Chapter 0228

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0228: Destiny

Ning Cheng was very vigilant regarding Si Bing, at this time he was quite seriously injured, moreover was also with a person, if this Si Bing wanted to act against him, then this would actually be the best time.

“I suffered a small wound, you can go ahead first.” Ning Cheng stopped, this passage was the entrance to the Third Segment of the Law’s Way, and as such, it was quite a good guess that one could truly start comprehending the Laws in this place. He did not need to rush out of here so quickly; rather it was more accurate to say that he may not be able to rush out of this place quickly.

Si Bing stopped, he looked at Ning Cheng for a good long while, and then calmly spoke up, “Elder Brother Cheng, this is the true Law’s Way, although I might be the first one amongst the two of us to walk out of here, but I will still take the liberty to share a thing or two with you. That is, throughout the ages the only people who could actually pass through the Law’s Way are the ones who have at least some outstanding aspects to their comprehension ability. Moreover, not only would their qualifications would have to be excellent, they would also need to have a very good character. Moreover, I also know a secret, that is in the Law’s Way, even if one was an extremely powerful genius but they would not be able to bring along a person out through the Law’s Way. If you dare to do such a thing, then there would only be a single outcome.”

Si Bing finished speaking, but his words directly pointed towards Yan Ji on his back, then he cupped his fists towards Ning Cheng, once again slowly walked into the depths of the Law’s Way, and soon disappeared from Ning Cheng’s sight.

Ning Cheng had thought that Si Bing would actually try to fight him, but unexpectedly this person did not do anything. Not only did they not begin fighting, but he also reminded him out of goodwill. However, even if he did not start a fight with him, Ning Cheng was not afraid of him, even if he himself could not fight; he still had the puppet that he could use to kill Si Bing.

Ning Cheng did not follow Si Bing down the passage; rather he sat down and began to heal himself. A moment ago, a powerful force had attacked his Sea of Consciousness, and had almost thrown him out of this place, which made him realize that this entrance to the Law’s Way was not simple at all.


A day later, Ning Cheng finally stood up. The greatest injury that was inflicted on him back outside was from the blood red arrow that that had tried to pierce through his chest, but after a period of a mere day, although his injury had not yet fully recovered, but it was now no longer serious.

Then he turned and found an obvious Spiritual Consciousness Tag on Yan Ji’s neck. After removing the Spiritual Consciousness Tag, Ning Cheng directly sent Yan Ji and Grey Toottoot inside into his miniature world.

Letting Yan Ji take the trip through the Law’s Way by herself would have actually been much better for her. However, Ning Cheng knew that this was simply an unrealistic thing. Yan Ji had still not fully sobered up, as such for her to pass through the Law’s Way separately on her own was impossible at this moment. Yan Ji alone by herself, in such a state, would not be able to go through the Law’s Way; as such carrying her on his back was also meaningless. He might as well let her into the miniature world.

Having experienced the blow to his Sea of Consciousness the first time, Ning Cheng also started walking forward carefully. Although this passage was dimly lit, but there was an extremely obscure aura of a Dao Charm. Which made every step forward even more difficult; it was just as if he was stuck in a quagmire.

Not only that, previously Ning Cheng got a vague feeling that at the edge of this quagmire like place was a hugely spacious and clean path, as long as his feet could walk on this path, there would simply no need to wade around with such difficulty in this quagmire like place.

However, at this moment Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness was pure and clear, which was a result of the Mysterious Yellow Origin completely enveloping his Zifu. Because of which he was able to realize as to what was actually going on. He realized that once he dared to tread onto the spacious and clean path, he would either immediately be kicked out of the Law’s Way or be killed in this Law’s Way.

Although the passage he was in was getting more difficult to walk with each step, but Ning Cheng was also slowly getting himself accustomed to it. He even was increasing his pace gradually.

He did not know for how long he walked as he subconsciously began cultivated and upgrading his skills, when an obscure aura blew up Ning Cheng’s thoughts. Ning Cheng suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, in his mind there were only two words constantly circulating, “Path of the Heavens…..”

[TL Note: The two words actually were “Heavenly Dao/Path/Way” but I changed it to “Path to the Heavens” for a better sense.]

What kind of Heavenly Path was it? Ning Cheng suddenly became confused once again. After he came to this place, his heart was completely focussed on the practice of cultivation; in fact, he had been doing this mainly in order to return to Earth. However, now when he wanted to ask himself was Heavenly Path was it, he unexpectedly was not able to answer.

