Chapter 0233

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0233: Cyan Stone Sphere

Ning Cheng was also surprised in his heart; in his heart the impression of Chai Chudie was that she had a nature to follow other’s lead, and was not good at machinations or scheming. Although if Chai Chudie and Lu Fei cooperated, then the one who would certainly be at a loss would actually be Chai Chudie. Nevertheless, he had not thought that Chai Chudie would be the first person to actually initiate a surprise attack. This in turn gave him a wakeup call, that in this kind of a place, one must never go with the first impression of their opponents.

“Bitch, die for me…” Lu Fei immediately released a dazzling white light, which immediately flashed towards Chai Chudie; Ning Cheng who was still on the side nearby could see it clearly. Unexpectedly Lu Fei did not use this dazzling white light to block Chai Chudie’s red light that was intent on splitting him. Because of which even though that red light passed through that dazzling white light, it reached Lu Fei in order to cleave him apart.


That dazzling white light immediately exploded on Chai Chudie’s body, but just before the explosion, Chai Chudie’s robe suddenly rippled, immediately transforming into a huge round cocoon. When that dazzling white light and cocoon collided together, a terrible explosive sound erupted. Ning Cheng quickly casted out 36 Profound Ice Spear Shadows using it as a shield in front of his body.

Even though Ning Cheng was relatively far away from them, the aftermath of the explosion almost disintegrated Ning Cheng’s 36 Profound Ice Spear Shield that he had put up in front of him. Fortunately, he just had to face the aftermath of the explosion. Just as Ning Cheng’s 36 Profound Ice Spear Shadows finally blew open, it soon dissipated without a trace.

With another popping sound combined with a shot of white light, Ning Cheng then saw that Chai Chudie was now completely naked, exposing her pure white skin in all its glory. It looked like her clothes disintegrated into nothingness during that explosion.

Although Ning Cheng was secretly on guard, but in his heart, he was thinking that while he was on Earth, he had seen many extremely beautiful women in advertisements, but he was certain that he had never seen a woman’s skin as beautiful and as mesmerizing as that of the woman in front of him.

What made Ning Cheng unable to take his eyes off her was that there was a three-inch long cyan coloured crescent moon patterned tattoo just below her belly button. This blue crescent moon pattern was even flashing with a hint of lightning, which seemed quite similar to the lightning arcs that surrounded the outside of the Thunder Domain City.

Although Ning Cheng had not seen many A-rated movies in his life, but it was also not the first time for him to see the splendour of a woman’s naked body. However, what he found even more amazing was the crescent moon pattern that was faintly flashing with lightning on Chai Chudie’s lower abdomen. His intuition told him that, this Crescent Moon was absolutely not something like a rune of some sorts.

After taking a looking at the cyan coloured flashing lightning on the lower abdomen of Chai Chudie, Ning Cheng was shocked to discover that all the space around them, including the lightning arcs, had unexpectedly disappeared. Not only that, even the background also suddenly disappeared. It was as if the three people were now standing in a completely independent space that was neither too big nor too small.

Just like a prick from an ice-cold thorn, eyes filled with dense killing intent swept over him. Ning Cheng knew that it was a gaze from Chai Chudie, but even so, he did not care about it. Chai Chudie was just a Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator; as such, he was not afraid of her in the slightest.

Nevertheless, he did not continue to look at the lightning crescent moon pattern on Chai Chudie, because he found that Lu Fei was still able to block that red light, at least for the time being.

That red light was just like a slowly moving guillotine in general, as such even though it had reached the centre point between Lu Fei’s eyebrows; it slowed down just at the end but actually did not stop. If anyone looked from the side, it would seem as if this red light had locked Lu Fei in place, while his face turned increasingly pale. There were even fine traces of steam coming out from the top of his head.

“Chai Chudie, you slut, if it was not for me, would you have been able to come here? You unexpectedly want to pocket everything, even if I have to die, I will not let you go, slut, go rot in hell…” Lu Fei at this time completely stirred up every ounce of True Essence in his body. At the same time, the edge of the red light that he had been resisting with all his might had finally drawn a trace of blood from between his eyebrows, as he simultaneously rained abuses and curses.

