Chapter 0235

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0235: Arrest Warrant

He had already spent more than a year in this place, without anything practical to show for it, causing Ning Cheng to feel quite frustrated.

Thinking until here, Ning Cheng once again tried to communicate with the first layer of restriction that covered the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. Sending out his own thoughts towards it in order to create a communication link between the two, “If you have the ability to be carried away by me, and become my magical weapon, then in the future, as long as your device spirit is still alive, I will certainly help you in finding your device spirit.”

Ning Cheng was not a crafting master, but he was aware that all the top class magical weapons had a spiritual nature of their own. Even if it lost its device spirit, the magical weapon would retain a part of its spiritual nature. If this Thunder Domain City could not understand what he meant then he could only forget about it.

Ning Cheng had just finished these words, when he heard a loud explosion of thunder, the next moment he found himself suspended in air as the surroundings all around him turned completely empty.

Before Ning Cheng could even react, he found that the Thunder Domain City had completely disappeared, and he was once again standing in the middle of the seemingly endless Thunder Domain Marsh. From time to time, there were few small lightning arc falling down, but these lightning arcs, when compared to the ones he encountered while travelling through the Thunder Domain City, were simply not worth mentioning. He did not even need to use his Profound Break Spear, and could hold up all by himself against these small lightning arcs.

However, inside Ning Cheng’s Zifu, other than the usual things, a layer of lightning from the Thunder City surrounded it. At this moment, the Thunder City had actually shrunk itself to the smallest possible limit and had made his Zifu as its home, suspended underneath the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Ning Cheng was quite surprised when he discovered that the Everlasting Blue Thunder City and the Star River, both were hovering side by side on the same level, rather than it being below the Star River.

“Let’s see if it can be brought out ……” Ning Cheng thought as his gaze fell onto the Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

Because the battle image of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City had been imprinted in his mind, so Ning Cheng actually wanted to try to mobilize the Everlasting Blue Thunder City and have a look at it, moreover he was also quite curious on how powerful was this Blue Thunder City in the end.

However, what made Ning Cheng disappointed was that even though his thoughts definitely fell onto the Blue Thunder City, the Blue Thunder City was still motionless, without even showing half a reaction.

Ning Cheng sighed; evidently, his cultivation was too low. Wanting to control the Blue Thunder City was simply not possible for him at present.

It really was a pity, if he could control this Blue Thunder City to protect himself, then even if had to face off against a Soul Essence Cultivator, he would not be the slightest bit fearful.

However, now that he has taken away the Blue Thunder City, he could now continue with refining the Blue Thunder City at any time in the future. He did not believe that even after spending numerous years, he still would not be able to take control of the Blue Thunder City.

If he could successfully form his Profound Core and take control of this Blue Thunder City, then would the Thunder Tribulation even pose any threat to him?

With a wave of the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, Ning Cheng with his fastest speed rushed out of the Thunder Domain Marsh.

After coming out, the first thing, that Ning Cheng did was to bring out Yan Ji. He wanted to bring out Yan Ji so that she could follow him side by side, to try to initiate talks with her, with the hope that Yan Ji would be able to recover her sanity as early as possible.

“You have already condensed your Golden Core, finally advancing to the realm of Profound Core Cultivators?” Ning Cheng unblinkingly stared at Yan Ji, who was standing in front of him, while he asked his words in both amazement and disbelief.

Although Yan Ji, when compared to the people trapped in the bottom of the Blood River, was in a much better condition, but she still was muddle headed and confused. In such a situation, how was she able to advance to the Profound Core Realm all by herself?

Yan Ji still had that dazed and vacant look in her eyes as she looked at Ning Cheng; it was as if she did not understand what the words ‘Profound Core’ meant.

Ning Cheng scratched his head, and spoke in a somewhat helpless manner, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, if you are able to sense the way out, then why don’t you take the lead on the path ahead. I really do not want to stay inside this place anymore.”

Nevertheless, Yan Ji actually nodded her head in response to his words. Sensing a particular direction, she quickly started moving in that direction.

Ning Cheng also quickly followed Yan Ji. Although Yan Ji was now a full major realm higher than his own, along with her speed also not actually reaching her limits, they were able to fly for a long time. Ning Cheng also only needed a few waves from his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings from time to time to keep up with her.

“Stop!” Seeing Yan Ji rushing towards a Natural Restrictive Mountain Peak, Ning Cheng quickly sped up and grabbed Yan Ji’s arm.

Yan Ji also immediately stopped, but still looked in a puzzling manner at Ning Cheng. Wasn’t Ning Cheng the one who wanted her to find a way out of this place, she was just moving in the same direction as to what she was sensing.

