Chapter 0225

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0225: Kill That Devil Cultivator

Seeing Ning Cheng did not speak for a long while, the skeleton once again spoke up, “You can get a Good Fortune Treasure to acknowledge you as its master, because of which presumably you are also someone similar to a reincarnated person. I can give you a bit of free information, any Good Fortune Treasure has the ability to form a complete realm within it, and moreover this realm would transcend any other realm in the ordinary primal chaos universe.”

“However for any Good Fortune Treasure to form a genuine realm there has to be a certain prerequisite conditions that have to be met. The Good Fortune Gold Leaf, for example, is a treasure of the five elements; you need to look for the Qi of the five elements to shape the realm inside. While the Good Fortune Jade Plate is a Yin and Yang Heavenly Dao Dawn Treasure, as such you will need to gather together the Yin and Yang of the primal chaos and assimilate it with the Dao of Life, before one can begin to form the realm inside it.”

“As for your Good Fortune Mysterious Yellow Bead, it is an Origin Treasure, as such you would need to gather the most fundamental of the 5 origin seeds, before you can form an independent realm, and give rise to the other remaining origins. Otherwise if you throw anything into the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it would only end up being refined by the Mysterious Yellow Bead, and would disappear without a single trace, without even leaving behind even a half a trace…..”

“Senior, there is still the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe and the Good Fortune Blue Lotus….” Seeing the skeleton just speak about the three treasures, Ning Cheng could not help but supplement a few words.

The skeleton spoke in a light voice, “What you know is already a lot, moreover most of the things I told you are useless to you, because you have no relationship with those items. Now are you willing to talk about your requests, are you willing to make a deal with me?”

Ning Cheng in his heart really wanted to return to Earth, and go look for his younger sister. If it was possible, then he also wanted to bring his sister here. In this place, although respect was something given only to the strong, but even so, as long as one practiced cultivation, the main advantage would be that they would be able to live out a long and leisure life. What else did most people aspire for, more than living a long life?

“This junior is indeed someone who had arrived here from another plane, a place called Earth. It is just a planet filled with ordinary mortals, but because this junior has a younger sister there, so this junior’s biggest desire is to go back to that place. Although it is to go meet my younger sister, it would be even better if I could also bring her here.” Ning Cheng knew that this skeleton was like a monster in general; as such, he could only honestly speak out.

The skeleton was silent for a good long while, and then spoke, “If you are not certain about its position in the plane, let alone the plane itself, then I have no way to help you. If I was able to recover my former strength, then it is possible for me to use the Heaven Opening Talisman to help you out once. But at present my strength is a long way from being recovered……”

Ning Cheng quickly spoke, “Then Senior please wait for me to obtain the Heavenly Cusp Flower and the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, would senior be able to recover his strength with this?”

“I can give it a try. However, I am not sure whether you would be able to come back here again. I am very tired, and am going to lay down, in the future if you find those things, then you can use this Talisman to enter this place.” The skeleton was now speaking in an increasingly slow voice, and after he finished speaking, a Talisman split from the huge Talisman and slowly floated towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng carefully held this Talisman, and made sure that this Talisman was without any problems. Then he carefully placed the Talisman in a Jade Box before putting it away.

Originally, Ning Cheng also wanted to inquire about what was this world’s most formidable cultivation realm, and even about the outside of the Yi Xing Mainland, what kind of places were there. However, after this skeleton slowly laid back down, it no longer made even the slightest sound.

There was only a huge Golden Talisman still giving out streams of Dao Charm, suspended above the skeleton.

“Really powerful.” Ning Cheng calmed his mood, as he once again threw out a million Spirit Stones into the Blood River in front of him. Then once again threw in his last piece of Best Quality Spirit Stone.

As he constantly threw out Array Flags, a Spiritual Mist vortex once again formed around him. This time Ning Cheng did not dare let his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep out, before he suddenly disappeared in a twinkling of an eye along with the Spiritual Qi Vortex.

Ning Cheng fell onto the ground, and had already appeared at the underside of the Blood River Peak.

“Finally was able to come out.” Ning Cheng sighed; the transfer array seemed to be working. In his heart, he really did not understand why Yan Ji had once again fallen to the bottom of the Blood River. Did Yan Ji also wanted to collect the Blood River Red Lotus, and as a result once again fell into the river for a second time? Even if she fell in, why would she try to deduce the Array Formation? Didn’t she not know that she would only end up losing herself in it?

