Chapter 0217

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0217: Waking up

Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan did not know that three months ago, Ning Cheng had already deduced the location of the exit of this huge Array Formation. He also concluded that as long as there was enough materials and resources to break through this Array, anyone can actually get out of this place anytime they wanted. But at this time, the reason he had not walked out of this place was because he wanted to still research this huge Array in its entirety, and learn how this Array actually came into existence, so that he could thoroughly break this Array Formation once and for all.

Moreover, with his current level of attainments in Array Formations, not to mention the Array Formations laid out by Xiang Zhilan, even if it were Level 4 or even Level 5 Array Formations, he can consciously bypass them. Nobody, other than him, knew that during these last three years, he had laid out and simulated countless Array Formations in his Sea of Consciousness.

Ning Cheng had actually started doing this after coming under the influence of the Array Formation, if he really was in an awakened state, then he would have never have attempted such a foolish thing. A person, for the first time, would want to find the exit to this place as early as possible, and once they found the exit then they would have hurried out of this place as soon as possible, how could anyone waste their time in here trying to find a way to completely break the Array?

This kind of a huge Array, just managing to get out of here alive can already be considered as heaven defying in itself, as to wanting to thoroughly break this Array Formation, taking Ning Cheng’s superficial cultivation into consideration, the outcome would actually be much worse. Perhaps many years later, Ning Cheng would be able to solve this huge Array, but at least for now he was aware that he could not do it. At least by virtue of his current ability it was impossible, unless his luck really went against the heavens, and suddenly found where the heart of the Array was located.

One by one the days passed continuously, Xiang Zhilan and Yan Ji patiently arranged various Array Formations in front of Ning Cheng, but Ning Cheng always bypassed the Array Formations and continued to move forward.

Grey Toottoot had already been fully cleaned up by Yan Ji. Grey Toottoot felt that Yan Ji did not have any malice towards it and meant no harm because of which he had eventually allowed her to get close to him, but then all of a sudden he immediately ran behind Yan Ji’s behind and immediately started yipping loudly.

“What’s the matter?” Xiang Zhilan looked puzzlingly at the still barking Grey Toottoot.

“I don’t know aah, he and I already are familiar with each other. Although he had barked before, but he never barked like this before. Moreover, he has been barking incessantly at my behind.” Yan Ji also spoke out in a dejected manner. If she and Grey Toottoot were not familiar with each other then it could still be explained. But now that they were already familiar with each other, as such now that Grey Toottoot was barking at her in such a manner, she also was completely unable to understand as to what the matter was.

Xiang Zhilan suddenly said, “It seems that this puppy really has quite a brain in him, you will have to take a look at it and see what the matter is all about.”

Yan Ji also was having such thoughts, as she stared at Grey Toottoot and said, “What are you calling out for? I have already given you many Spiritual Fruits, and I have been arranging the Array Formations to help out your master……”

Grey Toottoot suddenly jumped up, and nipped Yan Ji’s hind leg.

“How can you bite me?” Yan Ji hastily clapped Grey Toottoot, if she had not taken a liking to this puppy, moreover considering that he also was Ning Cheng’s pet beast, she would have already slapped it dead.

“Wait Wait……” Xiang Zhilan’s face slightly changed, as she placed her hands on Yan Ji’s rear.

Yan Ji immediately turned red, even if it was Xiang Zhilan who was a female cultivator. She was not used to this kind of touch.

“Don’t move.” Xiang Zhilan spoke in a very solemn manner.

Yan Ji on hearing Xiang Zhilan’s unusual tone, did not dare to move again.

After a while, Xiang Zhilan put down her hand and said, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, you have a Spiritual Consciousness tag on you. The place that this puppy had bit you, is where the Spiritual Consciousness tag is located.”

Yan Ji’s facial expression immediately changed. “I am already trapped in this place, who could have put the Spiritual Consciousness tag on me?”

Xiang Zhilan did not speak, she had carefully swept through herself to see if there was also a Spiritual Consciousness tag on her, but she actually did not discover any Spiritual Consciousness tags on her. She frowned and asked Grey Toottoot, “Can you sense if I happen to have any similar markings on my body?”

Grey Toottoot did not even look at Xiang Zhilan. As it immediately chased after Ning Cheng. Yan Ji followed him and hastily called out, “Little Grey. You should quickly help Senior Apprentice Sister Lan to point it out……”

Hearing Yan Ji’s words, Grey Toottoot reluctantly turned and bit on Xiang Zhilan’s robe near her ankles.

