Chapter 0234

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0234: Treasure From Time Immemorial

Ning Cheng, for the first time, swept his Spiritual Consciousness into the jade strip clutched in his hand, which he had just taken out. This jade strip in all respects looked very ordinary and simple, but this was actually the ancient jade slip that had come from Lu Fei just before he died. This contained the Central Array Diagram for the Thunder Domain City’s Refining Array Formation. At this moment, he wanted to study it thoroghly to find out what it actually did.

An ancient aura that seem to have originated from time immemorial and was quite similar to the aura spreading out from the Thunder Domain City immediately hit him. Ning Cheng, almost in an instant, realized that the ancient jade strip in his hand was the real thing; this kind of aura was simply that cannot be manufactured or created artificially.

However, this jade strip seemed to be incomplete, but even with such a case, Ning Cheng was still able to extrapolate a fuzzy meaning regarding the missing parts when he looked at it. The jade strip also recorded the particular method of walking around in the Thunder Domain City. The jade strip did not actually mention the method of refining the Thunder Domain City, but it did mention that at the centre of the Thunder Domain City, there was an Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl. Only with the help of the jade strip in his hands could reach that place, otherwise, they would turn to dust by the bombardment from countless lightning bolts….

On reading this information, Ning Cheng’s back immediately turned cold, as he broke out in cold sweat. He thought back to how he had ended up entering inside this place, the previous lighting arcs that criss-crossed each other at the entrance that were preventing him from entering had suddenly disappeared. As he thought back to the moment when he had entered inside this place, he recalled that just before he had entered the lightning arcs, that criss-crossed each other and were blocking the entrance had suddenly disappeared, because of which the Mysterious Yellow Bead inside his body was able to sense the Thunder Source inside this place. Unexpectedly, it was all because of the jade strip that was still in his hand when he had rushed in, fortunately he had not thrown the jade strip into his ring, rather had grabbed it tightly in his hand as he escaped to this place.

People really should not consider themselves as infallible aah, if not for Lu Fei and Chai Chudie’s internal strife, even if he was in the possession of the Mysterious Yellow Origin, he would never be able to enter to this place.

Ning Cheng, only after binding the jade strip to the back of his own hand, did he start carefully looking at the cyan stone ball in front of him. Moreover, because he was still afraid of the criss-crossing lightning arcs appearing once again, he did not dare to put the jade strip back into the ring.

Although Ning Cheng was not able to make out the material used for crafting the cyan stone ball in front of him, mainly because of the lightning still lingering around its surface, but he was definitely convinced of one thing. This cyan stone ball in front of him was the Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl that he had just read about, which was also the heart of the Thunder Domain City.

To refine the Thunder Domain City, it was necessary to refine this Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl first.

Although Ning Cheng already had an inkling that with his cultivation level merely being at the Profound Congealing Realm, he would not be actually able to refine even a part of the Thunder City, nevertheless he still wanted to try it. Moreover, that Lu Fei and Chai Chudie were also cultivators at the Profound Core Realm; as such, their strength was not actually much higher than his was. However, since they already had this kind of an idea, it showed that there was still a slight chance to refine the Thunder Domain City in reality.

Even if in the end he was not able to refine it, it also did not matter much to him; it would not actually be a big loss for him to walk out of this place. Moreover he had also bound the ancient jade strip onto the back of his hand, as such if he wanted to come back to the Thunder City again or get out of it, he should not be bombarded with the lightning bolts right?

After making the decision, Ning Cheng immediately sat down under the Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl, while at the same time sprayed out a mouthful of essence blood to form a canopy around him and the Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl on top of him. Simultaneously, he also started injecting his Spiritual Consciousness along with his True Essence into this cyan coloured Thunder Sphere to start refining it quickly.

Ning Cheng had just made a connection between his mind and the Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl, when he felt a violent tremor shaking up his entire body. The next moment, he could no longer call back his Spiritual Consciousness, the Spiritual Sense that he had sent out ended up sealed inside the cyan coloured thunder pearl. In other words, at this moment even if he wanted to walk out of that place, he would not be able to.

However, Ning Cheng did not panic, he found that as he began refining the Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl, this cyan coloured Thunder Pearl instantly seemed to have made a connection with his Sea of Consciousness, and was even absorbing a bit of his Mysterious Yellow Origin. Nevertheless, Ning Cheng did not feel any danger from it, he believed that it would not pose too big of a problem for him.

