Chapter 0239

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0239: A Single Terrible Spear

Gui Yuhai had never thought that the person whom he considered to be an ant in front of his eyes would successfully be able to execute a sneak attack on him, the indignant flamed that arose inside him almost caused his hair to burn up. In his view, he was a noble and incomparable genius bestowed with the title of Saint Child, he should not even have to lift a finger to kill an ant of no origin rather those ants should be the ones who should prostrate themselves on the ground in front of him begging to kill them. Perhaps even he himself might not be aware of it, because this kind of aloofness was something instilled in his bones since birth.

Not to mention that this ant not only dared to go against him, but also even casted out a sneak attack with the help of teleportation. However, at this moment, although Gui Yuhai’s armour was broken by Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist, but fortunately it was not able to reach till his bones.

Gui Yuhai immediately spurted out a mouthful of blood, and in his anger immediately took out a huge fist shaped jet-black magical weapon. However, not waiting for him to bring out and fully display the might of the magical weapon, Ning Cheng instantaneously commanded the Level 6 Puppet, which with its lightning fast speed intercepted Gui Yuhai’s retreat, while at the same time sending out a palm slap towards his face.

This one palm slap contained the complete power of the Soul Essence Puppet behind it, even if it was the Gui Yuhai at his peak he would not be able to stop it, let alone at this moment where he not only was blinded by extreme anger, but also somewhat seriously injured in the previous exchange.

“Puff…..” A huge mouthful of blood was ejected in the form of a blood arrow; Gui Yuhai had just been sent flying back with a sunken chest by Ning Cheng, when he was once again attacked by the puppet. However, this time not only was he pushed down once again, sounds of bones being broken resounded from his body.

Incomparable horror permeated to the deepest corners of Gui Yuhai’s heart, he had never expected that a puppet would be able to grasp such precise timings and catch the breaks in between, and do so while voluntarily taking the initiative to give up on the monstrous beast attacking him. However, he immediately understood that what had happened was because the ant in front of him had commanded it.

At this moment, although he had not yet fallen from his pedestal, but with his present condition he really did not have even half a shred of ability to continue the fight.

He must escape, and escape immediately.

Gui Yuhai calmed himself down; he knew that if he wanted to get revenge and kill this ant, then he first had to escape.

The next moment, Gui Yuhai brought out a Talisman grabbing it in his hands. He had not yet stimulated the Talisman, when a bone-piercingly cold killing intent locked onto him.

Gui Yuhai started shivering uncontrollably, just what kind of killing intent was this? He could confirm that since the start of his life to this particular point in his fight, he had never felt this kind of terrifying killing intent. Moreover, his Talisman also seemed affected by this killing intent, as its activation speed also slowed down by countless times.

A black shadow that seemed to tear through the horizon, drawing a strange yet terrifying arc, slammed into his body. In front of it, he could not even bring out half a point of resistance.

Gui Yuhai looked down at the hole in his chest through which he saw the black shadow that struck him, and could finally see make out what it was. It turned out to be a long spear. He could also feel that this spear contained a power that was enough to completely decimate a planet, it was a feeling that he simply could not fathom, what he could vaguely feel was that this kind of killing intent was something that seem to have come from the world of the ancient times. Not to mention now when he was seriously injured, even if he was in his prime condition, he might not necessarily be able to even dodge this spear let alone block it.

Such a terrifying spear, Gui Yuhai thought as the corners of his mouth overflowed with blood. He sluggishly looked at Ning Cheng, before he slowly fell down.

Such a terrifying spear, even Ning Cheng did not dare to believe it as he looked at the Profound Break Spear that was still in his hand. It had, in just a moment, killed Gui Yuhai. He had only one thought in his mind, that is he MUST get rid of this Gui Yuhai. Whether it was in order for him to make his escape, or for his own peace of mind, he HAD to get rid of this Gui Yuhai.

However, at that moment, inside his mind the image of that terrifying spear from the Thunder Domain City suddenly appeared before it shot out of him, it was similar to the purple spear, the spear that had the power to completely decimate an entire planet, which seemed to have flowed out from the pit of his stomach. That spear seemed to be permeated with an abstruse track, as it tore through the endless void. Nevertheless, even though this spear had come out, he was able to catch a few traces of it as it shot out.

Even though this spear was not even a billionth in power when compared to that purple spear, but it was still more than enough to easily kill Gui Yuhai.

