Chapter 0222

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Translated By – DemonKiller
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Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0222: The Huge Talisman’s Dao Charm

Ning Cheng could feel his entire body covered in a bright light, and was thinking that the method he had deduced was a success, and that this was truly a sign of transferring out of this place. Just at this moment his Spiritual Consciousness encountered a very strange aura, moreover this aura was something that was spilling out from the area sealed within the circular region of the Blood River. Because he had brought out a million High Grade Spirit Stones, the extremely rich Spiritual Qi born from it had created an opening for this aura as it poured into his Sea of Consciousness.

Ning Cheng was already extremely sensitive towards Origin Aura, as such he was immediately able to perceive that this was definitely an Origin Aura, but one which he was unaware of. Moreover, because of the dissimilarities with the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Origin Aura, he could also tell that it was completely different from the Origin Aura that he had felt from the bottom of the river in the Angry Axe Valley.

He had not obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead for one or two days, as such Ning Cheng was very clear that it had a greater thirst for origins more than any other thing. As such now that he encountered the Origin Aura at this moment once again, how could he let go of it. He immediately used his Spiritual Consciousness to rush towards it.

At this time, if there was someone watching from the side, they could have clearly seen that Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan, because of the power from the transference, were already rising up in the process of ejection, while Ning Cheng looked as if an invisible force was pulling him back down.

Ning Cheng was completely unaware that he was pulling himself down, as he simply sat down in the same place, while at the same time used his Spiritual Consciousness to cause fluctuations to form in the Spiritual Qi formed by the Spiritual Sacrifice. He originally wanted to open up a channel to communicate with the huge Talisman that he could only see with his eyes.

There was golden light spilling out from the Talisman, which was even surrounded by a Dao Charm that seem to have come from the time of the ancients, which had spilled over and had completely enveloped him. Ning Cheng felt that he had entered into a whole new world, he felt the world that he was in previously had completely disappeared, while his entire soul and body was transfixed on that one Talisman.

Metal Wood Water Fire Earth, Heaven Earth and Man, Wind Thunder and Lightning, Space-Time Transformations, Darkness and Light……

Ning Cheng was completely excited to such a point that one could even see his body trembling, in this Talisman he had seen everything that he had not understood before, these things were something that no one would be able to teach him, rather one could even say that there was no one who could clearly understand these things.

Together with the Dao Charm’s direction Ning Cheng directly imprinted the knowledge onto his mind. Because of which it was starting to go from obscure to clear. The pale golden halo from the huge Talisman continued to circulate, giving out a sensation of possessing a vast and boundlessly Grand Dao of the highest truth.

Not knowing for how long he had been in such a state, the Spiritual Qi above the Blood River suddenly lightened up; Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness connection ended up being suddenly interrupted and was being pushed back. He was no longer able to communicate with that huge pale golden Talisman.

However, Ning Cheng took it as blessing in his heart, and did not continue communicating further with this huge Talisman. He knew that he had already obtained a lot, and this was his chance. At this moment, his hands were no longer moving involuntarily while he consciously used them to bring forth various sorts and varieties of hand signs and gestures.

Immediately a Level 1 Wind Edge Talisman condensed out of pure Spiritual Qi followed by more Wind Edge Talismans, Fireball Talismans, Thunder and Lightning Talismans, Condensing Rain Talismans, Rejuvenation Talismans….

A wide variety of Talismans that seemed to be endless were taking form above Ning Cheng’s hands, starting from the basics of Level 1 and climbing to Level 2. However, because of the lack of Spiritual Qi Ning Cheng once again spilled out a million Spirit Stones, and then once again began to coalesce Talismans.

Although many of the Talismans coalesced from Spiritual Qi dissipated quickly, but Ning Cheng would once again coalesce them back. Then as he went forward, he directly abandoned the method of coalescing Spiritual Qi, and started using different materials to condense the Talismans.

Using other materials to condense the Talismans actually made it so that they did not dissipate, as he created Level 1 Attack Talismans, Defensive Talismans. Then moving onto Level 2 Talismans……

Ning Cheng constantly refined a variety of Talismans; moreover, under the induction of the Dao Charm from the huge pale golden Talisman, it ingrained itself into his mind and body, while he again simultaneously started absorbing the surrounding Spiritual Qi. As such at this time he was not only condensing Talismans, he was also unconsciously practicing cultivation.

As his cultivation was constantly improving, Talismans were also continuously accumulating all around him.

By the time Ning Cheng cultivated to the Profound Congealing 6th Level, he could already condense Level 3 Talismans.

