Chapter 0237

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0237: Being Found Out

“Do you want to kill me and my elder brother?” A beautiful and slender female cultivator carrying a long sword in her hands coldly stared at a female cultivator blocking her path and spoke up.

Beside this beautiful and slender female cultivator was a simple and honest looking yet sturdy man, both of them were early stage Profound Congealing Cultivators. The female cultivator who was blocking their path was wearing a purple dress, with her face covered by a veil.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yue Ying, you and your brother are my Wu Nian Academy’s two best disciples, with qualifications which are even better than mine own. Initially it was also me who had brought the two of you to the Wu Nian Academy, so why do the two of you want to leave the Wu Nian Academy?” The purple robed female cultivator spoke with a bit of sadness in her voice.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Nalan, thank you for bringing me and my brother to the Wu Nian Academy. If we were still in the Hua Continent, then we may never have been able to reach this point in our cultivation. But I and my elder brother are just going out to learn through experience, and never have said that we are leaving the Wu Nian Academy.” The female cultivator carrying the long sword calmly spoke up.

Obviously, this pair of elder brother and younger sister were none other than Yue Ying and Yue Yuanhua, and the one blocking them was none other than Nalan Ruxue from the Wu Nian Academy.

“I am very well aware of your thoughts, although you say that you are going outside the Academy to learn through experience, you would not be coming back to the Wu Nian Academy, and will even try to leave the Le Continent.” Nalan Ruxue suddenly sighed, and once again continued, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yue Ying, you should be blaming me for not making a move to help Ning Cheng, right?”

Until a few days back Yue Ying used to call her respectfully as ‘Senior Apprentice Sister Ruxue’, but now she directly went ahead and changed the form of address to ‘Senior Apprentice Sister Nalan’, how could Nalan Ruxue not understand the underlying meaning behind such an address?

Yue Ying spoke with a calm voice, “Big Brother Ning had bestowed me with a life saving grace, if it was not for Big Brother Ning, then I would have met a miserable death back inside the Angry Axe Valley, I will definitely not stay in the same place that has a hand in the death of my saviour. Moreover, Senior Apprentice Sister Nalan you yourself do not want to marry that Gui Yuhai, so there is no need to spread such vicious words for Big Brother Ning, right? Big Brother Ning is also not a Devil Cultivator, Senior Apprentice Sister Nalan you also are well aware of it. Big Brother Ning has also never done those kinds of things being spoken about him, you the so called Senior Sister Apprentice of ours should know it much better than anyone else.”

“If Big Brother Ning had even the slightest of chance to live before this, now because of these rumours, it is as good as serving his life up on a silver platter. Senior Apprentice Sister Nalan, I have been very respectful towards you in the past, but you just for your own sake, would use such sinister means on an innocent man. Today, I and my Elder Brother are standing here, if you really want to kill us then go ahead and kill us, I and my brother will absolutely not show even a slightest frown.”

“What rumours?” Nalan Ruxue asked, but she immediately understood what might have transpired from the words spoken, as she spoke in a whisper like tone, “I was not the one who spread those rumours……”

She in this moment remembered the conversation she had with her master previously, “Ruxue. I know that you have focussed your mind on cultivating the Dao. However, Gui Yuhai is one of the premier geniuses of Gui Yuan City, it certainly would not be wrong for you to be matched up with him. Besides, the Wu Nian Academy of today is not the Wu Nian Academy from back then, even some of the 8 Star Academies have caught up to our Wu Nian Academy.”

“If we don’t form an alliance with the Gui Yuan City, then in the future there would definitely be restructuring of the powers within the Le Continent, and at that time it would certainly pose adverse ramifications to our Wu Nian Academy. Fortunately, Yan Ji ended up wasted by Ning Cheng, or at least in words. As a result impacting the marriage between Gui Yuan City and Blue Cloud Academy, forcing us to turn even more passive.”

“Master, that Yan Ji might not necessarily be willing to marry into the Gui Yuan City. Not to say about others, but I myself am reluctant to enter into Dual Cultivation this early. I still want to go to the Tian Continent, because that is the place that I have long since wanted to go.”