This was indeed a terrifying spear, Ning Cheng thought as bouts of weakness washed over him, his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness, and even his spirit and willpower, seemed to have vanished like smoke in thin air as if that spear had sucked it all up.

However, just at this time, an extremely terrifying killing intent washed over him, this kind of killing intent was something that gave the feeling of wanting to grind Ning Cheng into powder.

Ning Cheng shivered. This was quite a terrifying killing intent, whichever character it belonged to, he instantly understood that he was not their opponent.

Ning Cheng raised his hands and with a swipe tucked away all of Gui Yuhai’s magical weapons and ring, in the meantime sent out a large clump of flames turning Gui Yuhai’s body into ash that scattered in the wind.

For the first time, he took out one of the Escaping Talismans that Kong Pengpeng had given him, and activated it in a twinkling of an eye, while simultaneously stowing away the puppet who was still fighting the Class 5 Monstrous Beast.

Ning Cheng performed all these actions in one go, and doing all these things did not take more than a few moments. Deploying his Spiritual Consciousness to the max during this time, he could perceive that there was no one coming towards him for the moment. However, that kind of terrifying killing intent that had still not dispersed made him feel an unprecedented sense of crisis. This sense of crisis made him first activate the Escaping Talisman before doing anything else.

Losing an Escape Talisman was not something to cry over, but he absolutely cannot let himself get caught. Once he ended up captured by even one of those experts, then he knew that death would be much more preferable than living at their mercy.


Just ten breaths of time had passed since Ning Cheng left, when a Taoist’s shadow descended on the spot where he and Gui Yuhai had just fought.

This man had an appearance of a 50-year-old man, with an imposing manner of a monarch facing the world. As he came to a stop there, the surrounding plants and vegetation in succession dispersed in all directions, showing his powerful cultivation along with his seemingly amiable aura.

“That little bastard, dared to kill my son, this old man vows to skin you and draw out your soul, otherwise I am not human.” The man examined the circumferential circumstances and immediately spoke out in a harsh voice.

The next moment, he raised his hand and grabbed the Class 5 Monstrous Beast, as his stature flickered once before disappearing in a flash.

After consuming the Escape Talisman, Ning Cheng did not stay there for long. Immediately stimulating the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, he continued his escape albeit in an even crazier manner. That killing intent from before had badly frightened Ning Cheng, in the face of such a terrifying expert, he knew that he would not even have the slightest strength to fight back.

Not knowing for how long he had been fleeing, when a touch of fishy smell from the sea arrived, causing Ning Cheng to stop. He knew that he had finally reached the edge of the Yi Xing Ocean, if he continued to flee in the same direction, then he would have no choice but to rush into the Yi Xing Ocean.

What Ning Cheng wanted in his heart was not to go into the Yi Xing Ocean, but rather go to the Hua Continent. Ning Cheng turned his head back to take a look, taking into his current cultivation, wanting to go back to the Hua Continent through this route was simply impossible. Should he continue to hide in a remote corner of the Le Continent? However, Ning Cheng soon put away the idea. That brush with that terrifying killing intent made things very clear to him. He had killed Gui Yuhai, regardless of if he hid in any corner of the Le Continent, he would eventually be found out, and then what he would face would be a fate that would be even worse than death.

Strength aah, in this kind of place, without having any real strength, everything was simply fabricated. Ning Cheng clenched his fists, gazing at endless Yi Xing Ocean in front of him, he knew that he had to hurry up and come up with countermeasures; otherwise he would never be able to get out of this place. This was a kind of feeling that came without any reason. Moreover, that kind of terrifying killing intent from before was something that he could not get it out from his head.

However, venturing into the Yi Xing Ocean, not to mention that he only had the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm, even if he had the cultivation of Soul Essence Realm or even if there was a Sea Opening Cultivator, venturing into the Yi Xing Ocean would only result in death aah.

However, Ning Cheng hesitated only for a few breaths before coming to a decision, and without any more hesitation rushed into the Yi Xing Ocean. He was aware that this was not the time to hesitate, once the rest of the 9 Star Academies joined together with the several other Academies, it would put an enormous pressure on the cultivator army stationed in the Yi Xing Ocean, which would immediately lead to the Yi Xing Ocean to be entirely blocked. At that moment, even if he wanted to rush into the Yi Xing Ocean he would not be able to escape. He had no choice but to move out now, at least he might be able to barely escape from the blockade range of the Cultivator Army in the Yi Xing Ocean.

