Chapter 0224

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0224: The Skeleton That Sat Up

“This father has not even made any vows to both the girls that I picked up at that time, while you are just a single puny Profound Core Cultivator yet you still want me to take such an oath…..” As Ning Cheng spoke, he continuously shot out various kinds of restrictions.

These restrictions, one after the other, merged into the ring that was able to support life inside it, all in order to prevent Feng Yushan from blowing up the miniature world. If it was Ning Cheng who ended up getting trapped inside, then other than threatening and trying to coerce Feng Yushan perhaps there really would not be any other way.

No matter how small the world inside was, but at the very least it was able to sustain life inside, as such he could use it to cultivate spiritual grasses, and even let Grey Toottoot to live inside it. It was not something over which Ning Cheng was unwilling to take such an oath, and although Ning Cheng did not believe in oaths, since he was already on the path of Cultivating the Dao, he did not want to have any unexpected impacts on it just because of this.

Moreover in his heart, he was already anxious to kill Feng Yushan, as such letting Feng Yushan off would obviously not be good for his heart or his conscience. Moreover even if this miniature world was good, it was absolutely not better than his Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Seeing Ning Cheng not even hesitate to seal up the ring, Feng Yushan was completely panic stricken as he clenched his fists hard, he immediately knew that Ning Cheng was bent on taking his life, he simply decided to not make any compromises with him.

After Feng Yushan understood this, a heavy surge of despair rose up in his mind, while simultaneously he initiated the self detonation of his golden core. Since he wanted his life, then even if he had to blew himself up he would not let this miniature world fall into the hands of Ning Cheng.

The now completely berserk True Essence, with an extremely terrifying aura, started tearing through the ring, but this aura was completely confined within the various restrictions that Ning Cheng had placed in this space. As this went on, Ning Cheng was using his Spiritual Consciousness to look for the original Restrictions placed on the miniature world inside.

The terrifying aura from the explosion of Feng Yushan’s golden core soon was perceived by Ning Cheng, he immediately realized that Feng Yushan had chosen to blow himself up. Not only Feng Yushan wanted to die with the self detonation of his golden core, but he also wanted to use the power of the self detonation to completely destroy the miniature world inside. Otherwise with the degree of freedom at present with Feng Yushan, he could easily cause his golden core to blow up a long time back. He wouldn’t even need to wait for such a long time.

Ning Cheng did not bother about Feng Yushan blowing himself up, he knew that it was something that was beyond his control. What he wanted was to protect this miniature world.

One after the other, Ning Cheng shot out various Restrictions. Ning Cheng completely sealed up this life sustaining ring with his fastest and most craziest speed, while his Spiritual Consciousness once again started to wear down the Restrictions placed outside this miniature world at a furious pace.


Terrifying explosion sounds directly ripped apart the various Restrictions placed on it by Ning Cheng, so much so that even Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness was faintly trembling because of it.

Traces of blood started to appear at the corners of Ning Cheng’s mouth because of the shaking of the miniature world. Such terrible explosive sounds soon spread around Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, at this time Ning Cheng was now fully aware that Feng Yushan had deliberately waited to explode his golden core. Maybe because the miniature world was too tough, or maybe it was because of the numerous restrictions that he placed on it sealing it up, but the miniature world inside still remained relatively stable. It was just that he did not know how much damage was caused inside.

Ning Cheng did not move, as he used his Spiritual Consciousness to constantly refine this ring. While simultaneously wearing down the Restrictions placed on the outside of the ring.

Not knowing for how long he was in such a state, Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness finally lightened a bit, all the Restrictions placed on the outside of the ring had been completely grinded out by him. What he saw then was an extremely desolate but immensely huge ravine, although this place initially looked like an island, but at this moment the island was in a complete mess. Not to mention a spiritual grass, there was not even a single weed to be seen inside, even that pair of Yin Yang Dual Locks had become useless scrap metal.

Ning Cheng heaved a sigh of relief. He knew because of his own shackles, the miniature world inside had become even more dilapidated because of Feng Yushan blowing himself up, but at the very least he was still able to keep it relatively preserved. As long as he slowly nurtured it in the future, then even if it was not fully restored to the state in which Feng Yushan used it previously, it would still be more than enough for his use.