Still submerged in the confusion, an extremely frightening power once again bombarded Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness. Ning Cheng’s entire body shook and the next moment he was immediately sent flying upside down.

However, just before that, the Mysterious Yellow Origin suddenly acted and blocked most of the power, letting Ning Cheng sober up instantly. He absolutely cannot let himself be kicked out of this place.

“The Path of the Heavens, losing more than what you need while replenishing less than what is required…”

A sentence somehow emerged in Ning Cheng’s Consciousness, when he heard these words; he was also able to understand a bit of the meaning behind the sentence. This thought had just emerged in his mind, when the Origin Aura that was originally surrounding the Mysterious Yellow Bead in his Zifu, suddenly dissipated. While his Sea of Consciousness suddenly expanded, while at the same time even his Core Lake, in just a twinkling of an eye, also expanded and had become even thicker.

Losing more than what you need while replenishing less than what is required? Ning Cheng felt that his Core Lake was once again expanding, while the True Essence in his Core Lake was becoming increasingly scant to look at. He pondered in his mind if this really was a good thing or a bad thing. If it went on like this, then wouldn’t his cultivation not rise, rather would actually fall.

In any case, his Sea of Consciousness had enhanced, which after all, was an extremely beneficial thing.

With the expansion of his Sea of Consciousness, and so called enhancement of his Core Lake, the feeling of walking around in a quagmire that Ning Cheng had been feeling till now had completely disappeared, while the dim gloomy passage still remained in front of his eyes.

Ning Cheng sighed; this Law’s Way really was too weird.

However having experienced such things several times by now, he speed also accelerated a bit.

“Ka Ka” loud yet fine sounds immediately emerged from beneath his feet, Ning Cheng then discovered that even in this place, there were many bones scattered around. The more he walked forward, the more densely packed the bones were.

Ning Cheng once again started to carefully look around as he cautiously walked forward, looking at these bones, he realized that not all people who were not able to pass through here were thrown out, rather there were actually many who ended up directly being killed in this place.

What made Ning Cheng actually wonder was that, after experiencing all these things, there did not actually seem to be any obstacle in front of him, rather it looked and felt as if he was walking in an ordinary passage. If this continued, then wouldn’t he soon walk out through this Law’s Way?

“Destiny…..” Ning Cheng had not yet had the time to rejoice, when a voice suddenly appeared in his consciousness.

Ning Cheng immediately stopped, with his last experience, he thought he knew what he had to do, as long as he could help himself understand this word “Destiny”, it would then be possible to move forward again.

At this time, Ning Cheng felt his body could not help from being swept away by a kind of a special force, as he once again returned to his childhood. Playing around in a small mountain village, going to the school in town, arriving at Jiangzhou…

These scenes were so true, then even when at that time he had dinner with Tian Muwan; he was also able to smell the faint fragrance coming from Tian Muwan’s body. Soon, the scene arrived at Tian Muwan throwing away his pearl hair clip and speeding away with another person, and he ended up drifting about in Cang Qin Province…

These were his experiences in entirety, not even a trace of it was different as he once again lived through it another time.

In the Yi Xing Mainland, he desperately practiced cultivation, so that he could soon rip through the plane. Qi Gathering, True Condensation, Essence Building, Profound Congealing… Ning Cheng saw himself practicing cultivation all the way up to Profound Core Realm until the point he had completely filled his Core Lake, at this point he was free to try to advance to the Soul Essence Realm.

“Boom Boom Boom….” Endless bolts of thunder and lightning fell, as his will was completely torn to shreds and crushed, he could not even survive the first wave of the Thunder Tribulation before his body and soul dissipated without even a trace.

“Is this my destiny?” Ning Cheng mumbled, as he completely immersed himself in grief among the piles of bones. His destiny was only to live for a few more years, before the Thunder Tribulation exterminated him.

No, it is just my imagination playing tricks on me, it absolutely will not happen just because I imagined it.

Ning Cheng forced himself to sober up. Once he sobered up, his vision once again restored back to the original scene, and found that he was still in the gloomy passage.

Ning Cheng did not immediately start walking forward, as at this moment he had already forgotten 99% of the things that he had experienced just now despite him having an eidetic memory. The only thing that he could remember clearly was the terrifying thunder falling down on him along with the scene of him desperately struggling under the falling thunder.

