Chapter 0220

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0220: Heaven Opening Talisman

“This place is also just another large swath of sand like any other place in here, what have we come to do here?” Xiang Zhilan and Yan Ji were puzzlingly looking at the same black sands that were devoid of any movement in front of them, they could not understand what Ning Cheng had come to do here.

“When I was still trying to deduce this Array Formation, although I was able to find a way to open it, but I had still not yet completely figured out this Array Formation. To open this Array Formation, we will need to put down a huge array consisting of Communication Array Flags, during the past few years I have already arranged these Array Flags in quite a few chosen locations, now all that is left is produce the required Spirit Stones as an offering at the heart of the Array. According to my deductions, this place here should be the heart of the Array.” Ning Cheng explained.

“Do you really know of a way to get out of this Array Formation?” Xiang Zhilan really did not dare to believe those words as she looked at Ning Cheng, not to mention it was already impossible to obtain a Best Quality Spirit Stone in here, even if they were able to obtain a Best Quality Spirit Stone, Xiang Zhilan would definitely not believe that Ning Cheng could break the Array.

They already did not dare to imagine how many cultivators were and had been trapped in this place at the bottom of the Blood River since the start of its history, as such it wouldn’t come as a surprise if one of them turned out to be a genius in the field of Array Formations. But they have never heard of any person that was able to get out of this place, let alone seeing a person that was able to break open this Array Formation.

Ning Cheng did not speak again. Rather than explaining it to them, it would be better if he did it by himself. He took out more than a dozen Array Flags and threw them out in a particular order, then spread out a few Spirit Stones around them so as to provide a Spiritual Source for the flags. After waiting for a few breaths, a black coloured irregular looking gate suddenly emerged out of thin air in front of the three of them.

“There was actually a hidden gate here?” Xiang Zhilan cried out in a frightened voice, while in her heart she was starting to doubt her own thoughts about whether or not Ning Cheng could really take them out of here.

“This gate will only be open for at most ten breaths of time, we should hurry up and go inside.” During speaking, Ning Cheng had already taken a step forward and was the first one to enter the gate.

Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan on seeing this immediately followed behind.

When the three people finally came out of the gate and saw the scene in front of them, all three of them immediately froze.

All three of them had entered the Blood River Mountains and had eventually fallen to the bottom of the Blood River. The Spiritual Qi at the bottom of the Blood River was not just scarce, but rather it did not even have a single speck of Spiritual Qi. Although this place had a similarly long Blood River in front of them, but on the contrary, the Spiritual Qi present here was extremely rich and thick.

This Blood River in front of them was snaking away far into the distance, and one could simply not see its end at all. This river was also flowing out just like the Blood Rivers from the Blood River Mountains, the only difference was that the waters were completely smooth as they flowed without even single ripple. What was even more surprising was that this Blood River actually seemed to be flowing in an extremely huge circle, so much so that one could not even see the opposite side of this huge circle.

But this Blood River was actually not too wide. As they stood at the side of the Blood River, they could see that the width of this Blood River was not more than three feet. Within this huge circle created by this Blood River, was another similarly large swath of black sands. But in the middle of this large swath of black sand, was a huge skeleton. Moreover, there was a huge golden coloured talisman suspended on top of the skull.

“Such a huge talisman….” Yan Ji spoke out in amazement.

Ning Cheng also had never seen such a huge Talisman, this Talisman was truly huge with a radius of several dozen feet. Moreover, it was exuding an extremely mysterious yet frightening aura, if not for it being blocked by the Blood River, then even they would not be able to hold up against this kind aura for even a single moment.

“Why do I feel that this Blood River is actually acting as a Restrictive Array Formation around it?” Xiang Zhilan suddenly spoke up after a long time.

“Your eyes really are good, this Blood River is certainly acting as a Restriction, moreover not only is this Blood River acting as a Restriction, even the Blood River Mountains outside can also be considered as a part of this Restriction. Moreover, those Blood River Peaks on the Blood River Mountains are also part of the Restrictive Array Formation. But this Restriction actually seems to be a Natural Restrictive Array Formation that actually came into existence in order to keep that Talisman trapped in here.” Ning Cheng spoke in a solemn tone, he had been inferring and deducing Array Formations in equivalence of several decades, as such his insights and level of understanding towards Array Formations was far from being comparable to that of Xiang Zhilan.

“There seems to be a word written on the Talisman.” Yan Ji had noticed it and immediately spoke up.

Xiang Zhilan nodded and spoke, “Yes, it says ‘Heaven Opening’ using the two characters, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Open’ to form the word.”

