Chapter 0232

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0232: The Terrifying Thunder City

“Ka Ka Ka Ka ……”

Ning Cheng’s Profound Ice Spear Shadows were just like thin papers in general, and in just a twinkling of an eye, were annihilated to nothingness under the constant bombardment of the bright fluorescent lightning arcs raining down in front of the entrance to the Thunder Domain City. As these berserk lightning arcs rained down, Ning Cheng who had a mind to not easily resort to his True Cosmic Devil Axe, was forced to reconsider as that thought completely disappeared from his head.

Using his True Cosmic Devil Axe, he immediately cast out an Axe Line, which in just a twinkling of an eye, wrapped around him forming a circular shield covering him up under his manipulation.

“Hong Hong Hong……”

Using the Axe Line that was casted from the True Cosmic Devil Axe, he immediately collided with the lightning net that was covering the entrance of the Thunder Domain City, causing a terrifying explosive sound to reverberate out.

“Peng” Although the Axe Line casted from the True Cosmic Devil Axe was able to block the seemingly endless lightning net, but at the same time Ning Cheng was able to borrow the powerful backlash from the lightning net and was directly thrown inside. While simultaneously spouting a mouthful of blood, before finally hitting the ground just in front of a cyan coloured stone pillar. This stone pillar seemed to contain a terrifying thunder source, because of which Ning Cheng subconsciously moved aside from it. He guessed that this should be one of the cyan coloured thunder pillars that Lu Fei had spoken of before, but because he did not believe Lu Fei, so he was not intended to follow Lu Fei’s directions and instead immediately turned right.

Lightning arcs did not seem to be falling around the thunder pillar, but Ning Cheng had not even had the time to look at his injuries, when an ancient aura that seemed to be as vast as the heavens itself penetrated into Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness.

This somewhat powerful and extremely strong aura, completely suppressed Ning Cheng to the point that he found it extremely difficult to breathe. But even so Ning Cheng was able to forcibly suppress this oppressive feeling, then laboriously taking a breath, he slowly moved his head up to look at the sky above the Thunder City.

Over the sky above the Thunder Domain City, there were misty blue lightning arcs flashing that seemed to cover the heavens above. They looked like countless snakes formed from lightning moving about in the sky, which could fall at anytime and anywhere below.

It seems that the violent aura brought out by his True Cosmic Devil Axe seemed to have agitated the aura flow, which made these lightning snakes become even more unstable. Seeing this Ning Cheng immediately put away his True Cosmic Devil Axe. It was only at this time, did he discover that his injuries were quite terrible, and this was merely on just passing through the lightning net at the front entrance only once. It was as if his body had been battered to the point that it was now no better than a rag in general.

Although with the help of Mysterious Yellow Origin, the wounds were no longer bleeding, but because he was covered in bloodstains, combined with his clothes and skin hanging over his body in tatters, it made him look horrible to look at. Moreover looking at his back and shoulders, that had taken the brunt of the lightning strikes, one could see that it had been burnt to the bone. One could even say that if he did not have the Mysterious Yellow Origin, then perhaps he would not be any different from a person who was tortured and hung for several days.

Such a terrifying lightning net, Ning Cheng thought as he shuddered in his heart. Although he had managed to pass through this lightning net in just an instant, but even then he could feel that the strength and intensity contained in it was far less than the memory of his Thunder Tribulation. If he had not been inside the Law’s Way, then when he successfully cultivated all the way to the Profound Core Realm, and then attempted to cross the tribulation, wasn’t it highly possible if even his ashes would be left behind, right?

In this place, he at least had a chance to catch his breath.

The aura from the Mysterious Yellow Origin, with its fastest speed, repaired Ning Cheng’s body, and at this moment Ning Cheng was just about to bring out another robe to put on, when 7 or 8 lightning arcs that were even thicker than chopsticks fell down towards him. Ning Cheng had that thought that this place seemed to a bit safe, so then why would lightning arcs suddenly began to fall?

He could just barely bring out his Profound Break Spear, and casted out a spear shadow to resist it a bit.

With a ‘crack’ sound, Ning Cheng’s Profound Ice Spear Shadow was directly pulverized into nothingness, Ning Cheng whose body had still not yet healed completely, was once again struck by the lightning arcs. Immediately adding another serious injury to an already seriously injured body.

Ning Cheng quickly departed from that place, he felt that at this time not changing robes was already a secondary matter, in this place, if he stopped to change his robes, those lightning arcs would once again descend on him quite quickly.

