Chapter 0218

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0218: The Powerful Feng Yushan

As Ning Cheng asked the question, Xiang Zhilan’s Spiritual Consciousness had already picked up Feng Yushan pursuing them. Her face turned somewhat ugly as she turned to Yan Ji and spoke, “It’s Feng Yushan.”

“Who is Feng Yushan?” Ning Cheng asked.

Yan Ji with the fastest speed recounted all that had happened between them. When Ning Cheng heard Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan were marked with Spiritual Consciousness tags, which were later found out by Grey Toottoot, he immediately patted Grey Toottoot’s head with appreciation.

“It seems that you still have a Spiritual Consciousness tag on at least one of you, and judging by the situation it should be in a place Grey Toottoot cannot sense or reach.” Ning Cheng solemnly looked at Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan and spoke up.

Xiang Zhilan immediately increased the speed of the airship as she sighed and spoke up, “Feng Yushan’s Spiritual Consciousness tags are very obscure and hard to pinpoint, if not for Grey Toottoot, I wouldn’t have been able to find it at all. I guess that if we had another Spiritual Consciousness tag, then it should be on my body. I guess that it was placed earlier on me. Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, you will have to take control of the airship, as I go and change all my clothes.”

Ning Cheng immediately interrupted Xiang Zhilan’s words and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, I doubt changing clothes would be useful at this point. Since there is a Spiritual Consciousness tag on your body, then it may not necessarily be on your clothes. If it was on your clothes, then Grey Toottoot would have already found it. Feng Yushan is just a trivial Profound Core 9th Level, you don’t have to worry too much about it.”

Xiang Zhilan incredulously looked at Ning Cheng, just a trivial Profound Core 9th Level? This Ning Cheng’s manner of speech really was too irresponsible, moreover his cultivation also seemed to be only at the Profound Congealing Realm.

Yan Ji saw the incredulous look on Xiang Zhilan and quickly spoke up, “I heard it from Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, that Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, just being a single person, was able to battle against more than 20 Profound Core Cultivators, along with several dozens of Profound Congealing Cultivators simultaneously. Moreover, he was even able to finally kill all of them, and withdraw safely from that place. Moreover, other than those Profound Congealing Cultivators, there were also two who were at Profound Core 8th Level……”

Listening to Yan Ji’s words, Xiang Zhilan’s astonishment only increased even more as the level of incredulity in her eyes increased by a large extent as she looked at Ning Cheng. If not for her knowing Yan Ji before, she would never have believed such a preposterous thing. She even thought that Yan Ji and Ning Cheng were collaborating together to create an elaborate prank on her. A Profound Congealing Cultivator, even if they were at the peak of the Profound Congealing Realm, they would not be able to fight against even a Profound Core 1st Level, right? Not to mention fighting against more than 20 Profound Core Cultivators simultaneously? Moreover, there were even dozens of Profound Congealing Cultivators too?

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “It was just because I was in possession of a Broken Core Pearl, it was only a fluke win. Besides those Profound Core Cultivators did not come at me simultaneously, rather they were coming at me in batches.”

“A Broken Core Pearl, even if you had one, it would still not be enough to kill so many Profound Core Cultivators, aah.”

Xiang Zhilan immediately spoke out.

“There were also several other things……” Ning Cheng did not know how to explain, and could only vaguely speak out.

Even if one was able to bridge the gap in one’s cultivation levels, it could only be done for minor levels within a realm. But for Ning Cheng, as long as they could not block his Axe Line’s Killing Intent, then whether it was Profound Core or Profound Congealing Cultivators it made no difference. Besides, those more than 20 Profound Core Cultivators truly had not started out against him together, which ended up giving him a very big opportunity to exploit. In fact, the only people within that group that could really threaten him in a fight were the Profound Core 8th Level Cultivators, along with a Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator who was working in consort with the Profound Core 5th Level Cultivator. As for the other cultivators, they could not even stop his Axe Line’s Killing Intent, and were easily cut down just like a knife through soy sauce.

Xiang Zhilan did not ask again, she estimated that Ning Cheng had used an Array Formation to achieve such results. After all she had personally seen Ning Cheng bypass her Array Formations. Although her achievements in the field of Array Formations were not bad, but in the eyes of Ning Cheng, those foreign objects were simply similar to floating clouds.

Ning Cheng swept out with Spiritual Consciousness and found that Feng Yushan was getting closer and closer to them, so he simply spoke out, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, you and Senior Apprentice Sister Lan leave first, I will stay back and deal with Feng Yushan, I will catch up with you later.”

“Don’t go, we can help you out.” Yan Ji also crisply replied.

