Chapter 0223

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Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0223: The Fighting Style of a Madman

Feng Yushan wanted to get rid of Ning Cheng urgently, and Ning Cheng also was having the same thoughts about Feng Yushan, he also wanted to get rid of Feng Yushan as soon as possible.

Just as Feng Yushan brought out his Soul Essence Puppet, Ning Cheng also simultaneously brought his True Cosmic Devil Axe to the front, while at the same time; he threw out a dozen Array Flags. Although he had too many Talismans, but he was afraid that their level was too low to be able to pin down Feng Yushan, as such he had simply arranged a Level 4 Killing Array. Although Ning Cheng could have also easily arranged a Level 5 Killing Array, but the materials required for a Level 5 Killing Array were simply too precious at the moment. Even if it was Ning Cheng, he did not have so many of such precious materials and could only use pieces of clothes to arrange the Array.

Feng Yushan had stayed inside this place for many years, as such, his understandings towards Array Formations were also not bad, as such even though it was only a single Array Formation arranged from pieces of cloth, and he realized that in this area he was no weaker than Ning Cheng was. As such, he did not put the Array Formation arranged by Ning Cheng in his eyes. Ning Cheng was just a young cultivator, as such even if the Array Formation was even more powerful, it would only be powerful to a certain limit.

Because of which, when Ning Cheng turned his Entrapment Array into a Level 4 Killing Array, the corners of his mouth revealed a touch of sarcasm. Using a Level 4 Killing Array and wanting to get rid of his Level 6 Soul Essence Puppet, it was simply a dream.

Just as he brought out his Yin Yang Dual Locks, he also threw out a dozen Array Flags.

When the Yin Yang Dual Locks were brought out it immediately stirred up two distinct Yin and Yang killing auras, these two killing auras in just a twinkling of an eye burst into the sky transforming into a red and a blue dual intertwining dragons. The surrounding air immediately became heavier and heavier every passing moment, but at present Ning Cheng’s cultivation was something that his previous Profound Congealing 5th Level Cultivation could even be compared to.

This time his opponent’s two streams of killing auras had transformed into something entirely different than the True Essence Spheres from before, this time the two auras had transformed into two long intertwining dragons as they pounced towards Ning Cheng. At the same time, Ning Cheng’s Killing Array, because of the Array Flags thrown out by Feng Yushan ended up stop functioning. While at the same time, the Soul Essence Puppet sent out a huge palm slap, which immediately descended on a corner of the Killing Array, immediately turning it into dust.

Seeing the two distinct killing aura’s in the shape of dragons. Ning Cheng immediately realized that in his first battle with Feng Yushan, he truly had not shown his full strength.

He immediately released the berserk slaughtering aura of the True Cosmic Devil Axe. Using a trace of devouring power of its Devilish Nature, it immediately tore open a long distorting and twisting Axe Trace. If one looked closely, there were even extremely huge amounts of fine Axe Lines around this cleaved open Axe Trace.

Ning Cheng’s True Essence and Axe Intent was continuously on the rise, while he simultaneously took out thousands of Talismans.

The distorting and twisting Axe Trace and the Yin and Yang Dual Dragons collided together, immediately resulting in the distorting and twisting Axe Trace along with the Yin and Yang Slaughtering Aura to entangle and restrain each other.

“Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom….”

Explosions of True Essence immediately ripped through this entire barren expanse, and the originally quiet and dead place immediately became unsteady because of the clashing between the killing intents. It was just a single exchange, but Feng Yushan’s heart immediately sank, compared to Ning Cheng’s cultivation when they had previously fought, it seems that he had powered up a lot.

However, this was far from being over. Those explosion sounds were not because the Axe Line weakening or the Yin and Yang Slaughtering Aura dissipating. Rather none of them was weakening at all, while the sounds of explosions were growing more and more intense. There were simply all kinds of killing lights spilling all over the place; it was as if someone had lit up a completely packed fireworks shop.

“You’re crazy……” Feng Yushan also ended up being swept up in this kind of berserk murderous explosions; he soon understood what was going on. It turned out Ning Cheng had actually brought out thousands of Talismans. Just how much wealth was required to obtain such things, it was simply too crazy.

The Level 6 Puppet under the endless explosions from the Talismans was also being unceasingly beat up. Although these Talismans were unable to actually harm the puppet. However, it was more than enough to keep the puppet busy for a short time trapped within the exploding Talismans.