After a change of position, Ning Cheng had only enjoyed a few breadths of peace when the next moment lightning arcs once again began raining down. Moreover, this time it was even more violent than before.

After experiencing these kinds of things a few times, Ning Cheng summed up a rule about this place. One can only stop and stay at a place for no more than three to five breaths of time, otherwise they would have to deal with the lightning arcs that would fall on them. Moreover, if one continued to stay in that place to try to block the lightning arcs, then the bombardment of the lightning arcs would actually become even more intensive and more powerful than before.

Even so, Ning Cheng still felt that it was becoming more and more difficult to resist them. It seemed that as long as he took even a single step forward, he would be ground to dust under the constant bombardment of these seemingly endless lightning arcs. He had even tried to take a step back, but found that once he back traced his steps, the lightning arcs that were streaking across the sky above the Thunder City would become even scarier. Moreover, the farther he went; the interval in which the lightning arcs did not fall was getting shorter and shorter, there were some places where he only found respite for just a single breath, before he was forced to once again change places.

Ning Cheng’s injuries were also getting heavier and heavier, although he was able to recover a bit by swallowing a few healing pills, but he knew that he would not be able to go on like this. If he continued on this path, then he certainly would turn into slag eventually.

As for hiding inside his ring, he more so did not want to think about it. He had already seen the remains of the bones outside the Thunder Domain City when he had just made his way in, but he was not even able to see a complete skeleton among them. Not to say mention about complete skeletons, even magical weapons, rings and the like, he was not able to see even the slightest trace of it.

One can imagine that anything in this place, as long as it was something that came from the outside, would eventually turn into slag under the constant bombardment of the lightning arcs of the Thunder Domain City. Once he hid inside the ring, then the ring would be the one subjected to the bombardment and would ultimately disintegrated into slag.

“Peng” Ning Cheng was once again sent flying by the bombardment of several lightning arcs, and hit the top of a white coloured thunder pillar. This white coloured thunder pillar had a completely white surface, but the inside of the pillar was actually filled with lingering thunder lights. It seems that in the Thunder Domain City, each piece in every place, all of them seemed to have this kind of terrifying thunder source inside of them.

This time Ning Cheng actually decided to follow according to what Lu Fei had conveyed to him, as he turned right from this white pillar. Sure enough, although he was still bombarded after a few breaths, but the lightning arc’s intensity was actually a lot lighter than before. Not only had that, but he even had more than 10 breaths of time for rest.

It appears that Lu Fei had not been lying about this at all, Ning Cheng thought during his short break. During this time, he started to organize his storage ring for defensive magical weapons. If he did not have a defensive magical weapon and just relied on the 36 Profound Ice Spear Technique, then he could very well imagine that, it would be very difficult for him to survive in the Thunder Domain City.

Inside the ring, there were quite a few of defensive magical weapons, shields, seals, copper bells, sulphur fans and so on.

However, because the level of these defensive magical weapons was not high, the highest being nothing more than a low-levelled Spiritual Artefact, Ning Cheng had not been much interested in refining them; however, at this moment he felt that these were incomparably precious and extremely useful.

After avoiding the descent of the lightning arcs and gaining additional free time, Ning Cheng immediately began refining these defensive magical weapons. No matter how lousy was the defence provided by these defensive magical weapons, he did not give up.


Lu Fei and Chai Chudie, at this time, had finally arrived at the entrance of the Thunder Domain City. The two of them teamed up and brought out a round shield each covering both of them up, while simultaneously also brought out their respective attack type magical weapons.

However, what was different from Ning Cheng was that the people’s round shields and attack type magical weapons were perfectly countering the lightning net at the entrance of the Thunder Domain City.

This lightning net had just a few moments before severely injured Ning Cheng, but for these two people, they only suffered a few minor injuries, while consuming a bit of their True Essence.

“This kid really is quite tough, to actually see him run around in the depths of the Thunder Domain City. If I had not told him about the method to navigate in here, then this kid might have already perished inside the Thunder Domain City.” Lu Fei stared at Ning Cheng’s back that was far away from him with a vague sneer on his face.

Chai Chudie suddenly spoke, “I thought that he does not have defensive magical weapons, so how come he now has so many defensive type magical weapons now? Moreover, he also seems to have suffered serious injuries, but is still able to move forwards, he really is a freak.”

Seeing Ning Cheng from time to time bring out a variety of magical weapons to resist the bombardment of the lightning arcs, and then throwing them away when they were destroyed under the bombardment before bringing out another one, made Chai Chudie a bit surprised. She had also clearly seen how badly Ning Cheng was injured in the Thunder Domain Marsh, and had thought that Ning Cheng did not have any defensive magical weapon on him, but what she had not expected was that this guy would actually have so many defensive magical weapons on him.

