Chapter 0230

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0230: Thunder Domain Marsh

In the depths of an ocean like marsh, Ning Cheng had been hiding for almost over a month inside his Miniature World. He had escaped into the depths of the marsh, and laid down a Concealment Array Formation, then hid the ring with the Miniature World within it.

Just like how it takes careful consideration to build a ship that would be able to last tens of thousands of years, after experiencing so many varied things till now, Ning Cheng was able to gradually transform himself on a fundamental level.

Whether or not there was anyone chasing him, since he was able to obtain many good things, then it would always be better off to be low-key in order to avoid being hunted down.

Inside his Miniature World, Ning Cheng started refining a few pills, while he also indulged in creating various Talismans. This Miniature World, being completely modified to his standards, he had ended up transforming it into a beautiful abode.

With the True Spirit Nectar Wash scouring their bodies, Yan Ji seemed like she had become a lot more sober than before, sometimes she would even sit down and meditate, and even occasionally absorb the Spiritual Qi inside for her cultivation practice.

As a few months passed by, Ning Cheng felt that he could now leave this place safely. If he could find the exit from this Law’s Way, then he would no longer tarry in this place. Since he had already fulfilled the main purpose of coming into the Law’s Way, as such continuing to stay in this place would only lead to a waste of his time.

Initially Ning Cheng had intended to entrust Yan Ji to the people from her Academy, but at the time when he rushed into the Array in order to break it, those cultivators did not even show a bit of mercy towards Yan Ji from the start, in such a case Ning Cheng had also abandoned his previous intention.

In the face of benefits, even those people whom Yan Ji regarded as experts from her own Academy, it was as plain as day that no one actually cared for her life and death. Fortunately, he had a ring that was capable of supporting a miniature world inside, as such when it was time for him to get out; he would be able to bring Yan Ji out with him in a convenient manner.

Ning Cheng changed his attire, along with also changing his appearance, transforming into a pale faced male cultivator that seemed to like indulging himself in debauchery. After checking out that there were no problems with his transformation, Ning Cheng immediately rushed out from the inside of the marsh.

“What is this place?” Ning Cheng on coming out immediately felt that there was something wrong. The place that he was in now was radically different from the time when he had entered the marsh. When he had entered the marsh, he still held a bit of fear that he would not be able to find a way out from inside there, because of which he had specifically chosen a spot on the edge of this marsh. Now that he had come out, all he could see was a marsh that seemed to go on endlessly, just where did that edge go?

So that is how it was, it should have been because of the flow of the marsh, that had brought him to this place.

Ning Cheng was just about to bring out his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings and leave this marsh area, when suddenly his Spiritual Consciousness detected two Taoists shadows rushing towards his direction with haste. Ning Cheng immediately became more cautious in both his mind and heart, and temporarily shelved the idea of escaping from this place.

From their speed, he knew that the cultivations of the two incoming cultivators was high. If even one of them ended up being a Soul Essence Cultivator, and if he tried to escape, then it would only be him seeking his own death.

A moment later, the two cultivators arrived in front of Ning Cheng, and one of them was a handsome looking male Profound Core Cultivator. Looking at him, Ning Cheng found that his complexion was quite similar to his own right now; rather it was somewhat paler than his own face. However, his paleness was different from Ning Cheng’s paleness, as Ning Cheng, after changing his appearance, had intentionally turned into a sex-crazed male cultivator. It seemed to be because of the Cultivation Method that he cultivated in which resulted in such a situation.

The other one was a female cultivator, with a perfect figure that was not even the least bit worse than Yan Ji and Nalan Ruxue. This female cultivator had her black hair tied up in a simple bun, with a hairpin inserted at its base that was giving off weak rays of lights; her slightly pale pink lips formed a beautiful natural smile, while there was a tiny frown between her eyebrows. It seemed as if she really did not like Ning Cheng’s appearance. However, her eyes flashed with a hint of slaughtering aura, which made a diametrically opposite contrast from her beautiful looks. Moreover, this female cultivator’s cultivation was also a lot higher than that of Ning Cheng, which is she was at Profound Core 8th Level.

“Who are you? Why were you in the depths of the Thunder Domain Marsh?” This female cultivator immediately asked.

Since they were just two Profound Core Cultivators, Ning Cheng was naturally not afraid of them. However, he also did not want to fight at this moment, he cupped his fists and spoke; “I was looking for the exit of the Law’s Way, but ended up getting lost. Can I ask if you know about the place from where to exit the Law’s Way?”

“You were looking for the exit of the Law’s Way in this place?” The female cultivator did not believe it and immediately asked Ning Cheng.