Relaxing his mind a bit, Ning Cheng soon entered a state of profoundness; seemingly, endless Thunder Arrays surrounded the Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl. Ning Cheng immediately chose to focus his thoughts on these Thunder Arrays and constantly branded them with his own imprint. The Mysterious Yellow Origin also continued to surround Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness nourishing it, co-ordinating with the pattern traces that Ning Cheng was able to gleam from the Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl.

Time passed by slowly as he went through a seemingly infinite loop, 1 month, 2 months…… all of a sudden 6 months passed by.

In the space all around Ning Cheng, the lightning arcs criss-crossing each other once again re-emerged. The only place where there was no lightning arcs was the spot where Ning Cheng was sitting.

The outside of the Thunder Domain City restored itself to its former appearance, with lightning arcs once again surrounding it. A few cultivators would occasionally come here, but as long as they tried to enter the Thunder Domain City, without exception, the endless lightning arcs would bombard them to the point that there was not even the slightest residue left behind of them all.

One more year passed by, Ning Cheng was still refining the Everlasting Blue Thunder Pearl, at this moment; he himself did not know what was happening outside.


Inside Ning Cheng’s Miniature World, Grey Toottoot was munching on a plump Essence Raising Fruit that Ning Cheng had been growing inside, while Yan Ji was sitting by the side of the True Spirit Nectar Wash pond. A strange sort of Spiritual Charm surrounded her entire body, even the True Essence fluctuation coming from her felt as if it were growing increasingly restless.

The aura building up in her body was also growing more and more powerful every passing moment, to the point that it finally burst out from her body. Feeling this kind of aura, Grey Toottoot immediately stopped chewing on the Essence Raising Fruit, as he focussed his vision on Yan Ji’s body.

Just at this moment, Yan Ji’s entire body shook violently, as faint multi-coloured radiance started condensing on the top of her head. Finally, the multi-coloured radiance became more and more solid, before it shaped itself into a core shadow.

The Spirit Stones, which Ning Cheng had kept in his ring, seemed to have gone crazy because of something, as they turned into a Spiritual Qi Mist, rushing towards Yan Ji. This Spiritual Qi Mist tunnelled into Yan Ji’s body, causing Yan Ji’s True Essence to grow even more powerful.

This continued for almost an hour, before Yan Ji suddenly issued a soft cry as a ray of light shot out of Yan Ji’s mouth. At the same time, a faint golden coloured spherical core also shot out of her mouth, the aura emanating from this golden spherical core was even more horrifying, it gave the feeling that as long as it burst open, then everything inside Ning Cheng’s ring would turn to dust.

Fortunately, Yan Ji’s Golden Core hovered over her head for only a short while, before she once again swallowed it up. Even the powerful True Essence fluctuations that surrounded her were now gradually dissipating; even the Spiritual Qi that was being absorbed was also thinning out.

After Yan Ji swallowed the Golden Core, Yan Ji’s face once again was restored to her original dazed expression, it was as if the events that had happened a moment before were not her doing at all.

If Ning Cheng were here, then he would have certainly realized that Yan Ji had actually managed to form her Golden Core without using a Profound Life Pill, and had successfully stepped into the Profound Core Realm.

Without a pill to help in the formation of the Golden Core for a cultivator, it definitely showed that cultivator had top class qualifications among the top class qualifications. Even though Yan Ji was a core disciple of the Blue Cloud Academy, in the absence of a top tier cultivation method, one would not be able to condense their Golden Core without the help one would receive from pills. Only then would they be able to advance from Profound Congealing Realm to the Profound Core Realm.

If Yan Ji still had her complete mental faculties, she would have certainly understood what had transpired. It was because the True Spirit Nectar Wash has completely washed clean the impurities from her body from the inside out, which made her advance to the Profound Core Realm in a natural manner.

Yan Ji had already been stuck at the Profound Congealing 9th Level for a long time, the reason she had not advanced to the Profound Core Realm until now, was not that she could not advance, but because she wanted to accumulate more experiences over a period, to create a more solid foundation for herself. Now that her foundations were already solid enough, combined with the True Spirit Nectar Wash scouring her body clean, it had ended up unconsciously enhancing her perception and understandings. Because of all this, advancing to the Profound Core Realm was just the natural course of action.


“Pa Ta” A subtle sound resounded in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, causing Ning Cheng to open his eyes suddenly, as a vast amount of information poured into his mind.

He finally was able to communicate with this Thunder City, although he had not actually refined the Thunder City, but he now knew that he did not need to continue stay in this place and continue with the refining. What he had actually communicated with was the first layer of restriction of the Thunder City, which made him realize that with his cultivation at present, if he wanted to refine the Thunder City in its entirety, then even if he had countless years to do so, he may not be able to succeed.

