Chapter 0229

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0229: True Spirit Nectar Wash

It turned to be a fight between two Soul Essence Cultivators, although Ning Cheng did not fear Profound Core Cultivators, but in the face of Soul Essence Cultivators, he knew that he definitely was not their opponent.

Soul Essence Cultivators were unable to enter the Law’s Way, and yet there definitely were two Soul Essence Cultivators in here, it was obviously because they had advanced to this level inside the Law’s Way.

However, Ning Cheng immediately reined in his own thoughts, as he hurriedly went into hiding. In fact, he himself did not know, as to why they were fighting.

The two Soul Essence Cultivators did not seem to care about Ning Cheng’s existence, as their fight was growing even more intense. The air constantly was giving out explosive noises because of the fluctuations caused by their True Essence and the deadly lights from their magic weapons, which made Ning Cheng to be secretly startled in his heart. Soul Essence Cultivators and Profound Core Cultivators naturally had a deep divide between them, as to advance to the Soul Essence Realm; one must have to pass through the Thunder Tribulation. Although Profound Core Cultivators are powerful, but it is only on the virtue of their True Essence. However, Soul Essence Cultivators, unlike them, can communicate and interact with the environment surrounding them while at the same time use it to attack their enemies.

Ning Cheng was also not a rookie when it came to the practice of cultivation. He knows that he might be able to contend against Profound Core 9th Level Cultivators with the strength of Profound Congealing 7th Level, but if he were at Profound Core 7th Level, he absolutely would not be even able to touch a Soul Essence 9th Level Cultivator let alone contend against them. Unless, he underwent another qualitative change once he reached Profound Core Realm.

The only difference between Profound Congealing and Profound Core is the formation of Core Lake; this Core Lake would then condense into a Golden Core as you kept improving. Although it was not an essential difference, but it was a difference between the intensity and quantity of True Essence. While if one wanted to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, then after going through the Thunder Tribulation, they would have to break their Cores to form their Life Essence, which was actually the embryonic form of their Soul Essence. This essential difference separated them from the Profound Core Cultivators.

Fortunately, the two Soul Essence Cultivators were just using their True Fires to fight against each other, and under its cover, Ning Cheng was quickly able to move to a new spot.

Ning Cheng breathed a sigh of relief; initially his first thought was to escape from this place.

He quickly wielded the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, and in just a flash left the place, he had just arrived at. However, in the next moment, he once again returned to the same place.

Before leaving, he had used his Spiritual Consciousness and found a small lake in a distance. An extremely clean aura immediately caught his attention; at that moment, he was even able to sense his understanding of his cultivation practice growing a bit deeper unconsciously.

Was it the True Spirit Nectar Wash?

Ning Cheng had not seen the True Spirit Nectar Wash before, but this kind of feeling made him certain that it truly was the True Spirit Nectar Wash. At this moment, Ning Cheng did not care one whit about the two Soul Essence Cultivators fighting outside, since he was able to find the True Spirit Nectar Wash, how could he spare it?

Simply not thinking of anything else anymore, Ning Cheng immediately rushed towards it, and soon saw a large mountain peak that had a narrow slit. Looking at it, one could say that this split on the mountain peak had only appeared recently, Ning Cheng immediately thought of those two Soul Essence Cultivators. He theorized that those two Soul Essence Cultivators should have actually split this mountain range open a few moments before.

However, he was very puzzled with this; the two Soul Essence Cultivators had opened up the hidden location of the True Spirit Nectar Wash, so why would they be fighting just outside this place.

However, no matter what the reason was, he had to hurry up and quickly take away the True Spirit Nectar Wash. With this much True Spirit Nectar Wash, it was equivalent to striking it rich.

Leaving behind a single Monitoring Array Flag, Ning Cheng with his fastest speed arrived above the small lake; he was incomparably excited just thinking about it. However, when he saw what was below him, he immediately became disappointed. This was just a very ordinary mountain lake; it was no wonder that those two Soul Essence Cultivators did not come here. The bigger one’s hopes were, the greater the disappointment would be ah.

Above this small ordinary lake, there were three round stone pools; these stone pools actually seemed to have taken shape beneath a single inverted stalagmite. This stalagmite had sharp corners, at this time there was a little bit of clear liquid condensed over it. Ning Cheng immediately arrived to the side of this stalagmite and touched this clear liquid with his hand. A kind of incomparable and pure sensation struck him, it let Ning Cheng immediately realize this this was the real True Spirit Nectar Wash.

However, the stone pools in front of him were empty, the True Spirit Nectar Wash inside the stone pool should have accumulated from the drippings from the stalagmite, but at this time, someone had already cleared it all out. This time Ning Cheng finally found the reason the two Soul Essence Cultivators were fighting. Those two men were clearly fighting because one of the two had completely emptied the stone pools of the True spirit Nectar Wash, while the other person was not satisfied with it. Under the condition of snatching, these two talented geniuses ended up fighting against each other.

As for the small lake below, he could easily guess that a small portion of the True Essence Spirit Wash had spilled into it, which had caused it have a vague aura of True Spirit Nectar Wash to emanate from the lake water.

He really had rejoiced too soon, Ning Cheng thought as he looked at the small lake in front of him with some disappointment, as he also shook his head.

But then again his gaze fell on the surface of the empty stone pool, this this stone pool had soaked in the True Spirit Nectar Wash for a long time, it can be considered as a good thing. When the time comes, he could bring this stone pool to Kong Pengpeng, which would also be quite good.

Thinking until here, Ning Cheng directly pulled out the stone pool.