Ning Cheng in his heart was slightly surprised; he did not think that even with these many Talismans he would not be able to injure this Level 6 Puppet. Although the explosions from these Talismans looked quite powerful, but the fact was that against this Level 6 Puppet, they were just like fire crackers in general, such that even when the Talismans’ explosions died down, it would still be unable to harm that puppet which was after all Level 6 Puppet.

But he hardly gave much thought about it, before Ning Cheng once again threw out a few more thousand Talismans, while the rest of the nearly 10,000 Talismans, he used them against Feng Yushan.

There was no other person in this world who would use Talismans just like how Ning Cheng was using them at this moment, even if others had tens of thousands of Talismans, they would definitely not bring them all out in just an instant. However, Ning Cheng could, all these Talismans were refined by him, moreover he was ready to come back to this place and kill Feng Yushan. Because of which he had already made all the required preparations beforehand, one of which included keeping all the Talismans in an active state.

“Maniac……” Feng Yushan, seeing Ning Cheng once again bring out around 20,000 Talismans, was finally unable to contain the panic in his heart.

Even if he was in possession of the puppet, and was also a peak level Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator, even he would not be so willing as to try and resist the explosive power of so many Talismans.

The two people had just exchanged a single move till now, and he already had thoughts of escaping. If he knew Ning Cheng would use this kind of approach to deal with him, he would have tried to come up with countermeasures for it, but even in that case he would have to be at the mercy of the Talismans exploding.

Level 4 and below Talismans would not cause him much harm, at most, he would only suffer minor injuries, but if there were numerous Level 4 Talismans or even a single Level 5 Talisman, how would he be able to fight in such a case?

Countless Fireballs, Wind Edges, Thunder and Lightning, Axe Lights etc. exploded out. There were hardly even a few moments in between to even breath, before Feng Yushan was completely covered in explosions.

FLEE! Feng Yushan’s immediate thought was to flee with his life, he had to recover his puppet and immediately get away.

Although Feng Yushan had such thoughts, but Ning Cheng had already detected it, since he had taken the initiative to lure Feng Yushan to this place, how could he let the other party escape?

He had the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, as such he was already outside the range of the exploding Talismans and had already seen that Feng Yushan was doing all that he could to try and escape this place. Seeing that, he did not hesitate to bring out the full power of the True Cosmic Devil Axe.

Angry Axe’s Second Form, [Tornado].

The Axe Intent immediately burst out to form into a matchlessly huge and berserk tornado, at this moment whether it was the Angry Axe’s Killing Intent, or the blade lights from the explosions of the Talisman, even the Yin and Yang slaughtering aura from the Yin Yang Dual Locks that Feng Yushan brought out, they were immediately sucked into the matchlessly berserk tornado, as it rushed towards Feng Yushan trapping him inside.

The surroundings were completely locked down by this one axe from Ning Cheng, other than trying to confront this one axe move from the outside, Feng Yushan simply had no other option.

But Feng Yushan’s battle experience was quite rich, at this time how could he not realize that he would not be able to escape unscathed, but if he did not escape then wouldn’t he simply end up as a target? Even his puppet was surrounded and could not be recalled back, so he simply decided to leave it and immediately disappeared from the spot.

The fearful explosions from the Talisman continued to ring out, but Feng Yushan had already disappeared. Ning Cheng’s berserk axe’s killing tornado unexpectedly could not find its target.

“Boom….” The huge vortex formed by the berserk Angry Axe Killing Intent, since it could not find its target, immediately exploded on the sand. The explosions from the Talismans and the True Essence had originally created an enormous gully, which was once again torn up to an even greater extent.

Ning Cheng was also subconsciously keeping tabs on the actions of the Level 6 Puppet, as such now that it could not receive Feng Yushan’s commands, it immediately slowed down.

Ning Cheng did not know where Feng Yushan disappeared to, but he knew that even if he wanted to go ahead and search for Feng Yushan, he would first have to put away this puppet. He also knew that he would not always be able to take out tens of thousands of Talismans. This Level 6 Puppet can already disintegrate a Level 4 Killing Array with just a slap to one of its corners, as such he knew that he absolutely would not be able to fight against it head on.

Immediately throwing out dozens of Array Flags, Ning Cheng in the shortest possible time arranged an Entrapment Array that was similar to an iron barrel in general. Regardless of where Feng Yushan had escaped to, he would not get careless during this process.

