Chapter 0231

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0231: Storming Into the Thunder Domain City

“That’s for sure, since we are going there together to learn through experience, it’s natural to look after each other. Moreover we also have a bit of understanding of the Thunder Domain City, once inside the Thunder Domain City, if we encounter a cyan coloured Thunder Pillar then we will turn to the left, while when we encounter a white Thunder Pillar we will turn right. As long as we use this route map, we would be able to find places where the lightning does not strike, and we would be able to take rest and recover our strengths. Otherwise, no matter how strong of an ability or skill we have, we would be reduced to ashes by the lightning strikes as we get nearer to the core of the Thunder Domain City, at that time it would not be training to get experience, rather paying off with one’s life.” Lu Fei spoke with a chuckle.

Ning Cheng also smiled, showing that he was well satisfied with this arrangement. At that time when Lu Fei and Chai Chudie were speaking to each other using Sound Transmissions he was able to capture some of the fluctuations, even though he could not hear the complete conversation, but it was definitely enough for him to guess that Lu Fei truly did not have good intentions in his heart towards him. Not only was he taking him to the Thunder Domain City with the excuse of gaining experience, he was even telling him the so-called secret on how to traverse the inside of the Thunder Domain City.

Lu Fei and Chai Chudie did not ask Ning Cheng of his origins, so Ning Cheng, of course, would also not ask of their origins. Both parties were simply in a relationship that mutually exploited each other. Ning Cheng did not know as to what kind of advantage he had that Lu Fei and Chai Chudie wanted to take advantage of, but he was sure that he had his own uses to use the Lu Fei duo to help him in entering the Thunder Domain City.

“Why are the two of you not using flight type magical weapons?” Ning Cheng saw that Lu Fei and Chai Chudie were also like him, as they marched on with just a Spiritual Artefact protecting them, and asked in a somewhat strange manner.

It was not that he did not fly due to the lack of magical weapons, but rather because of these two people. If not for them, he would have long gone away with just a wave of his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings.

“Since it is learning through experience, so of course, this kind of tempering is certainly something needed to pass through the baptism of the Thunder Tribulation. Besides, the cost of advanced level flight type magical weapons is not low in this kind of place. In the case it gets broken under the constant bombardment, it would only be us losing out big time.” Lu Fei replied in response to Ning Cheng’s question, and even his speech was getting increasingly warm and filled with enthusiasm.

While speaking, the sky above the marsh once again exploded with intermittent thunderous roars. Now that Ning Cheng had already experienced such a thing before, so he was able to react almost instantaneously as he once again brought out his Profound Beak Spear.

This time, although Ning Cheng had no time to blast out all 36 of his Spear Shadows, but dealing with these kinds of lightning strikes and dealing with cultivators were two different things. These kinds of lightning strikes would not be influenced by one’s strengths and weaknesses. There would not even be half a minute change in them because of it, only in the most appropriate time, exploding out with the most suitable spear shadows, only then would one be able to just block these lightning strikes.

This time the lightning strikes were even denser than earlier, however the only difference from the first time he encountered them was that Ning Cheng was now able to perfectly use the Profound Ice Spear Shadows to block the lightning strikes completely, and did not let even a single part of it to hit or even reach his body.

At the same time, Ning Cheng was also observing Lu Fei and Chai Chudie’s way of dealing with the lightning strikes; the two people’s round shield was extremely powerful. Especially after it was stimulated, it would immediately form a huge umbrella, completely covering each of them. All the lightning arcs fell on top of this round shield, without even letting the two of them experience even half an injury.

At best, it would only make them consume some of their True Essence, this made Ning Cheng to make up his heart and mind that he HAD to get himself a defensive magical weapon. Although inside his ring there were many lower levelled defensive magical weapons, but these magical weapons, to Ning Cheng, did not have any use in this kind of situation. Before when he was in the Spiritual Treasure House, he had taken a fancy to a Heaven and Earth Cauldron, but it was forcibly bought by that demon, letting him obtain nothing.

“Yi….” Seeing Ning Cheng, not even receiving half a bit of injury this time, Chai Chudie immediately called out in surprise. This kind of progress was simply too huge right?

“Elder Brother Sikong sure has some good skills. With this kind of progress of Elder Brother Sikong, combined with going to the Thunder Domain City as a form of learning through experience, in the future, the Soul Essence Thunder Tribulation would not pose the slightest problem for you. Moreover, Elder Brother Sikong’s long spear is also quite unusual, and can almost be compared to a high grade Spiritual Artefact. For you to obtain this kind of spear, and display this kind of spear technique, presumably Elder Brother Sikong must have encountered an opportunity that should not have been small.” Lu Fei’s eyes flashed. He even praised him loudly as they continued forward.

