Chapter 0227

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0227: Rushing into the array

Ning Cheng had already understood Si Bing’s idea, as Si Bing’s understandings towards Array Formations was limited, because of which he wanted to find a person to work with him, and with the fastest speed, break open the Array Formation blocking their path. The person who he wanted to cooperate with did not need to have an exceptionally high cultivation, but they had to be fast and work quickly. Moreover, since they have the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, their speed would simply be matchless, because of which he was clearly the best candidate.

“Ok.” Ning Cheng immediately agreed.

“Good, it really is a happy occasion.” Si Bing took out more than a dozen pieces of Array Flags, along with an Array Diagram before passing it all to Ning Cheng and spoke, “These Array Flags and Array Diagram are for you to get familiarized with. You will be responsible for the Heaven Palace, Water Palace, Mountain Palace, Thunder Palace and also dropping these Array Flags into the correct coordinates, while I am responsible for the rest of things.”

[TL Note – Here the words Heaven Palace (), Water Palace (), Mountain Palace () and Thunder Palace () are actually the symbolic equivalent of the 4 of the 8 elements of the Bagua Diagram, also known as the Eight Trigrams Diagram. While the word Palace/Temple () is actually not a reference to a building, rather it is a referent to a specific region in an Array Formation.]

Ning Cheng immediately understood that Si Bing did not care of Ning Cheng’s skill in Array Formations; he just needed to borrow his speed, so he could drop these Array Flags into their specific positions. However, going according the words of Si Bing, he really was the one who was at an advantage, he just had to drop a few Array Flags into position, as to the other things he held no responsibility for it.

In addition, from seeing the Array Diagram and the dropping points of the Array Flags, he understood that this Si Bing was truly not secretly trying to act on him.

“When do you want to begin?” Ning Cheng put away the Array Flags and the Array Diagram and asked.

“Let’s start tonight, I already am not able to wait anymore, if you did not come today, then I would have begun a few days from now.” Si Bing spoke with a smile.

Saying that, he added another sentence, “Elder brother Cheng, although I also do like to slaughter on a whim, but I am definitely not the type that harms people in secret. Tonight, if we go according to my approach, then we certainly would be able to enter the entrance of the Third Segment of the Law’s Way. But Elder Brother Ning, if we can’t break in, then we will be forcibly thrown out by the Restrictions of the Law’s Way, and would ultimately fall into the hands of the others, so I hope that you would not play tricks on me.”

Ning Cheng spoke in a cold but calm voice, “This kind of work is no trouble with Elder Brother Si’s help, if I ended up getting forced out then it would just prove that the skills that I cultivated were no good, it would have nothing to do with Elder Brother Si.”

Although this Si Bing looked honest and seemed to be dealing everything above board. Nevertheless, Ning Cheng did not believe him completely.

Si Bing saw that Ning Cheng did not plan to speak any more words with him, no longer talked any nonsense, as he went to find a place close by to rest for now.

The cycle of day and night still existed inside the Law’s Way as it did outside, and handling such affairs at night was indeed much better that acting out in the day.

“Grey Toottoot?” Although Ning Cheng did not fear Si Bing, but his Spiritual Consciousness was always working in caution and prudence. He found that although Si Bing had indeed not moved from his spot, but rather had once again seen Grey Toottoot.

Not only did he saw Grey Toottoot, but he also saw Yan Ji who was following behind Grey Toottoot, and seemed very anxious.

Grey Toottoot because of its unbeatable sense of smell directly came running towards Ning Cheng’s side. Under the dim light, Yan Ji on finally seeing Ning Cheng once again immediately calmed her restless mood.

Ning Cheng on seeing that Yan Ji and Grey Toottoot had secretly ran out, did not know if it was because Yan Ji wanted to find him, and used Grey Toottoot to lead the way to this place or Grey Toottoot wanted to find him, and Yan Ji followed him.

“Oh, Elder Brother Ning really is quite an expert, a quarter of an hour hasn’t even passed by when a stunning woman immediately came looking for you out as if she couldn’t bear to be without you.” Si Bing’s voice sounded out, while his tone had a hint of strangeness to it.

Ning Cheng ignored him, he could already feel that Yan Ji had somewhat grown dependent on him. This made him feel helpless, Yan Ji was a core disciple of an 8 Star Academy, if he ended up being hunted down by an 8 Star Academy even once, it would not be a trifling matter.

