Chapter 0219

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0219: Searching The Whole Body

In the vast open space of this land that was covered in black sands, the sounds of explosions from the fight between Ning Cheng and Feng Yushan was able to travel quite far without any hindrances.

Even Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan, who were rapidly escaping and were already far away, were able to hear the explosive sounds, which immediately disturbed the hearts of the two people. They both looked at each other, but did not know if it would turn out to be better for them.

At this time, Ning Cheng suddenly appeared on the airship, and spoke in an urgent manner, “Feng Yushan has a Soul Essence Puppet on him, at the moment I am not a match against him. Put away the airship, I will carry you both, otherwise he will be able to catch up with us.”

Xiang Zhilan and Yan Ji both simultaneously saw the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings behind Ning Cheng. At this moment Yan Ji finally understood why Ning Cheng was able to almost instantaneously move away from the Blood River Peak while carrying her. It was originally because Ning Cheng had obtained and refined the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves. Just how much of a good luck does he have aah.

However, the two of them were also not ordinary people, they both immediately understood Ning Cheng’s meaning, that is Ning Cheng wanted to carry them away to make his escape. With the speed of the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, that Feng Yushan really would not be able to catch up to them.

Yan Ji immediately put away the airship, and had just held Grey Toottoot in her hands, when Ning Cheng immediately embraced her and Xiang Zhilan’s waist while simultaneously agitating the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings.

The Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings brought up a faint trace of multi-coloured light as they quickly vanished from that spot in a twinkling of an eye.

However, Feng Yushan who was closing in on them sneered and thought, “So you think you can escape from me? I refuse to believe that you would be able to fly continuously for a few years while carrying people.”

For the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, not to say tracking them down for a few years, even if he, Feng Yushan, had to pursue them for dozens of years, he was determined to do it.


Although Yan Ji knew that at this time she could not afford to be squeamish, but when she was grabbed by Ning Cheng to escape, her heart still fluttered. Strictly speaking, this was only what she was feeling at this time. Moreover, this was the first time in her entire life that she had been held in such a way by a man. Previously, although she was carried away in the same manner when Ning Cheng saved her previously, but it was only for an extremely short period of time. She had not felt anything, before Ning Cheng had already put her down.

But this time, she was finally able to feel such a sensation. Suddenly she seemed to have understood why Nalan Ruxue, at the time when she suddenly woke up, wanted to fight against him without a second thought. If she did not have some good feelings in her heart towards Ning Cheng, then if it was someone else who had held her so tight against them in order to escape, then wouldn’t she have also thought about it in the same manner?

NO, she and that Nalan Ruxue were different, she would have at least first asked for a reason, unlike that Nalan Ruxue who would attack without even asking for a reason.

As Yan Ji was indulging in such foolish flights of fancy, the others did not know what she was thinking. At the moment Xiang Zhilan was a lot calmer than Yan Ji, she could feel that Ning Cheng’s bodily aura was different from the other cultivators that she had met till now, this kind of aura was indescribably pure and was something that she was not able to put into words. This kind of purity was something that one experienced only when one was just born, it was something that simply could never be expressed in words.

Xiang Zhilan did not know about the Origin Aura, but she could feel that Ning Cheng was definitely different from the others. Moreover, she had already understood that Ning Cheng embracing her and Yan Ji was only in order to escape and not for other anything else.

That Feng Yushan was also using a flight type magic weapon. And was always following them on their heels, but Ning Cheng wouldn’t always be able to escape while holding on to the two of them, right? Even if Ning Cheng had the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, it would always require one’s True Essence to operate, once Ning Cheng ran out of True Essence, then wouldn’t Fang Yushan be able to catch up to them?

How should she remind this to Ning Cheng?

Xiang Zhilan felt a bit embarrassed in her heart, as she feared that even if it were them they would not be able to get out of this place. Anyhow, she was a disciple from the Blue Cloud Academy. Moreover, she also was aware of the moral sense of shame, as such when she was reminded by Ning Cheng, she had a feeling that Ning Cheng suspected that there was another Spiritual Consciousness Tag on her body. She and Ning Cheng were not related to each other, as such how could she let Ning Cheng take care of this matter. Moreover, doesn’t her Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji seem to have a relationship that was not ordinary with Ning Cheng?

Xiang Zhilan decided to look for the Spiritual Consciousness Tag on her body by herself, she believed that if she carefully and slowly checked out her body by herself then she would definitely be able to find the Spiritual Consciousness Tag.