Xiang Zhilan’s face was a bit gloomy, she knew her own state of affairs better than anyone else, although at present she was a Profound Core 2nd Level Cultivator, but because she had not practiced cultivation for over so many years, as such her cultivation was already backsliding. Once a fight actually started, her declining strength would basically not be enough at all. It was not that she was not willing to help, but because she had to face that Feng Yushan, who she basically did not have any qualifications to even go against.

Who was Feng Yushan? All the cultivators back at that place knew that he had a secret. As he was the only person in their group whose cultivation had always been on the rise, even though there were more than thirty Profound Core Cultivators living in that place, none of them dared to even slightly covet Feng Yushan’s secret. Moreover, he had clearly demonstrated his strength once before, which made all the people in the group clear that even if they all combined their strengths, they would still not be a match against Feng Yushan.

“No, even if there was a chance that I was not a match against that Feng Yushan, I still have ways to escape him, moreover I certainly would be able to run away faster than that Feng Yushan. But if you came, you would not be much use at all. Even if Junior Apprentice Sister Ji is quite good, I can easily say that she would not be of any help even if it was just pinning down Feng Yushan for a few moments.” Ning Cheng refused without any hesitation and bluntly pointed out the facts.

Although Yan Ji had not seen Ning Cheng killing dozens of Profound Core Cultivators, but she had faith that Jia Lingwei would definitely not lie to her. In addition to that, before when they were on the Blood River Peak, Ning Cheng had saved her and Jia Lingwei, it also showed that he definitely had the means to move quickly. Since Ning Cheng said that he can escape whenever he wanted to, then it should definitely be well founded.

Thinking till here, Yan Ji finally nodded and said, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, such being the case we will be going first.”


Ning Cheng watched as Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan left, but did not arrange an Array Formation. He believed that to deal with Feng Yushan he would not need to set up an Array Formation, moreover it was already a second too late to set it up.

Ning Cheng had just sent away Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan’s airship, when Feng Yushan’s flight type magic weapon landed in front of Ning Cheng.

Seeing Feng Yushan, Ning Cheng instantly realized that this Feng Yushan in front of him was definitely not ordinary. At least he was different from the other cultivators that he had seen here. Before he met this Feng Yushan, the cultivator in the best condition that Ning Cheng had seen was Xiang Zhilan.

But Xiang Zhilan was pale looking and there were hardly any True Essence fluctuations coming from her, apparently it was caused by her prolonged absence from practicing cultivation. But Feng Yushan’s aura was quite energetic, Ning Cheng noticed that it was no different from the cultivators that he had seen outside, rather it can even be said that he looked even more energetic than them.

Feng Yushan was in no rush to chase Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan, and had even casually stored away his flight type magic weapon, as he sized up Ning Cheng and spoke, “You actually woke up, moreover I never would have thought that you would be such a young man. But you are just a cultivator at the intermediate stages of the Profound Congealing Realm, do you really think you can stop me?”

Feng Yushan originally had the heart to leisurely question Ning Cheng and as such did not get impatient at all, but when he finished asking his words, he suddenly realized something. His face immediately turned ugly, as he anxiously asked, “How did you wake up? Before waking up, were your clothes replaced, was your body also cleaned up?”

Ning Cheng initially did not understand why Feng Yushan was asking such irrelevant questions. If the Spiritual Consciousness tags of Feng Yushan had not already been discovered, then the first one to end up dying would have been him, then wouldn’t he leisurely continue and chase Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan? Why would he worry about and even ask how his clothes got changed?

“Just answer me.” Feng Yushan seemed to be on the verge of losing his patience.

Ning Cheng quickly understood what the matter was, as he showed a faint smile and spoke, “Who changed my clothes? Well certainly it was Junior Apprentice Sister Ji who helped me change, what’s wrong, do you have any more questions that you want to ask me, like how did she do it?”

“I will tear you apart….” The calmness on Feng Yushan finally was replaced with an incomparable wrath in just a moment, as he raised his hand and brought out a pair of Yin Yang Dual Locks.

Just as these Dual Locks came out, Ning Cheng realized that these Dual Locks were at the very least a pair of Best Quality Spiritual Artefacts. These Dual Locks were not completely stimulated, but their diametrically opposed killing aura had fully locked down the space all around Ning Cheng.

The surrounding air all around Ning Cheng immediately became heavy, this pair of Yin Yang Dual Locks had obviously not fallen on Ning Cheng’s head, but their imposing manner was getting stronger by the moment, which was making Ning Cheng feel more and more oppressed. It seemed as if the next moment, this kind of oppression would completely grind him into a meat pulp.