However, the male cultivator immediately laughed, it seemed as if he felt Ning Cheng to be extremely idiotic.

Looking at Ning Cheng, the female cultivator who was already originally unhappy with Ning Cheng, the corners of her mouth showed a slightly wider yet higher smile, apparently even she thought that what he had spoken was something funny. Even so she did not laugh like that male cultivator, rather spoke in a light voice, “You seem to have not even formed your Golden Core, so how can you even think of going out?”

“To go out you first have to form your Golden Core?” This was the first time Ning Cheng had heard of this.

That female cultivator once again spoke in a light voice, “Of course not, from the tone of your voice it seems that you’re stay in the Law’s Way has been very short, because of which you still do not understand a few things, but you will be able to understand it later. I will ask you just one thing, since you are moving around here in this marsh, haven’t you encountered the lightning strikes? You are just a single Profound Congealing Cultivator, yet you are still able to stay alive in this kind of place?”

“Lightning strikes?” Ning Cheng had a vacant expression as he shook his head; he had come to this marsh and had immediately moved to hide under it, so where were these lightning strikes that they spoke of?

That female cultivator was just about to speak up, when a sudden burst of explosion sounded out, which was immediately then followed by dozens of blue coloured lightning arcs falling down, which had almost enveloped the entire area where the three of them were at.

Ning Cheng was already prepared and was vigilant towards the man and woman already, and because of this preparedness, he exploded out with his Profound Break Spear as he brought it out almost at the same time, while simultaneously using it to throw out numerous Profound Ice Spear Shadows one after another.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa…..”

The Profound Ice Spear Shadows instantly formed into a Spear Network, which was then bombarded by the numerous and dense lightning arcs falling from above, producing continuous cracking sounds.


Although Ning Cheng’s Profound Ice Spear Network was really powerful, but it could not fully withstand the power of the lightning crashing on it, these numerous and dense lightning arcs were able to tear through Ning Cheng’s Spear Network, which then exploded onto Ning Cheng’s body.

“Puff Puff……” Huge number of small shallow wounds opened up resulting in large splashes of blood. Just one tiny fragment of the lightning arcs that exploded onto Ning Cheng not only caused his skin to rupture, but also even exposed his bones beneath it. Even the True Essence in his body seemed to have shredded apart as the lightning struck him. There were even traces that it might just go berserk.

Ning Cheng quickly swallowed a few pills, and immediately consolidated his True Essence, while simultaneously preparing for the next wave of similarly intensive lightning strike.

The previous wave of lightning strikes was simply too quick, it arrived too quickly, to the point that it had even caught him unprepared despite his caution.

Ning Cheng gave out a gloomy sigh, while his heart filled up with an incomparable haze.

“Yi, you were able to block those explosive lightning strikes here in the depths of the Thunder Domain Marsh?” That handsome looking male cultivator stared at Ning Cheng in amazement and spoke those words in complete shock. This kind of bombardment of lightning strikes, even for him was quite difficult to deal with, yet Ning Cheng suffered seemingly minor wounds.

That female cultivator was also looking at Ning Cheng in complete shock; he was just a Profound Congealing Cultivator, in the absence of appropriate defensive magical weapons, it was absolutely impossible to hold up against these kind of lightning strikes. Moreover, they had personally seen that Ning Cheng had not taken out any defensive magical weapons; rather he only used a spear technique to block this kind of intensive lightning bombardment.

Ning Cheng also saw that the two people had a buckler each floating above their heads surrounding the two of them, as for the lightning strikes that fell on them; the two Profound Core Cultivators did not suffer even the least bit of injuries.

Ning Cheng understood that these two people were certainly well prepared for such a situation, moreover he also did not want to continue to stay in this kind of place and be repeatedly struck by lightning, as such he cupped his fists towards the two people and spoke, “It’s time for us to say our goodbyes.”

Although he had was able to escape a round of those lightning strikes but there was not a shred of happiness in his mind, the lightning strike that struck him just a moment ago was very small. It just had a thickness of a single noodle; moreover, it had only appeared for a short while before disappearing like a gust of the wind. Yet such a seemingly small and harmless lightning arc almost had enough power to kill him instantly. Thinking back to the tribulation crossing scenes that he seen while crossing the Law’s Way, he could feel that even the first wave of the Thunder Tribulation not only was countless times denser than what he experienced here, but even the smallest of those lightning strikes was also as thick as a thumb. With the continuous descent of such a thunder tribulation, it would indeed be strange if he were able to survive it.

