Chapter 0238

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0238 – Touch Him and I Will Kill You

Although that powerful imposing manner had bound Ning Cheng, it did not even slow down Yan Ji; rather it did not even show the slightest threat towards Yan Ji. Otherwise, Yan Ji would not have been able to cast out such a powerful punch, let alone in a berserk manner.

“Sister……” A shocked feminine voice immediately sounded out, as if whomever it belonged to did not expect Yan Ji to make a move against her. She immediately knew that if she did not take back or divert the flow of her True Essence, then once it even touched Yan Ji’s body, then at that moment even if it did not kill Yan Ji, it would at least shave off half her life. Because of which she had no choice but to re-route her power. Although Yan Ji had changed her appearance, but once her Spiritual Consciousness swept over her at that instant, she instantly recognize her, so how could she dare to even make a move against her own sister?

Just at this time, Ning Cheng’s fist and Yan Ji’s fist immediately rumbled out towards her.

“Peng…..” The bursts of True Essence rang out as the surroundings erupted with destroyed pieces of rubble, creating a scenario of complete confusion and disorder.

Being forced ten steps back from the power of the explosion; Ning Cheng hit a huge stone breaking it into two pieces, while at the same time he was able to borrow the counter force to stop.

Almost at the same time, Yan Ji was also forced back; however, Ning Cheng was able to catch her as he continued retreating. That single move from that cultivator allowed Ning Cheng to make a few conjectures. He was able to conjecture that it was because she had pulled back most of her strength in the last moment, because of which she ended up suffering a backlash from it, while at the same time getting punched at by the two people, Yan Ji and Ning Cheng’s True Essence, she also ended up with a few minor injuries.

At this moment, Ning Cheng was just beginning to see the hands of the cultivator who had attacked them. It turned out that it belonged to a middle-aged beauty, as for her cultivation it was something that Ning Cheng was not able to perceive; it showed that this cultivator’s cultivation was something extremely high and deep that he could not measure it. Moreover, since this middle-aged beauty called Yan Ji as ‘sister’, so did it not imply that she was Yan Ji’s elder sister? Moreover looking at her gradually emerging appearance, they really looked quite similar.

“Sister, this person is a Devil Cultivator, he even sullied you, yet why did you help him in attacking?” The middle-aged woman finally fully revealed herself, as she stretched out her hand as she tried to grab Yan Ji’s arm.

Yan Ji dodged it, and immediately hid behind Ning Cheng, as she stared at this middle-aged woman, while at the same time quietly speaking, “Touch him and I will kill you.”

Ning Cheng was pleasantly surprised as he looked at Yan Ji and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, you finally came back to your senses!”

Since the time Yan Ji had lost herself in the enchantment, this was the first time that he had heard Yan Ji speak. However although there were some signs of soberness and alertness in her eyes, she still was somewhat at a loss and confused. Apparently, she has still yet recover completely.

The middle-aged woman was also able to perceive that the situation was not something she even remotely similar to what she had imagined to be. She had already seen the world and had many experiences in life; with just a single glance, she was able to tell that her younger sister was still a virgin. Moreover, from the way her younger sister viewed Ning Cheng, she knew that if she dared to lay her hands on Ning Cheng, then her younger sister would immediately ignore her as her elder sister.

It appears that the things inside are not what they appear on the outside, and the rumours in circulation are not as credible as they were made out to be. On the contrary, based on what she sensed from Yan Ji’s aura, she could tell that Yan Ji had finally advanced to the Profound Core Realm in her cultivation, moreover was even exuding a vibrant vitality, without even a hint of any kind of bad aura.

Thinking until this this point, the middle-aged beautiful woman coldly stared at Ning Cheng and spoke, “I am Yan Ji’s Elder Sister Yan Yue, you should be aware of your own circumstances by now. I will not come look for you afterwards, as long as you let me take Little Ji back to the Yan Clan. Seeing Yan Ji’s appearance, there seem to be a lot of facts that were hidden, but even in that case, you know that you would not be able to protect even yourself let alone the two of you together.”

Finally hearing the confirmation that this woman was Yan Ji’s Elder Sister Yan Yue, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. Even if she had not spoken about this, Ning Cheng still had intended to hand over Yan Ji to the other party. Now that Yan Yue had finally spoke about it, he immediately spoke to Yan Ji, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, you should really return back to your place together with your elder sister. I still have many matters​to take care off; if in the future I have some free time then I would definitely make my way here to see you.”

Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Yan Ji unexpectedly nodded her head and walked over to Yan Yue’s side.

Yan Yue stared at Ning Cheng and lightly spoke, “You really are something.” Saying that, she took Yan Ji, turned around and with a powerful burst of flickering lights, the two people immediately disappeared far away.