Ning Cheng immediately realized that this Feng Yushan was far stronger than those stranded in the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, at least definitely stronger than the ones who had to rely on the Profound Core Cultivators blocking the entrance and looting others.

Immediately bringing out his True Cosmic Devil Axe, he directly tore through the killing aura of the Yin Yang Dual Locks while simultaneously blasting out with a matchlessly fiendish Devil Axe Intent.

This Axe Intent and the Yin Yang Dual Lock’s Yin Yang Killing Aura immediately collided together, and sent out loud intermittent ‘rumbling’ sounds.

“Devil Cultivator……” Feng Yushan’s face immediately changed, he immediately stimulated the Yin Yang Dual Locks in a more urgent manner, immediately materialising dozens of gigantic grey spheres that were condensed from the Yin Yang Killing Aura and his black coloured True Essence.

After Ning Cheng used the True Cosmic Devil Axe to tear apart the first wave of the Yin Yang Dual Locks’ Killing Aura, he directly rolled up and stirred the Angry Axe’s Killing Intent, giving rise to a whirlpool. This Axe Intent Whirlpool in just an instant clashed with the grey spheres condensed by the Yin Yang Dual Locks.

“Boom Boom Boom……” Just like a magazine filled with explosive rounds lighting up, horrendous explosive sounds burst through the silence and peace surrounding the area.

This land that was covered in black sands, was immediately torn open as the True Essence from the two people directly blasted open a huge crater.

“Ka……” After the Killing Intent and the imposing manner exploded out with loud rumblings, the True Cosmic Devil Axe and the Yin Yang Dual Locks solidly collided against each other.

Ning Cheng was forced back a dozen steps because of the powerful collision, and was barely able to keep his balance. He shockingly discovered that although his cultivation of Profound Core Realm looked the same as the others, the gap between him and others was as huge as the heavens and earth. In the exchange from a moment ago, he most definitely would have gotten himself killed if he had been the slightest bit careless. This moment when he clashed with Feng Yushan, compare to all the hundreds of fights he had with other cultivators, the effect was completely different.

This fight was quite different from the fights against ordinary cultivators as he treated most of them as spars, moreover having a larger amount of weapons also did not mean that it would be better, it was not simply a super positioning effect. Although he could still take down the opposite party, but if wanted to kill this Feng Yushan in an all-out frontal assault, then he would have to take the help of Array Formations. This Feng Yushan had already lived so long inside this place, as such his understandings regarding Array Formations would definitely not be bad.

But at the moment Feng Yushan was actually more shocked and frightened than Ning Cheng. His opponent’s cultivation was indeed only at Profound Congealing 5th Level, as such the distance between him and the other party should be more than a thousand miles, yet his attack was only able to push him back a little. If this cultivator opposite to him did not have a secret, then even if he was killed he would not believe it.

The only reason he was alive in this place at this time, moreover even living while being able to cultivate, was because he had his own secret.

As such he had to take down this cultivator no matter what. As for Yan Ji, he was not afraid that she would be able to slip past him, as long as she was inside this place, then it was equivalent to her being inside his domain.

Ning Cheng was just thinking in what way to take down Feng Yushan, when he saw Feng Yushan wave his hand. Immediately a tall humanoid puppet appeared in front of Ning Cheng.

Looking at the formidable imposing manner emanating from this puppet, it immediately shocked Ning Cheng, this kind of imposing manner, he had only seen when he saw Kong Peng Peng fight.

Was this a Soul Essence Puppet? Ning Cheng immediately came to understand, that this definitely was a Soul Essence Puppet. If it was just a single Feng Yushan, then he could have still managed to come up with a countermeasure against him, but even then it would still be something that was bordering on unbearable, but with the addition of a Soul Essence Puppet, he would not even need to clash with him directly before dying.

Escape, he had to first escape from this place. As for taking care of Feng Yushan, he did not worry about it much, as one day he would definitely return to this place. As Ning Cheng thought till here, his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings directly unfolded behind him, immediately issuing a multi-coloured glow, before disappearing from there in just the twinkling of an eye.

“Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings refined from the Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves?” Feng Yushan’s vision immediately turned sinister, although Ning Cheng had used the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings and had disappeared from in front of him in a flash, but he still was able to see them clearly.

At this moment, he was not angry that Ning Cheng had escaped, as at this moment his eyes were sparkling with a glint of surprise. He had completely not expected this kind of a situation, if one day he was able to get his hands on this Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, then in his opinion, as long as he was trapped in this place, everything inside this place would eventually become his.

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