Chapter 0216

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Chapter 216: The puppy that does not take advantage of others

Yan Ji had seen a lot of such people over the years, but when she saw dilapidated figure, the tip of her nose immediately turned sour. It was because she instinctively knew that this person who was walking unsteadily in their direction was none other than Ning Cheng.

Lurching behind this ragged and staggering looking cultivator, was an equally sluggish looking puppy. This puppy was entirely covered in dirt, and its fur also looked completely dry, making its colours indistinct and unclear. But even though it looked like it could not walk anymore and would fall down dead any moment, it still stubbornly followed behind the person walking in front.

“Such a loyal and faithful pet beast……” Xiang Zhilan also saw the puppy following behind the parson, as she spoke in lament.

“Ai, this man would have definitely been very rich before coming here, not only does he have a pet beast but even has a Storage Ring. But even then, in this place people like him are all too many, the only way is to……” Feng Yushan’s lamenting words had not yet finished, when he actually discovered that Yan Ji had already hurtled out towards this person.

Xiang Zhilan had already discovered that there was something wrong with Yan Ji’s eyes, as such she immediately understood that this man who was walking in a staggering manner towards them was none other than the person that Yan Ji had wanted to save at that time, but had actually ended up not saving that cultivator.

Feng Yushan seeing Yan Ji rush out like that immediately understood that she definitely had some relationship with this staggering cultivator, as he hastily shouted from the back, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, you can’t touch him.”

Yan Ji immediately stopped in her footsteps, as she anxiously turned her head and asked, “Why?”

Feng Yushan, at this time, was even more sure that his first guess was definitely right, and quickly spoke, “This person should have already fully realized that he was stuck in an enormous Array Formation, as such he or at least his subconscious mind has already sunk into the state of trying to deduce this Array Formation. If you move him now, then there would only be one possible outcome, that is he would completely fall into this enchantment and lose himself, unable to wake up ever again.”

“What should we do?” Yan Ji had immediately started to panic.

Xiang Zhilan walked up to her, and spoke in a quiet voice, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, is this cultivator the man you had spoken about before? The one who had changed his appearance?”

Yan Ji was looking at the still-walking Ning Cheng and forced herself to calm down. She nodded her head and spoke, “Yes, Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, he is the one. Senior Apprentice Sister do you have a way to save him? If we continue to let him go on like this, it would eventually end up in in him being in a similar situation of an oil lamp going completely dry.”

Xiang Zhilan was silent for a moment, and then spoke up, “I have seen scenarios like this before. Some people who were familiar to others were forcibly taken away, but the result was that each of those people ended up completely sinking into the enchantment, and never waking up at all. What Senior Apprentice Brother Yushan spoke is definitely correct, but there is one method that I have……”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, you should have said this before aah.” She could no longer wait for Xiang Zhilan to complete and immediately asked.

“Arrange an Entrapment Array in front of him, and allow him to automatically enter into this Entrapment Array. He will then sense this Entrapment Array, and will begin to crack this Entrapment Array. Once the Entrapment Array is broken, he’ll think that he has finally broken through the Array Formation. At the same time that he breaks through this Array Formation, you can then go ahead and forcefully wake him up or allow him to sober up by himself. But this is only what I think, it is not something that I have ever tried before, as such I don’t know if it would actually work or not.”

Yan Ji immediately spoke up, “Then I will arrange the Entrapment Arrays.”

Xiang Zhilan pulled Yan Ji, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, I can arrange those Entrapment Arrays, moreover the Entrapment Arrays should not be too bad, if they are too low a level, then it would not work. I have been trapped in this place for over a century, although I am not the same as the rest of the people trapped in this place, but I have actually studied a number of Array Formations during this time.”

When Feng Yushan heard this, he immediately spoke up, “I will also be able to help you with this method, I can set those Array Formations. I am a Tier 4 Array Formation Master, as such it should be enough for this matter.”

Yan Ji quickly spoke up, “Many thanks Senior Apprentice Brother Yushan, but I think it would be better if Senior Apprentice Sister Lan was the one who arranged them. I’m afraid that if the Array Formation is too complicated, then Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng would not be able to break it open.

