Chapter 0226

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0226: The Real Devil Cultivator

“The one surnamed Cheng, Senior Apprentice Sister Ji in order to help you, had allowed you to join the team, yet you ended up being such a shameless person, that caused Senior Apprentice Sister Ji to lose her sanity…..” A woman angrily cried out.

Ning Cheng recognized this woman; her name was Huo Miaojing. In the beginning, she was also in the same team as he.

As this female cultivator’s voice had just fallen, Ning Cheng immediately saw Xu Ang, who was also the person who shouted the words ‘kill that Devil Cultivator’. This person was the first to speak those words, and yet he was the one walking towards him while keeping himself in the rear of the crowd.

Ning Cheng held his cupped fists and spoke, “It seems that everyone here has misunderstood me, Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji had met a little accident, fortunately I was able to save her, and was able to bring her to this place.”

Xu Ang gave a sneer and spoke, “What kind of accident did Junior Apprentice Sister Ji meet? What could have allowed her to lose her sanity? You think we would just go ahead and believe your words. Surnamed Cheng, I have heard about you, you obviously are a Profound Core Master, yet choose to pretend to be a cultivator with a weaker cultivation, just to gain sympathy from others, and then gain advantages from it.”

“I also am aware of the fact that at the time when we were just entering the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, this person had plundered the wealth accumulated by dozens of Profound Core Cultivators there. However, looking back at it now it also seems that this person has a deep and scheming heart. He not only plundered everyone’s things, but also made it such that the other people ended up being grateful to him. Today, we will definitely tear off his disguise to take a look.” A Profound Core Cultivator stood out and spoke in a cold voice.

Ning Cheng had seen this man before, but he did not know the name of this cultivator who had just spoken, but he was definitely aware that he was one of the people he had inadvertently ended up rescuing at that time.

“Whether it is true or false, Zhangsun Yan and Nalan Ruxue would know about it. I think that they should also be in this place, why don’t you call them out and verify it with them.” As Ning Cheng looked, more and more cultivators were starting to appear, moreover there were even many Profound Core 9th Level Cultivators joining in. As such, he realized that today might be a bit difficult for him.

If Nalan Ruxue and Zhangsun Yan were here, then they would have already come out. Ning Cheng himself knew that he would not be able to explain how he was able to get out from the bottom of the Blood River. Besides, even if he could, he did not want to expose this matter anyways.

“You already knew that they have already passed through the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, so how will they even speak?” After Xu Ang finished speaking in disdain, the immediately turned around as he faced the dozens of Profound Core Cultivators as he cupped his fists and spoke, “Fellow Senior Apprentice Brothers and Senior Apprentice Sisters, this man is very cunning and deceitful, and kills people like flies, moreover is even a Devil Cultivator. But before that, he was able to gather a huge amount of Spirit Stones, in my estimation, there should be at least 10 million or more……”

Ning Cheng had clearly seen that just before that Xu Ang spoke that he was a Devil Cultivator, those Profound Core Cultivators just exposed a hint of sneer at the corners of their mouths. However, when they heard him say that he had millions of Spirit Stones on him, a kind of insanity immediately erupted in their eyes.

“For such a shameless scum, why is there a need to stay, let’s all attack him together.” A Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator immediately uttered an insane and drunk cry, while simultaneously bringing out his magic weapon and locking onto Ning Cheng. If not for him hearing that Ning Cheng, being just a single person, was able to kill dozens of Profound Core Cultivators all by himself, he would have directly went up against him.

Just as this Profound Core Cultivator spoke, the majority of the cultivators all around him immediately brought out their magical weapons, as they slowly spread themselves out, wanting to surround Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, there were more than a hundred Profound Core Cultivators in this place, as for ones at Profound Core 9th Level there were already more than 20. If these more than twenty Profound Core 9th Level Cultivators ended up surrounding him, then even if it were he, he would not be able to escape unscathed.

For these cultivators to be in this place, it clearly showed that these cultivators originally were not able to progress any more in this Second Segment. Even if he possessed a Level 6 Puppet, he was aware that as long as several Profound Core 9th Level Cultivators were able to pin it down, the rest of the people here could easily get rid of him.

In such a battle, his lousy Level 6 Puppet would not be much use unless he had another Broken Core Pearl.

Ning Cheng seeing that dozens of Profound Core Cultivators were almost finished surrounding him, immediately made the decision that is ‘to walk the talk’.