The actions of this Level 6 Soul Essence Puppet finally stopped, even though it was an extremely powerful puppet, but in the end it was still a puppet. Ning Cheng constantly put Restrictions one after another on the body of the puppet, his idea was to first seal up this puppet, and then slowly research it when he had the free time.

A short period of time later, just as the last of the explosions from the Talismans died out, the puppet still remained safe and sound, it had already been tied up as rice dumplings under the Restrictions placed on it by Ning Cheng, and was unceremoniously thrown into his Storage Ring.

Ning Cheng felt slightly relieved, even if Feng Yushan came back, without his puppet, he was not afraid of this person.

Although in the space around them there was no fluctuations, Ning Cheng did not believe that Feng Yushan would have used Blood Escaping Talismans or other similar things to escape. After putting away the puppet, Ning Cheng used his Spiritual Consciousness to carefully search around the Entrapment Arrays that he had put down before.

At this point the explosions from the Talismans were finally coming to its end, and the large amount of dust and sand was floating around, but under Ning Cheng’s mastery of his Spiritual Consciousness, there was nothing that could hide from him in its range.

After a moment, Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness fell upon a ring that had fell and hidden itself in the sand, as he sneered in his heart, taking refuge inside one’s own ring?

Just as Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness fell onto the ring, Feng Yushan’s Spiritual Consciousness also came out, “Elder Brother Cheng, there are a few words every person likes to say. I and Xiang Zhilan are also friends with each other, and I have always continued to help her. Even Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji, I have always been looking after of her, moreover I acknowledge that I have been coveting your Twin Heavenly Cloud Leaves, because of which I would really like to offer a sincere apology. In addition to the Level 6 Soul Essence Puppet outside that I left for you, I have prepared another tribute for you. So long as you let me go just this once, moreover everyone here is trapped in this place, as such what use is it to have unresolved grievances.”

Feng Yushan at this time in his heart was feeling extremely sorry, it was because he had seriously underestimated Ning Cheng, even his Level 6 Soul Essence Puppet could not even display one tenth of its power before he was forced to flee in here leaving it behind. He realized that he should have made a move on him in the beginning, with Ning Cheng battling the puppet on one side, then perhaps at this time Ning Cheng would have already been killed off by him.

“You can live inside this ring, it in itself is quite uncommon, I really am in need of such a thing. Although I also have a Spirit Beast Bag but it’s not as good as this ring, even Grey Toottoot who has been living in the Spirit Beast Bag has always been grumbling about it……” Ning Cheng replied, while speaking, he once again brought out a few Array Flags, and completely locked down this ring in the middle of it.

Feng Yushan already realized it that he was not as strong as Ning Cheng, now that he was trapped within Ning Cheng’s Array Formation, other than Ning Cheng letting him out by his own, there was no other way. Even if he grinded his teeth in hate, there was nothing he could do.

“Elder Brother Cheng, this is a somewhat dilapidated miniature world, if Elder Brother Cheng wants it, then of course I can also give it to you. But if by some reason this small world ends getting destroyed, then you would not be able to get it.” Feng Yushan knew that at this time he did not have any other cards to play, and could only use Ning Cheng’s greed against him and see if he could escape from here unharmed.

Seeing Ning Cheng silent, Feng Yushan quickly added, “The Spiritual Qi in my small world is quite abundant, moreover there is also a Spiritual Grass Garden with quite a variety in here, the reason I was able to advance in this kind of place, is because of this miniature world. If not for this place being unsuitable to cross the tribulation, otherwise I would have already cultivated to the Soul Essence Realm.”

Ning Cheng knew that what Feng Yushan had spoken was somewhat the truth, it was because he had seen the Heaven Opening Talisman, as such he knew that this piece of isolated space was really sturdy, it was because it was the only place that could actually fully confine the Heaven Opening Talisman. At the time when a cultivator wanted to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, they were required to cross the Thunder Tribulation, since this place is sealed and cut off, it of course would not be suitable to cross the Tribulation.

“Really? Then you will have to come out first, and give this small world to me.” Ning Cheng was a bit afraid that Feng Yushan would really blow up this small world, and that was definitely not a good thing. With such a good item in front of him, he knew that for him it simply could not be better.

Although he had been inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead once, but the inside of it was completely empty and desolate, it was only a yellow expanse of mist, not to mention about the source of vitality or even trying to plant Spiritual Grasses.

“You will have to first swear a poison oath to let me go, only then would I hand over this small world to you.” Feng Yushan spoke in a ruthless voice, he already had many experiences with the treacherousness and craftiness of people like Ning Cheng.

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