Ning Cheng sensed that there were quite a few cultivators watching from the sidelines and once again realized that he had to leave this place immediately, otherwise once he was surrounded, it really would be bad for him.

Just as Ning Cheng finally came out of the city, he immediately brought out an airship, then injecting it with his Spiritual Qi, quickly left the Dragon and Phoenix City.

He had already felt that a Spiritual Consciousness had locked onto him, moreover this Spiritual Consciousness also held a strong killing intent which was getting stronger and stronger as he moved. According to Ning Cheng’s consistent experience, he could tell that this particular cultivator who was targeting him and following behind him still had not yet advanced to the Soul Essence Realm. However, he could also determine that this cultivator was absolutely among the top Profound Core experts.

Now that his identity has been exposed, it really would have come as a surprise for him that there was no top tier Profound Core Cultivators trying to kill him. At least at this point, his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings had not been exposed. If his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings were exposed, then inside the Dragon and Phoenix City, regardless of what kind of monsters filled that place, each and every one of them would try to chase him down.

Just a bit later than half an hour, Ning Cheng finally stopped. He knew that he had to kill this person off who was tailing him before he could continue further; otherwise he would be opening himself to be chased all over the place by even more people.

“You really are quite kind, to even dare to stop and wait for me.” A cold voice arrived, a handsome man wearing a gold coloured robe finally stopped in front of Ning Cheng.

“It is you who are too rude, to dare chase after your Grandfather.” It was at this point that Ning Cheng realized that this person was not chasing Ning Cheng for fun, which immediately made him tighten the strings of his heart.

The golden robe wearing man looked at Ning Cheng with ridicule, “Just an ant, yet I still have to stain my hands to kill a filthy animal like you. But don’t worry I will definitely be good to you, I will refine you into my dog, a dog that would like to and even beg to lick my boots every single day.”

Ning Cheng’s eyes at this moment were overflowing with killing intent, his opponent was just a Profound Core Cultivator, and yet still dared to talk such big words. Even he had forgotten how many Profound Core Cultivators that he had killed until now. It was just that he had never seen this person before, so why would he hate him this much?

“Remember that the person who will extract and refine your soul is known by the people as Gui Yuhai. Hope you do not forget it.” Just as this gold robe wearing man finished his words, he waved his hands causing a burst of golden light. As it dissipated, a matchlessly huge golden sword suddenly appeared in the sky above hanging down.

This huge golden sword was exuding a powerful and oppressive kind of imposing manner, which seemed to have completely locked everything around Ning Cheng. Not only that, this huge golden sword was also vaguely giving off bouts of penetrative sound waves, which made Ning Cheng feel that he should absolutely not clash against this thing, and should even hasten to lay down his weapons and prostrate himself at its feet. This huge golden swords was also giving off bouts of golden flashes, which was even bolstering the imposing manner of the opposing party,

Such a strong imposing manner, if this person really was Gui Yuhai then it was not surprising that he would hate him so much. There were many rumours of him ravaging Nalan Ruxue on the outside, so it would have been strange if the other party did not hate him. Ning Cheng stirred up the entire True Essence in his body, instantly bringing out his True Cosmic Devil Axe in just a moment, “Even though you bear the surname Gui, Gui Yuhai, the others may be afraid of you, but this Father is definitely not afraid of you.”

As he spoke, the True Cosmic Devil Axe driven by Ning Cheng’s True Essence burst out with an extremely violent Axe Intent. Ning Cheng wanted to end this fight as soon as possible. He was completely ready to kill this Gui Yuhai and quickly leave this place.

However, Ning Cheng soon felt that something was wrong, his True Cosmic Devil Axe’s devilish Axe Intent turned out to be completely restrained by the huge golden sword, that berserk Axe Intent in just a twinkling of an eye was unexpectedly turned docile. As if, it never possessed that kind of terrible and matchlessly violent murderous aura.

“You really turned out to be a Devil Cultivator, but now that you met me, let me help you out by giving a peaceful end to you. I should let you know, that I practice Buddhist Magical Techniques. You are just a mere ant trying to compare yourself to a mountain, and yet still dare to stir up trouble in the Le Continent……” Gui Yuhai revealed a teasing smile as he spoke; he waved his hand causing the huge golden sword to rumble down towards him. For him, Ning Cheng was just a no-name cultivator that was akin to at most a mountain of wild ants.

The huge golden sword materialized many golden blossoms, which in just a twinkling of an eye congealed into several huge golden arhats. These several arhats waved their pale golden fists, as they collided with Ning Cheng’s now docile Axe Intent.

“Hong Hong Hong……” The True Essence contained within completely burst open, Ning Cheng’s Axe Intent had not yet actually taken form from the killing intent before it was disintegrated by the attacks from the golden arhats.

