Chapter 0208

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth
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Chapter 0208: Wounded in exchange for Silver Spiritual Blossoms

Ning Cheng had just come out, when he ended up meeting a pack of Iron Backed Thunder Leopards. In this pack of Iron Backed Thunder Leopards, the strongest one was at Class 5, while the rest of them were either Class 4 or Class 3.

After the Iron Backed Thunder Leopards saw Ning Cheng, then immediately swarmed towards him, Grey Toottoot who was still perched on Ning Cheng’s shoulder suddenly let out fierce ‘Yi Yi’ sounds towards them, but it did not even have half the effect intended.

But Ning Cheng did not care about them, he could already massacre 20-30 Profound Core Cultivators by himself, with just a mere 2 Class 5 Thunder Leopards here, while the rest only at Class 3 and Class 4 levels, what would he even have to worry about? He leisurely brought out his Profound Break Spear, and casually swept out with his Profound Ice Spear Shadows. Immediately 36 Profound Ice Spear Shadows came out, at this moment Ning Cheng was completely able to cast out the technique in its entirety.

Moreover, casting out the complete Profound Ice Spear Shadows at this moment, compared to his initial mastery over it, its power and fierceness had grown several fold. The thunder and lightning sent out by these Iron Backed Thunder Leopard, was completely blocked by the network formed by the Profound Ice Spear Shadows.

‘Pi Pi Pa Pa’ cracking sounds continuously rang out, which was the result of the Profound Ice Spear Shadows breaking through the thunder and lightning sent out by the Thunder Leopards, while also killing some of the lower levelled Thunder Leopards in the chaos that it produced among them. But the hides of these Iron Backed Thunder Leopards was really very thick, Ning Cheng’s Profound Ice Spear Shadows other than killing a small amount of Class 3 Thunder Leopards, did not have much of an effect on the rest of the Thunder Leopards Pack.

Even if that was the case, these Iron Backed Thunder Leopards realized that Ning Cheng was definitely not an easy target. The leading Class 5 Thunder Leopard immediately issued a loud howl, then bringing the rest of the Thunder Leopards, they immediately turned around to retreat and quickly vanished into the boundless wilderness.

Ning Cheng also did not go after them, the speed of Thunder Leopards was extremely fast, once they decided to run away, then chasing them did not make any sense. What’s more, he already had more than enough materials from the Iron Backed Thunder Leopards in his Storage Rings.

Walking around for the next two days, even if Ning Cheng was able to fly, he did not dare to do such a thing in here. This was the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, not only there were many monstrous beasts in here, but they were also getting more and more fierce and powerful. Besides these monstrous beasts, this Second Segment also had many dangerous places, as such one could not carelessly move around in this place. Ning Cheng had at several times almost ended up being swallowed by those whirlpool-like vortices in the marshes. If he did not have the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, then perhaps he would have already crossed over to the other side.

After experiencing such things for a few days, Ning Cheng finally summed up a rule of sorts in this place. In the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, the Spiritual Qi distribution was extremely non-uniform, if one wanted to walk through here, then as far as possible one could only walk safely through the places deficient in Spiritual Qi. These places contained only a few Monstrous Beasts. Moreover, there were also not many dangerous or restricted areas in these spots, and even if it had, they were mostly not fatal.

However even though one could walk in a relatively safe manner through these Spiritual Qi deficient places, but it had a shortcoming. It simply did not have any good things. Regardless of if it was spiritual grasses or precious materials, one could not even see a single thing in these places.

If one wanted to obtain good things, then they could only go to the places rich in Spiritual Qi, moreover wherever there was a rich density of Spiritual Qi, there would always be a few good things at the very least. Of course, it would certainly be much more dangerous in these places.

Because of the circumstances and such situations in this part of the Law’s Way, Ning Cheng estimated that among all those who came in, he might be the only person who did not know about these things. However, he had also realized a few things that other people may not know, that is if he walked only through the Spiritual Qi deficient zones that were relatively safe, then even if he walked for his entire lifetime, he estimated that he would never be able to get out of the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, not to mention his search for the True Spirit Nectar Wash.

Since he entered the Law’s Way, then he had to seek out his own opportunities. As such Ning Cheng exclusively began to look for places rich in Spiritual Qi. Although these places had many dangers, but Ning Cheng depended on his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, and was able to escape several times from many groups of monstrous beasts in those areas.

It was also because of this, Ning Cheng was able to obtain a lot of good things. What was even better was that he had obtained several tens of Profound Life Fruits, this was one of the spiritual grasses that he needed the most at this moment. The Profound Life Fruit was a Rank 5 Spiritual Grass. It was the main ingredient required for refining the Profound Life Pill. A Profound Life Pill was to a Profound Congealing Cultivator the same way as the True Essence pills were for an Essence Building Cultivator, moreover it was classified as a Level 5 Profound Pill.