Ning Cheng did not leave and continued to refine this ring. Unconsciously a month passed by. At this time Ning Cheng had completely refined this miniature world. He immediately stood up on the place he was sitting, and wore the ring on his hand.

Since he had now killed Feng Yushan, but ended up without resources for cultivation, but since he was able to obtain the dilapidated miniature world, Ning Cheng was quite satisfied. Now he could proceed to go out of this place.

Using the Dust Removal Technique on himself a few times, Ning Cheng wielded the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings and disappeared from that spot in an instant. There were many cultivators trapped in this place. But Ning Cheng did not know them, moreover he also knew that could not afford or even had the ability to rescue all the people trapped in here.

Although he had a Best Quality Spirit Stone remaining with him, but with the Spiritual Qi present inside it, at most he would only be able to take out 4-5 people.

“Yi Yi….” A very familiar sound made Ning Cheng question his own hearing, but even then he knew that this was absolutely Grey Toottoot’s voice.

Ning Cheng was a bit surprised in his heart, didn’t Grey Toottoot follow Yan Ji and Xiang Zhilan out? How could he still be in here? Was it because the transfer process did not work on it?

He then immediately used his Spiritual Consciousness to look for Grey Toottoot, he not only was able to find Grey Toottoot, but also ended up finding Yan Ji.

At this moment Yan Ji was complete dirty from head to foot, and was with dishevelled hair,  using both her hands constantly to form gestures and symbols in conjunction to the symbols from a few cloth arrays. The only difference of this scene from his own initially, was that at that time he was trying to deduce this Array Formation, with Grey Toottoot always walking behind him, but this time Yan Ji was actually following behind Grey Toottoot.

With Grey Toottoot’s sense of smell, it was clear that it was able to smell out Ning Cheng, which was why it had called out.

Ning Cheng wielding his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, already had arrived in front of Yan Ji, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, what’s the matter with you?”

But Yan Ji ignored Ning Cheng, and was still continuously using her hands to form gestures.

Ning Cheng realized that Yan Ji should have become enchanted with this large Array Formation resulting in loosing herself in it. Before he had also met a few similar cultivators who looked almost the same. Thankfully he knew that these symptoms indicated that she had only recently submerged into the enchantment, but if she spent a few months or even a few decades like this, then he could easily guess that Yan Ji’s naked body would no longer be differentiable from those emaciated cultivators.

Grey Toottoot on seeing Ning Cheng immediately began yipping in a happy voice as it immediately rushed over towards him, it was clearly very excited on seeing him. Looking at Grey Toottoot once again with such an emaciated appearance, Ning Cheng immediately took out several pills and handed them to Grey Toottoot, while he patted Grey Toottoot’s head and spoke, “First go inside and rest inside the ring.”

After putting all the things that he could eat into the miniature world inside the ring, Ning Cheng sent Grey Toottoot inside into the ring.

Just as he was going to seal up Yan Ji’s five senses, and put her away, he found that Yan Ji was now going round and round around him, rather than going forward. Apparently Yan Ji had become accustomed to follow behind Grey Toottoot, now that Grey Toottoot had disappeared, she did not know what to do.

Ning Cheng directly went ahead and sealed up Yan Ji, he did not put Yan Ji into his miniature world, but rather helped Yan Ji clean herself up a bit and placed her on his back. He did not know for what reasons Yan Ji did not go out, or why would she appear in this place once again, or even why did she allow herself to be lost in the enchantment.

Regardless of whether she was lost her mind or not, he concluded that it must have been because of this large array. As long as they were able to leave the inside of this large Array, Ning Cheng believed that with Yan Ji’s qualifications, she would not be retarded for a long time, and should be able to sober up. Moreover the reason he put Yan Ji on his back, was because Ning Cheng was fully aware that those people who had lost themselves were most afraid of being lonely, if they were left alone then it would only lead them to sink deeper.


Once again arriving at the heart of the Array, Ning Cheng was just about to throw the required Spirit Stones into the Blood River as a Spiritual Sacrifice, when all of a sudden the huge talisman suddenly began to spew out golden light along with a stream of its Dao Charm as the skeleton under it slowly began to sit up.