Ning Cheng spoke, “I just used my Spiritual Consciousness to try and probe it, but although we are able to see it across the river, but my Spiritual Consciousness is unable to get across this Blood River. We should not even think of trying to cross this river, otherwise we all will absolutely be swept away by this Blood River. Whether or not that skeleton and Talisman are a good thing, I don’t know, but since we cannot get close to it, then it would be better to quickly get down to what we have come here for.”

Saying that Ning Cheng had already taken out a Best Quality Spirit Stone. “Fortunately, I happened to have come across a Best Quality Spirit Stone, with regards to High Grade Spirit Stones, you also do not need to worry about it.”

“Can you really get us out?” Yan Ji originally did not have any plans of exiting this place, now hearing Ning Cheng not only say that he could get them out, moreover had even come up with a Best Quality Spirit Stone, she was completely bewildered and asked him in a daze.

Ning Cheng just gave an ‘En’ sound and spoke, “I suppose that this entire Array Formation, and even the entire Blood River Mountains outside were actually something created by this Talisman, which resulted in the Spiritual Qi from the outside to be absorbed and transported to this place. As such, getting out of this Array Formation is actually very simple, just find the Array Heart, and then offer a Spiritual Sacrifice to the river, this is what makes it somewhat different from other ordinary Array Formations.”

“How do you know that you can open this Array in such a manner?” Xiang Zhilan blurted out, she had come from an 8 Star Academy, and the Academy also had many divisions, but she had never heard of an approach of using spiritual sacrifice as a means to break open an Array.

Ning Cheng had to say it, “It is something that I slowly was able to deduce, before when I was outside I had scattered a lot of Array Flags, it was only in order to open that gate and locate this place. Only when we arrived in here, can we continue with the Spiritual Sacrifice. If you end up getting trapped in that place the next time, then as long as you have sufficient Spirit Stones you would soon be able to get out. Moreover, the Spiritual Sacrifice is not to break open this Array, it is just to provide Spiritual Qi to the Blood River, so that it could actively transfer us out of this place.”

Yan Ji glanced at Ning Cheng, but did not speak. She and Ning Cheng had not been together for a long time, but she simply couldn’t stop herself from admiring and appreciating Ning Cheng. If she and Ning Cheng really ended up being trapped in this place together, then it would not really be unbearable to carry on. But once they got out, she and Ning Cheng would most likely end up only being as good friends.

Yan Ji did not speak, but that did not mean that Xiang Zhilan was not considering such things. If Ning Cheng really was able to take them out of this place, then there would definitely be a few things that she would have to help her clear out.

Before she used to think that they would not be able to get out of this place, as such she did not think much about the matter of Ning Cheng searching Yan Ji’s body. But if they were able to get out of this place, then Yan Ji’s body being glanced at by an outsider, would definitely not be a small matter. With Yan Ji’s appearance and qualifications, after she steps into Profound Core Realm, there would certainly be lots of geniuses who would come to the Blue Cloud Academy to propose a marriage with her.

She could already tell that Yan Ji had a crush on Ning Cheng, but she also knew that no matter how much she liked Ning Cheng, even if she lost all her restraint, she would not be able to muster up the courage to ask Ning Cheng out to talk about anything. If Ning Chang had not seen Yan Ji’s body then it was not a problem, although Ning Cheng was quite good, but Yan Ji’s prospects were a lot brighter. It could even be said that it was Ning Cheng who ended up gaining a profit, while Yan Ji was still unaware of it. As for her own body being looked at by him, anyways once she got out, she would put her entire mind and heart into practicing cultivation over anything else.

Thinking till here, Xiang Zhilan directly opened her mouth and asked away, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ning, are you a rogue cultivator?”

“I can be considered a rogue cultivator, at the moment I am with the cultivator army, but after I get out of the Law’s Way, I guess I would be leaving the cultivator army.” Ning Cheng honestly replied, moreover he felt that there was no need to hide this from others.

“Although Blue Star Academy is just an 8 Star Academy, but it would sooner or later advance to a 9 Nine Star Academy. If you like, then I can introduce you to our Blue Star Academy.” Xiang Zhilan intently stared at Ning Cheng and asked.

Yan Ji was also looking forward to Ning Cheng’s answer, she was already all smiles with regards to Ning Cheng and she herself was looking forwards to such an event.

But Ning Cheng quickly replied, “Thank you Senior Apprentice Sister Lan for showing such kindness, but once I get out of this place, I probably won’t be staying long in the Le Continent. Besides, my nature is itself to be free and live comfortably, as such being a rogue cultivator is much better suited for me.”