He immediately hacked out with his True Cosmic Devil Axe, blasting out with millions of tiny Axe Lines as if it was a bolt of thunder. Even the space around him had become completely chaotic. A huge number of Profound Congealing Cultivators who were rushing towards Ning Cheng, under this Axe Line, were cut down and ground to dust. In this moment, Ning Cheng immediately activated his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, and instantly disappeared from there as if he had teleported.

“What kind of magic technique is this?” A Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator looked at the spot from where Ning Cheng disappeared, and spoke out in a frightened voice. Ning Cheng with the help from the True Cosmic Devil Axe coupled with his True Essence had created chaos, and then immediately used the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, as such only a very few cultivators were able to realize this while the rest of the people were simply not aware of this.

As for that handful of cultivators who realized that Ning Cheng had used the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, they were trembling with excitement; they knew that they absolutely could not leak out this secret. As long as they were able to kill this individual cultivator with the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, then that Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings would immediately belong to them.

Ning Cheng had not taken Yan Ji away, Yan Ji already had so many of her Senior Apprentice Brother and Senior Apprentice Sisters here, as such he did not need to be continuously worried about her at this moment. Moreover he also knew that Yan Ji would sober up naturally if given enough time, as such when she woke up she naturally would be able to realize what had happened. Moreover, he was also a bit too late in trying to take back Grey Toottoot, but he did not worry too much about it, with Yan Ji’s qualifications, she absolutely would be able to enter the Third Segment of the Law’s Way. At that time, he would then go find Yan Ji and ask about it.

Ning Cheng did not go far, since he knew that he would eventually have to cross this Second Segment of the Law’s Way, as such he would certainly not try to escape too far.

He was already sure that these people would definitely try to get their hands on him, not because he was a Devil Cultivator, but because of the things on his body. Fortunately, he had the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, unless there really was a Soul Essence Cultivator pursuing him, there was definitely no one here who would be able to kill him.

Ning Cheng at this moment was calm in his heart, he had already seen this kind of thing many times before, and as such, there was no need for him to be angry about it. If he were stronger, then he himself would not hesitate to kill all of those people. In this place, although one can show kindness, but there was no need to convince other people about his methods, as this was certainly not a virtuous place.

Looking around for a bit, Ning Cheng decided to spend a few days here in waiting, and then rush over as sneakily as possible. Since not all people were able to enter the Third Segment of the Law’s Way, as such as long as he was able to rush into the entrance to the Third Segment of the Law’s Way, it would almost be the same.

“Who’s there?” Ning Cheng was just starting to carve out an Immortal Cave, when he felt extremely faint Spiritual Consciousness fluctuations around him. Although it was extremely faint, Ning Cheng could easily detect it.

“This friend is indeed really vigilant.” An unhurried voice sounded out, after which a young cultivator wearing a grey cultivator’s robe appeared in Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness range, and soon the same cultivator unhurriedly came and stood in front of Ning Cheng a few meters in front of him.

This was a Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator, had an average body, and was giving off a hint of sinister aura. Moreover, there was even a one of a kind but faintly discernible slaughtering fluctuations emanating from him, when Ning Cheng felt this; he could immediately tell that this person was definitely not like the others.

“This humble one’s name is Si Bing, and is a rogue cultivator. Previously this one had seen this friend in front of the entrance to the Third Segment of the Law’s Way when you had made your escape; it showed that you really have a matchless strength, making even this Si very much admired of it.” This cultivator held up his fists towards Ning Cheng and spoke in an unhurried tone.

Ning Cheng in his heart immediately became extremely alert; this Si Bing was really somewhat peculiar. Not to mention that he was not able to detect the other party until now, but even back, when he had left the makeshift city at that time, even then he had not discovered this Si Bing. Moreover, this person’s True Essence flow was also very quirky; rather it was something that made Ning Cheng feel as if he was somewhat familiar to it.

“My name is Cheng Xiaoning. Is Elder Brother a person that treads the path of the Devil?” Ning Cheng also held up his fists, and calmly asked.

Si Bing gave a small smile, “That’s correct, I indeed am a person who treads the path of the Devil, but it does not mean that I am like those people back there who does bad things, and then claim that any random person is a Devil Cultivator. Elder Brother Ning should also be a person like I who treads the path of the Devil, if that is so then why didn’t you just go ahead and kill all those pretentious cultivators that encircled you?”

Ning Cheng spoke in a light voice, “I do not understand this so called path of the Devil, and I am more so not a Devil Cultivator, since we are people who tread different paths as such we would not be able to make plans together, as such I will have to ask Elder Brother Si to take your leave.”