To Ning Cheng, this pill was very important, initially when he had to deal with that group of Profound Core Cultivators, if he had the Profound Life Pill at that moment, then he absolutely would not be seriously injured at all.

In this manner, Ning Cheng simply started to adopt the guerrilla approach in his searches; if he met a dangerous area that he could not handle, he would retreat, but if he arrived at an area where he could loot the magical things there, then he would proceed to pick them up. This way, the most dangerous areas that Ning Cheng had encountered were the areas with spacial tears where he was almost sucked in. Even though he had the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, it would simply be useless in those regions with spatial tears.

After experiencing such things, Ning Cheng became even more careful in his search, if the things he found were not very precious, then he would not generally take such a risk to get them.

However, at this moment, Ning Cheng was actually staring at a particular patch of spiritual grass in a distance, and was not willing to leave.

This spiritual grass’ rank was not very high, it was a bunch of Rank 4 Silver Spiritual Blossoms. Although Silver Spiritual Blossoms was only a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, but it was actually one of the most precious spiritual grass for a Profound Congealing Cultivator, and was also placed at the top of all the Rank 4 Spiritual Grasses. This spiritual grass can be refined into a Spiritual Accumulation Pill; a Spiritual Accumulation Pill was the best pill for the cultivation practice of a Late Stage Profound Congealing Cultivator. Do not look at the Spiritual Accumulation Pill as being only a Level 4 Pill, as compared to the Essence Accumulation Pill, it was several times much stronger.

Even if he did not refine the Silver Spiritual Blossoms he found in the wild here, just the effect of the Silver Spiritual Blossoms for a cultivator was something that simply cannot be compared to any other spiritual grass of the same level.

But what made Ning Cheng depressed was that this one patch of Silver Spiritual Blossoms was growing in the middle of the whirlpool marsh. Moreover, on both flanks of this patch of Silver Spiritual Blossoms, there were two Class 5 Horned Mammoth Demons, who were highest apex existences within their class. Even though there were only two Horned Mammoth Demons, one of them was big while the other one was small, and were staring at Ning Cheng in a very cautious manner.

Ning Cheng really did not understand, why would two monstrous beasts who were apex existences within Class 5 Monstrous Beasts would defend this patch of Silver Spiritual Blossoms, especially as these blossoms did not have any big use for them?

However, no matter how hard-to-get this patch of Silver Spiritual Blossoms was, Ning Cheng really did not want to give up on it. He affirmed to himself that as long as he obtained a few Silver Spiritual Blossoms, and refined it into Spiritual Accumulation Pills, then he definitely would be able to successfully pass through the Profound Congealing Realm in almost one go.

Moreover, with these many Silver Spiritual Blossoms, even if he could not use up all the Spiritual Accumulating Pills that he refined, he could still sell the rest for a lot.

Ning Cheng took out his True Cosmic Devil Axe, he decided to take a risk and see if he could get his hands on a few of them. The two One Horned Mammoth Demons were both still staring at him, but did not rush out to attack. Obviously as long as Ning Cheng did not trespass into their territory, they would also not actively seek out to attack Ning Cheng. But in this place, these kind of passive monstrous beasts were relatively quite rare.

Even though he was heavily enticed by the Silver Spiritual Blossoms, Ning Cheng still cautiously move towards it. As he continued to approach the place where the Silver Spiritual Blossoms were growing, the suction force from the marsh was also getting stronger and stronger. Ning Cheng started to have doubts, why were these two One Horned Mammoth Demons not influenced by the suction force from the whirlpool inside the marsh?

Seeing Ning Cheng continue to get close to them, the bigger One Horned Mammoth Demon that was slate grey in colour gave a loud roar, it was as if it was trying to threaten Ning Cheng.

But when it saw that Ning Cheng was not threatened, it unexpectedly stood up at its original spot and kicked off from the ground, as it rushed towards Ning Cheng. Using the True Devil Axe in his hand, Ning Cheng immediately brought out a whirlpool condensed from Axe Lines, and sent it exploding directly in the direction of that One Horned Mammoth Demon. He still had some room to manoeuvre around, as both the One Horned Mammoth Demons seemed to be quite mild natured, moreover Ning Cheng had also not planned to kill the two One Horned Mammoth Demons. After all, he was actually robbing something from the mouth of a monstrous beast.