Lu Fei grunted and spoke, “I really don’t know how many people he had killed and robbed to have this many defensive magical weapons. It should be because he was afraid of being recognized outside, and as such did not dare to use them, but now that he is inside the Thunder Domain City, if he did not bring them out, then the only result would be his death. Let him open up a path in front of us, we will wait till he reaches the centre, by that time he would finally realize what is going on. Let’s just hope that he is able to last through the two days.”


With the help of many defensive type magical weapons, Ning Cheng was more or less relaxed; at least he was not the same as he was before when he had just entered, even though his injury was continuously aggravating.

However, Ning Cheng was also very clear in his heart, that this situation was only temporary. Once his stash of defensive magical weapons was finished, he would once again fall into the same situation like before. Before such a situation can occur, he must find a good way out of it.

Ning Cheng simply did not dare to use the Profound Break Spear to directly clash against the lightning arcs, and only brought out spear shadows from time to time to block the lightning, otherwise his Profound Break Spear would have long since turned to fragments.

Since he had already arrived at this place, Ning Cheng already had no way out. If he retreated even a small distance back, the lightning strikes would become even more aggravated. Because of which Ning Cheng had no other choice but to step forward, while continuously trying to come up with ways to block the lightning arcs of this Thunder Domain City in the most effortless manner.

“Katcha…..” A frail yet brittle sound immediately sounded out, Ning Cheng’s facial expression immediately turned gloomy, as this was his last defensive great seal, which was now completely torn open after being struck by the thunderbolt. Which also indicated, that from now on, he no longer had a defensive magical weapon available.

From the time he had entered the Thunder Domain City, it had already been roughly two days, Ning Cheng felt that other than gaining a slight bit of skill in resisting lightning, although there some also a few other areas that had improved a bit, he was actually not able to obtain anything.

Since it had already come to this point, then he now had to do everything in his power to resist the lightning in order to survive.

“Ka Ka….” Once again, two lightning arcs streaked down, this time the lightning arcs were no longer the thickness of chopsticks, but rather these lightning arcs had the thickness that was slightly thicker than one’s thumb.

Fortunately, this time there were only two lightning arcs, Ning Cheng was able to instigate his True Essence to use his Profound Break Spear to block it. The resulting backlash forced Ning Cheng directly to the side of a grey stonewall.

“Crash…..” With a loud crash sound, Ning Cheng hurriedly moved to the side, he found that a stonewall that he had knocked into turned out to actually be a door that he had accidentally broken open. Moreover, this stonewall seems to have appeared out of thin air, completely without any previous sign.

Ning Cheng stared at this door in puzzlement; he could feel a familiar sort of tugging coming from whatever was behind this door. Not waiting for Ning Cheng to continue to examine the inside, an intense explosive sound of thunder spread out from the inside, Ning Cheng even saw a lightning arc that was as thick as his arm that seemed to have jumped from the bottom of the door making its way to the top.

“Brush….” Together with a majestic looking greyish glow that caught Ning Cheng’s attention before he split away from the stone door. Almost at the same time, Ning Cheng could also feel that it was aimed right at the top of his head.

“Let you be the sacrifice for the city…..” Lu Fei’s sneering voice immediately spread out.

Because Ning Cheng had bumped into the stone door, which had caught his attention, he in turn was not able to notice the arrival of Lu Fei. Not to say that he already was a spent force at the moment, even if would have been at his peak, if he wanted to kill Lu Fei then he would have to pay with his hand and feet to accomplish it.

“You can also go in….” Just as Lu Fei attacked Ning Cheng, almost at the same time, a red light immediately blew up behind Lu Fei.

What Lu Fei did not expect was that Chai Chudie would unexpectedly make a move on him. Looking at the change in temperament, he knew that this woman had put up a false front in front of him. If he had known about it beforehand, he would have never chosen to cooperate with Chai Chudie.

Because of Chai Chudie’s attack, Lu Fei’s attack on Ning Cheng, the grey light had already dimmed down in just a twinkling of an eye, because of a lack of strength.

“Boom……” True Essence bursting out, Ning Cheng immediately used his Profound Break Spear to block Lu Fei’s attack. Originally, Ning Cheng had intended to bring out his Soul Essence Puppet, but was stopped by his own thoughts when he saw Chai Chudie taking the initiative to attack Lu Fei.

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