Ning Cheng was already aware that his body held a lot of secrets, moreover the amount of resources needed for him to practice cultivation was simply horrendous, as such just this point alone was enough for him to not join an Academy.

“You will have complete freedom inside the Academy, moreover the core disciples not only have their own Immortal Caves, but they can also go to any place they wish to go, while also having the protection of the Academy. Besides, I think that if in the future you and Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji become Dao Companions, then it would also be very good……” Xiang Zhilan finally spoke what she was wanted to say.

Ning Cheng’s heart was immediately shrouded in dark clouds, he already realized the meaning of Xiang Zhilan’s words, and he knew that he would certainly end up as the subject of complaint all around. Although Yan Ji was truly a peerless beauty, but his thoughts had really not touched upon this topic. If the first person that he came across once he arrived in this world was Yan Ji, then there could still have been a possibility of such a thing materialising. Although he was from the modern society back on Earth, it was still essentially monogamous. Moreover, in this world he already had Ji Luofei, as such he could not have such ties with Yan Ji. Not to say that him and Yan Ji not forming such ties, even if one day he was able to return back to Earth, then even if Tian Muwan took the initiative to come find him, he would definitely not search for any such connection between them.

The main problem was that this kind of peerlessly excellent woman, Yan Ji, was one of the Le Continent’s ‘Twin Lotus Flowers On One Stock’, once he refused to such a deal openly, then it would certainly be equivalent to slapping the faces of lots of powerful people. Ning Cheng and Yan Ji had not spent a long time together, but even then he realized that Yan Ji had an extremely good temperament and was also quite head strong. Moreover, the reason Yan Ji fell into this place, was also in order to save him. Plus, there was also the fact that Yan Ji had also helped him before, if he rejected this proposal, then what was he supposed to say?

Xiang Zhilan was not a fool, once she saw Ning Cheng’s expression, she immediately realized that she was too reckless. She totally did not expect, that in the face of such an excellent looking woman like Yan Ji, Ning Cheng would still hesitate.

Yan Ji’s face also immediately turned a bit weird, she had always thought that Ning Cheng had a favourable impression of her, otherwise how could he come when Zhangsun Yan had pleaded with him for help? Although Ning Cheng came over, and although it apparently looked like it was in order to save her, but now it clearly looked like it was for the sake of saving Jia Lingwei.

She was just about to open her mouth to break this awkwardness, when Ning Cheng suddenly smiled and spoke, “Although Junior Apprentice Sister Ji is the most beautiful girl that I have seen in my life, However I am just a rogue cultivator……”

“Ok ok, it seems Senior Apprentice Sister Lan is really worried. I also have not yet advanced to the Profound Core Realm, as such these kinds of things can always be mentioned again after I advance to the Profound Core Realm. By the way, Senior Apprentice brother Ning, you said that you completed the Spiritual Sacrifice, just give it a try and see.” Yan Ji immediately interrupted Ning Cheng’s words, as she spoke with a smile on her face. This time when she spoke those words, her tone had also returned to normal.

Originally she did not necessarily feel that she and Ning Cheng could become Dao Companions, after all for such a person like her, the Academy would have already made the preparations for it. But now that Senior Apprentice Sister Xiang Zhilan had broken the ice on this matter, she herself found that she really had such thoughts about Ning Cheng. Especially after being aware that before this point they would not have been able to get out of this place, because of which this thought had become even more apparent to herself in her subconscious mind.

“Ok….” Ning Cheng finished speaking, as he took out a million High Grade Spirit Stones and immediately spilled it into the Blood River, while simultaneously bringing out a dozen Array Flags, before finally throwing a Best Quality Spirit Stones into the Blood River.

Just after a few breaths, the swath of Blood River in front of them suddenly trembled, as a thick Spiritual Qi Mist rose up from it forming into a whirlpool. The whirlpool was getting increasingly huge, as it slowly wrapped around the three people.

The three people were unable to bring out their Spiritual Consciousness, before they immediately felt their entire bodies turning into a single body of light. A burst of dizziness hit them and in the next moment Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan appeared at the feet of the continuous peaks of the Blood River Mountains.

“We really came out?” Xiang Zhilan ecstatically looked around the endless Blood River Peaks stretching out in front of them, even if she had to die of old age she would rather choose to die inside the Law’s Way rather than at the bottom of the Blood River where there was not even a scrap of Spiritual Qi. Although it was only scarce up here but at least it was better than nothing.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning?” The first thing that Yan Ji realized was not that she and Xiang Zhilan had come out, but rather realized that Ning Cheng had not come out.

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