The Thunder Domain City was not its original name, and was originally called as Everlasting Blue Thunder City, but not only was he not able to determine from which era did it originate, he was also unable to determine why it had appeared here originally. However, Ning Cheng had received a vast amount of information from it, and from it, he was able to find a few clues.

In an extremely faraway place, this Everlasting Blue Thunder City was involved in terrifying war of enormous proportions. In that war, countless extremely strong powerhouses perished, countless magical weapons ended up destroyed, and even countless planets ended up annihilated.

From the vast amounts of information, Ning Cheng was able to make out a blurry outline of a person raising his hand sending out a punch that completely obliterated a planet out of existence. Seeing that scene he had almost cried out in shock, this kind of power was simply too horrifying. However, what was even more horrifying was that this kind of almighty figure actually ended up annihilated by a single purple spear….

Ning Cheng kept reminding himself that this was not a movie; this was the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s real projection. Otherwise, he would never believe that the scenes that he had seen were actually true.

The entire Everlasting Blue Thunder City was emitting a glow of thunder and lightning, as it collided with the extremely powerful magical weapons of those experts. However, the Thunder City was simply too powerful, causing some of the magical weapons to directly shatter, while the endless lightning arcs surrounding it scattered the rest away.

This Blue Thunder City was simply too powerful, Ning Cheng had just come up with the notion, when a horrifying tearing sound could be heard from a distance. From the information that he had obtained, although incomplete, Ning Cheng was able to see the emergence of a black arrow, moreover this black arrow’s target was the Blue Thunder City.

Although it was just a projection created from the incomplete information, yet the terrible power contained in it made Ning Cheng spit out a mouthful of blood. Immediately, a vague and indistinct shadow appeared around the Thunder City, as it moved to clash with that single arrow shooting towards the Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

That vague shadow ended up tearing open the void as it then disappeared into it, while simultaneously bringing along the Everlasting Blue Thunder City into the vast endless void.

Ning Cheng’s palm turned clammy, as he witnessed just a mere hint of the killing aura that, if real, was more than enough to turn him into dust. With his cultivation at present, maybe as long as those powerhouses even blew a breath in his direction, it would be more than enough to turn him into dust.

That vague shadow that brought the Everlasting Blue Thunder City into the void should be the Device Spirit that resided in the fifth level of the Blue Thunder City, Ning Cheng concluded as he sucked in a mouthful of cold air. He knew that, even if it was an ordinary True Artifact, it was very difficult, almost next to impossible, for it to give a birth to a spirit. Nevertheless, the Everlasting Blue Thunder City already had a Device Spirit existing inside it, just what kind of a magical weapon was this?

It was regrettable that the Device Spirit seemed to have disappeared, leaving behind only this Thunder City in this place to assimilate the Thunder Source involuntarily.

However if it was not because of the grade less Blue Thunder City not having a Device Spirit, even if he could communicate with just one of the heavy restrictions on the Thunder City, would he be able to see even a part of the past information of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City?

This absolutely was a good thing, just as the saying goes ‘how could one dream if they constantly avoided the night’, Ning Cheng immediately cast out the entirety of his Spiritual Sense to deepen the communication with the Blue Thunder City, he wanted to bring this Blue Thunder City into his own ring.

In his view, since this Blue Thunder City seemed to be a treasure from time immemorial, it should have ability to shrink; with it, maybe he would then be able to take it into his miniature world. Besides, he can already communicate with one of the heavy restrictions, although he was very far from actually refining it, at least he would always be in contact with it right?

However, Ning Cheng soon realized that what he was attempting to do was futile; this Blue Thunder City remained motionless. However, at this time Ning Cheng was able to understand something, not to mention that he could only communicate with one of the heavy restrictions, but even if he completely refined the heavy restriction, he would not be able to take away the Thunder Domain City.

Those two people really were idiots, they actually wanted to refine the grade less Blue Thunder City, in the end wouldn’t it only end up in them being victims? Other than bringing calamity on themselves, did they really think that they would be able to refine this Thunder Domain City? He himself had ended up taking more than a year, to the point of consuming himself, and yet the result was that he still could not take the Thunder Domain City away, let alone refine it. If he had known this earlier, why would he have even bothered to waste his time in this place?

Ning Cheng assumed that he had already been inside the Law’s Way for at least few years, as such continuing to waste his time in this place was simply unwise. Moreover, with this kind of terrifying thing, he could guess that even if he spent his entire life trying to refine this thing, he would not be able to refine it completely. Might as well leave this place, and get out first before thinking of coming back here again.

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