Was the end he saw, true or false? Ning Cheng had just thought of this; when a flame suddenly rose from the depths of his Dantian, this flame seemed as if it wanted to completely burn him from the inside out. The terrible pain almost made Ning Cheng bring out his True Cosmic Devil Axe and bring down the axe on his own Dantian.

Was this fire turning him into a Devil?

Ning Cheng instantly understood what the matter was; it was definitely, because his mind and heart was subjected to such a vision, which made it filled with fear about his future, which subsequently caused the eruption of the fire that would have turned him into a Devil. Moreover, because this fire was something that could turn him into a Devil, he could easily guess that his impulse to use the True Cosmic Devil Axe on himself had some sort of relationship with it.

It was not necessary that he would perish under the bombardment of the Thunder Tribulation, even if he were to be ultimately killed by the bombardment; it was something that would happen in the future. Moreover, now he also had the Mysterious Yellow Origin, which he could definitely use to suppress it.

Ning Cheng, in just another moment, completely abandoned the scene that had played out in his mind and put it away to one side. After all those were things that might or might not happen in the future. For now, he must first cross through this Law’s Way.

The infinite Origin Force started emerging from the Mysterious Yellow Bead, which immediately moved to capture the fire and completely extinguish it. Once again restoring the calm and tranquillity inside, Ning Cheng sighed, and continued to move forward.

Three days, four days…. After ten full days passed by, Ning Cheng suddenly stopped.

During these ten days, he was able to perceive all kinds of thoughts, practice cultivation Law’s….

However, other than the first time when he gained insights into the Heavenly Path, which had led him to expand his Sea of Consciousness along with his Core Lake, the rest of the stuff that he perceived, Ning Cheng did not feel much effect from them. He had the Mysterious Yellow Formless with him, as such, he was always practicing cultivation with a perfect cultivation method, so why would he want to use the Law’s Way to improve upon and perfect his cultivation practice?

This Law’s Way to others might be an extremely important thing, but for him it was merely mediocre at best.

Ning Cheng had just thought of this idea, when he felt his entire body covered with a light, the dim Law’s Way, in the next moment, had completely disappeared without a trace, as he appeared on a blue coloured mountain under his foot.

Ning Cheng could feel that the Spiritual Qi here was extremely rich and much more suitable for practicing cultivation of the Heaven and Earth, regardless of any one; they would have thought that they had already come out of the Law’s Way.

However, Ning Cheng stood there silently, as his face kept transforming erratically; it even looked somewhat ugly to look at. Once again, he was vaguely reminded about the scene of his so-called destiny. Now that he had entered the Third Segment of the Law’s Way, at this moment he realized that there were actually two kinds of people who could get through the Law’s Way. One was to slowly go systematically forward through the passage and then arrive at the Third Segment, while the other was to comprehend their own way, after which they would suddenly be transferred out of that scenario.

Thinking back to the things that happened before, supposedly he was the second type of person. That is to say, what he had imagined would definitely come true, was he really going to end up perishing under the Thunder Tribulation in the future?

Ning Cheng stood like this for a long time, after which he gave out a long sigh. Whether it would end up coming true or not, with his currently extremely huge Core Lake if he wanted to practice cultivation to even reach the Profound Core Realm, he could easily guess that that it would not be something that would happen in the near future.

If one day he were able to find the Heavenly Cusp Flower and the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, he would then come look for the skeleton to complete the transaction, so that he could return to Earth.

As he threw this burden aside, Ning Cheng felt his entire body lighten up suddenly, it was as if a huge pressure had suddenly disappeared, even his mind and heart had become even clearer.

Ning Cheng had just thought about bringing out Yan Ji and Grey Toottoot, when an extremely terrible sound of violent explosions of True Essence arrived. This was definitely from a battle between cultivators, Ning Cheng immediately used his Spiritual Consciousness to check it out, and immediately two Taoist shadows locked in combat appeared not too far from him.

Ning Cheng did not step aside, although he only had the cultivation of Profound Congealing 7th Level, but in retrospect, he also really was not afraid of anyone.

However, just as Ning Cheng perceived the cultivations of the two cultivators fighting, his heart almost jumped into his mouth, and the first idea that sprang into his mind was to flee as far as possible.

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