Ning Cheng already knew that Lu Fei did not actually want to ask about his spear, but rather wanted to know about the origins of his 36 Profound Ice Spear Technique. However, he was already not in the mood for Lu Fei’s hypocrisy, as he put the Profound Break Spear back on his back and spoke, “This spear is just an ordinary Medium Grade Spiritual Artefact that I had purchased from a Magical Weapons Pavilion, compared to the Elder Brother Lu’s shield type magical weapon, it is far inferior. Now that I think about it, how much further are we from the Thunder Domain City? Should we increase our speed?”

“No there is no need for it; we should be there in a few hours.” Lu Fei spoke as if he was without a care in the world.

After Lu Fei’s constant insinuations about the origins of Ning Cheng’s Profound Ice Spear Technique, combined with Ning Cheng pretending to not know about it, Lu Fei’s interest in Ning Cheng’s Profound Ice Spear Technique grew even more. He also became interested in the healing pills that Ning Cheng used.

Ning Cheng was just a Profound Congealing Cultivator, for him to have so many high quality healing pills, combined with such a powerful Profound Ice Spear Technique, Lu Fei was almost certain that Ning Cheng had obtained the legacy of a powerful cultivator.

As the three people proceeded further inside, the lightning around them in that part of the marsh started becoming increasingly intense. Ning Cheng simply did not have the time to be embroiled in Lu Fei’s long-windedness, as he used almost all of his focus to deal with the lightning strikes falling from the sky.

Because of the increasing density of the lightning, Ning Cheng once again began to be injured, but because of Ning Cheng’s Profound Ice Spear Shadow’s increasing dissipation range, his injuries were getting lighter and lighter.

Because of the dense lighting strikes falling over marsh, Lu Fei and Chai Chudie could also not continue to observe the situation with Ning Cheng.

With the three people resisting the increasingly intensive lightning strikes side by side, they slowly made it into the depths of the Thunder Domain Marsh.

“Pi Pa, Katcha…” Bouts of intensive thunderous lights could be seen accompanied by sounds of exploding air. Lu Fei and Chai Chudie stopped, Ning Cheng also stopped, in front of his eyes appeared a city that was overflowing with thunder and lightning.

Countless amounts of thunder and lightning could be seen surrounding the city from all four sides, while there were still numerous quantities of thunder and lightning falling from the sky over the marsh, creating a kind of defensive shield of thunder and lightning with the city at the core of it.

Perhaps it was because this city was continuously encircled for over a long time by this kind of horrifying thunder and lightning, because of which its walls were already of the same color as of the thunder and lightning, having a pale cyan color.

“Boom, Katcha…..”

A burst of intense thunder and lightning explosions could be heard unceasingly spreading out from this city.

This was the Thunder Domain City? Ning Cheng exclaimed with surprise in his heart. Just looking from the edges, at the lightning strikes falling around the Thunder Domain City, some of them were already as thick as chopsticks. Once he entered this Thunder Domain City, with this kind of intensive lightning strikes that already had enough power to kill him, would he still be able to keep his life? Moreover, the lightning strikes inside were quite dense, they were even many more times denser than the outside in the Thunder Domain Marsh. Once inside, he may not even have the chance to catch his breath.

Although Lu Fei had said that inside the Thunder Domain City, there were some places where the lightning did not strike, but he did not know how much of it was true or how much of it was false. If it really were false, then wouldn’t it mean that he really would be walking towards his own death aah?

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness almost simultaneously fell on the entrance to the Thunder Domain City. He could see that the area just beneath it was already filled with countless bones that had already turned into slag under the constant bombardment. Even though the bones had turned into slag but it could still be seen that these bones-transformed-slag were from cultivators, rather than the monstrous beast from this place.

As for the inside of the Thunder Domain City, his Spiritual Consciousness could not sweep in. Other than the light of the lightning strikes from the outside, there was only the clap of thunder that could be heard.

“What a terrifying Thunder Domain City……” Chai Chudie subconsciously muttered a sentence. It could be seen from her face that she was somewhat timid.

Lu Fei’s face was also quite pale, it was apparent that he also did not think that the Thunder Domain City would turn out to be such a terrible place. He suddenly remembered about Ning Cheng. Since this Thunder Domain City was already such a terrible place, he estimated that this Sikong Kai absolutely would not go in. If Sikong Kai wanted to walk away from here, then he would have to get rid of the other party, only then would be able to get his hands on the Profound Grade Spear Technique.