Other than Yan Ji who was still immersed in her flights of fancy, Xiang Zhilan was not the only one thinking of such things. Ning Cheng, of course was also thinking of something similar. He had decided to search for the Spiritual Consciousness Tags on the bodies of Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan. He believed that with his current level of Spiritual Consciousness, as long as he was careful, he would not be found out by the two of them. It was not that he was intentionally wanting to do this, but because if this kind of thing was brought up even once, then it would only lead to more awkwardness.

If he was holding Ji Luofei, then he would have already used his Spiritual Consciousness to carefully check her out.

After determining that Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan were not paying attention to him, Ning Cheng immediately released his Spiritual Consciousness which fell on to Xiang Zhilan’s body. He had already felt that the possibility of the Spiritual Consciousness Tag was higher with Xiang Zhilan, as for Yan Ji she had not entered this place for over a long time. If the Spiritual Consciousness Tag could not be found on Xiang Zhilan’s body, only then would he try to seek it out on Yan Ji’s body.

Ning Cheng used his Spiritual Consciousness very carefully, moreover as Xiang Zhilan was stuck close to his bosom as he flew, it provided him with even more convenience.

However, Ning Cheng quickly began to feel embarrassed to stand up like this, although this kind of scene that was uncovering in his mind had been previously seen by him on the covers of magazines and even some small movies but it was also completely different, as what he was experiencing was actually happening to him right now, while he was still holding both the women to his bosom.

Even if Xiang Zhilan had not practiced cultivation for a long time, with her cultivation in this place, she still had a snow white skin and even her body was quite voluptuous and well-rounded. This made Ning Cheng immediately go red in his face, after all, he still was a young virgin.

Ning Cheng just like a thief in general, used his Spiritual Sense to carefully probe Xiang Zhilan’s body. He firmly believed that Xiang Zhilan would not discover him.

But half an hour later, Ning Cheng’s hand shook, and almost let Xiang Zhilan to fall down to the ground. Moreover, even his complexion was getting more and more embarrassed. He had never thought that while he was carefully searching Xiang Zhilan’s body, Xiang Zhilan was also using her own Spiritual Consciousness to carefully examine her own body.

The two Spiritual Consciousness had ended up unexpectedly colliding with each other on her abdomen. Just as Xiang Zhilan’s Spiritual Consciousness met Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness at that moment, her body immediately shook slightly, but she instantly understood Ning Cheng’s meaning. Under this situation that Ning Cheng and she really did not know each other, and also the Spiritual Consciousness Tag not being found on her body, then each of them was afraid that it would become mutually awkward for the other party.

The thought of Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness looking all around her body, immediately made Xiang Zhilan’s face to go weird. Although since the time she was here, she had formed Dao Companions with other people, but it was more for a kind of spiritual sustenance. But now that there was someone using their Spiritual Consciousness to carefully sweep over her body, how could she pretend to not to know?

She had unconsciously shook her body, moreover there were even a few reactions that made her feel ashamed. At this point, she could only close both her eyes tightly, as she recalled her Spiritual Consciousness. Fortunately, she felt that although Ning Cheng was using his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep her but at least he was well behaved, and had not violated her openly, and was really only trying to search for the Spiritual Consciousness Tag.

After Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness bumped into Xiang Zhilan’s, it immediately became incomparably awkward and embarrassing for both of them. Initially he did not want to let Xiang Zhilan to know about it, as he believed that he can accomplish this by himself. But in the end he was finally found out, moreover he had even ended up colliding with the Spiritual Consciousness of that person on her own body.

However, even if that was the case, he did not recall his Spiritual Consciousness back, as this was not a casual matter. If Xiang Zhilan was like Nalan Ruxue, and would have immediately started swearing and accuse him of being a perverted wolf, then Ning Cheng would have rather immediately put her down and escape on his own.

There was a Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator with a Soul Essence Puppet who was chasing them. If he did not do this, then could he still be able to live out his life?

Fortunately, Xiang Zhilan recalled her Spiritual Consciousness back. Moreover, did not even say anything, not even a slight humph. Only her skin trembled a bit, however these tremors soon went back to normal.

Ning Cheng knew that Xiang Zhilan had realized the severity of the situation, and should have tacitly consented to his search.

Ning Cheng’s guess was right, Xiang Zhilan had truly tacitly consented to let Ning Cheng search her entire body without restraint. In the beginning, she was still feeling ashamed and angry, but she quickly calmed down. She understood that Ning Cheng was not doing anything reprehensible, on the contrary if Ning Cheng had put this forward initially, then she would have definitely not agreed to it and it would even lead to more embarrassment between them.