Xiang Zhilan’s Spiritual Consciousness immediately fell onto the spot nipped by Grey Toottoot, and after a moment, her complexion immediately turned pale and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, there is also a Spiritual Consciousness tag on my body. Moreover, it is very hard to discern, if it was not for this puppy pointing it out, then just by spending a few hours they would have been able to find us.”

Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan looked at each other, but did not speak, it was needless to say as to who was the person who put a Spiritual Consciousness tag on both of them.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, regardless of the person who put the Spiritual Consciousness tag on both of us, I think it is definitely not a good thing for us.” Xiang Zhilan spoke with some worry.

But Yan Ji, compared to Xiang Zhilan, was much more decisive, she had already understood that this Spiritual Consciousness tag was placed on them by Feng Yushan, and immediately spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, you will have to help me cut off the piece of cloth on which the Spiritual Consciousness tag is placed, you will also have to cut off yours too and leave it here. We have to leave this place quickly.”

“What about him?” Xiang Zhilan pointed at Ning Cheng.

“There are some things beyond our control.” Yan Ji just spoke a single phrase.

Xiang Zhilan knew that they have already stayed here for a long time, initially she was somewhat indecisive, but now that Yan Ji had already decided for both of them, she immediately cut out the piece of her robe that had the Spiritual Consciousness tag on it.

After removing the Spiritual Consciousness tag, Yan Ji first immediately rushed to the front of Ning Cheng, and directly sealed Ning Cheng’s five senses and quickly picked up Ning Cheng placing him on her back, while simultaneously speaking to Xiang Zhilan, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, you take Little Grey and quickly follow me, leave those Spiritual Consciousness tags here, we will have to escape immediately.”

Xiang Zhilan understood Yan Ji’s procedure, if they left like this, they would only be waiting for Feng Yushan to lose his patience, at that time it would be this male cultivator who she referred to as Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, who would be the first one to suffer. Yan Ji also understood this point, and simply carried this male cultivator on her back and immediately started running.

Grey Toottoot was also grabbed by Xiang Zhilan, as the two of them immediately started running away from that place at their fastest speed. After running at full speed for a while, Yan Ji thought of something and immediately brought out a flight type magical weapon.


A day later, Feng Yushan arrived at the place where Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan left the Spiritual Consciousness tags, at this moment he had an extremely ugly look on his face. He looked around, and finally decided on the direction to chase them down. But this direction, nevertheless was exactly the same direction in which Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan left.


Although Xiang Zhilan was in control of the airship, but she was aware as to what Yan Ji was doing. Yan Ji was unexpectedly helping that male cultivator clean up the dirt and filth on him inside the cabin, although Yan Ji had not completely removed that male cultivator’s clothes for the moment, but it was a matter that would happen sooner or later. Looking at her actions, Yan Ji would certainly end up striping this male cultivator completely nude.

Xiang Zhilan sighed, but it was actually not because of Yan Ji’s actions. She was also one of the outstanding disciples of the Blue Cloud Academy, but unexpectedly she ended up together with such a cultivator, which made her unexpectedly recall some of her past memories. In her opinion, if they managed to leave this place, then Ning Cheng simply would not even deserve to be placed on an equal platform to even a single hair on Yan Ji’s head.


Yan Ji, at the moment had completely cleaned and straightened out Ning Cheng’s hair, completely removing the disguise on Ning Cheng’s face. When she shaved off Ning Cheng’s beard, she suddenly froze as she thought. How could he be so young? This guy was definitely less than 25 years old.

Yan Ji naturally was not thinking about his appearance, but rather his intelligence. She herself was 24 years old and had painstakingly cultivated till her present level of Profound Congealing 9th Level. Even if it was in the Le Continent, there were not many people like her. But then at present looking at Ning Cheng, how could he be so young yet so powerful?

Ning Cheng’s five senses were all sealed, but under the influence of the Mysterious Yellow Origin, they soon were starting to loosen up. Yan Ji did not have any killing intent directed towards him, as such he had been very calm all throughout. But at this moment, an intense sense of crisis loomed over, Ning Cheng almost instantaneously utilised the aid provided by the Mysterious Yellow Origin and immediately unsealed his five senses, even his consciousness was restored in a flash.