Ning Cheng did not despise Devil Cultivators, as he too was in a sense considered a Devil Cultivator. However, for the moment he wanted to enter the Third Segment of the Law’s Way all by himself, and did not want to stir up any additional trouble that would definitely come if he were to associate with this Si Bing.

“Ha-ha….” Si Bing gave a light laugh and spoke, “Elder Brother Cheng might possibly not know the degree of loathing towards the ones who tread the path of the Devil in the 9 Continents, if you really did you would not have spoken to a Devil Cultivator in the same way you just did. However my coming here is not related to that, it is actually to discuss a matter with Elder Brother Cheng, and that is, I want to collaborate up with Elder Brother Cheng to break into the Third Segment of the Law’s Way together. Elder Brother Cheng has the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings which are definitely not ordinary, and if I could have the chance to work together with you, then breaking into the Third Segment would definitely not be impossible.”

Ning Cheng’s back immediately turned cold, as he stared at Si Bing and spoke, “It looks like you know a lot about me, since you even know that I have the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, are you not afraid that I would silence you in order to not let this matter out? Or is it that you think you would be able to snatch my Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings.”

Si Bing once again laughed and then spoke, “Elder Brother Ning misjudges this humble Si Bing, since it was my idea to cooperate with you, I would definitely not do such a nasty thing. Of course, I also do not care about Elder Brother Ning saying that you want to silence me, I believe that Elder Brother Ning would have already realized that if I was someone who could be so easily silenced then I would not have been able to stay here for several years.”

“Moreover, it is also widely known that the only place you would find the real entrance to the Third Segment of the Law’s Way would be none other than that makeshift city. It is just because of the countless people that are unable to cross it, which had made the life of the cultivators not being able to enter the Third Segment to be very difficult, because of which they would all come to live here. Of course, here the Laws of the Heaven and Earth are much more complete, and you can definitely go into seclusion for your cultivation practice. But after a few decades, the cultivators trapped in here, would have no choice but try to break into the Third Segment to get out.”

Ning Cheng had just arrived at this place, as such he also did not understand much about the Third Segment of the Law’s Way. On hearing Si Bing’s words, it had moved his heart a bit, as he cupped his fist and asked, “Elder Brother Si, can you enlighten me about the situation regarding the Third Segment?”

Si Bing gave a small smile and continued, “Of course it would not be a problem, and in fact this path can actually be considered as the entrance to the real Law’s Way. This segment not only tests the cultivation of the one entering, but it is more attuned to testing one’s perception and qualifications. It is not that the higher cultivation you have, the higher the chances would you have in passing through it. There are also a few cases where people, with just the cultivation of Essence Building, as long as their wisdom and perception was first rate, were able to pass through this segment. The real good things of the Law’s Way are inside, in other word in the Third Segment. Just take the example of the True Spirit Nectar Wash that everyone wants.”

“Elder Brother Si, how do you propose we cooperate, why don’t you state it out clearly?” Ning Cheng on hearing this immediately had a few ideas going through his mind. Although he had arrived at this place, but he did not have the time to understand it, but looking at this Si Bing, it was apparent that he had a much deeper understanding of the things here.

Si Bing continued, “Going from the Second Segment to the Third Segment, that’s when one starts to gain some real insights into the Laws, but if you want to enter the Third Segment, then it is necessary for one to comprehend the Laws here. However, many cultivators cannot comprehend the Laws, and can only remain stuck in this place. Over time, more and more cultivators moved in here, forming a simple yet crude makeshift city. Some of the stronger ones, in order to get resources for practicing their cultivation, just before the entrance of the Third Segment had arranged an Array Formation. All one has to do is to pass through this Array Formation, but those cultivators who want to enter the Third Segment, each and every one must pay a certain amount of Spirit Stones.”

Ning Cheng in heart had already come to understand what was going on, it was the same as when he had entered the Second Segment. The only difference was, the cultivators back at the entrance of the Second Segment absolutely did not have any other means. In any case, all the cultivators wanting to enter the Third Segment would be willing to pay out Spirit Stones. Otherwise, the only other option was to go into seclusion in this place until they die.

“My idea is, we will work together to break this Array Formation in the shortest possible times, and immediately rush into the entrance to the Third Segment. This Array Formation, I have already figured it out how it operated, but if I were the only person who tries to break it, it would take too much time. When the time comes I will give you the Array Flags, and we would work together to rapidly break this Array.”

Si Bing did not know that Ning Cheng was an Array Formation Master, moreover an expert that was even more formidable that he himself in this field, but it was precisely because of this that he wanted to coordinate with Ning Cheng.

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