A hint of rich True Spirit Nectar Wash’s Aura immediately leaked out, instantly Ning Cheng used his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep out at the place he had unintentionally opened up as he pulled it out, when he saw that behind it was a pond nearly filled to the brim with True Spirit Nectar Wash, he almost screamed out loud.

Strongly suppressing his wildly thumping heart, Ning Cheng knew that this time he really had struck rich.

At this time, he had almost forgotten what he should be doing, as his heart was already in his throat. So much True Spirit Nectar Wash, once those two Soul Essence Cultivators knew about it, they would immediately come dashing back. At that time, would he still be able to keep his life? Ning Cheng was sure that only after this stalagmite had formed, that it had started dripping the True Spirit Nectar Wash, while the major part of it was stored in the large pond behind it.

Nature was amazing, and filled with falsehoods, what was real might not be real and what was illusionary might not be illusionary. If he had not taken down the stone pool, then how would he have found the True Spirit Nectar Wash inside in such a place?

At this point Ning Cheng did not even consider anything else, as he immediately used his fist to blow open a crack, directly worming his way into the area.

So much True Spirit Nectar Wash, how should he go about taking it all away?

Ning Cheng first thought of the Miniature World that he had, he immediately called out Yan Ji and Grey Toottoot from inside the Miniature World, as he decided that he must first create a pond inside his Miniature World.

Once Grey Toottoot came out, he immediately began yipping in an excited manner, as he with a splash jumped right into the True Spirit Nectar Wash Pool. Yan Ji seeing Grey Toottoot jump in, unexpectedly also followed him in jumping into the pool. Ning Cheng was somewhat helpless in such a situation, the only thing he could do was to seize the time he had and arrange a simple Shielding Array Formation on the outside.

Ning Cheng was ready to carve out a pond inside his Miniature World so that he could transfer the True Spirit Nectar Wash, but then he found out that there was a black gas coming out from the top on Yan Ji’s head, while a faint spiritual charm seem to be circulating around her body.

Could it be that bathing in the True Spiritual Nectar Wash had other effects? Ning Cheng, thinking about this, also jumped into the True Spirit Nectar Wash Pool.

An extremely comfortable force was washing over him, Ning Cheng could clearly feel that the True Spirit Nectar Wash was cleaning his body repeatedly; he could feel his spirit becoming cleaner each passing moment.

He could also vaguely feel that his own perception ability was rising rapidly, as a trace of black coloured gas was dissipating out from the top of his head.

This really was a good stuff ah; taking a bath in such a thing would unexpectedly bring out such an effect.

Ning Cheng did not dare to continue bathing, and quickly entered the Miniature World, and almost in an instant carved out a simple pool, this pool was where he would transfer the True Spirit Nectar Wash inside the Miniature World.

“After you go inside, you are not allowed to take a bath in it; this is something that I still need to change into Spirit Stones.” Ning Cheng repeatedly stressed out this point to Yan Ji and Grey Toottoot, before he sent them both back into the Miniature World along with the pool.

Ning Cheng still wanted to look around to see what else there was to be found, but at that moment the he immediately perceived minor fluctuations coming from the Monitoring Array Flag that he had put outside.

Some people were coming. Knowing that there were people coming, Ning Cheng immediately wielded his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, and in an instant disappeared from that place. No matter who it was, he did not want to meet them. Moreover, going by Ning Cheng’s guess, the greatest possibility was that the two Soul Essence Cultivators had returned.

Sure enough, after Ning Cheng left, it did not take long before the two Soul Essence Cultivators that he had seen previously had come back again. However, at this time the two of them were not fighting with each other, it seemed that they had reached a general agreement with each other.

“Yi, it seems that when we left, someone had come in here, and took away the stone pool, no….”

The first among them to come in was a tall thin man with khaki coloured clothing; he had not yet finished his words, when his eyes immediately fell upon the space opened by Ning Cheng previously.

A huge empty pond appeared in front of the eyes of both of them, the pond inside was still wet, exuding a strong and rich aura that was from the True Spirit Nectar Wash, the faces of the two people who had just came in immediately became pale without even a hint of blood in them.

At this moment, the two of them immediately understood what had happened. They were the ones who had initially opened up the place where there was True Spirit Nectar Wash, but they had only taken away just a minor fraction of what was inside, while finally the one who arrived late took the rest of benefits away. This was a pond filled with True Spirit Nectar Wash; just how much wealth was it ah? If you gave a person Spiritual Stones equivalent to it for their cultivation practice, then maybe in this life they would not even need to worry about running out of resources for their cultivation practice.

“Wan Kuhua, if it was not for you who wanted to fight with me, how could we have others take the advantage of taking things away from here?” An incomparably handsome cultivator who was behind him ground his teeth, as he regretted heavily in his mind to the point that blood seemed to be on the verge of erupting from his heart.

The tall, thin man wearing the khaki coloured clothes also knew that saying all those things now would not bring any results, as it was already too late. However, he still spoke in a hate-filled voice, “Thinking back on it, this person should have been the Profound Congealing ant that was hiding on the side while the two of us were fighting with each other. I did not expect that that bastard would still be around, as long as he is still in this Third Segment, I will definitely find him, even if he swallowed it completely, I will have him spit it out.”

Finished saying this, he turned to the handsome looking Soul Essence Cultivator behind him and spoke, “Pan Yu, do you want to cooperate with me, or do you want to try and look for him separately.”

Pan Yu spoke out in a cold voice, “Of course we will cooperate, but the True Spirit Nectar Wash will have to be equally divided between us two. I, Pan Yu, have practised cultivation all the way to the Soul Essence Real inside the Law’s Way, but I have never been taken advantage by others, there can never be anyone who even dares to think of taking advantage of this Pan Yu. Just wait for me to find this ant; I WILL refine him into my puppet.”

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