“Wow….” Ning Cheng once again spread out a million Spirit Stones.

This time around, the stream of Dao Charm had become increasingly thin. While under this Dao Charm, not only was Ning Cheng’s cultivation increasing constantly, even his refining speed of the Talismans was getting faster and faster. In this case, not only the Spirit Stones around Ning Cheng transformed into Spiritual Qi, even the Spiritual Qi from the Blood River soon started to gather around him, as it rapidly drilled into Ning Cheng’s body.

Spiritual Qi Mist, Talisman Refining…

This seemed to have become a timelessly eternal picture, with absolutely no change. There was only eternal action.

Even in the depths of Ning Cheng’s consciousness, this kind of desire continued to go on eternally. He wanted to go forward never-endingly, no matter if it was for cultivation or for his level of understandings in Talismans.

“Ka….” A faint sound emerged, breaking this eternally timeless picture. While at the same time, the Dao Charm surrounding Ning Cheng’s entire body also dissipated completely, without even leaving behind even the slightest trace.

Ning Cheng suddenly opened his eyes, he did not know whether to be pleased or be annoyed with himself.

He had unknowingly broken through from the Intermediate Stages of Profound Congealing Realm, and had advanced to the Profound Congealing 7th Level. While at the same time, his actions of refining Talismans had also ended, in the end he only managed to refine just a single Level 5 Talisman, before his cultivation advancement had ended up interrupting him.

Ning Cheng knew that it was because of that huge pale golden Talisman in front of him, which had completely drawn him into an epiphany. He did not know how long had this epiphany lasted for, but he was very clear that this epiphany had brought him a huge harvest.

Not only were his understanding towards the origins of his magical techniques and cultivation practice had deepened, it had even helped him in gaining a deeper understandings regarding Talismans. Although during his epiphany, he had practiced his cultivation all the way to the Profound Congealing 7th Level, but during the same epiphany, he who had started from a few extremely simple Level 1 Talismans, that could basically be refined by any decent cultivator, had finally ended up becoming a Tier 5 Talisman Master in just a single shot.

This epiphany had not lasted for a short time, but even still Ning Cheng felt that the time he spent in the midst of that epiphany was far too short.

If he could have obtained just a bit more time, then maybe he would have advanced to a Tier 6 Talisman Master. Unfortunately, his epiphany ended up being broken because he had advanced in his cultivation. If he wanted to become a Tier 6 Talisman Master from now on, then it was necessary for him to rely on himself to collect the necessary experience. That would only be accumulated extremely slowly, which when compared to the time spent in the midst of an epiphany would be a long and tedious process.

But then again for him to be able to practice cultivation was already a huge opportunity for him, if there was no such opportunity then he was aware that was nothing. Moreover, he also had gotten such a huge chance to be able to get such a feedback from this huge Talisman, and had even easily become a Tier 5 Talisman Master. If it were an ordinary person, then they would not have even dared to imagine such a thing.

Moreover, this huge Talisman was also amazing; it actually turned out to contain Origin Force. Was there a possibility for it to be actually an Origin Talisman? Ning Cheng enviously looked at this huge pale golden Talisman; in his heart, he had the desire to make this Talisman his own.

However, he was also very clear, with his ability at present, there was absolutely no way to even get near that Talisman let alone make it his own. Not to mention that he was not even able to cross this Blood River in front of him, even if he was able to get past this Blood River, he could already guess that he would not be able to obtain that huge Talisman.

“In the future, when my cultivation is high enough, I must definitely come here again, I WILL take this Talisman away.” Ning Cheng was still staring at this Talisman, while his heart was full of fire and zeal to obtain it. He had only used his Spiritual Consciousness to try and communicate with this Talisman for a bit and had already obtained such an enormous opportunity, once he was able to fully obtain this Talisman, then how much progress would he be able to make?

Ning Cheng finally took back his scorchingly hot vision, as he looked at the piled of Talisman in front of him. Even he could not dare to believe that he had refined these many. Refining so many Talismans, just how much time would it have taken aah?

There were at least 10-20,000 Talismans in front of him.

Looks like Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan have been out for a few months, Ning Cheng sighed as he thought about it.

However, his spirit soon rose up again, his strength at Profound Congealing 7th Level was several times more powerful than when he was still at the Profound Congealing 5th Level. He could even feel the fluctuations from his True Essence as it coursed through his entire body with gurgling like sounds, moreover even his Core Lake had become more powerful and thick.