Although Yan Ji had spoken these words with reason, but this reason was completely overshadowed by her woman’s intuition. At that moment when she had pulled off her veil, it was to let Xiang Zhilan to have a look of her face, so that of by hap chance that Senior Apprentice Sister Lan was able to get out of this place and return to the Le Continent, she would then be able to draw out her face. But she had not thought that Feng Yushan would suddenly pop up, and see her face.

Moreover, after Feng Yushan saw her face, she immediately felt a type of possessing desire coming from him, it was simply an unspeakable intuition, and was the type that was completely inborn and natural. Although Ning Cheng had also seen her face before, but other than some appreciation in Ning Cheng’s eyes, there was definitely not a naked desire in them to try and possess her.

Feng Yushan quickly laughed and spoke, “Yes, that’s ok too, besides if you need any help then I am always nearby.”

Yan Ji then spoke in a prime manner, “Senior Apprentice Brother Yushan, we can leave Senior Apprentice Sister Lan to the layout, the two of us will watch over from the edge, I’m afraid that if there were more people, it would end up affecting him.”

“That also makes sense.” Feng Yushan no longer spoke anymore, as he looked at this unkempt man in front of him that Yan Ji was so concerned about. However, he did not care much about it, in this place, he, Feng Yushan, was the heavens. A person who had already lost his mind and sunken into insanity, how could he even deem himself to fight against him?

Xiang Zhilan especially took care as she arrived a few hundred meters in front of Ning Cheng and quickly arranged an Entrapment Array, but just as Ning Cheng walked up to this Entrapment Array, he unexpectedly automatically turned a corner, as he moved past the Entrapment Array in front of him and continued to move forward.

“What’s going on?” Xiang Zhilan also could not understand as she looked at Ning Cheng’s back which was getting smaller and smaller as he walked farther and farther away from her. It stood for reason that once a cultivator, who had already sunk into the state of deducing the Array Formation, would definitely not have a conscious mind working, as such how could he possibly bypass her Entrapment Array?

But Yan Ji’s eyes actually turned bright, since Ning Cheng bypassed Senior Apprentice Sister Lan’s Entrapment Array, that showed that he definitely was not like the others, he was definitely not at all like those people who had already gone crazy. She quickly spoke up, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, I know what to do. I will continue to arrange several Entrapment Arrays in front of him, one day he will enter at least one of those Entrapment Arrays.”

Although Yan Ji spoke such words, but what she meant was definitely not the case. What she thought was that since Ning Cheng can bypass the Entrapment Arrays, it showed a possibility that Ning Cheng was actually aware of what he was doing. She wanted to keep laying Entrapment Arrays, only to let Ning Cheng bypass them, perhaps then in the light of these it would help him completely change back his own original thoughts, in exchange for abandoning it and returning to the Entrapment Arrays at present in front of him.

Feng Yushan frowned, he had also similarly thought of this thing. This cultivator and the other cultivators who had sunken into deducing the Array Formation although they seemed to be the same on the surface, yet they had a dissimilarity between them, that is he should not have completely lost his mind. Perhaps Yan Ji’s approach really might be able to wake this cultivator who was deducing the Array Formation’s layout. But even then he no longer worried about it, he was just a Profound Congealing 5th Level Cultivator, even if he successfully woke up, he could easily kill him.

Xiang Zhilan also simultaneously came to understand it, she realized what Yan Ji really wanted to do, and immediately spoke out in surprise, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, your friend should have fallen into this state not a long while ago, as such he had not completely lost himself, I reckon your approach is still something possible.”

Seeing her own idea being realized by Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, Yan Ji spoke with some embarrassment, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, it would be better if I was the one following this person, you and Senior Apprentice Brother Yushan can go back first.”

“No need to worry about it, I will be coming with you. With the two of us together, we would be able to take care of each other, besides even if I returned back, it’s not like there is anything important here that I have to take care of. Moreover, since the two of us will be walking together, you would also not be lonely.” Xiang Zhilan spoke without hesitation.

