Chapter 0236

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0236: Crisis On Top Of A Crisis

These two men were Profound Core Cultivators, although Ning Cheng wanted to stop the two people and ask more about it, but with his current cultivation that he put on display was simply too far in difference when compared to a Profound Core Cultivator. If he really went out and recklessly tried to ask them about such a matter, then maybe one of them might have an idea to slap him dead.

After the two Profound Core Cultivators went into the rest stop in front of them, Ning Cheng pulled Yan Ji as he went to find a lower level Spiritual Tea Shop. Lower levelled cultivators and adventurers filled the lobby of this lower level Spiritual Tea Shop.

Although inside the hall, there were many cultivators, but most of the seats were empty.

Seeing that most of the cultivators here had a similar cultivation level, Ning Cheng finally sat down beside a Qi Gathering Cultivator who looked in a similarly worn out condition as himself. This Qi Gathering Cultivator was a female cultivator, and looked to be somewhere in the mid-thirties.

“This Senior Apprentice Sister, there are too many people here, hope you do not mind me and my companion take a bit of rest here.” As Ning Cheng sat down, he spoke up while deliberately cupping his fists as he uttered those words.

“No harm in it, go ahead.” The female cultivator nodded her head. It was a place where anyone can sit anywhere, so when Ning Cheng sat down and even politely called out a greeting, she was able to see his sturdy yet tiger like appearance.

As the voices of various discussions going on inside the shop were spreading around, Ning Cheng suddenly asked this female cultivator, “This Senior Apprentice Sister, me and my companion have just arrived to the Dragon and Phoenix City. On the way I heard a lot of people talking about the engagement between Saint Child Yuhai and Fairy Ruxue, is this really true?”

This female cultivator turned out to be kind in nature, so giving an ‘En’ sound she spoke up, “Of course it is true, Wu Nian Academy’s Fairy Ruxue has recently came out from the Law’s Way, because of a huge opportunity, she was able to directly advance to the Profound Core Realm in her cultivation. Moreover, Saint Child Yuhai, is one of the genius disciples of the Gui Yuan City, and has already successfully reached the peak of the Profound Core Realm. Just a single step forward and he can advance to the Soul Essence Realm. Because of which this engagement would truly cement the union of the two powerful 9 Star Academies. Once Saint Child Yuhai advances to the Soul Essence Realm, the two of them would immediately get married.”

“I heard that Nalan Ruxue is one of the two people in the Le Continent, called as ‘Twin Lotus Flowers On One Stock’. This Gui Yuan City’s Gui Yuhai’s luck sure is amazing aah.” Ning Cheng spoke with a lamenting voice.

“You should really keep your voice down, Saint Child Yuhai’s reputation is something that is only higher than Nalan Ruxue, and is definitely not lower than her. Have you not heard of the saying – ‘Twin Lotus Flowers On One Stock, Sea Apple Blossoms, Heavenly Star, Riding Half a Cloud’? Saint Child Yuhai is a dragon amongst men, which female cultivator would not want to marry.” The female cultivator replied in a whisper.

Ning Cheng nodded, “Thank you, Senior Apprentice Sister, I certainly have heard of this phrase before, it’s just probably because I had seen Nalan Ruxue once before, so I really cannot understand Saint Child Yuhai’s reason for waiting.”

“You really saw Fairy Ruxue’s appearance aah, you really are lucky.” When the female cultivator heard that Ning Cheng had seen Nalan Ruxue, she immediately exclaimed out in shock.

“I just saw her from afar, at that time she was wearing a veil.” Ning Cheng gave a deliberate chuckle as he spoke.

This female cultivator really seemed to very much like talking about such kinds of gossip, as such immediately spoke up, “Of course, no one has actually seen her appearance, even if it was Saint Child Yuhai. I heard that even he only had to see a portrait of her rather than her actual appearance. It really was unfortunate for Fairy Ji from the Blue Cloud Academy, if not for her being tainted by that despicable Devil Cultivator; maybe it would have been her….”