Chai Chudie spoke out in a cold tone, “Lu Fei, keep your delusions to yourself. You had deliberately taken me on a rouse to find the Central Refining Array Diagram of the Thunder Domain City, but the fact was, that diagram was something that you had brought previously for your own personal use, don’t think that I am not aware of it? Just like how you wanted to sacrifice Sikong Kai, whom you considered as an ant, for obtaining the city. If not for him then I would have been the one to be offered as a sacrifice, right?”

“Elder Brother Sikong. Let us join forces and deal with this slut Chai Chudie, you can even do her, you can begin whenever you want? I promise to give you half the benefits of the Thunder Domain City. Moreover you can also take this woman as your plaything.” Lu Fei on seeing Chai Chudie understand her intentions suddenly turned his vision towards Ning Cheng and spoke up.

At this point, the edge of that red light had already penetrated his eyebrows by half a centimetre, and blood was starting to pour down his face, it was clear that he was enduring quite a huge amount of pain, moreover even if he wanted to move, he was not able to.

Although Chai Chudie was completely naked, she had still not put on any clothes, but even so, one could still feel the agitated True Essence in her body. One did not even need to use their Spiritual Consciousness to scan her.

Ning Cheng could easily see that the two people were going all out in order to control that red light. Lu Fei wanted to blow away the red light to escape, while Chai Chudie wanted to use this red light to split apart Lu Fei’s body.

Ning Cheng calmly took out a healing pill as he leisurely swallowed it and spoke, “Whether I help you or not will depend on one thing, you said that you have the Central Refining Array Diagram of the Thunder Domain City, would you mind if I take a look at it? Just so as to confirm your words, once I see it only then will I think of helping you.”

When Lu Fei heard Ning Cheng’s words, he immediately hesitated. This Central Array Diagram was not something that he had actually found in the Law’s Way. Rather his father was the one who had found it somewhere else, and then passed it over to him. He was well aware that he would never be able to rest in peace once he handed it over to this Sikong Kai.

As Ning Cheng took in his reaction, he gave a rather bright smile and spoke, “Elder Brother Lu, you seem to be covered in a lot of ink, it seems that red light would soon cleave you apart. Compared to one’s small life, what is the use of keeping such a thing on you? Just look at how Chai Chudie is doing, she has even voluntarily stripped off her clothes and is just waiting for me to take care of this business, and yet here you are, the one who truly does not want to behave with integrity. While you continue with your inking, I am the one who would have to take care of people’s business. Besides, I am just a Profound Congealing Cultivator, so you don’t have anything to worry about.”

“Pa Ta..” a sound emerged, as a jade piece fell at Lu Fei’s feet, as Lu Fei also immediately spoke up in a laborious manner, “This is the jade piece you wanted, but I don’t have the ability to send it over to you, you should quickly make a move, I would not be able to support myself for long……”

Ning Cheng just made a beckoning motion, and that jade piece immediately flew up and landed on his palm, but before he had the time to look the contents of the jade piece, both of them heard a cold but loud shout from Chai Chudie, “Go and die for me……”

In just an instant, the remaining True Essence in Chai Chudie’s body immediately burst out, the speed of that red light also accelerated all of a sudden, and almost in just an instant submerged itself in between Lu Fei’s eyebrows.

Lu Fei’s eyes flashed with a trace of despair, as he roared, “Then let’s die together….”

Gritting with pain, he brought out a small bead, which was oozing with an extremely violent aura, this bead had not even burst open, yet an extremely terrifying aura of destruction was crazily spreading out from it.

“Broken Core Pearl…..” Ning Cheng’s face immediately changed. He had previously used this kind of bead; just a single bead was more than enough to wipe out seven or eight late stage Profound Core Cultivators. Even if he had heaven defying abilities, it would be difficult even for him to escape from the range of the Broken Core Pearl’s explosion. If it were any other place than the one he in, he would definitely be able to use his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings to escape easily. However, the special space he was in was very small; he would not be able to escape in a short period.