Ning Cheng was also somewhat startled in his heart, but he soon calmed himself down. It seems that the words spoken by Lu Fei were at least partially true. If this place was not on the inside of the Law’s Way, then even if he wanted to actively take the initiative to look for a place like the Thunder Domain City on the outside, that was surrounded on all four sides with continuous lightning and thunder. It really would be impossible for him to venture into it in order to learn through experience, even if he found it.

Since he had already come here, then he would have to get in. If he did not experience this kind of thunder tribulation and not learn from this experience, then in the future when it would be time for him to actually cross the tribulation, in order to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, the only thing waiting for him would be being erased from the cycle of life and death. Since there was such a good opportunity presented to him, then why wouldn’t he try it?

If there really was no way to keep his small life, then as a last resort, he could crush the Talisman given to him by the skeleton slumbering at the bottom of the Blood River Mountain. Although it was a big deal to go back to that place once again, but that skeleton should not come out to kill him, right? If that skeleton had that kind of ability, then he would have already escaped from that place, and would have no need for his help.

As for Yan Ji in his miniature world, if he ended up dying, then she can only resign herself to her fate.

Thinking until here, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to rush towards the Thunder Domain City. He did not even say his goodbyes to Lu Fei; rather he was in no mood to do so. The only reason he had put up with Lu Fei and his nonsense was to let the other party take him to the Thunder Domain City. Now that he had already arrived at the outside of the Thunder Domain City, there was no need for him to be hypocritical now. The kind of people Lu Fei and Chai Chudie were, they definitely were not his friends, and it was impossible for them to become friends.

“Is this guy not afraid to die?” Chai Chudie seeing Ning Cheng unexpectedly rush towards the Thunder Domain City called out, as she; herself did not dare believe what she was seeing.

“At least he provided a bit of fun.” Lu Fei spoke as he laughed, “Junior Apprentice Sister Chudie, we should also go inside. Although this Thunder Domain City is a bit terrifying, but we are different from the others. We have the Refining Array Diagram of the Thunder Domain City. We just have to find the core region, then we can work together to refine this Thunder City.”

Chai Chudie hesitated for a moment and spoke up, “The Thunder Domain City is only for one person, moreover the Array Diagram to refine the Thunder Domain City was obtained by us together, after refining the Thunder Domain City, will you really hand over the control to me?”

Lu Fei suddenly spoke in a stern voice, “Junior Apprentice Sister Chudie, inside the Thunder Domain City there are numerous Thunder Flame Stones. The value of those added up would not be lower than that of the value of the Thunder Domain City. Moreover, inside the Thunder Domain City, there is also a sub city. This sub city is actually overflowing with Thunder Flame Stones, the value of which is actually even higher than that of the Thunder Domain City. If I can obtain them, it would already be a lot for me.”

At this point, Lu Fei’s tone suddenly became incomparably soft, “Besides, Junior Apprentice Sister Chudie, my feelings towards you, do you still not understand them? You must not say such things to me, even if there was nothing in it for me, if I can be on any help in Junior Apprentice Sister’s work, I would still do it willingly.”

Chai Chudie’s face turned slightly red and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Lu, I am completely focused on practicing cultivation, as for the other affairs, I don’t have anything to say about them. But now that Sikong Kai has already gone in, then should we also go in now?”

“Well then, Die’er be careful and follow closely behind me on point.” Lu Fei answered almost simultaneously, as he took the lead. Since Chai Chudie did not object to the manner he called her, it showed that he had definitely risen up a level in her heart.

Ning Cheng had already arrived at the edge of the Thunder Domain City and found that the entrance of the Thunder Domain City was actually blocked with a dense criss-crossing lightning net. Moreover, looking at the composition of the lightning arcs of this lightning net, the finest of the arcs had the thickness of chopsticks.

How can one go in? Ning Cheng only hesitated for two breaths of time, before a large number of those lightning arcs, with a thickness of chopsticks, crashed down on him. Ning Cheng no longer had time to think, as he immediately struck out with his Profound Ice Spear Shadows.

The collision of the Profound Ice Spear Shadows and the lightning arcs produced crackling like sounds. Ning Cheng surrounded himself with the Profound Ice Spear Shadows making sure to cover himself completely as he rushed into this dense lightning net that blocked the entrance to the Thunder City.

Since he had already arrived at this point, then what was the use of thinking about it? Anyways, the outside of the city already felt a bit crowded and stifling with the descending lightning arcs, so he might as well go into the city. Maybe after he went inside the city, it might really turn out like Lu Fei spoke about, that is about finding a safe place to escape to and rest up.

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