Ning Cheng helplessly pointed to the Mountain Peak in front of them and spoke, “This Mountain Peak has a few restrictions covering it, and is also exuding a terrifying aura, showing that there definitely is a Class 6 monstrous beast residing in this place. If we rushed through this place, then it would surely alert that monstrous beast. So rather than going through this place, it would be better for us to go around it.”

What once again surprised Ning Cheng was that Yan Ji actually understood his words. Sure enough, they circumvented the mountain peak in a short time and once again began flying towards the exit. Ning Cheng felt that as long as he and Yan Ji continued to chat with each other, maybe Yan Ji would be able to recover.

Yan Ji really was very intelligent, although she had not yet fully recovered her sanity; she was still able to understand what Ning Cheng meant. Because of which as they encountered any seemingly dangerous places in their path, they would immediately move to circumvent it before continuing to move forward.

Along the way, Ning Cheng also encountered many good spots with Spiritual Grasses, but because Ning Cheng had already obtained the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, and also found the True Spirit Nectar Wash, he was already very satisfied. At this time, he was only thinking about getting out of this place as early as possible.

A few days later, Yan Ji stopped in front of a vortex. One could simply not be able to use their Spiritual Consciousness to probe the inside of this vortex, but above the vortex, there were four characters suspended, ‘Incomplete Primary Path’.

Ning Cheng could feel that the vortex was definitely the exit of the Law’s Way, but he could not understand the words ‘Incomplete Primary Path’. What was the meaning of these four characters? One came inside the Law’s Way only for the sake of enhancing their cultivation, while at the same time pass through the Law’s Way, simultaneously looking for heavenly treasures on the inside. Nevertheless, although it was extremely suitable to practice cultivation inside this place, but what put on more focus on the inside was to try to sense and cultivate the laws of Heaven and Earth. That was because inside the Law’s Way, the Laws were actually more complete than the outside.

Why wait for them to want to go out after a period, only to let that person catch sight of the characters ‘Incomplete Primary Path’ in such a manner.

Yan Ji was standing right beside Ning Cheng, apparently whatever Ning Cheng wanted to do, she would definitely follow it to the letter.

Ning Cheng used his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep all around the characters ‘Incomplete Primary Path’ suspended above the vortex for a long time, but was still not able to find anything different. He grabbed Yan Ji’s hand and walked a few steps forward towards the vortex.

However, immediately a powerful force pushed him back, while at the same time a powerful force latched onto Yan Ji trying to suck her in.

Ning Cheng was badly startled in his heart, as he quickly started circulating his True Essence, while at the same time forcibly pulled Yan Ji back.

It was only until the two of them were tens of meters away, did that powerful suction force finally disappear.

Ning Cheng finally realized something. He really would not be able to get out of this place through this vortex, but unlike him Yan Ji can easily get through it. It was because his level of cultivation was still not high enough, because of which this vortex could easily send Yan Ji out, but not him.

Thinking of this until here, Ning Cheng directly took off his ring on his hand, containing the miniature world inside, and put it on top of Yan Ji’s palm and spoke, “I will be waiting inside the ring, while you directly jump into the vortex.”

Seeing that Yan Ji really was able to understand the meaning of the words, Ning Cheng directly entered the miniature world inside.

Seeing Ning Cheng disappear inside, Yan Ji immediately rushed into the vortex. Ning Cheng also wanted to have a look outside with his Spiritual Consciousness, but he found that a formidable power seemed to be intent on completely suppressing his Spiritual Consciousness inside. Feeling a bit shocked, he quickly took back his Spiritual Consciousness, while at the same time giving up on thoughts of trying to observe the outside.

After a few breaths of time, Ning Cheng could now feel that his Spiritual Consciousness once again was able to come out, finding that there was no resistance; he immediately came out of the ring.

At this moment Yan Ji was the only person standing on a huge suspended bluestone platform not knowing where to go from here. Ning Cheng willed the ring back, and took out a flight type magical weapon and spoke, “There is a thick aura of Spiritual Qi here, so we should be at least at the edge of the Le Continent. I’ll take you back to the Le Continent.”

In this place, Ning Cheng could already feel a part of the familiar thick Spiritual Qi aura through his Spiritual Consciousness, so he could confirm that they had indeed come out from that place.

Looking at Yan Ji, a peerless beauty, standing by his side, Ning Cheng knew that as long as he returned to the Le Continent, then he must make Yan Ji go back to the Blue Cloud Academy. Otherwise, if Yan Ji kept following him, then it would not be a good thing for them.