“Broken Core Pearl.” Chai Chudie also blurted out; even her voice was trembling uncontrollably as she spoke. The next moment, she unexpectedly brought out a Talisman out of thin air, clutching it tightly between her hands.

Crushing the Talisman, she disappeared with a flash of red light, while at the same time, a white ray of light that was even faster than the one before, shot out towards Ning Cheng.

What a vicious woman, not only did she use an Escape Talisman in order to escape from this place, she also did not forget to send out a killing strike against him. This was even after knowing perfectly well that, once caught up, he would undoubtedly die in the explosion of the Broken Core Pearl. With this, as to how much thinking had this woman given to killing him, was something that was quite clear.

Nevertheless, at this time, Ning Cheng did not have the time to think about it carefully, he knew that if he hesitated for even half a moment, he would not even need to think about it ever again. At this moment, apart from going through the door that he had crashed open, the stone door with crisscrossing lightning, he did not have any place to escape.

At this time, Ning Cheng did not hesitate and immediately wielded the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings to dodge the white light from Chai Chudie as he immediately stormed through the stone door with crisscrossing lightning. If he had to go through the Stone Door, then at most he would only have to resist the lightning strikes for some time and then come out, by that time the explosive aura from the Broken Core Pearl would have already dissipated.

Just at the moment that he went in, he was able to see, with the help of his Spiritual Consciousness, Lu Fei finally torn apart into two halves by the attack from Chai Chudie, who had already escaped. In just a tiny fraction of a moment, an extremely horrifying explosion rang out, at which point he was no longer able to see anything with his Spiritual Consciousness.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng had not forgotten where he had entered, although he had not come to this place before, he knew that the lightning arcs that crisscrossed inside here were as thick as thumbs. Therefore, the first thing that Ning Cheng did as he rushed through that stone door was to cast out his 36 Profound Ice Spear. He had to at try to survive until the explosion from the Broken Core Pearl had dispersed before he could go out.

But Ning Cheng immediately became shocked as he put away his own Profound Break Spear, as just now he had discovered that the thumb thick lightning arcs that were crisscrossing inside had long since disappeared, and there was only one thing remaining apart from the stone door. It was a cyan coloured stone ball with a diameter of about half a meter, moreover this stone ball did not have any support to it, and was suspended in air about 1 meter above the ground.

On the surface of this cyan coloured stone ball, there were flashes of lightning that seem to cover its entire outer surface, and with just a look, one could immediately tell that it contained a terrifying Thunder Origin Aura inside it.

Earlier when he was outside, he could only feel a somewhat familiar yet extremely vague tugging in his heart, but when Ning Cheng came inside at this time, he immediately came to realize that this tugging in his heart was actually because of a trace of resonance that seemed to be originating from the Mysterious Yellow Origin.

Did this cyan coloured stone ball really have Origin Aura contained within it? Could it be possible that it was the Thunder Attributed Origin?

Ning Cheng recalled the Water Origin Bead that he had acquired from the bottom of that seemingly ordinary river, and about the words spoken by that skeleton at the bottom of the blood river. He now knew that the Mysterious Yellow Bead needed five different kinds of Origins before it could form its own world. If this really was the Thunder Attributed Origin, then once he sent this Thunder Origin to his bead, then wouldn’t he only be missing three more?

Ning Cheng immediately became excited in his heart, as he immediately sent out his spiritual sense towards this huge cyan coloured ball. He wanted to send this cyan stone ball into his Mysterious Yellow Bead.

However, what made him greatly disappointed was that even though there was a slight trace of resonance between this cyan coloured stone ball and his Mysterious Yellow Origin, he was actually not able to force it into the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Not only could he not send it in, there was even a vague sort of power seemed to reject Ning Cheng’s subduing.

This Thunder Origin was not something that he can send into the Mysterious Yellow Bead; Ning Cheng immediately came to a realization.

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