Feng Yushan on seeing this, immediately spoke up, “Then I will be the first to return, after a period of time, I will come looking for you. If you need any help, then you can contact me through the Communication Pearl.”

After Feng Yushan walked away, Yan Ji suddenly took out a Spiritual Fruit and approached Grey Toottoot who was still following behind Ning Cheng and spoke, “Come, here is something good for you to eat.”

The pills that Grey Toottoot had at present were not many, but he knew that he must save something for eating later, as such he would sometimes wait for several days before he could eat a pill. Moreover, he did not know when the pills left with him would end up completely eaten up. But now that Yan Ji took out a Spiritual Fruit, it immediately yipped a few times, and with his little paws he directly seized the Spiritual Fruit from Yan Ji’s hands.

But after he seized the Spiritual Fruit, Grey Toottoot did not eat it, instead put it directly into its Storage Bag. He seemed to understand that all the things that were eatable were precious at the moment.

“What a smart pet beast, I guess that it’s reluctant to eat it at this moment.” Xiang Zhilan spoke with a sigh.

Yan Ji took out more than a dozen Spiritual Fruits and passed it on to Grey Toottoot, Grey Toottoot only swallowed one of them while putting the remaining Spiritual Fruits away.

After swallowing a Spiritual Fruit, Grey Toottoot’s fur that was dry and rough looking before became somewhat moist.

“This Spirit Beast should not have drunk water or anything that contained moisture for a long time, because of which it’s fur also completely dried up.” Xiang Zhilan once again spoke up with a sentence.

What made the two even more astonished, was that Grey Toottoot even unexpectedly took out a pill to give to Yan Ji. It was obvious that it did not want to take advantage of other people and cause them difficulties.

“It really has good principles and spiritual nature for a pet beast.” Yan Ji was getting more and more surprised. As she received the pill, her heart wished that she could take Grey Toottoot as her own.

Seeing Yan Ji receive the pill, Grey Toottoot then once again turned around and immediately ran back to Ning Cheng as he followed behind him just a step back.

“Yi! Unexpectedly this pill turns out to be a top grade True Restoring Pill? A pill of this quality, I have definitely not seen it before, this pill is absolutely a top class within the top class pills……” Xiang Zhilan amazingly stared at the pill in Yan Ji’s hands and spoke out in shock.

Yan Ji had also seen that the quality of this pill was extremely high, as she thought just what kind of a person was capable of creating such a pill? She was also really confused.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, I think that your friend is not someone simple.”  Xiang Zhilan spoke as she stared at Ning Cheng’s back, a person who can give such a top grade pill to its pet beast to eat, can most definitely be easily categorized as a strange event.

Yan Ji took out a Jade Bottle, then putting the pill she received into the jade bottle, she spoke up, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, what kind of person do you think this Senior Apprentice Brother Yushan is?”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Yushan? He is very nice aah, since he is one of us cultivators trapped here, we also were able to obtain a few benefits from him. He is also an Alchemy Master, and was able to raise a Spiritual Medicine Garden. Moreover, every time there are fresh Spiritual Fruits, he would bring them all out to share with everyone.” Xiang Zhilan blurted out.

Yan Ji was silent for a moment, then spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, other than you and me, there are eight other female cultivators here, I also found that those eight female cultivator’s relation with Senior Apprentice Brother Yushan is also a bit unclear, but….”

Xiang Zhilan sighed and spoke, “You want to ask why those eight female cultivators don’t speak about their Dao Companions, right? Actually this is very normal, this is a place from where we can never get out, everyone here is simply looking for some psychological comfort. Moreover, their Dao Companions also know that everyone here has only temporarily grouped together, there is simply no need to care about these things.”

Yan Ji nodded and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, I always feel something odd about Senior Apprentice Brother Yushan, as such no matter how it turns out with Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, I will not be going back again, Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, you….”

Xiang Zhilan nodded, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, I understand what you mean, the reason I proposed to come together with you, was because I myself did not plan on going back. Although there are many people there, that kind of life is not what I want. If it was still the past I would not have dared to even think about this, anyways the two of us both have each other as companions, as such it wouldn’t be too lonely for a person. Besides, that little puppy is also really cute.”

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