Chapter 0240

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0240: Blockading the Yi Xing Ocean

“Elder Brother Jing Tian, I’m really distraught at the moment, if I fail to catch this bastard, I would not be able to feel at ease for even a single moment. Elder Brother Jing Tian, if in the future you have some free time, then we can definitely have a nice chat over tea at that time.” How could Gui Zong be in a mood to drink tea at this moment? He wanted and was even anxious to catch Ning Cheng immediately.

The brown robed man gave a laugh and spoke, “City Master Gui, even though your son ended up dead, but presumably with the strength of Gui Yuan City, don’t you think you have prepared a bit too little? Not to mention the fact that with City Master Gui’s ability, you could have easily saved your son’s life.”

Gui Zong gnashed his teeth with hatred, even though he had gave those things himself, but this Jingjing Tian still was trying to refuse co-operating with all sorts of excuses, so how could he feel well about it? Although he had ‘bestowed’ things upon him before a few times, he had never seen this person decline, so why was he doing such a thing at present with all sorts of excuses?

Holding back the anger and fury in his heart, Gui Zong took out a jade bottle and threw it towards him, “Although my son had left behind a wisp of his soul back before leaving the Gui Yuan City, but resurrecting him from just the wisp of his soul is not a simple matter, even the materials required are also not simple. But before doing that, I must kill that beast who had slain my son and offer him to the soul of my son as a sacrifice. This is a bottle of True Spirit Nectar Wash that my son was able to obtain from the inside the Law’s Way in the past, but because time is of the essence here, it would be better for Elder Brother Jing Tian to have it.”

“True Spirit Nectar Wash!?” Hearing that the jade bottle that he was holding contained the True Spirit Nectar Wash, he immediately cried out in shock, this thing had an enormous use for someone like him.

Sweeping the jade bottle with his spiritual consciousness, he found out that it truly was filled with True Spirit Nectar Wash, as he immediately spoke with an overjoyed voice, “Thank you City Master Gui, I will tell this Ji Guang to immediately pass on an ordinary order, allowing my cultivator army to start blockading all the passages that leads to the depths of the Yi Xing Ocean, any person trying to venture into the depths of the Yi Xing Ocean would be stopped once it is set up.”

“Ok.” Immediately turning around, he conveyed the orders to a black faced man behind him.

Gui Zhong on hearing Jing Jingtian passing the military order cupped his fists and spoke in a somewhat satisfied manner, “Many thanks Elder Brother Jingtian, I will also be leaving for the Yi Xing Ocean to aid in the search, as such will come back in my free time to convey my thanks in a proper manner.”

“Haha, don’t mention it, if this lowly one could be of some use to the Gui Yuan City, then it really would be this Jingtian’s pleasure. Allow this lowly one to send City Master Gui on his way.” The brown robed man laughed and with an extremely polite manner led Gui Zong off his premises.

After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, Jing Jingtian once again returned back to his huge compound, but this time his face did not carry the kind of warm and enthusiastic look on it as it had been when he was together with Gui Zhong a few moments ago, rather it had a matchlessly gloomy look on it.

At this point of time, that black faced cultivator from before had returned and cupped his fists towards Jing Jingtian and spoke, “Supreme Commander, I have issued the Ordinary Level Orders to be passed down. I guess that from this moment till the point that the blockade is fully established, it would take at least half a day.”

“You did good, that son-of-a-bitch wants to rely on his cultivation being higher than me, and even tried to barge into my office, moreover wants this father to use his people for capturing one of our own. That person called Ning Cheng from the Jia Continent’s Army ended up killing his son. Haha, killing him was good; killing him was wonderful, killing him was excellent. Phooey, does he think that his ass is better than a woman’s pussy?” Jing Jingtian spit out a mouthful of spit, as he spat out abuse after abuse.

That black faced cultivator called Ji Guang spoke with some worry, “I heard that this person called Ning Cheng is a Junior Commander of the Jia Continent’s Cultivator Army. And has a cultivation level in the Profound Congealing Realm, with just half a day I really don’t know if he would be able to actually escape.”

“Although it is only half a day, but it is already the limit of the slowest speed with which the Le Continent’s cultivator army can seal off the waters around here, and if he still is not able to escape within that time then he definitely deserves to die. Gui Yuan City is actually a 9-Star Academy, although our division does not have people from the Gui Yuan City under us, but we still cannot tear down all the decorum. Besides, didn’t you also see that he brought out so many things for us all for the sake of helping him this one time.” Jing Jingtian once again sat down and spoke out calmly.