“Wait, are you not looking for an exit out of the Law’s Way, in fact you do not need to practice cultivation to the Profound Core Realm, since it seems that you have not entered the Law’s Way for over a decade, then there is no way for you to be able to sense the exit of the Law’s Way. We are now going towards the Thunder Domain City, and getting ready surpass our Thunder Tribulations in the future. I think that you are quite good, why don’t we team up together to get to the Thunder Domain City?” That male cultivator with the pale complexion, in order to stop Ning Cheng from trying to leave, spoke in an extremely polite and very agreeable tone.

Ning Cheng was not able to finish in time, before his words were interrupted by the other person’s words. However when he heard the last words of the male cultivator stating that he was getting ready to surpass the Thunder Tribulation, it perked him up immediately. He had seen his supposed destiny in the Law’s Way, which showed his future death when he tried to surpass the Thunder Tribulation.

If he was able to somewhat prepare himself beforehand to cross the tribulation, then was it possible to escape this terrifying destiny of his?

Seeing Ning Cheng hesitate, this male cultivator gave a slight chuckle and once again spoke up, “I am called Lu Fei, and she is called Chai Chudie. We will soon be going out of the Law’s Way, but at the same time also want to be prepared to survive the Soul Essence Thunder Tribulation. If you want to come out from the Law’s Way, then you can come together with us as we go out. With your qualification, presumably it would not be before long before you will also be able to cross the tribulation and ascend to the Soul Essence Realm.”

“The experience and training that you would find in the Thunder Domain City is not something that you would experience all the time, moreover inside the Thunder Domain City, there are a variety of treasures that one could obtain. If you are lucky, then maybe you could even be able to procure a few thunder attributed treasures that could help you prepare in crossing the tribulation yourself.”

Ning Cheng in his mind had already decided to go to the Thunder Domain City to have a look, but what he did not understand was why this Lu Fei would be insistent on roping him in.

“I only have the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm, I’m afraid that I would practically be no use for you.” Ning Cheng only spoke after Lu Fei finished his words, and only then did he speak in a slow voice.

Lu Fei laughed and spoke, “In fact, we can actually help each other out. In the Thunder Domain City, not everyone there is for the experience. Once we reach the Thunder Domain City, the thunder and lightning falling would become increasingly intense and denser, because of which everyone will have to join and work together to resist it. The thunder and lightning falling on the Thunder Domain City is different from this place, which is it would not strengthen because there are more people.”

Ning Cheng already was aware that this Lu Fei was not someone who was this kind to others, but when he heard Lu Fei, he really wanted to go to the Thunder Domain City to have a look.

Thinking until here, Ning Cheng said, “Well then let me come have a look along with the two of you.”

“At the moment we do not know how to address this friend?” Lu Fei on hearing Ning Cheng was willing to come with them, immediately warmed up his tone.

“I am called Sikong Kai, and am just a rogue cultivator. Although I was able to enter the Law’s Way, but it was because of someone else’s help.” Ning Cheng gave a slight chuckle as he spoke.

Chai Chudie looked at Ning Cheng, and suddenly sent a sound transmission to Lu Fei, “Senior Apprentice Brother Lu, this Sikong Kai is very strange, just a single look and one can say that he is a nefarious cultivator, so why do you want him to come with us?”

Lu Fei also gave a slight smile, as he also replied with a sound transmission, “This person has a look of indulgence of the excessive kind, although he did not look at you, but it is quite apparent that the only reason he is willing to come with us to the Thunder Domain City is because of you. Since he is a nefarious cultivator, and we are also in the process of refining the entire Thunder Domain City, as such letting him be the sacrifice for us is just for the better, it can also be considered as getting rid of a scourge for the rest of the female cultivators.”

“But what if he is not a nefarious cultivator?” Chai Chudie frowned and once again sent a sound transmission to him.

Lu Fei sneered and replied, “This person must be a nefarious cultivator without a doubt, even if he is not a nefarious cultivator, I can definitely say that he is not someone good. Junior Apprentice Sister Chudie it would be better for you to not be soft hearted, otherwise you would never know about how much of a disaster he would be for the female cultivators. Moreover, Junior Apprentice Sister have you not seen him display that Ice Spear Network just a moment back? It is definitely a Profound Grade Spear Technique. Moreover this Spear Technique is just the right thing for me to use.”

It was at this moment that Ning Cheng suddenly revealed a bright smile and spoke, “Elder Brother Lu, please lead the way. This is the first time for me to visit the Thunder Domain City, moreover my cultivation is also low, because of which I would like to request the two of you to please look after this humble one.”

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