The female cultivator speaking until here felt that something was wrong, and quickly, stopped herself from continuing.

Ning Cheng seeing her actions waved his hand at a person in a distance, who was waiting over another person. Ning Cheng, with a very generous sounding voice, spoke up, “Can you help me out with 3 cups of Spiritual Tea?”

“What would you like to have?” The person hurriedly came over and asked.

Ning Cheng, using a finger and pointing to a name written over the board in front of him spoke, “We’ll take the 5 Low Grade Spirit Stones per cup of Light Silk Leaf.”

Hearing that Ning Cheng ordering a cup of Spiritual Tea that costed 5 low grade Spirit Stones for her, the female cultivator quickly stood up and gratefully cupped her fists towards him. Five Pieces of Low Grade Spirit Stones for a cup of Spiritual Tea; it can even be regarded as an equivalent to a medium grade Spiritual Tea. Ning Cheng also appeared to be an adventurer, and although an adventurer in the Le Continent would be able to earn 5 low grade Spirit Stones with some effort, but she had never seen a person use such an amount to drink Spiritual Tea, it showed that he absolutely was generous in his spending.

The Spiritual Tea also arrived quite soon, Ning Cheng after taking sip from it spoke up, “I know that Devil Cultivator called Ning Cheng, everywhere outside has arrest warrants with his name and face painted on.”

The female cultivator’s eyes showed a trace of fear as she spoke, “That’s right; I heard that that Devil Cultivator is powerful beyond words. He being just a single man inside the Law’s Way had killed more than 100 Profound Core Cultivators, and had even captured over dozens of female cultivators only for the purpose of ravaging them and stealing their yin essence. This Devil Cultivator is not only a demon that loves killing; he is also an extremely perverted devil. Even Fairy Ji ended up being controlled by him, to the point that he even forcibly wiped the consciousness of Fairy Ji.”

“So cruel? Who was the one who brought out such kinds of news?” Ning Cheng quickly asked, while there was also a bit of regret in his heart for poking his nose into other’s business so suddenly. Inside the Second Segment of the Law’s Way, there definitely were people who committed robbery and murder in broad daylight. Because of which he really did not care much as they died by either his hands or others, but because of this thing, he ended up becoming a ‘powerful Devil Cultivator’ in the eyes of many, and even a ‘perverted devil’ for some. Moreover, how could he kill over 100 Profound Core Cultivators? Did they think that this story was a narration from the Classic of Mountain and Sea?

The female cultivator quickly shook her head and spoke, “Who knows if it is really true or not, but it definitely was brought out by a cultivator who came from the inside of the Law’s Way. This time if that Devil Cultivator tries to come out of the Law’s Way, then it can easily be guessed that the only path in front of him would be a dead end without any place to escape. Not only do the Academies from all the Advanced level and Intermediate levelled continents want to catch him, but also the people from the Yi Xing Ocean are involved in the efforts to catch him. I heard that he had also previously killed Yi Xing Ocean’s Mu Imperial Palace’s direct descendant, Shen Tuyun, this Devil Cultivator’s courage really is quite large.”

Speaking until here, this female cultivator suddenly lowered her voice to a whisper as she continued to speak with Ning Cheng, “You know what that Devil Cultivator called Ning Cheng did with Fairy Ruxue? He raped Fairy Ruxue, and…..”

Ning Cheng really was shocked, this kind of talk really was something that he could have never imagined, as he quickly spoke up, “Such words really should not be spoken carelessly aah. Fairy Ruxue is a core disciple of the Wu Nian Academy, once even a word of it gets back to them; the only thing that would await us is death.”

At this same time, a thought suddenly sprang up in Ning Cheng’s mind; this female cultivator is the one whose courage is quite large aah, for even daring to say such kinds of words in such a place.