Ji Guang quickly echoed, “That’s true, if you had issued a Gold Order, then within just half an hour, we could have completely sealed up the waters of the Yi Xing Ocean around here.”

Gui Zhong, who had just left, did not understand the difference between Ordinary Orders and Gold Orders, rather he simply did not want to bother himself with understanding such things related to the cultivator army.


At this point, Ning Cheng who had already entered the Yi Xing Ocean had been crazily burning his True Essence as he continued to madly dash forward. While at the same time wielded the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings at full power. He speculated that Gui Yuan City would certainly try to rope in the Le Continent’s Cultivator Army, as such he wanted to escape into the depths of the Yi Xing Ocean before the Le Continent’s Cultivator Army completely blockaded the waters around the area.

As for the monstrous beasts in the Yi Xing Ocean, even if they were the more dangerous ones, he knew that he would not have the mind or even time to take them into consideration.

But an hour later, Ning Cheng felt that something was wrong, although he could sense that the cultivators from the Yi Xing Mainland had been dispatched, and were also in the process of arranging a huge Barricading Array, but their speed was actually not fast at all. In his view, this kind of speed could only be described as sluggish. With this kind of speed, he could actually leisurely take his time to rush out of the blockade and truly enter the Yi Xing Ocean.

No matter for what reason, Ning Cheng was also was aware that he would not able to wield the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings continuously in such a desperate manner for a long period of time. It was only until he perceived the cultivator army complete the huge Blockading Array as it slowly closed behind him, did he actually feel a bit relieved in his heart. But even if that was the case, he still did not dare to stop, and still continued to fly away in order to escape as far away as possible.


“WHAT! Ning Cheng not only came out of the Law’s Way with Yan Ji, but was also able to kill Gui Yuhai right after coming out? Even if he had exceptional skills, being just a Profound Congealing Cultivator, how could he be able to kill Gui Yuhai?” In a spiritual qi rich immortal cave inside the Wu Nian Academy, a Daoist Priestess could be seen holding a golden flying sword, as she stood up not daring to believe as to what she had heard.

“Master, you said that Ning Cheng not only came out, but also killed Gui Yuhai!?” Nalan Ruxue who was standing at the side could also not dare to believe it and once again asked.

The Daoist Priestess finally calmed herself down from the initial shock as she nodded and spoke, “I just received this news, Ning Cheng and Yan Ji had appeared in the Dragon and Phoenix City with their appearance changed, but were ultimately stopped by Yan Ji’s older sister Yan Yue. Yan Ji sure enough was still under the enchantment, but even so, she actually helped Ning Cheng attack Yan Yue. Unexpectedly, Yan Yue took Yan Ji away, but actually let go of Ning Cheng, which really is not like the style of Yan Yue aah. Moreover, that Gui Yuhai from the Gui Yuan City had also seen everything from the sidelines, and had even chased Ning Cheng out of the Dragon and Phoenix City. He actually wanted to secretly take care of Ning Cheng, but I would have never thought that he would end up being counter-killed by Ning Cheng.”

“Master, I doubt that Yan Ji had been put under an enchantment by Ning Cheng, maybe this so-called news is just a rumour. Ning Cheng also may not be a Devil Cultivator, however……” Nalan Ruxue thought back to the time when she saw Ning Cheng explode out with the True Cosmic Devil Axe, but with that kind of violent and baleful Devilish Aura, she also was not sure if in the end Ning Cheng was a Devil Cultivator or not.

The Daoist Priestess waved her hand and said, “So many people had already witness it, and there is even a scryer of it too, as for that Ning Cheng not being a Devil Cultivator, there is actually no doubt about it. As for you, that Ning Cheng surely had profited from it, but since you have not lost your chastity, this kind of a small matter is not something that you should take to heart. But I really did not think that this Ning Cheng with just the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm would actually be able to kill that Gui Yuhai…”

A short pause later, the Daoist Priestess then suddenly looked at Nalan Ruxue and asked, “Ruxue, since you witnessed the scene of Ning Cheng, just a single person, killing more than 20 Profound Core Cultivators, do you think that Ning Cheng would actually be Gui Yuhai’s opponent?”

Nalan Ruxue pondered for a while, and spoke up after a long pause, “Master, although that Ning Cheng had killed more than 20 Profound Core Cultivators, but in fact, there were only 2-3 people there who could pose a real threat to Ning Cheng. It was mainly because of Ning Cheng’s Devil Axe being too strong, that it was actually able to suppress the cultivators whose minds were not that firm, to speak more accurately, it was actually because of Ning Cheng using the Broken Core Pearl to sneak attack, that so many Profound Core Cultivators lost their lives.”