“Feng Yushan, I don’t believe that I wouldn’t be able to take you on now.” Ning Cheng raised his hand and clenched it into a fist as he threw out an Axe Fist, this time it was similar to pure Axe Intent as it surged forward ripping through the air and creating loud explosions all around. The murderous aura overflowed out in all four directions, creating a circular ripple on the otherwise calm surface of the Blood River.

Even if he had to get out of this place, he had already decided on getting rid of Feng Yushan first. Ning Cheng was definitely not a Mr. Nice Guy, initially when he could not defeat that Feng Yushan, it ended up in him trying to chase him down. Now that he was sure of himself, then why would he have to worry about Feng Yushan?

Feng Yushan at best would rely on his single Soul Essence Puppet, but once he brought out a couple of thousands of Talismans and made them explode, then he did not believe that it could not stop a Soul Essence Puppet.

A puppet was after all a puppet; it was not a living person? It certainly would not be able to cast a wide range of magical techniques, as long as he could keep the puppet pinned with a dense amount of Talismans, then he alone could easily kill that Feng Yushan.

Thinking until here, the murderous intentions in Ning Cheng’s heart cleared up, as he lifted his hand and immediately put away the Talismans on the ground. Throwing out a dozen Array Flags, he once again returned to the land filled with black sands.

He only had a single piece of Best Quality Spirit Stone left with him, as such after killing Feng Yushan; he could then use it to leave this place later.

Ning Cheng deliberately put the True Cosmic Devil Axe on his back, while quickly activating the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, as he went straight towards Feng Yushan’s lair.


Just as Ning Cheng was out looking for Feng Yushan, Feng Yushan was also looking for Ning Cheng. However, at this moment he was feeling very depressed, he could never have thought that the Spiritual Consciousness Tag that he himself placed on Xiang Zhilan’s body would end up found out.

Because the Spiritual Consciousness Tag was something that was created with his own skill, he had a bit of confidence in it, even if Xiang Zhilan knew that there was a Spiritual Consciousness Tag on her, in order to find it, they would have to settle down and spend a very long time to find it. With such a long time, he could totally catch up Ning Cheng and the trio. However, the truth was always something different from what he had imagined, in less than half a day, he had lost track of the three of them.

After continuously looking all over the place for more than a month Feng Yushan reluctantly returned to the place he was living. He decided to use all the cultivators present there to search for them, as such at this time there were already more than thirty people looking for Ning Cheng and the trio. He did not believe that they would not be able to find them. Even if this place looked vast and boundless, it was just a huge Array in the end.

In order to find Ning Cheng trio, before he sent of all the people, he had even refined quite a number of Array Flags. Distributing one to everyone so that once the entire group ended up spreading out throughout the place, as long as even a single one of them found the place it would immediately inform every one of the location. He was confident that they would definitely be able to identify the Ning Cheng trio, regardless of where they hid themselves.

He wanted to get his hands on the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings.

After more than two months of preparation, Feng Yushan was once again ready to go out again along with the rest of the people in order to look for Ning Cheng, but at this moment, it was Ning Cheng who had suddenly came to seek them out.

“Haha, you were actually aware of it, you knew that I was going to find you sooner or later, moreover you also cannot leave this place. Since you are so tactful, I can allow you to actually keep one…..” Feng Yushan when he saw Ning Cheng, his first thought that that Ning Cheng had come here because he was not able to survive out there. However, he immediately perceived that something was not right, as he did not see Yan Ji or Xiang Zhilan with him.

Ning Cheng glanced at the dozens of pale faced cultivators behind Feng Yushan, before his eyes once again fell upon Feng Yushan as he spoke, “If you want something from me, then just try and keep up with me.”

Finished saying this, Ning Cheng did not talk any more nonsense, as he directly turned around and flew, he believed that Feng Yushan would certainly try to pursue him.

“Since he took the initiative to come here, then you can go back first.” Feng Yushan finished speaking to the rest of the cultivators behind him, and immediately with flick of his body, began chasing in the direction Ning Cheng flew. This time, he would definitely not let Ning Cheng disappear from his sight.

Ning Cheng did not go far, before he stopped.

Feng Yushan glanced at the Entrapment Arrays behind Ning Cheng, as he sneered in his mind as he thought, no wonder he had the guts to come look for him, it turned out that he had arranged an Entrapment Array, wanting to use this level of Entrapment Arrays to trap his Soul Essence Puppet? Stop dreaming.

Feng Yushan simply did not even feel the worth to speak, as he raised his hand and brought out his Soul Essence Puppet, he knew that Ning Cheng was powerful, if he did not use the puppet to contain Ning Cheng, then he was really afraid that Ning Cheng would be able to escape.

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