The female cultivator did not appear to be surprised, rather she still spoke in a whisper, “This is not something that I am cooking up, in fact, in the Dragon and Phoenix City there is hardly anyone that does not know about this, it’s just that nobody dares to speak about it aloud. A few days ago, this thing was already brought to light in front of everyone. Saint Child Yuhai also issued an oath, that he would be the one who would capture that Devil Cultivator Ning Cheng to extract and refine his soul. Because he liked Fairy Ji from the Blue Cloud Academy a bit more, and just because Fairy Ji had lost herself to that Devil Cultivator Ning Cheng, allowing that Ning Cheng to take her chastity, he had to forcibly choose Nalan Ruxue. But what he had not expected was that Nalan Ruxue had also lost her chastity to that Devil Cultivator.”

Ning Cheng could feel that this thing was really not as simple as it was looking on the surface, no matter who it was, the one who spread the news, not only were they plotting against him, it was also unfavourable for Nalan Ruxue. In the end who the hell was it? Moreover, why were they aiming at him?

After chatting with this female cultivator for a bit more, Ning Cheng thought that he must leave the Dragon and Phoenix Academy as soon as possible as continuing to stay here in this place was just courting death. As for sending Yan Ji to the Blue Cloud Academy, at this moment it really seemed to be an impossible affair.


“Elder Sister Lingwei, these days I always feel uneasy, I don’t know why but Big Brother Ning and Senior Apprentice Sister Ji are still yet to come out from the Law’s Way. There were even a few who said that Big Brother Ning had refined Senior Apprentice Sister Ji into a puppet, but the first thought that came into mind was to not believe them.” In a brightly lit room, two women were sitting in front of each other with a frown on their faces; the one who was talking was a female cultivator wearing a red robe.

These two people were none other than Zhangsun Yan and Jia Lingwei, they had come out even earlier than Nalan Ruxue from inside the Law’s Way, but at this time, the two people had reached the Profound Core Realm in their cultivation.

Jia Lingwei sighed, she did not answer Zhangsun Yan’s words rather she really did not know how to answer her.

“Elder Sister Lingwei, didn’t you say that Big Brother Ning’s identity would not be compromised even if it was leaked by that woman Nalan Ruxue? I am still not convinced that this woman really knows the identity of Big Brother Ning, but still she is probably the only one who would be willing to say such things about him.” Zhangsun Yan spoke.

Jia Lingwei shook her head, “Ruxue definitely was not the one who spread this.”

“Why not?” Zhangsun Yan asked with confusion.

“If it was really Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue who had made those accusations, then the intensity of the search for Ning Cheng would at least be ten times stronger than what it is now. Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue knows that Ning Cheng and Junior Apprentice Sister Ji had fallen into the Blood River, you also know about it, moreover whoever falls into the Blood River can they even come out from it alive? Since they have not only fallen into the Blood River but have even survived it by coming out, it shows that they are aware of the hidden secrets of the Blood River.”

“The Blood River has always been one of the most mysterious existence inside the Law’s Way, and now they are the only ones who know the secret of the Blood River, just think of how many supreme existences would covet such a thing and would want to capture them? Why would so many people want to capture them? Maybe there would not actually be an arrest, but rather they would try to capture them in secret.” Jia Lingwei spoke in a sinking voice.

“Is that really true aah, I did not expect that Big Brother Ning and Senior Apprentice Sister Ji, would be able to survive and come out from inside the Blood River. This thing even if you told it to others, no one would believe it aah.” Zhangsun Yan exclaimed.

“Elder Sister Lingwei, from the notice you said that Big Brother Ning had forcibly claimed the chastity of Nalan Ruxue, do you know who was the one who deliberately spread this news? Would it not mean that it was an enemy of Nalan Ruxue who did this?” Zhangsun Yan’s mind was jumping to things a bit too fast, just a moment ago, she was lamenting about Ning Cheng, and in the next moment turned the subject around to Nalan Ruxue.

Jia Lingwei shook her head and spoke, “I’m not sure, I do have a person in mind, but I do not know if who I guessed is the one who did it.”

“Who?” Zhangsun Yan asked urgently

“Nalan Ruxue”



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