Ning Cheng shook his head, and put these thoughts aside. He did not immediately leave this place, but rather continued to harvest the Blood River Red Lotuses, with the experience of falling into the Blood River; Ning Cheng believed that combined with the virtue of his current cultivation and alertness, he would never fall in for the second time.

Three days later, Ning Cheng, along with dozens of Blood River Red Lotuses, left the Blood River Mountains. The next time even if he wanted to come back, he would only come here after finding the Heavenly Cusp Flower. Otherwise, even if he came here later, it would be meaningless.

There were no more people outside the Blood River Mountains, there was not even a trail left behind by the cultivators, apparently these cultivators had already entered the depths of the Second Segment of the Law’s Way.

In order to avoid letting everyone know that he was Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng once again changed his appearance back to what it was originally. After all, being named as a Devil Cultivator was not nice at all; at least it would only be detrimental for him in the present situation.

Glancing at his back, that had Yan Ji on it, Ning Cheng felt a bit helpless. He did not know when Yan Ji would sober up. Before Yan Ji sobering up, he could only be together with her as he went through the Law’s Way. He put Yan Ji down, while at the same time unsealed the Restrictions he placed on Yan Ji’s body and spoke to Yan Ji, “Wherever I go, you just follow me, do not run around, understand?”

Contrary to what Ning Cheng expected, Yan Ji actually nodded, it was clear that she understood what Ning Cheng meant.

Ning Cheng was feeling quite happy in his heart, looking at the way Yan Ji was acting, it was clear that little by little her consciousness was finally showing signs of waking up. As long as it continued like this, then maybe in a few days she would have fully sobered up.

Ning Cheng started looking for some spiritual grasses in the Law’s Way, and occasionally would go in secluded cultivation to continue with his Alchemy and Talisman refining. As for going into seclusion for practising cultivation, Ning Cheng never thought of it, although he still had around a million Spirit Stones on him, but Ning Cheng knew that even this much amount of Spirit Stones would not have much impact on his cultivation practise.

If had not encountered the Heaven Opening Talisman before, then he had no way to advance to the Profound Congealing 7th Level. After advancing to the Profound Congealing 7th Level, his Core Lake had actually become thicker, and even more substantial. However, relatively speaking, the True Essence in the Core Lake had still not yet taken a definite shape, so much so that it did not seem to have even filled up by even a half.

Ning Cheng was already a rogue cultivator from before, although he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but he did not have any teacher to receive guidance. In his opinion for him to form his Profound Core successfully, it was necessary to fill up the Core Lake completely. It was quite similar in process to the advancement from the Essence Building Realm to the Profound Congealing Realm, only needing True Essence to circulate through the meridians and Dantian that would then form an embryo of the Core Lake.

However, according to his current progress, even if he practiced cultivation all the way to the Profound Congealing 9th Level, he would not be able to advance to the Profound Core Realm. Ning Cheng was sure that even if he cultivated to the Profound Congealing 9th Level, completely filling up his Core Lake was still a very distant dream. As his cultivation rose constantly, his Core Lake was also increasingly congealing while at the same time becoming even larger, as such it was also becoming increasingly difficult for him to fill up his Core Lake.

If he only increased just for the sake of advancement, then what function did it even have? Ning Cheng decided to earnestly go out and search of more resources for his cultivation practice. As long as he was able to procure enough resources to fill up his Core Lake during his cultivation practice, then he would immediately attack the realm to the Profound Core.

With Ning Cheng’s cultivation, and the plenty of experience he gained inside the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, in just a few months’ time, he had harvested piles of Spiritual Grasses and quite a good amount of Spiritual Fruits. Although he put himself in danger several times, but he was always able to escape with his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings. Not only that, the more he used his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings the more skilful he became with its application. After encountering danger several times, he could already use to the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings to such an extent that his speed could even be described as if he was teleporting.

This kind of movement was actually not a Teleportation Magical Technique, rather it was because of completely stimulating the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings in the shortest possible time, which allowed him to disappear from the spot in a near instantaneous moment.

Yan Ji had still not completely come out of her lost state, but when compared to the time when they had just come out from the bottom of the Blood Rover, she was much better. Whether it was in the nature of female cultivators or not, but at least she used to occasionally use the Dust Removal Technique on herself and even calm down her spirits.