Yan Ji was still in the process of untying Ning Cheng’s clothes with her hands, when Ning Cheng suddenly sat up and simultaneously grabbed Yan Ji’s wrist.

“It’s you?”

“You woke up?”

Just as Ning Cheng recognized Yan Ji, at the same time Yan Ji was also pleasantly surprised to know that Ning Cheng had finally woken up, as the two of them spoke out simultaneously. If she knew that Ning Cheng would wake up this early and in such a simple manner, she would have started on him a long time ago.

Ning Cheng had already turned around all the things that had transpired during these past several days in his head, although he did not have even a few differences compared to the other people researching the Array, but at the very least he was aware as to what he was doing and even his objectives were clearly defined.

After going through all these things, Ning Cheng quickly understood that Yan Ji was the one who was trying to wake him up.

“Thank you, isn’t this the bottom of the Blood River? How can you be here?” Ning Cheng asked Yan Ji in a somewhat doubtful manner.

Yan Ji was delighted as she spoke, “At that time when I saw you surrounded by the Blood River Otters, moreover the Blood River Tide was also surging over to your side, I became worried about you, and immediately rushed in your direction, but instead of saving you, I ended up coming here.”

Ning Cheng too, understood that originally there seem to be someone else who ended up coming here because of him. Now that he realized that it was Yan Ji, he immediately gave a sheepish and embarrassed sort of smile and spoke, “I’m sorry aah, I ended delaying you here for a few years.”

Ning Cheng’s regret was from the bottom of his heart, the few years he was stuck down here, it also meant that Yan Ji was also struck here with him since that time and had ended up delaying her cultivation. Although he did not have any significant delays in this regard, but no one knew that at this time he was already a Tier 6 Array Formation Master, and was just a single step away from reaching the level of an Array Formation Grand Master.

A less than 30-year-old Array Formation Grand Master, even if it was the entire Yi Xing Mainland, it would be considered as a shockingly monstrous talent.

Yan Ji did not listen to Ning Cheng’s words, rather she simply did not care about it and spoke, “Never mind that aah, to be able to meet an acquaintance in this sort of place is not easy. And since we cannot get out of this place, I feel that there is simply no need for us to be so polite with each other.”

Although Yan Ji had not thought of becoming Ning Cheng’s Dao Companion, but her thoughts were still very simple, since they were already trapped in this place, so there really was no need for them to be so polite with each other.

Ning Cheng was going to ask Yan Ji to go out, when his Spiritual Consciousness swept towards Grey Toottoot. He had forgotten that he had left Grey Toottoot to his own devices and was feeling guilty towards him at this moment, if he hadn’t left a Storage Ring with Grey Toottoot, then Grey Toottoot might have even starved to death.

“Grey Toottoot.” Ning Cheng gave a call.

“Yi Yi…” Grey Toottoot immediately gave out a cry, while simultaneously excitedly started jumping around inside. Now that Ning Cheng had woken up, it meant that his rations were now available.

“You named him Grey Toottoot? It really is a cute and lovely name.” Yan Ji finally was able to learn the puppy’s name.

“First let me clean myself up.” Ning Cheng saw that Yan Ji wasn’t going to go out by her own initiative, as such he could only bluntly speak it out by himself.

Yan Ji immediately realized it, as she quickly took Grey Toottoot and left the cabin.

Ning Cheng then used the Dust Removal Technique on himself several times and cleaned himself up quickly, and changing into a fresh set of clothes, he finally came out.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, this is the Senior Apprentice Sister who I bumped into in here, Xiang Zhilan. Originally she is also from my Blue Cloud Academy, but has been trapped in here for almost a hundred years. Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, he is Ning Cheng.” Yan Ji saw that Ning Cheng had come out, and hurriedly introduced the two sides.

Xiang Zhilan was also surprised and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ning, I never would have thought that you would be so young. It can be said that out of all the people who are studying and trying to deduce this Array Formation, and still manage to wake up, you are definitely the first one.”

Xiang Zhilan was really surprised that Ning Cheng was able to wake up, moreover she had not thought even in her wildest dreams that Ning Cheng would be so young.

After Ning Cheng thanked Xiang Zhilan, he suddenly spoke up: “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, what person did you and Senior Apprentice Sister Lan offend? Why would anyone try to chase us in this sort of place?”

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