Ning Cheng was genuinely still a Profound Congealing Cultivator, as such when he saw such a scene unfolding in front of him it immediately caused a scalp tingling sensation in him. He was definitely not someone who was afraid of ghosts and other such things, but he did not know what kind of a terrible existence did those bones belonged to, perhaps just a slap from its hand would be more than enough to take his life. He already knew that once someone cultivated to the Soul Essence Realm, then they would be able to form their Life Essence. As such for this skeleton to sit up, it was apparent that it still possessed its consciousness, in other words it still possessed at least a part of its Soul Essence.

“Thus junior accidentally strayed into this place, if by passing through this path, I ended up disturbing Senior in any way, then this junior asks for forgiveness.” Ning Cheng quickly gave a respectful salute.

This fellow really was terrifying, if he was not careful, then he would really turn into ash ah.

“For you to be able to find this place, you really are not a simple junior, I can also feel the Origin Aura coming from your body, could it be that the Mysterious Yellow Bead is on your body?” After this skeleton slowly finished sitting up, it even turned towards Ning Cheng and slowly began to speak to him.

This time Ning Cheng’s scalp stopped tingling, rather it was his entire body that had turned numb. This was the first time that someone had spoken about the Mysterious Yellow Bead on his body. Although Ning Cheng had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but he also knew that he could not even display a millionth of it power or its functions. If this kind of good thing was known to other people, then even if he did not speak the truth, wouldn’t they not take it away?

Seeming to understand what Ning Cheng was thinking, this skeleton still unhurriedly spoke, “The Mysterious Yellow Bead is one of the five types of ‘Good Fortune’ Heaven and Earth treasures that took form naturally in the universe, you can get the Mysterious Yellow Bead to acknowledge you as its master that is your good fortune, it means that it is not something fated for me, I just want to make a deal between you and me.”

Ning Cheng was not able to believe what the other party was speaking, he could only stand to one side and behave like a yes-man, “This is just a single order from Senior, as long as this junior is able to accomplish it, then I would certainly not refuse.”

“Since this deal is between us, then it naturally is a mutually beneficial thing, I did not expect that in this kind of thrash like place, there would still appear a person with a Good Fortune Treasure, it really is quite unexpected.” The skeleton paused at this moment, as it seemed to think of the wordings of what he should and should not say to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng did not dare to speak up, but in his heart he already was greatly disappointed. Obviously, this huge golden Talisman that was called ‘Heaven Opening’ already had a master, as such he already thought that he would definitely not give this to him.

“Your cultivation at present is very low, so at the moment I can’t ask you to help me. I just want you to help me look for two things, the first one is the Heavenly Cusp Flower, and the second one is the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence. The Heavenly Cusp Flower might have a different name in this place, but it does not matter, as long as you know that it is something that is used to remould the fleshy body. Although this stuff is simply trash, but at least it is better than nothing. In this place, you can only find just a piddling of such lower levelled stuff.” As the skeleton spoke till here, it gave a dejected sigh, it was very obvious that it was also quite helpless in this matter.

“This junior will certainly go all out in trying to find them, but after this junior is able to find them, how would I be able to bring them to Senior.” Ning Cheng had already restored his calm, he knew that he could not let this skeleton doubt him. Originally, he had intentions that when he got out of this place, he still wanted to come in later, but since there was this terrible skeleton that seemed to be the master of this huge Talisman, he did not know if he could even take it and make it his own anymore. So once he got out of this place, he did not intend to come back in again.

“I know that you are somewhat scared of me, because of which you were thinking that after you got out, you would not come back in here……”

This skeleton seemed like it already knew what Ning Cheng was thinking about in general, as he once again spoke out the sentence in a puzzling manner.

Ning Cheng was quite surprised as he looked at the skeleton, even his heart shuddered a bit, in the end what kind of freak was this monster ah? It can actually pry upon his thoughts?

“You do not have to be afraid of me or even worry about me. I am not threatening you nor do I intend to scare you, moreover I am not even an opponent you can fight against at your level. Even if you possess the Good Fortune Mysterious Yellow Bead and even have a complete mastery over it, even then you would not be an opponent against me at this moment. In order to not let you take such a hard trip in vain, I can satisfy whatever requests you desire the most.” The skeleton was talking like a big bad wolf in general, and even its tone seemed to be incomparably happy.

But even then Ning Cheng’s heart jumped with excitement, at this moment he was putting all his efforts in order to go back and see his sister, could this guy allow him to get back to Earth?

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