The Daoist Priestess once again nodded, “What you said is really true, the only ones who actually dare to hide and stay back in the Second Segment of the Law’s Way are the ones who are actually afraid of going to the Third Segment. It is simply because their minds are truly weak and soft, and can only continue till that point.”

“I have seen Gui Yuhai fight, but since I came out of the Law’s Way later, I have no idea about the current realm which Gui Yuhai is in. Even so, I could still make an educated assumption that as long as Ning Cheng did not advance to the Profound Core Realm, then he should actually not be an opponent of Gui Yuhai. Even then I would not expect him to succeed in killing Gui Yuhai.” Nalan Ruxue replied.

The Daoist Priestess was silent for a while, “Killing Gui Yuhai is impossible, Gui Yuhai is the premier genius of the Gui Clan, moreover is also the son of the City Master, it is simply impossible for the Gui Clan to have not been prepared for such a thing in advance. As long as there is just a trace of his soul left behind, the Gui Clan can help Gui Yuhai to reconstruct his body, but the price of doing such a thing is simply too terrible. Moreover, Gui Yuhai had also inherited Buddhist Magical Techniques, as such his cultivation should have been much more powerful than anyone else. Once Gui Yuhai advanced to the Soul Essence, then he would definitely be much stronger than the other ordinary Soul Essence Cultivators.”

“It is just that I did not think, that Ning Cheng who is clearly a rogue cultivator, would actually possess such an ability. In the end, just what kind of cultivation method did he actually end up cultivating in? How could he actually have the capability to even resist Le Continent’s Gui Yuhai?

“Master that Ning Cheng did not perform any vile acts on me, and had also saved me and Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, how can we let the Wu Nian Academy allow him die when we have the ability to save him?” Nalan Ruxue once again recalled the departure of Yue Ying and Yue Yuanhua, but she did not dare to reveal this at this moment.

Yue Ying and Yue Yuanhua were also the core disciples of the Wu Nian Academy, but their master was in closed door cultivation, because of which the two of them could use the excuse of learning through experience to leave the Wu Nian Academy.

The Daoist Priestess shot a glance at Nalan Ruxue and spoke, “What do you even understand? At this moment, we do not have any other choice but to join hands with the Gui Yuan City to catch Ning Cheng. Didn’t you say that Ning Cheng also saved Yan Ji, a moment ago? Not only are there rumours about him taking her chastity, but she also ended up letting herself be lost in an enchantment, I really do not understand as to why that Yan Yue did not kill Ning Cheng. Ruxue, within a few years, the 9 Continents Cultivators will be teaming up with the cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean. The Le Continent must be connected to the Tian Continent; you do not need to concern yourself with such trifling matters. Just make sure that you are able to advance to the Soul Essence Realm in time, to get one of the spots from the Le Continent.”

“Yes.” Nalan Ruxue hurriedly replied.


Ning Cheng finally stopped on a barren reef island, he really could not continue on anymore. Moreover, he also knew that he could not go in any further from this place. With his cultivation, if he dared to continue on, then the only thing for him would be to end up buried deep inside the stomach of some monstrous beast from the ocean.

However, Ning Cheng was also aware that he was still in danger, as such, he did not dare to continue with the thought of not going into the depths of the ocean, as that seemingly supreme expert in terms of killing intent would still definitely continue look for him.

Can’t stay at this reef and can’t also move forward, Ning Cheng was aware that he really did not have the strength to continue forward, nor could he dare to stay here and ultimately wait for death. He also knew that he could not hide inside the Miniature World. The Miniature World was inside the ring, once the ring was lost, and ended up in the hands of a Spiritual Consciousness Master then he simply would not have any means to escape.

Ning Cheng finally decided on the least dangerous option, as he dove into the ocean in order to find a spot on the seafloor, and then bury the ring, before hiding inside. Although this was still very dangerous, but Ning Cheng at this moment really could not find a better way.

Although from above, the Yi Xing Ocean would actually not feel like a deep place, but the ocean water really was quite strange and was matchlessly deep. As he dove deeper, a powerful aura suddenly swept past Ning Cheng’s body, which made Ning Cheng not dare to continue move forward. This kind of terrifying aura definitely belonged to an advanced level of monstrous beast.

Before Ning Cheng could even do anything, a powerful suction force immediately arrived, this suction force immediately latched onto Ning Cheng and the surrounding fish, seemingly wanting to suck them away. The force was so powerful that Ning Cheng felt that he could not even move a single muscle.

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