Ning Cheng during these few breaths of time finally sorted out the things, although he would be rushing into the Yi Xing Ocean to escape, but he would not go to the Tian Continent. Going to the Tian Continent, he was aware that with his present cultivation, it may not be possible, but if he escaped into the Yi Xing Ocean, then who can certainly say that he would not be able to escape from there? He had the Heavenly Cloud Wings, so he just had to find a small island to hide, and then slowly upgrade his cultivation.

Facts also proved that Ning Cheng’s judgement did not have even half a bit of error in it. In just less than half an hour since Ning Cheng had escaped into the Yi Xing Ocean, a petite Taoist shadow descended on the place he was just at.

“This bastard escaped into the Yi Xing Ocean.” A beautiful woman wearing a red women’s robe with an ice-cold gaze stared at the endless Yi Xing Ocean in front of her.

Her entire body was oozing with a majestic imposing manner; unexpectedly it was not even half a bit worse compared to Gui Yuhai’s old man.

“Immediately coordinate with the Le Continent’s cultivator army stationed in the Yi Xing Ocean, so that they can set up a blockade around the entire Le Continent.” Just as this voice arrived, another Taoist shadow descended, this voice belonged to none other than Gui Yuhai’s old man. He had continued to send out messages all the way here, so that others in the front could stop Ning Cheng. He wanted Ning Cheng to be intercepted, but he did not expect that Ning Cheng would escape into the Yi Xing Ocean.

His heart was filled with hate, if Ning Cheng had dared to hide in any place inside the Le Continent, then he would be able to employ certain methods to find out where Ning Cheng was hiding. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng had fled to the Yi Xing Ocean, and the Yi Xing Ocean just happened to stretch endlessly.

There was not a single force stationed in the Yi Xing Ocean that their Gui Yuan City could forcibly command, the only thing he could do was to try and coordinate with them. Letting the cultivator army stationed in the Yi Xing Ocean to blockade the Le Continent, only in order to trap Ning Cheng, he would have no other choice but to bestow the cultivator army stationed in the Yi Xing Ocean with enough so called ‘benefits’, only then would those people be willing to get involved in this matter.


“You want us to send out our cultivator army to blockade the entire Yi Xing Ocean just to intercept a puny Profound Congealing Cultivator? Does the Gui Yuan City thinks that it is in control of the Yi Xing Mainland. We have nothing to do with him, moreover where does my cultivator soldiers have the free time to do such a thing.” In the Yi Xing Ocean, just outside the Le Continent, inside a palace on a huge island, there was a man wearing a brown coloured sea dragon printed cultivator army uniform, who spoke freely without any restraint. His tone indicated that he really did not put Gui Yuan City into his eyes.

Although this person did not have shoulder card on the shoulder of his uniform, but from his posture, one could tell that this person was the highest authority when it came to the cultivator army of the Le Continent.

“Haha, Elder Brother Jing Tian, long time no see, could you really not have recognized this old friend of yours?” A laughing voice could be heard as a 50 year of looking man walked in.

“I was wondering who it was, so it turns out to be Gui Yuan City’s City Master Gui Zong who has come to grace us with a visit.” That brown robed man addressed as Jing Tian also stood up with a smile. But as soon as he finished the sentence, the smile on his face converged almost instantaneously, while his face also shown a sunken expression, “Gui Yuan City’s Master has no reason to ask for the Le Continent’s cultivator army to rush out in a large force, or is it that the person you want us to go against has a cultivation base so profound, that none of you could do anything?”

The Gui Yuan City’s Master hurriedly cupped his fists and spoke, “This kind of affair is something that has to be rushed, because the life of my child has been taken by that little beast, because of which I was somewhat impatient to get to this place, I really am quite apologetic for such a behaviour. In order to make it up and apologize for it, my Gui Yuan City has especially sent out a ring for you, I hope Elder Brother Jing Tian would be able to forgive me for such kind of a thing.”

Saying that, a ring slowly floated up and fell into the hands of the brown robed cultivator.

This brown robed cultivator by the name of Jing Tian grasped the ring in the middle of his hand, using his Spiritual Conscious to sweep over the ring, he gave a slight nod and spoke, “Since that being the case, Gui Yuan City’s Master please do come in and have a seat, come in, let us at least have a cup of tea with the renowned Gui Yuan City’s Master.”

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