“Elder Brother Ning, what I meant is should we begin at present, what do you say?” Si Bing soon got down to business and quickly did away with the previous topic of conversation.

“Ok.” Ning Cheng did not hesitate and nodded while simultaneously put Grey Toottoot into the Spirit Beast Bag, while he put Yan Ji on his back once again. Si Bing’s entire body was giving him strange vibes; moreover, Ning Cheng was simply unwilling to let him know that he had a miniature world on him.


“Where did Senior Apprentice Sister Ji go?” Ji Tingting suddenly woke up; she did not realize when Yan Ji had left.

She was just going to rush out, and inform the few Profound Core Senior Apprentice Brothers from her Blue Cloud Academy, when the sound of a huge True Essence explosion spread out.

“Two Devil Cultivators are working together to break the Array, everyone come out aah.” Painful cries immediately made Ji Tingting realize that it was Cheng Xiaoning who wanted to use the cover of the night to break into the Third Segment of the Law’s Way.

Si Bing’s face was very ugly; he could have never imagined that before he could even arrive at the Array Formation, other people would block off him.

“Elder Brother Si, it sure looks like this is a ‘sure-fire way’, but it seems to be quite bad ah.” Although Ning Cheng felt a bit sour in his heart, but he was not anxious at all. He looked at the desperate look on Si Bing’s face, and knew that Si Bing had definitely not thought of such thing happening.

Si Bing gnashed his teeth and spoke, “I’m sure that my approach does not have any problems with it, moreover there is absolutely no way there would be these many cultivators out at night in this place, I have observed this place and the surrounding areas for over six months….”

Ning Cheng on hearing this, immediately thought of something, and soon even his face became as ugly to look at as Si Bing’s did. He finally realized what had happened, it should have been someone who was close to Yan Ji, and had placed a Spiritual Consciousness Tag on Yan Ji’s body.

Because of which, when Yan Ji sneaked out at night to look for him, it was completely premeditated by someone else. As long as Yan Ji found him, they would notice it.

“Haha… Two Devil Cubs actually teamed up, everyone let’s take them on together, as long as you take part in destroying these two Devil’s Cub of cultivators, all of them would have shared benefits.”

A Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator laughed, while he simultaneously exploded out with the sword shaped magic weapon in his hands.

It was followed by an illusionary image of splitting open the air, creating a booming sound.

The True Essence stirred up the Sword Qi seemed to have turned into endless and inexhaustible razor blades, which then locked onto Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng at the same time utilized his True Cosmic Devil Axe to burst out with Demonic Qi, which tore open the blades formed by the Sword Qi from the inside.

“Peng Peng Peng Peng Peng….”

The killing lights generated by the Sword Qi cracked open with explosive sounds as if they were twisted pairs of wires. Ning Cheng’s Axe Intent in the form of a vortex immediately rushed out and collided with this Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator creating a huge explosion, which immediately caused him to give out a soft groan, before he was pushed back tens of meters away.

So strong. Originally, he had heard that Ning Cheng had killed dozens of Profound Core Cultivators before. Nevertheless, before this clash, he who was a Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator was having a few doubts about such a thing, but at this moment he no longer held even the slightest doubt about this, and spoke up loudly, “If we do not work together, then we’ll only be letting them walk away.”

In fact, he did not even have to shout out, as dozens of Profound Core and Profound Congealing Cultivators immediately brought out their magic weapons and used them to attack Ning Cheng.

Not only that, Yan Ji who was on Ning Cheng’s back also had to face a myriad bombardment from magic weapons, basically no one cared whether Yan Ji ended up dead or alive.

“Puff…..” A bloody arrow shot out directly splashing onto Ning Cheng’s neck.

Ning Cheng immediately realized that Yan Ji was hit by a blade light, and was injured.

“A bunch of fuckers.” Ning Cheng immediately went into rage, initially he indeed had the thought of rushing away from this place but now he simply could not even think about it. He immediately chopped out with his True Cosmic Devil Axe, causing an Axe Intent covered with numerous fine bolt like Axe Lights, immediately exploded out, which in just a twinkling of an eye completely spread through and filled the space all around him.

Dozens of Profound Congealing Cultivators under this berserk killing intent of the Axe Line did not even have the ability to resist before they directly turned into a bloody haze. There were even many Profound Core 1st Level and 2nd Level Cultivators who were also seriously injured, there were even a few whom Ning Cheng directly beheaded.

