have decided to seek for my own opportunities by myself.” Yan Ji still bluntly rejected the invitation without any hesitation.

Saying that, Yan Ji had already turned around and very quickly went far away.

When Jia Lingwei saw Yan Ji had already left, she suddenly spoke to the other people around her as she cupped her fists, “I feel that the words spoken by Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji is very correct, there are many opportunities inside this place, as such I have also planned to go my own way along with Zhangsun Yan. It is time for us to say our goodbyes to the Senior and Junior Apprentice Brothers and Sisters here.”

Saying that Jia Lingwei and Zhangsun Yan also quickly left in the same direction as Yan Ji.


Yan Ji stopped, as she doubtfully looked at Jia Lingwei and Zhangsun Yan who had come after her and asked, “Do you not want to form a team with them?”

“The people on those team are simply full of hypocrisy, staying with them simply would have no meaning.” Zhangsun Yan was always candid and outspoken, and directly spoke out what she thought.

But Jia Lingwei actually showed a faint smile and spoke, “I and Yan Yan truly do not want to continue to stay in that team, moreover it is also not a team formed with the members of my own Academy. Moreover, the reason why I found Junior Apprentice Sister Ji was because there are a few things that I wanted to discuss with you.”

Yan Ji felt that Zhangsun Yan’s words was true to her temperament, as such her expression somewhat softened up as she spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, you can certainly speak.”

“Actually, initially when Senior Apprentice Brother Ning was fighting against those cultivators who were blocking the path to here, I and Yan Yan had also chosen to leave, it was because I knew that staying back in that place would simply be useless. Moreover, it would only have one outcome, and that was that it would give people the excuse to say that the Dragon and Phoenix Academy was friends with a Devil Cultivator.”

“Certainly, if we really were able to provide any help to Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, then I simply would not care about the excuse, moreover it certainly would not be enough of a reason to make me leave, and it more so is not because I am afraid to die. The Dragon and Phoenix Academy has been existing from several thousands of years, and it has a reason for it, as such it would not be destroyed just because of an unimportant disciple.” Jia Lingwei spoke with a sincerely from the depths of her heart.

“Is Cheng Xiaoning really a Devil Cultivator?” Yan Ji still did not completely believe the words that she heard, it was not that she did not very much agree to the words of Jia Lingwei, but rather she was more concerned about Ning Cheng being a Devil Cultivator.

Jia Lingwei’s voice hardened, as she spoke up, “Whether or not he really is a Devil Cultivator, that I do not know, however his magical weapon is an ugly looking axe. Moreover, when that axe was brought out, it brought out an extremely strong and bloody aura that can only come from a Devil Cultivator, moreover after it cut through and slayed several cultivators, that cruel and bloodthirsty Devilish Nature’s aura grew even more stronger.”

“That’s wrong aah, he uses ice type magical techniques, moreover uses a flying sword to cast it, how can he use an axe? Moreover, he and I had separated for just about a year back, how could there be such a huge change in him?” Yan Ji still frowned and spoke to herself.

Thinking till here, she suddenly thought of something else, as she stared at Jia Lingwei and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, you just now said ‘Senior Apprentice Brother Ning’, moreover you said it twice till now, shouldn’t it be ‘Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng’?”

Jia Lingwei sighed as she spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, this is one of the reason that I have come to look for you.”

“You can continue.” Yan Ji felt that this matter was somewhat strange so she let her continue.

Jia Lingwei also nodded her head and spoke, “If I have not guessed wrong, then that Cheng Xiaoning should have been formerly called Ning Cheng……”

Zhangsun Yan was immediately shocked as she asked, “Elder Sister Lingwei, you said that that Devil Cultivator’s name is Ning Cheng, wasn’t Senior Apprentice Brother Ning killed by Senior Apprentice Sister Ruxue? That, that….”

“Ruxue killed Ning Cheng? What’s going on?” To Yan Ji, she was more familiar with the name ‘Cheng Xiaoning’, as to the name ‘Ning Cheng’ she had never heard of it.

“That’s right. It really is the case.” Jia Lingwei spoke in a solemn manner, “I had only thought about this later. Just before I had left, he was severely injured and was smashed onto a boulder. When I turned and took a glance at him, I felt that he looked somewhat familiar, but was disappointed because he had a different appearance. But thinking back, it was at that time when he scolded Nalan Ruxue for being ungrateful, although he did not speak it, it was all in his eyes. Afterwards when I thought about the name ‘Cheng Xiaoning’, if we just reverse the name then it becomes ‘Ning Xiaocheng’. Remover the ‘Xiao ’ character, then it just happens to be ‘Ning Cheng’….”

Yan Ji was surprised as she asked, “Why did he scold Nalan Ruxue to be ungrateful? Nalan Ruxue killing Ning Cheng, just what exactly is this matter?”