What made Ning Cheng even more relieved was that after they left the bottom of the Blood River, she did not seem to be under the shackles of that kind of huge array, he could affirm that at least Yan Ji was not trying to deduce the Array Formation. However, she did not speak at all, and did not practice cultivation, or even try to look for spiritual grasses.

Ning Cheng was afraid that if this went for a long time, then it would adversely affect her recovery. Because of which he deliberately called out Grey Toottoot and let her hold him.

The small world inside the ring was badly damaged, but after Ning Cheng refined this dilapidated small world, he began to organize the inside. Bringing in many Spiritual Grasses, he immediately began transplanting them into his small world. In order to make the small world even more beautiful, Ning Cheng even put in many Rank 1 Spiritual Grasses. He even moved in many plants and flowers that were not spiritual grasses into the small world.

Originally, the small world was incomparably desolate looking. Nevertheless, because of Ning Cheng’s efforts, it gradually became verdant and filled with vitality.


A year passed by in a fleeting instant, during this time Ning Cheng’s cultivation did not increase by even a little; Yan Ji’s cultivation was also the same and did not increase at all. Yan Ji and Ning Cheng formed a sort of tacit understanding with each other, when Ning Cheng went out to collect spiritual grasses, she and Grey Toottoot would stay behind and wait in a safe place. Moreover, Ning Cheng had even taken the initiative to refine a few Array Discs that could be used by just throwing them out.

When it was time for Ning Cheng to leave, she would recall the Array Discs back and once again follow behind Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng now completely did not need to call out to her.

At this point, Ning Cheng discovered that the more he moved forwards, the less spiritual grasses were available, even his Spiritual Consciousness was growing increasingly weak as if it was being suppressed by something, he guessed that it was because he coming to the end of the Second Segment of the Law’s Way.

This day, his Spiritual Consciousness swept past a simple yet extremely crude kind of makeshift city. Ning Cheng was wondering in his heart, if it was that difficult to come out of the Law’s Way?

Seeing this makeshift city, he immediately was able to see even more cultivators roaming about, Ning Cheng quickened his place, he wanted to go and ask another cultivator about this.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Ji…..” A cry of surprise erupted from behind him. A moment later the owner of this voice seemed to have discovered Ning Cheng, and immediately once again cried out in surprise, “You are Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng?”

“So it was originally you ah, Ji Tingting.” Ning Cheng immediately recognized this female cultivator. When he had just entered the Law’s Way, Ji Tingting was also a part of the team he was in.

“What’s wrong with Senior apprentice Sister Ji?” Ji Tingting’s attention was completely focused on Yan Ji’s body; apparently, her care for Yan Ji was far beyond what she cared for Ning Cheng.

After a couple of years, at this time she was already a Profound Congealing 3rd Level Cultivator.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji had met a small accident, but it should not be anything big. Therefore, if you can lead me to look for the rest of the people of the Blue Cloud Academy, then I would be able to explain the situation to them. By the way, what is going on here, how did you guys form a makeshift city here?” Ning Cheng and Yan Ji had been together for a long time; as such, he could feel that Yan Ji was slowly improving. Although this process was very slow, but she would definitely be able to recover.

Ji Tingting was still puzzlingly glancing at Yan Ji, she simply did not answer Ning Cheng’s question, instead she quickly spoke up, “I will go find Senior Apprentice Brother Xu Ang and Senior Apprentice Brother Yan Xin to come over…..”

Looking at Ji Tingting’s retreating figure, Ning Cheng frowned, he immediately pulled another Intermediate Stage Profound Congealing Cultivator to the side and asked, “Friend, although there is this makeshift city in front of us, but why does it feel like it is blocking the front?”

This cultivator was just about to attack him, but then he felt that Ning Cheng’s cultivation was far higher than his own, so he quickly replied, “This place here is the real entrance to the Law’s Way. To enter the Law’s Way you will have to enter through the front, once you pass through this Law’s Way, you will then be able to enter the Third Segment, and from there you will have more than 80% chance of getting out of this place. However, if you cannot pass through the Law’s Way, then you can only wait here, and look for opportunities. All the people present here are the ones who could not pass through the Law’s Way…..”

This cultivator had not yet finished his words, when Ning Cheng heard a burst of furious yells, “Kill that Devil Cultivator……”

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