Ning Cheng originally wanted to open Yan Ji’s ring, to look for a scarf or a veil to cover Yan Ji’s face. However, after thinking a bit, he decided that he could just use the Appearance Changing Technique to transform her into a somewhat good-looking middle-aged woman. At the same time, Ning Cheng also changed his appearance using the same technique to turn into an adventurer giving off a strong yet sturdy aura. These kinds of adventurer couples, in any continent, were synonymous to humble existences. Moreover, it was also not unusual for a man and a woman to adventure together. Just in case, Ning Cheng also deliberately sealed Yan Ji’s cultivation to the Qi Gathering Realm.

Ning Cheng was afraid that someone would recognise him, and once again point him out to be a Devil Cultivator. Inside the Law’s Way, there were very few people who he feared, but now that he came out, he was now an obscure yet humble existence.


Dragon and Phoenix City, one of the largest cities in the Le Continent.

The reason why Ning Cheng had come back to the Dragon and Phoenix City once again, was that he had a few things that he had to accomplish in here, but first he had to deliver Yan Ji to the Blue Cloud Academy. The Dragon and Phoenix City absolutely would have a gathering point for the Blue Cloud Academy, the second task he had to accomplish was to search for Kong Pengpeng, and it was because he had promised to deliver something to Kong Pengpeng in this place. In addition, the third was that he wanted to visit Elder Sister Shu once again to give a part of the True Spirit Nectar Wash to Elder Sister Shu.

Looking like two ordinary adventurers, Ning Cheng and Yan Ji easily entered the Dragon and Phoenix City.

Ning Cheng after delivering Yan Ji wanted to go and search for a place to lie down, and then go find Elder Sister Shu. In his heart, one of the most trusted people was still Lan Shu.

However, just as a cultivator moved past him, a notice immediately caught his attention, and as his gaze fell on the content of the notice, he very nearly turned around to flee.

The words written on the notice were very clear, ‘Wanted Devil Cultivator, Cheng Xiaoning. Cheng Xiaoning, formerly known as Ning Cheng, is a cultivator from the Jia Continent’s cultivator army. This person inside the Law’s Way let loose his berserk Devilish Nature, looting cultivators left and right. He enjoys killing people as if they were nothing more than flies, even seriously injuring Blue Cloud Academy’s Core Disciple Yan Ji… After this person comes out of the Law’s Way, any person that can provide any clue about him would be rewarded with a Best Quality Spiritual Artefact, along with 500,000 Spirit Stones… If he is captured, then the rewards…..’

Besides the front and side images of him, were also the emblems of the parties who had jointly issued the wanted poster, the Wu Nian Academy, the Blue Cloud Academy, the Gui Yuan City… There were also several Sects and Academies that Ning Cheng had never even heard of. In short, all the big shots including the few huge 9 Star Academies with the sole exception of the Dragon and Phoenix Academy were mentioned in there.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, the only people who knew that his real name was Ning Cheng other than Yan Ji who had come outside with him, was Jia Lingwei, Nalan Ruxue and Zhangsun Yan trio. Yan Ji has always been by his side, so obviously it was not her who leaked the information, so the only possibility was from one of the other three, in the end just who was the one who had revealed the fact that he was Ning Cheng?

Ning Cheng’s gaze swept to the side at another arrest warrant pinned close to his own, but seeing that warrant flames of fury immediately exploded in his chest. ‘Wanted Devil Cultivator Lan Shu, this woman and Ning Cheng are jackals from the same lair, and has been on the run from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy. She openly supports the Devil Cultivator Ning Cheng, and inside the Dragon and Phoenix City has openly killed disciples from the Gui Yuan City and Wu Nian Academy… Although this person was seriously injured in a clash with the Elders from the Gui Yuan City, but she was able to escape with her craftiness, if any person has news about her……‘

Reading the words ‘Gui Yuan City’ once again, Ning Cheng clenched his fists so hard that Ka Ka sounds could be heard from it, at the moment he just couldn’t wait to start a killing spree in the Gui Yuan City, completely eradicate this Gui Yuan City from the face of this world. Elder Sister Shu certainly in order to defend his honour and prestige would have definitely killed those cultivators in anger, because of which an arrest warrant was issued in her name.

Just at this moment, two Profound Core Cultivators brushed past Ning Cheng’s side, and Ning Cheng was able to hear one of them talk, “Next month, Gui Yuan City’s Saint Child Yuhai and Wu Nian Academy’s Nalan Ruxue are set to be betrothed, I still don’t know what kind of gifts should I send…….”

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