Jia Lingwei knew about this matter in a greater detail, originally Nalan Ruxue wanted to kill Ning Cheng because he had touched her chest, moreover she even prevented Ning Cheng from speaking about this matter. Afterwards, when she delivered Ning Cheng to Master Shu, only then did her heart began to feel always in lumps and burdened with something, moreover she also felt that the others looked at her with strange gazes because of her act of borrowing a knife to kill another. Eventually, unable to bear all of it, she explained all the grudges between her and Ning Cheng, and even ‘connected’ the excuses Ning Cheng had spoken.

After listening to the explanation of Nalan Ruxue, at that point Jia Lingwei had still relatively approved the viewpoint of Nalan Ruxue. After all, if one’s chest was groped, especially when they were in a coma, for a woman it was never a happy thing. However, she also thought that Nalan Ruxue was somewhat improper in her act of killing him with a borrowed knife, but because she and Ning Cheng did not have a connection, therefore she did not think much or even speak about this matter.

But now her life was saved by Ning Cheng, if Ning Cheng had not come, then she knew that Nalan Ruxue would have already lost the opportunity to escape. Moreover, she and Zhangsun Yan would absolutely not be able to leave.

At this moment when Yan Ji asked about it, Jia Lingwei did not conceal anything, and completely spoke out the entire matter between Ning Cheng and Nalan Ruxue. Finally, she said, “Seeing Ning Cheng’s ability at that time, the words spoken of him saving Nalan Ruxue were evidently not lies. Those words should definitely be true.”

Yan Ji’s eyes immediately turned cold, “Ning Cheng has really not spoken incorrectly about this woman. But just saying her being ungrateful is too light. He had obviously risked death to save her from the hands of that nefarious cultivator, but she still had thoughts of lashing out against him and even try to murder him with a borrowed knife. Luckily that Master Shu had also not acted against Ning Cheng, otherwise a grave injustice would have been committed against Ning Cheng and he would have ended up being killed under false charges. Are her breasts that much worth in gold? Aren’t they not just two lumps of meat and fat, they are not even things that are rare. I really must have carried my luck on my back, to unexpectedly be able to work with such a person side by side.”

“Precisely, aren’t they nothing but two lumps of meat and fat, who doesn’t have them? In the future, even if mine ended up being bigger than hers, what would be so great about it?” Zhangsun Yan found that the people around her were talking the same language as her, immediately spoke out with a similarly razor sharp tongue.

Jia Lingwei’s complexion looked as if she was a bit embarrassed with this talk, she knew that Nalan Ruxue was not a vicious person, it was because she had misunderstood Ning Cheng. In that kind of situation, it truly would be very difficult to understand the truth. Now that Zhangsun Yan and Yan Ji formed a union of sorts to scold Nalan Ruxue, Jia Lingwei hurriedly spoke up, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue should have not known that Ning Cheng, with the cultivation of Essence Building, could be able to cope with a Profound Congealing Cultivator, it is because of that she had ended up misunderstanding him. In the future, once she realizes it, she would definitely come forwards to openly apologize to Ning Cheng.”

“Apologize?” Yan Ji sneered, “She is a core disciple of a 9 Star Academy who always thinks that she is aloof and above everyone else and has clouds beneath her feet, moreover would she even apologize to a supposed Devil Cultivator?”

Jia Lingwei saw the point behind those words, and spoke out, “Let’s not talk about this anymore, there is another matter that I had wanted to discuss with Junior Apprentice Ji, it is also one of the other reasons that I wanted to come find you. We want to go to the Blood River Mountains to seek out the Blood River Red Lotuses, but I do not know if Junior Apprentice Sister Ji wants to come along? If Junior Apprentice Sister Ji wants to come along, then I actually have a secret path that leads directly to the Blood River Mountains.”

“I was just thinking to go there, but I simply do not want to collaborate with those hypocrites, if Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei has a secret path, then it is the best. As for us three, we can work together for it.” Yan Ji had originally planned to go to seek out the Blood River Mountains, and collecting the Blood River Red Lotuses was one of her tasks, as such how could she give up on it.


Ning Cheng at this time was at Profound Congealing 5th Level, his speed of absorption of the Spiritual Qi was obviously a lot faster than before, but his progress seemed as if he had just started. Even though the Spiritual Qi around him was seemingly endless and inexhaustible, and was being transformed into liquid True Essence that was filling his Core Lake. But his Core Lake was really too formidable, even if he brought in even more liquefied True Essence, it was simply akin to mud falling into the sea. As such after cultivating to the Profound Congealing 5th Level, his advancement became unexpectedly extremely slow.

Even the effect of swallowing pills had noticeably lost its sharpness, he knew that unless he had Advanced Level Pills, the pills he had would not have much effect. But the problem was that he was simply not able to refine such pills.

After half a month passed by, Ning Cheng abruptly stopped his cultivation. His cultivation was still at Profound Congealing 5th Level, although it had progressed a bit, but if he wanted to advance further, then purely being dependent on Spirit Stones would simply be too difficult. He must find new sources and opportunities for advancement. Ning Cheng believed that in the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, there would definitely be more good things that in the First Segment.

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