There were also bouts of fine sounding chants that could be heard, which made Ning Cheng almost give up the giant axe in his hands, and let himself be surrendered without even a fight. But Ning Cheng also possessed a strong and powerful awareness, he knew that once he even dared to put down the giant axe, then he would never be able to stand up to any sort of opportunities even if it was dangled in front of him or even served to him on a silver platter.

Fighting back against that stifling feeling that was starting to crop up in his mind, Ning Cheng once again used the True Cosmic Devil Axe in his hands to bring out a giant vortex, made up of even more berserk Axe Intent mixed with Ning Cheng’s Killing Force sending it towards the several arhats. This was his Angry Axe’s Second Form, [Tornado].

Although he resorted to the Angry Axe Second Form, Ning Cheng was well aware that the Angry Axe Killing Intent that he casted out with the True Cosmic Devil Axe had defects in it, moreover the defects were also not small. As long as he had enough time, he must make up for this kind of fatal flaw.

“It seems I really did underestimate you. Your killing intent unexpectedly turned out to be quite strong.” Gui Yuhai once again waved both of his hands, and the golden sword brought out even more golden blossoms, which instantly​ condensed into even more arhats, these arhats completely surrounded Ning Cheng with his True Cosmic Devil Axe, while at the same time those arhats sent out even more punches.

At this moment, Ning Cheng felt that he had lost contact with even his own True Cosmic Devil Axe. Ning Cheng immediately bit his tongue, as he directly brought out the Profound Break Spear, unleashing his 36 Profound Ice Spear Shadows towards Gui Yuhai.

“Comparing magical weapons with me, you really sought out the wrong person.” Gui Yuhai gave a sneer, while at the same time he brought out a golden coloured chain.

Once this golden chain came out, it instantly brought a burst of bright golden light that covered a wide expanse. This golden brilliance not only blocked Ning Cheng’s 36 Profound Ice Spear Shadows, but at the same time, a Class 5 monstrous beast with a completely golden body was brought out by Gui Yuhai, which pounced towards Ning Cheng.

All of his magical weapon and even the monstrous beast raised by him were golden, showing his addiction to the color gold.

“I really am not in the mood to even talk to you let alone get my hands dirty. But you can still take your time and slowly clean up.” Gui Yuhai gave his instruction to the released Class 5 Monstrous Beast while at the same time gave a cold snort.

Ning Cheng was also not in the mood to continue talk and fight with this Gui Yuhai, he also gave a cold snort as he spoke, “It seems you already know that me and Nalan Ruxue have already had quite the fun in the bed. Don’t tell me that it makes you jealous aah……”

Just as soon as this sentence came out, Gui Yuhai’s eyes immediately turned blood-red, as a crazy killing intent started to rise inside him.

Ning Cheng was counting on this kind of effect; he did not wait for Gui Yuhai to take further action, as he directly brought out the Level 6 puppet. At the same time sent out a message to the puppet, making the puppet to first rush out and stop the Class 5 monstrous beast, and then regardless of whatever happened to the monstrous beast, immediately rush out to attack Gui Yuhai. While at the same time, Ning Cheng once again stirred up his True Essence, fully unleashing the strength of the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings.

“Level 6 Puppet!” Gui Yuhai immediately let out a shocked cry. Not waiting for him to respond, Ning Cheng had already appeared in front of him with a flash as he unleashed a punch.

“Teleportation?” Gui Yuhai was once again shocked as he let out a stifled cry of surprise as he thought, how could a Profound Congealing Cultivator be able to teleport? But then again Ning Cheng had done the impossible in this situation, as he suddenly appeared in front of him.

This was equivalent to performing a sneak attack on him.

He and Ning Cheng had been fighting for a while, and he found that Ning Cheng was indeed more powerful than the average Profound Congealing Cultivator and much more tenacious too, but compared to him, the distance was simply too far. Just because of this, he had not put Ning Cheng in his eyes.

Then at this moment, Ning Cheng had suddenly brought out a Level 6 Puppet, and even cast a teleport, just what the hell was going on?

Wanting to bring out a magical weapon to block the punch from Ning Cheng who could teleport, it was simply impossible, but fortunately, he still had an armour that he wore.

At this moment, Gui Yuhai almost completely stirred up all the True Essence, in order to resist Ning Cheng’s abrupt punch.

“Peng, Katch, Puff…..”

Ning Cheng, in this one punch had focussed all of his True Essence, while at the same time pooling in all of his Angry Axe Killing Intent. This was his true Axe Fist, which he could unleash even without an axe. This fist was something that was crystallized from each and every shred of comprehension that he had gained.

Gui Yuhai’s armour was not thick, in fact, because he was quite the handsome looking male cultivator; he really had not wanted to wear thick and ugly looking armours. Because of which, Ning Cheng’s unparalleled punch directly broke through the defences of Gui Yuhai’s armour, and exploded upon Gui Yuhai’s chest.

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