“Humph, if she comes out safe and sound, do you think that the Blue Cloud Academy will allow her to do what she wants? You going to the Tian Continent is also something that does not matter. Now that the Yi Xing Ocean and the Nine Continents of the mainland have reached an agreement, they are in the process of jointly constructing the Transmission Array to the Tian Continent. As long as we keep the status of the Wu Nian Academy, then how can the quotas for my Wu Nian Academy to the Tian Continent be low? To put it this way, for it to happen we have to maintain our status as a 9 Nine Star Academy. If you end up offending the Gui Yuan City, then Wu Nian Academy would be immediately put at a disadvantage. In that situation it is very possible that the benefits we would receive would be much less than the others.”

“Moreover these benefits not only relates to the benefits of number of people going to the Tian Continent, but also involves the benefits of the distribution of the cultivation practice resources for the journey to the Tian Continent. Of course, if you have already steeled your heart and be unwilling, I will definitely not let my disciples be wronged.”

“Master, is there any way to let Gui Yuhai voluntarily take the initiative to give up on marrying me?”

“The fact is, it was not Gui Yuan City who were actively seeking out a marriage with us, but rather it was our own Wu Nian Academy who brought it up. How can that Gui Yuhai take a fancy to ordinary people, other than the Twin Lotus Flowers On One Stock, it would be impossible for anyone else. However, for Gui Yuhai to voluntarily give up on you, it is not something completely impossible. Although it might be a bit disadvantageous for my Wu Nian Academy, but it might turn out to be even more disadvantageous for you aah.”

“Master, what is it?”

“Using dirt. That Ning Cheng has also taken advantage of you; you will have to use him to bring out the dirt. With that being the case, and Gui Yuhai being hailed as the god’s favoured son, would absolutely not continue to mention about this matter. In addition, as long as that Ning Cheng comes out, he would certainly be killed by Gui Yuhai. Even if that Gui Yuhai does not mention about the marriage, with his pride, he would certainly not let that Ning Cheng alive. Since my Wu Nian Academy and the Gui Yuan City cannot enter into a marriage with each other, then we might as well not let that Yan Ji from the Blue Cloud Academy have a happy ending.”

“But Master, that Ning Cheng had even saved my life….”

“You are still young, how can we let you get on with that kind of Devil Cultivator? Look how good of a relationship he and Yan Ji has on the surface, but behind it, it was Yan Ji who ended up getting enchanted, it shows that this person is heavily deceitful and likes to commit adultery wherever he goes. Otherwise, why would he save you who is a complete stranger, fortunately I was able to arrive there in time.”

Thinking about that conversation, Nalan Ruxue gave out a dark sigh in her heart. Unfortunately, even though her master had deliberately helped her in releasing such scandalous rumours of losing her chastity, that Gui Yuhai still wanted to continue with the engagement with her.

“If Senior Apprentice Sister Nalan Ruxue does not want to kill me and my brother then please excuse us.” Yue Ying stared at Nalan Ruxue who seemed to be deep in her thoughts and spoke out without even a shred of humbleness in her tone.

“Take care.” Nalan Ruxue was still thinking about her own affairs, and was in no mood to persuade Yue Ying and Yue Yuanhua to stay back. At this moment, she was like a mud Buddha trying to cross the river.


Ning Cheng had just made his way out of the Spiritual Tea Shop along with Yan Ji, when a low yet deep voice sounded in her ears, “Come with me.”

Once he heard this voice, Ning Cheng immediately understood that this person was none other than Kong Pengpeng. He surprisingly found that Kong Pengpeng was able to recognize him, while at the same time a thought arose in his heart, how was Kong Pengpeng able to recognize him?

Still Ning Cheng quickly followed Kong Pengpeng to a remote corner of the street, and anxiously asked, “General Kong, how were you able to recognize that it was me?”

“You kid, seem to really like playing with death don’t you aah, even daring to leisurely walk inside the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, do you know how many times you would have died if you were caught? Now not just the 7 Star Academies, but even people from the 8 Star and 9 Star Academies want to kill you, the number of people who want to kill you are simply too huge to even make a count, you should escape from this place, hurry up and give it to me, and escape. The farther away you can get yourself from this place the better.” Kong Pengpeng laid out a simple Isolation Restriction, and spoke in the same breath.

Ning Cheng had already realized that he was in a very dangerous situation currently, but he still calmed himself down.

Kong Pengpeng’s tone also eased up a bit as he spoke, “Although you have disguised yourself as a Qi Gathering Cultivator, but are walking down the street with a Profound Core Cultivator beside you. Your concealment technique really is good, even I cannot see through it even though I am standing right in front of you. However, with this woman around you, any person with a high enough cultivation would be able to make out with just a single look that the reason why she is not able to bring out even a shred of resistance and is obediently following beside you is because her cultivation is sealed up. Compared to those old monsters, you are still too young.”