Now that she found out what Ning Cheng wanted to do, she would absolutely not nose in with her Spiritual Consciousness, this kind of thing it would be better if she did not know, rather pretending to not know it would be the best in such a situation. She would not be shy and pass it up, moreover what she was even more horrified was that Ning Cheng’s cultivation absolutely did not seem high at all. As such when he used his Spiritual Consciousness to examine her body, she unexpectedly was not even able to perceive it in the slightest. If she had not used her own Spiritual Consciousness to sweep at the same spot, then she absolutely would not have sensed Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness concentrated onto the inside of the left ear of Xiang Zhilan. The Spiritual Consciousness Tag was placed under the skin, and was extremely vague. Taking Xiang Zhilan’s cultivation and Feng Yushan’s alertness from before, for Feng Yushan to place the Spiritual Consciousness Tag in such a place can even be considered as normal.

He knew it early on that the Spiritual Consciousness Tag would definitely be placed in hard to find spots. As such Ning Cheng would definitely not scan every nook and cranny from the top to the bottom of Xiang Zhilan’s body only to make everyone embarrassed.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness was really formidable, since he had already found the Spiritual Consciousness Tag on Xiang Zhilan’s body, his Spiritual Consciousness directly enveloped the Spiritual Consciousness Tag on Xiang Zhilan. Bringing out a jade bottle, he carefully extracted Spiritual Consciousness Tag, placing it into the jade bottle, before sealing it and throwing it away.

As Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness wrapped up and extracted the Spiritual Consciousness Tag, Xiang Zhilan was able to clearly perceived all of this in her mind, and let out a sigh. He had finally found it, otherwise given enough time, that Feng Yushan would have surely have been able to catch up with the three of them.

After removing the Spiritual Consciousness Tag from Xiang Zhilan’s body, Ning Cheng did not continue on to search Yan Ji’s body. After flying for a bit more time, he determined that Feng Yushan was not able to continue to track them. Out of the two of them, he understood that Yan Ji’s body truly did not have a Spiritual Consciousness Tag on her, as such he basically did not have to search for it.

Yan Ji had still not sobered up from her fantasies, and was still immersed in her original foolish ideas, as such she did not think much of it at all. But once she finally returned to her senses, she immediately thought about the Spiritual Consciousness Tag.

“Aah, I remember, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I and Senior Apprentice Sister Lan might have a Spiritual Consciousness Tag on us. If there really is one on us and we continued on like this, then wouldn’t Feng Yushan catch up to us?”

“No, you do not have any Spiritual Consciousness Tags on you, that Feng Yushan should also not be able to catch up to us.” Ning Cheng immediately replied.

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Yan Ji did not respond, but Xiang Zhilan had already perceived the meaning of the words. She was certain that Ning Cheng had also similarly looked over Yan Ji’s body, Yan Ji’s cultivation was already lower than her own, as such she absolutely would not be aware of what Ning Cheng had done. Thinking of Yan Ji’s attitude towards Ning Cheng, even if she knew about it she wouldn’t think that what Ning Cheng had done something wrong. Since they could not leave this place in any case, and also since Yan Ji seem to be wanting to stay together with Ning Cheng till the end. As such using his Spiritual Consciousness to examine her body would also mean nothing much.

“How do you know?” Yan Ji doubtfully asked.

Xiang Zhilan did not want to let Yan Ji feel embarrassed and quickly spoke up, “The Spiritual Consciousness Tag on my body has already been found and even removed, it’s just that you were not paying attention at that time.”

Yan Ji once again thought back to the fanciful thoughts she was thinking, looking back at it once more, there were a few things that she should not have thought of, which immediately made her blush, as she hastily changed the subject and asked, “Where should we go now?”

Ning Cheng brought out a flight type magic weapon, “First let us come on board, and go look for a place, and then think of a way out of this place. This place is somewhere out of my calculations, as such I will have to go look for some similar markers.”

“Get out of here?” Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan almost simultaneously cried out in amazement.

Ning Cheng nodded and spoke, “That’s right, we can get out of this place. Although I am still yet to fully grasp this Array Formation, but I should be able to find the exit, it’s just that I would not only require roughly a million or so High Grade Spirit Stones, but would also require a Best Quality Spirit Stone to open the Array Door.”

Originally the two of them had merely suspected Ning Cheng’s words that he spoke a moment ago, but when it came to the part when Ning Cheng said that he also needed a Best Quality Spirit Stone to open the Array Door, the two people had almost completely lost their minds. If Best Quality Spirit Stones were so easily available, then they would not have been called as Best Quality Spirit Stones.

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