Ning Cheng had the mind and heart to kill them all, the True Devil Axe in his hands was bringing out more and more Angry Axe killing lines, which seemed to have filled the entire heaven and earth with a baleful and berserk Devilish Aura in just a twinkling of an eye.

Si Bing who was not far away from him was completely frightened out of his wits when he saw this, he now was completely sure that Ning Cheng was a Devil Cultivator in the truest sense, not only was he a Devil Cultivator, his cultivation was also a lot powerful than his own. Fortunately, he did not have any ideas on the other party; otherwise, even if Si Bing were able to live, he would have to find a place to heal himself for an extremely long time.

Now that he and Ning Cheng were cooperating with each other, he realized that Ning Cheng already had the power to get out of this place, he immediately felt a bit relaxed as he used the dual cymbals in his hands to carve out a path with its misty black light. Several Early Stage Profound Core Cultivators were directly cut apart by it.

Ning Cheng gradually was getting used to this kind of ruthless Axe Intent from the True Cosmic Devil Axe, as he used the Angry Axe Killing Intent to explode out more and more without caring about his life. Now he was completely oblivious and did not care that his True Essence was about to wither up.


A shadow of a blood red arrow violently tore through Ning Cheng’s berserk Angry Axe Lines, and directly shot at Ning Cheng’s chest.

The stabbing pain immediately sobered up Ning Cheng in an instant, while in his subconscious he was already shivering with fright, he discovered that his entire body was covered in scars. Although he had killed many cultivators, but his own injuries were not light.

If this continued on, even if he did not become the Devil, he was sure to die from exhaustion. Although he had killed many cultivators, but most of them were Profound Congealing or Early Stage Profound Core Cultivators, as for the true experts here, he had not even killed a few of them.

“He truly has become the Devil, as long as we can seal him, we can then let him die from exhaustion.” Xu Ang’s one arm had already disappeared, and was hideously staring at Ning Cheng, while his eyes were full with flames of anger.

Hurry up and go.

In this place, Ning Cheng without saying another word immediately used his True Cosmic Devil Axe to once again chop down bringing out numerous Axe Traces. Because of the intensive killing intent present in the Axe Traces, the cultivators in the front were immediately pushed back, then immediately stimulating his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings without sparing any more effort, immediately charged into the front of the large Array.

Si Bing on seeing Ning Cheng rush into the large Array, twisted his body a few times, and noiselessly entered the large Array. A part of his Array Flags were on Ning Cheng’s body, as such if Ning Cheng did not go into the large Array, then just him alone going inside would not have any significance.

“Elder Brother Cheng, quickly help me break the Array……” Si Bing’s voice had just fallen, when this large Array in just an instant changed from the earlier Defensive Entrapment Array, and had turned into a Killing Array. Endless Killing Light emerged from the large Array, which prompted Si Bing to immediately bring out his own defensive magic weapon, with the intent of blocking these endless and inexhaustible killing lights.

However, Ning Cheng simply ignored Si Bing, as he immediately waved both his hands, throwing out countless Array Flags.

In just a short period, the large Array whose inside was filled with near infinite killing lights weakened considerably, then the very dark and incomparably large Array immediately cleared up.

Ning Cheng once again threw out a few more Array Flags, and in just a moment, a narrow passage opened up in front of him and Si Bing.

Si Bing was really rejoicing in his heart, he also did not dare believe as he looked at Ning Cheng and said, “I really had not thought that Elder Brother Cheng was an expert in the Dao of Arrays, I actually ended up displaying my slight skill before an expert.”

“Let’s go.” Ning Cheng was the first one to immediately step onto the narrow passage, he knew that his consumption was not light, if a person ended up being trapped in here, then it would really be hard to get away.

Si Bing also was able to see, not only Ning Cheng’s injuries were not light, but even his consumption of True Essence was also too much. With this kind of consumption, if it was he, then he would at first look for a place to retreat and heal himself up.

Ning Cheng quickly got out of the Array Formation and appeared in front of a black hole, the hole in front of him was the true entrance to the Law’s Way with a few words written on top of it.

Ning Cheng did not have any time to reflect on it, before he rushed into it. After taking just a dozen steps inside, a matchless and powerful force immediately descended on Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, Ning Cheng was almost thrown out flying under this kind of strength. His feet staggered a little, but then he saw Si Bing slowly walking behind him, although he was also rushing in, but at least he was calmer than he was.

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