Finished speaking, Kong Pengpeng took out two Talismans and handed them to Ning Cheng before speaking, “This is a Level 7 Escaping Talisman, I can occasionally get my hands on one of them, they are the ones you are holding in your hand. At this moment I can only provide you just with this much help, for those big Academies, I am still untouchable. But that Ni Gang, that son-of-a-bitch, added quite a lot of inflammatory details below the surface.”

“Many Thanks to General Kong Pengpeng for helping me out this one time; I will definitely repay you back in the future.”

After Ning Cheng finished speaking, he took out a large jade barrel, and handed it to Kong Pengpeng saying, “General Kong, this is the True Spirit Nectar Wash that I had obtained, you can take it.”

Kong Pengpeng subconsciously took the Jade Barrel, while he still could not dare believe what he had heard, “How come there is so much? This, this, how many Spirit Stones would it fetch if it was sold…..”

Ning Cheng quickly replied, “I was able to obtain a lot inside, if General Kong feels that it is not enough then I have more with me.”

“Enough, enough, it’s more than enough, I originally just wanted a few drops, at most a small bottle, but now I have a huge barrel of it, even if I squander it casually I still would not be able to use it all up aah.” Kong Pengpeng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept into the inside of the jade barrel, causing him to become even more excited. He could clearly see that the inside of the Jade Barrel was truly filled to the brim with the True Spirit Nectar Wash.

“Good, good, Ning Cheng, I really was not wrong in believing in you.” Kong Pengpeng quickly put away the barrel and spoke up, “You should immediately escape from this place, by the way who is this woman? Do you want me to help arrange a few things for you?”

Ning Cheng replied, “There is no need for it, I have a Storage Ring with me, if General Kong is able to meet with Meng Jingxiu in the future, then please give this ring to her.”

Yan Ji absolutely cannot be handed over to Kong Pengpeng, once he gave Yan Ji away to Kong Pengpeng’s arrangement, it would only end up harming Kong Pengpeng.

“Who is Meng Jingxiu?” Kong Pengpeng asked as he took the ring.

Ning Cheng took out a jade strip with an imprinted image of her and handed it to Kong Pengpeng saying, “It is this woman, she was originally a person from the Falling Star Academy who had come out with me, her father should also be a soldier from the Jia Continent’s cultivator army.”

“Good, I got it; you should really make your escape now.” Kong Pengpeng once again urged Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng also nodded, bowing in ceremony to King Pengpeng; he took Yan Ji, as he sped towards the gates of the city.

Kong Pengpeng looked at the receding back of Ning Cheng, as he secretly let out a sigh. Although he had helped Ning Cheng in every way possible that he could think of, but whether or not Ning Cheng would successfully be able to escape, were two completely separate things. He really did not care whether Ning Cheng was a Devil Cultivator or not, Ning Cheng had killed countless amounts of cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean, it was something that he had personally witnessed with his own eyes. If not for this affair going around, he would have done everything possible in his power to make Ning Cheng his right hand man.


“Beast, you finally came out…..” An angry sound burst out, which was accompanied with a wave of terrifying killing intent along with a claw that descended on to of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng suddenly found himself completely locked in place by this insane Killing Intent; he simply was not able to move even a single part of his body. This kind of cultivation level, was simply too terrifying for him. One had to know, that even though he was at the Profound Congealing 7th Level, but he was almost equivalent in strength to a late stage Profound Core Cultivator, and yet he was still locked in place by just their imposing manner.

Once this claw comes down, would he still have his freedom? A crazy yet matchlessly powerful force erupted from Ning Cheng’s Dantian, as Ning Cheng burned his True Essence with popping sounds.

“Puff….” Together with spurting a few blood arrows, Ning Cheng unexpectedly was able to break free from the hold of the crazy powerful killing intent, while at the same time punched out with his fist. Even if the other party’s cultivation was high, since they wanted to take his life, then he was also not a person who would give up on it without a fierce fight.

Yan Ji immediately felt that Ning Cheng was in danger, as she immediately forcibly circulated the True Essence in her body, instantly collapsing the Restriction placed on her body by Ning Cheng that was sealing her cultivation. Yan Ji without taking much time brought out her Blue Green Meteor Patterned Damask Silk, and immediately appeared in front of Ning Cheng, while at the same time stimulating every shred of True Essence in her, without any reservation, threw out a similar punch.

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