The animals and beasts back on Earth were not very smart and mostly followed only their instincts, however in this place, for the monstrous beasts to achieve the level of Class 5 it also showed that they possessed quite a high intelligence. As such Ning Cheng did not regard both the One Horned Mammoth Demons to be pesky creatures, his idea was to grab a few Silver Spiritual Blossoms, and then immediately retreat.

Although Ning Cheng did not use his full strength together with his Axe Intent Whirlpool, but even if it was a Late Stage Profound Core Cultivator, they would not dare to look down upon it. But what Ning Cheng did not expect was that this One Horned Mammoth Demon that pounced on him did not give him any leeway, instead it directly used its horn to collide with the whirlpool from Ning Cheng’s killing intent.

A formidable counter attack filled with an even greater force transmitted towards him, Ning Cheng felt a stifling sensation in his chest, immediately realising that it was not good. This peak level Class 5 One Horned Mammoth Demon’s strength had surpassed and went beyond his estimate and imagination.

“Peng” The One Horned Mammoth Demon’s monstrous True Essence immediately clashed with Ning Cheng’s Axe Intent Whirlpool, as it directly broke through Ning Cheng’s Axe Intent whirlpool with a loud explosion. Even Ning Cheng was sent back flying because of such a powerful impact.

But because of the continuously increasing suction force coming from the swampy marsh, it made Ning Cheng even more depressed, why could he feel the suction force, yet this One Horned Mammoth Demon was not even affected in the slightest?

Desperately stimulating the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, Ning Cheng went completely all out, even if had to fight with all he had got, he absolutely cannot fall into the marsh. Once he was sucked into the whirlpool in the marsh, then wanting to come out again, it would involve countless hardships and sufferings.

At this point of time the complete power of the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings was shown without a doubt, forcefully pulling Ning Cheng away from the formidable suction force from the marsh. Immediately noticing that his current position was unexpectedly not far from the patch of Silver Spiritual Blossoms, he rejoiced. But at this time, the other One Horned Mammoth Demon guarding the Silver Spiritual Blossoms looked as if there was fear its eyes, and even shrunk back a bit. Seeing that, Ning Cheng also did not hesitate, wielding the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, he directly rushed towards the patch of Silver Spiritual Blossoms.

At this time, he had not yet reached the main patch of the Silver Spiritual Blossoms, and had only grabbed a few ones on the fringes. He decided that he would only grab as many as he could, facing two such One Horned Mammoth Demons, moreover above the whirlpool of the marsh, and wanting to defeat them to obtain all the Silver Spiritual Blossoms in here really was too difficult at the moment. According to his present position and the distance to the small One Horned Mammoth Demon, after Ning Cheng calculated his plans for seizing as many Silver Spiritual Blossoms, he reckoned that even if that small One Horned Mammoth Demon decided to attack, it would still be too late.

“Peng, Ka……” Ning Cheng had just grabbed a few Silver Spiritual Blossoms in his hands, when that small One Horned Mammoth Demon who had apparently shrunk back in fear, the one which he had thought to be timid, immediately madly rushed towards Ning Cheng, and similarly used his horn to attack Ning Cheng’s back. Ning Cheng immediately flew out like a meteor, but was unable to escape from getting injured.

If one asked him to do this one more time, then Ning Cheng absolutely would not do it. He had not thought that this small One Horned Mammoth Demon’s speed when compared to the big one would be 5-6 times even more faster. Although he had taken into account for this small One Horned Mammoth Demon to sneak attack him even though the distance between them was considerable, but he had not taken into account that this small One Horned Mammoth Demon would have such a frightening speed. If he was not already retreating before the sneak attack, then it would have definitely succeeded.

The formidable suction force coming from the whirlpool in the marsh was still trying to suck him in, but Ning Cheng under the crazy stimulation of the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, was able to forcibly separate himself from the whirlpool inside the marsh with great difficulty, and rushed out. If he did not have the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, then because of these sudden unexpected turn of events, Ning Cheng was sure that this whirlpool would have definitely sucked him into the marsh.

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Ning Cheng felt a majority of his bones in his back were broken but he still had doubts in his heart. Before that small One Horned Mammoth Demon was clearly shrinking back with fear in its eyes. Otherwise, with its speed of sneak attacking, combined with the opportunity to sneak attack, he simply would not have to predict the outcome.

If he had personally not seen it, Ning Cheng absolutely would not believe that the speed of One Horned Mammoth Demon would be this frightening.

Although Ning Cheng was injured, and had quickly retreated, combined with the fortune that those One Horned Mammoth Demons were not aggressive, along with seeing that the amount of Silver Spiritual Blossoms stolen by Ning Cheng were not much, the two of them also did not continue to pursue Ning Cheng.

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